HGV Elara - From 2,200 to 14,000 Points

Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare resale

Hilton Grand Vacations – Las Vegas

What if I told you that buying in to Hilton Grand Vacation Club could be done for maybe half the price?

What if I also told you that there were owners who were willing to sell anywhere from 2,200 to 14,000 points for up to 50% off the going retail rate?

Where would you find them?


At RPMLS.com you can find a great assortment of HGV Club timeshare points available for sale at any number of Hilton’s timeshare resorts.

elaraAt HGV Elara in Las Vegas for example, if you want annual use, odd year, even year, 2,200 points, 14,000 points, have $8,000 to spend or $90,000 there is something for everyone.

Rated in the top 10% of all hotels in Las Vegas, The Elara has received 4.5 stars out of 5 in the reviews (4,676) on TripAdvisor.com. It is located right next to Planet Hollywood and has quick access to dining, shopping, and entertainment without all the smoke that comes from so many hotel casino lobbies.

HGV Elara is not the only “show in town!” You could also find terrific deals on the timeshares at HGV Club on Las Vegas Strip,  HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, and HGV Club at Flamingo Las Vegas.

No matter which timeshare resort you choose in Las Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter, be sure to buy resale not retail!

Retail prices for timeshares are skyrocketing while buying timeshare resale remains a bargain year after year.

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