Marriott's Launch Of Pulse Signals New Timeshare Model

Marriotts Custom House Boston

Marriotts Custom House Boston

For decades the timeshare model offered to all has included larger spaces, full kitchens, and targeted families with children.

Marriott Vacation Club Pulse offers their newest concept with millennials in mind. Stating that millennials are more spontaneous, need less space, and are more interested in “getting out” and exploring the area – the Pulse concept should be more appealing to them.

They have targeted large cities like New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., South Beach, Florida, and San Diego, California.

“Marriott’s decision to offer smaller spaces, without full kitchens and with smaller living spaces, is a sign that the company’s timeshare branch is looking to adapt.” (Orlando Sentinel)

While Marriott Vacation Club‘s most recent innovation will focus on large metro areas they feel it is ” . . . not a good fit for Orlando, which headquarters several of the country’s timeshare companies.”

J W Marriott Downtown Houston

J W Marriott Downtown Houston

So you can be looking for a number of other changes and improvements as this new concept is developed. This may well pave the way for Marriott Vacation Club to expand into other large metro areas where Marriott already has a presence with facilities that meet the new profile.

For example, Marriott hotels in Houston include Houston Marriott West Loop by The Galleria, Houston Marriott Medical Center, JW Marriott Houston Downtown,  and JW Marriott Houston on Westheimer just to name a few of the finer hotels in Houston. If the Pulse program includes some of these it would mean a huge change to the way people think about Marriott Vacation Club.

I’d be on the lookout for more news as the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse grows.

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