Marriott's Custom House Timeshare New For Sale!

Faneuil Hall Boston

Faneuil Hall Boston

In the heart of Boston’s waterfront on the harbor,  with an original construction date of 1849, Marriott’s Custom House is one of the most recognized historic landmarks in Boston.

Just a short walk away is Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall.  Within six blocks from there you’ll find John Adams Courthouse, Kings Chapel, Old State House, and Boston City Hall. Many more historic sites are close by and transportation is easy to arrange (so you avoid parking!).

This Marriott timeshare for sale is a bargain at $17,000 for an annual use high season timeshare. The discount on this timeshare comes as a result of buying timeshare on the resale market. This way you avoid the high cost of what the resort developer or timeshare management company charges. Often, by purchasing your timeshare this way you can save well over 50% off the retail price. That adds up to a lot of cash!

Marriotts Custom House Boston

Marriotts Custom House Boston

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