Marriott Grand Chateau - Las Vegas' Newest Biggest Best Suites

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau has completed construction and expansion of their villas. Not only have they added another 200+ rooms, they have added villas with a terrific amount of living space. The three bedroom villas are nearly 2,100 square feet.

Why is that a big deal?

Consider what your options were before timeshares came along. You could rent someone’s home (hard to find and afford), or you could stay in a hotel where the rooms are so small you have to go in the hall to change your mind!


Marriott Grand Chateau 2 Bedroom Unit –

Everyone in your room had to wait their turn to brush their teeth, and you ran out of towels before you even got settled in. No place to sit but on the bed. No way to unpack because there was no place to put away your clothes.

But along came timeshares and changed the whole scenario. You have chairs, tables, a couch, televisions, a full kitchen, washer/dryer, and plenty of room to unpack your bags and relax.

At the Marriott Grand Chateau here’s what you get with a typical 3-bedroom villa:

  • 3-bedroom/3-bath villa
  • Approximately 2,095 square feet
  • Sleeps 12

Flexible too:  Select 2- and 3-bedroom villas offer a Lock-Off option, enabling you to create separate units; one with full kitchen, living and dining areas, and the other with a kitchenette.

That is a big reason why several million people have bought timeshares all across the US, Mexico, Canada, and overseas. Plus you can exchange it for a different location! That adds a completely different character to your vacation lodging: owning it.

Since you own your vacation villa you can rent it out, exchange it for a different location, or even sell it. You are in control of that week of vacation lodging.

The key is buy your timeshare on the resale market in the first place. When you buy from the resort, you pay top dollar. When you buy from an individual owner, you get a discount. A large discount!

And using a timeshare resale broker is the safe way to do it.



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