Donate Your Timeshare - If They'll Take It

” . . . well as a last resort you can always donate your timeshare to charity.”

Marriott Desert Springs Villas

Marriott Desert Springs Villas

Does that mean you’d be willing to pay the maintenance fee for as long as they own the timeshare? If not then they will be saddled up with the maintenance fee into perpetuity!

Really want to do that to your favorite charitable organization? There may be a way to donate your timeshare without creating a worse tangled mess than the one you are trying to escape.

Silverleaf Piney Shores Resort

Silverleaf Piney Shores Resort

Sell the timeshare for the charity! At least this way both of you can be done with owning the deed to a timeshare you don’t want. And he maintenance fee goes away as well. The cash from the closing? That’s where you make your cheerful donation, shake hands, feel good about what just happened and be done with it.



Best of all – no more worries about future fees (maintenance fees and special assessments) for something you may not be able to use.

What if the charity really does want to have and use the timeshare for the one week a year vacation condo? Then just do it! With the help of a timeshare resales specialist arrange to have all the details tended to so that they can use the timeshare you’ve just donated.


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