Do Timeshare Maintenance Fees Cover Routine Maintenance?

Do Timeshare Maintenance Fees Cover Routine Maintenance? You would think so. Things like paint, carpet, yard maintenance, and repairs should all be paid for by the fee timeshare owners pay every year.

What about things like stairwells? Check out this story about a Peppertree resort in North Carolina:

rustPeppertree Atlantic Beach Resort on the North Carolina coast ended up having to shut down a few of their buildings (Phase 2) because of pressure from the town of Atlantic Beach.  Over the years the outside metal stairwells had decayed from the salty ocean air. Delaying the maintaining of these stairs resulted in what the town of Atlantic Beach considered unsafe and they condemned the buildings!

When I first read this I thought, “will they have to tear down the buildings?” The answer to that is no.

All the timeshare resort has to do is repair the stairs and get them up to code. But to do that they have to close the buildings. That’s why they delayed doing the repairs.

In the meantime, owners who dutifully paid their maintenance fee ($700 avg) are left without a vacation place to stay until 2016 or later. There isn’t room to accommodate them anywhere else and the repairs need to start ASAP if the owners are going to be allowed to use their timeshare by the summer of 2016.

rusty boltsDo the timeshare owners have any recourse? I have no idea – you’d have to get a serious legal opinion to answer that one. And I am sure some owners are doing just that.

One question I’d have to ask would be, “Did the owners pay a special assessment to cover this additional large cost?” I doubt it. Or else the owners would have mentioned it in the article I read.

A local ABC News affiliate wrote this story and also asked the timeshare attorney for comment. They wrote back a long explanation that included: “It is certainly unfortunate that any Phase 2 owners were prevented from using their timeshare week after August 17th; however, this is an unfortunate consequence of ownership.

An unfortunate consequence of ownership. That phrase would work for me if we were talking about a catastrophic event like a Category Five Hurricane! But a closed building due to delayed maintenance? Perhaps something like scraping and painting could have prevented?

If I was an owner there, I’d be mad too.

Time to sell the timeshare?

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