New Book Published On Buying Bargain Timeshares

“Winning the Timeshare Game: Buying the Bargains” has just been published and is available on

The most visible teaser to buy the book is their anecdotal story of how they bought a $25,000 timeshare (in Sedona, AZ judging by the photo) for just $1.

Timeshare buyers and buyers of most anything are looking for a bargain. Finding the elusive $1 timeshare is not an easy task. Perhaps you can convince some poor timeshare owner to sell you their timeshare for $1 on the contract price, but who will pay all the fees?

FEES? You ask? Yes indeed! Maintenance fees, title and escrow fees (even if they are only holding $1 in escrow), transfer fees by the resort, estoppel, on and on the list goes. “On the rim and out the door” the owner will have to be willing to pay all those fees to get their beloved – or despised – timeshare off their hands. That could easily run $1,000! Ever try to convince a timeshare owner to pay someone to take their timeshare? I have. It is no easy task. In my experience it fails at least 75% of the time.

If you are willing to do that much work and spend that much time there is a chance you can find a timeshare owner to part with their timeshare AND pay all the fees to get it done. But don’t hold your breath.

Don’t get me wrong here. I always say buy timeshares resale – don’t pay retail. But keep a perspective on what you are getting and how much you would have to pay the timeshare resort. If you do that you can find awesome timeshares for sale by the owners at a fraction of the cost. Absolutely.

$1? You’ve got your work cut out for you.

Just my two cents. No pun intended.

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