Florida's "West Coast" - West Coast Gulf Coast

Charter Club of Marco Beach

Charter Club of Marco Beach

The “Gold Coast” of Florida gets most of the beach going attention as far as promotion and media goes. What continues to boom despite that fact is the Gulf Coast of Florida. Areas like Sanibel Island, Marco Island, Tampa, Naples, and Sarasota have been growing like crazy for quite a few years. Every time I return, there are more people, more resorts, more timeshares, and more activities!
While it is true that retirees do make up a large number of those going to Florida’s west coast, many more visitors and vacation goers arrive there each year at a growing rate.
Several timeshare resorts have been there for quite some time and have built a very loyal and “high occupancy” ownership: they pay their maintenance fees and they book their weeks every year. It is not very often that rooms go unoccupied in these timeshare resorts.
Charter Club of Naples Bay

Charter Club of Naples Bay

What makes the Florida west coast so different? The pace is a little slower, nature is emphasized more, the beaches are powder sugar white, the shell collecting is some of the best in the world, and the lush tropical surroundings are immaculate. It is quite the beautiful destination with dazzling white sandy beaches even though it lacks the level of night life enjoyed on the opposite side of the Florida peninsula.

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