Now is the Time to Sell Your Timeshare!

The Beach at Orange Lake

The Beach at Orange Lake

People are buying timeshares at an amazing rate in 2015!

In fact, a recent study revealed that in the US alone some 9 million households are considering buying a timeshare in the next 2 years!

The timeshare resorts reported record sales last year. Hilton Grand Vacations, Marriott, Silverleaf, Bluegreen, Starwood, yes all the big players reported record tours and sales of timeshares.

What does that mean to you as a timeshare owner?

If you’ve ever thought of selling your timeshare this is the time to do sell.

If you are tired of paying a maintenance fee for a timeshare for you never use this is the time to sell.

If your life circumstances have changed and you can no longer use your timeshare this is the time to sell.

If you are just tired of the whole timeshare scene this is the time to sell.

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

While contemplating how to go about selling your timeshare be sure to get some professional advice. On any transaction this size you need advice from those who do this every day.

Would you sell your car without first checking out what it is worth?  No.

Would you sell your home without first checking with a Realtor for comparable sales? No.

Then don’t even think of selling your timeshare without getting licensed professional advice from those at Timeshare Resale

Even their name tells you they are going to be reliable, accountable, trained, and trustworthy.

That is worth money in the bank!


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