Killer of a Deal on Marriott Newport Platinum

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

Platinum Marriott timeshares are the best Marriott timeshares you can buy. They also come at a premium price. Here’s one that just came on the market at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas – a two bedroom Platinum for  $11,500.

That is a deal. Think about how much Marriott Newport would charge for the same thing.

The seller’s loss could be your gain. There are hundreds of people lurking here to snag the new Marriott timeshare deals when they come up. This one may not last long.

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshare For Sale

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshare For Sale

Why the big deal over Marriott timeshares? Especially this one in Newport Cali? They are in demand. They are limited. You have to reserve a year in advance to have any hope of getting a week you want. So yes, there are reasons Marriott Newport timeshares are so pricey.

But you can save a bundle if you buy from someone who already owns own. Any timeshare resale broker could help you with that. I’d say choose a broker because you can always have more confidence in someone with a license than not. Stay away from fly by night sketchy outfits that only advertise. You need someone with experience.

So back to Newport, California and Marriott Newport Coast Villas. This is the description they give at their website. “Perched high upon a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas captures the distinctive style and opulence of the famed Laguna Beach. Framed by the prestigious Pelican Hill Golf Club, the legendary location of this Newport Beach resort provides convenient access to many luxurious destinations. Just moments from a world-renowned yacht basin, enjoy a romantic cruise or marvel at the prestigious yacht clubs of Newport Beach harbor.”

If that doesn’t grab your attention, nothing will.




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