Like a Genie in a Bottle: The Unexpected Offer

“Out of the blue, I got an email that said they had a Buyer For My Timeshare – Really?

So how do they know what timeshare I own anyway? Do they know the season, points, usage, or maintenance fees? This looks like a scam. Is it?”

Most likely this is a scam. Especially if they say they have it sold for more than you paid for it. Or even less.

Hundreds of thousands of emails have been sent to timeshare owners falsely claiming they have it “sold”. The catch is that you have to send them a deposit of anywhere from $500 to $3,000 to get it closed. What usually happens is that they take your money and run.

All across the EU this is being reported on a daily basis. Here in the US I have heard many reports of the same kind. There are several variations of this timeshare scam happening every day. Most eventually get caught and face the consequences. What usually does not happen is the victim getting their money back. It makes timeshare owners even more reluctant to trust any timeshare resale company with selling their timeshare. And the timeshare owner is still stuck in the same situation. They want to sell their timeshare. They do not want to keep paying timeshare maintenance fees for a timeshare they do not use. They are getting no help from their timeshare resort management company. Selling the timeshare on their own seems to be an impossible task.

Realtor TimeshareIt comes down to a matter of trust.

Whatever you do, know who you are dealing with. Be sure you know who is sending you the email or is on the other end of the phone. Ask for their license number if they say they are a Realtor, pin down their physical address, and ask about their terms and conditions before trusting them to sell your timeshare.

It is always a better idea to work with a Realtor when you sell your timeshare. Realtors are bound by a code of ethics and receive regular training. They are also accountable to state authorities for the use of their real estate license. Realtors are usually well known and respected in their communities and are involved in community activities. A Realtor is a person that you can feel comfortable doing business with.

Selling your timeshare? Use a Realtor. I’m talking about peace of mind.

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