I Love Paying The Maintenance Fee - Or Not

Hurricane Norbert Image CABOIt is that time of year!

Hurricane Season? No.

Thanksgiving? No.

Christmas? No.

Income Tax? Not yet.

Timeshare maintenance fee due? YES!

This week I heard a huge number of reports of maintenance fees arriving in timeshare owners’ mail boxes. This year every single one I asked said their annual fee had gone up. For some of the timeshare owners the fees went up a HUGE amount!

One owner who bought their timeshare two years ago said their maintenance fee had already doubled and a special assessment of $1,200 was added to the bill.

Sell Timeshare NowAnd that was for a couple living on a fixed income with no extra money allocated for this huge expense.

When you first buy a timeshare we were all told that maintenance fees existed. True. But did anyone tell us the fees would go up faster than a fireworks stand in a forest fire? Or did anyone tell us about the mysterious “special assessment” every time there was a hurricane or damaging storm? No.

Normally I don’t mind paying an annual fee for something I regularly use and see the benefits. But a special fee for owning a timeshare I may not see but once a year or less? I don’t think so.

Some timeshare owners have a timeshare arrangement that allows you to pay the fee only when you use it. But those usually come at a higher initial price. Still those kind of arrangements are few and far between. Yet, several million of us still own a traditional timeshare that annual fees must be paid on or else we get it foreclosed on thanks to the state laws friendly to the timeshare developers.

One sure fire way to get rid of the maintenance fee is to sell your timeshare. Unload it. Sell it – give it away – donate it to a good cause.

To sell your timeshare search for a reliable timeshare resale company with many years of experience. The scams are numerous so find someone with a license and under the scrutiny of state real estate laws. You’ll be glad you did.

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