Hutchinson Island - Site Of New $80 Million Timeshare

Hutchinson Island Map

Hutchinson Island is in the top left corner of the map

(June 10, 2015) Accessible by ferry and one bridge, Hutchinson Island, Georgia, has been primarily an industrial island just North of Savannah. In recent years the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center and the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort have been built.

Now the Chatham County Metropolitan Planning Commission recently approved the plans to build this timeshare resort – at a cost of approximately $80 million. The project still must be approved by the city of Savannah. But the added value to the area should overcome any objections.

“Edgewater Resorts LLC is a group based in Florida and is looking to build the $80,000,000 timeshare project on Hutchinson. This project is intended to be their most high-end resort they’ve built to date, and they plan to incorporate the old cement silos into the design.” The timeshare resort will consist of some 300 units on 20 acres of undeveloped land.

Savannah International Trade and Convention Center

Savannah International Trade and Convention Center

Of course there are wetlands to consider, environmental impact studies to be done, and all the lengthy processes involved in such a large construction project. But the financing is behind this project and it looks to be destined to come to completion.

We can just wait and see if this huge resort addition will be added to the now growing attractions on Hutchinson Island.



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