Hilton Next To Spin Off Timeshare Business

Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare resale

Hilton Grand Vacations – Las Vegas

Following the lead of Marriott and Starwood, Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc plans to spin off their timeshare division by the end of the year. According to the Wall Street Journal “With its timeshare business, Hilton Grand Vacations, the company will split off a segment that has represented about 12% of its top line and that has recently performed better than the larger hotel business. The new entity will count about 50 club resorts in the U.S. and Europe in its portfolio, and it will have an exclusive, long-term licensing agreement with Hilton to market, sell and operate resorts.” WSJ

So the Hilton name will not be lost. At least not for a long time. The timeshares making up the HGV Club timeshare resorts will continue on and likely keep growing as they have over the last few years with several key acquisitions.

Hilton Sea World Orlando

Hilton Sea World Orlando

What does that do to the value of what timeshare owners have in their Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare? It is hard to tell. For the time being it doesn’t mean anything. The obvious questions will remain to be “Will our fees go up?”, “Will the service be better/worse?”, and “Will my choices improve?”.

For a while now the timeshare portion of Hilton Worldwide has been doing better than the hotels. So their ability to stand alone is well established. Similarly, Marriott has managed to do well on their own with their timeshare separated from the hotel part of the company.

For now not much will change. But there will be changes that the timeshare owners will notice. We will just have to wait and see what those changes are!


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