Legoland and Sapphire Fall - Orlando's Newest

Legoland and Sapphire Fall

At first glance, these two places names Legoland and Sapphire Fall Resort in Orlando don’t sound that serious. But they are seriously thought out and well developed projects coming to completion.

No Caption Needed!

No Caption Needed!

Today, May 15th, is opening day for Legoland. It is the first Legoland hotel on the east coast and is already ranked one of two Central Florida hotel properties among the best in the country for families.

152 rooms are available at the new Legoland Hotel. The hotel’s opening will produce as many jobs: about 150.  Even the rooms are decorated in the style and colors of Legoland. It should be a big hit in Orlando!

Sapphire Falls Resort

Sapphire Falls Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is in the middle of building Sapphire Fall Resort – a 1,000 room resort complex. As you can see a huge amount of investing in hotels, resorts, and timeshares is going on with all of it banking on the tourism industry getting larger and larger. Which it is!

Here’s whats growing in Orlando: “SeaWorld Orlando opened its biggest-ever expansion last year, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, while Universal Orlando Resort will open the world’s first centrally themed, multipark experience this summer by expanding The Wizarding World of Harry Potter across its two Florida theme parks.

Walt Disney World Resort will complete a multiyear project to double the size of Fantasyland this summer, and will also add several new additions and enhancements to its dining and entertainment districts.” (source)

Orlando tourism once again surpassed the tourism of New York in 2014 with a staggering 62 million – setting a new record. Given the rise of tourism it is no surprise that timeshare developers are picking up their pace as well.

Diamond Resorts International owns 19.4 acres of vacant land and has plans to develop another Orlando timeshare resort.

Diamond Resorts also recently expanded to a total of 85,892 square feet of office space in southwest Orlando’s SouthPark Center: leasing additional space for their sales and marketing team in Orlando – doubling their space for their 500 employees.

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