New Orleans Timeshares and Summer Storms

Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa Timeshare New Orleans

Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa Timeshare New Orleans

In the 1980’s I lived in New Orleans for several years.

It was a fascinating place to live and I learned a lot about their history, culture, cuisine, and unique language.

The summer weather there was fairly common for a Gulf Coast city: hot days, occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon.

When we had those torrential downpours in the afternoon streets would fill quickly and right away you learned how to drive around town when it was raining.

This week parts of Louisiana have already reported over 20″ of rain from a slow moving tropical low system. Slowly it is moving west but not before it pours a few feet of rain on Louisiana and perhaps the Crescent City.


Canal Street 2005

Since hurricane Katrina many improvements have been made to the storm drainage but this amount of rain, should it hit New Orleans, would tax even the best system. At least there is no storm surge to deal with. Plus, in 2005 when the levee’s breached and flooded New Orleans the French Quarter and Garden District were spared from flooding because they were well above sea level. That’s where the timeshare resorts are located.

The timeshare resorts in New Orleans are nothing like what you’d find in Orlando or Las Vegas. They’re smaller and older.


What they may lack in size and newness, the make up for with charm and history. The New Orleans timeshares are right in the middle of the most historic and interesting part of the city of New Orleans. Everything is very available to you by taxi, bus or streetcar. Plus, by staying in a New Orleans timeshare you get a real feel for being right in the middle of one of the countries’ most exciting cities that never sleeps.

Laissez les bon temps rouler – “let the good times roll”

Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar New Orleans

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar New Orleans

The Quarter House

Maison Pierre Lafitte

Chateau Orleans

Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel and Spa

Plaza Suite Hotel



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