Marriott Buys Starwood For How Much?

Westin Princeville Timeshare Resort

Westin Princeville Timeshare Resort

JW Marriott took out his checkbook and bought Starwood Hotels (Sheraton, Four Points, Westin) for $12.2 Billion!

This news comes on the heels of a few big events surrounding both Marriott and Starwood: spinning off their timeshare ops. About a year ago Marriott did a spin off of their Marriott Vacation Club and just very recently Starwood did the same with their timeshare division.

Right away came the news that Marriott is buying Starwood! Maybe because they could not afford both the hotels AND timeshare so they settled for the hotels. The hotels alone from Starwood consist of 1,722 hotels around the world.

Westin Princeville Timeshare Resort

Westin Princeville Timeshare Resort

Once the merge is complete Marriott and Starwood’s combined number of rooms will exceed 1 million making it the largest hotel chain in the world.

What does this mean to the timeshare owners?

Most likely: Marriott Vacation Club buys Starwood Resorts.

So is that a prediction? Will Marriott’s Vacation ownership buy Starwood? I’d say yes, and within the next year.

It has been reported that stockholders of Starwood would also be receiving consideration for the spinning off of the timeshare ops: “Starwood shareholders will separately receive consideration from the spin-off of the Starwood timeshare business and subsequent merger with Interval Leisure Group, which has an estimated value of approximately $1.3 billion to Starwood shareholders or approximately $7.80 per Starwood share. . .”(source)

What this means to both Marriott and Starwood timeshare owners is that you will be able to use each others’ facilities – greatly expanding your choices within your timeshare family system. This could potentially save you a bundle if you never have to join Interval International to trade timeshares. Staying within Marriott you’d have a huge number of excellent choices, top shelf resorts, and some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.



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