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Marriott Cypress Harbour Timeshare Sold

Marriott Cypress Harbour Timeshare

It is not real often that something new is happening at Marco Island. Not that it is a boring place, it is just that it has been developed for quite a while and new construction doesn’t happen there. Until this news.

Marriott has work to finish at Marriott Crystal Shores Timeshare Resort.  When the economy slowed down so did timeshare development, construction, and purchase. Now that things are rolling along better, Marriott has taken the cue to start building and selling again.

The new facilities will be located at the intersection of Collier Boulevard and Winterberry Drive where the Radisson used to be.

Of all timeshare developers, Marriott has the reputation, the financing, and the wherewithal to do it right. Their quality and attention to detail is legend among the hierarchy of the timeshare world.

Restaurants, a parking facility, and two more guest suite buildings will be started there sometime in 2015.

The only other remaining large projects for Marco Island this year are the Rose Marco River Marina and Marriott Beach and Golf Resort redevelopment projects.

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshares for sale by owner

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshares for sale by owner

Marriott Vacation Club encompasses thousands of locations around the world including Costa Rica, Orlando, Pacific Islands, Florida, Hawaii, Europe, Hilton Head Island, Caribbean, California, and Las Vegas. What’s left? The Moon? The Middle East?

Anyhow, Marriott continues to command the best timeshare resale prices and most volume of units sold on the resale market thanks to all they have going for them.

While reading Marriott’s news about the construction on their website, I couldn’t help but notice their sales ad, “Act Now – Ownership Prices To Increase.”

As an extra incentive to buy before getting gouged, they’re offering a bonus vacation of up to 6 nights from one of 50 or so of their resorts.

So what is the “fine print”? The catch?

I read through the entire “Details of Participation” and there’s no real catch. Just that their prices are going up in March and they want to make a big sales push before the world gets sticker shock – again.

Top selling Marriott Vacation Club timeshares?



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