Disney Vacation Club Points Sales

Disney Grand Floridian Resort

Disney Grand Floridian Resort

In a word, (or phrase) its all about the Grand Floridian. For example, just in the month of December, across all of Disney’s timeshares they sold 107,000 points. VGF (Grand Floridian) share of that was 91,775 points! Roughly 86% of points sold by Disney were from Grand Floridian last December.

So what is the rumor mill saying about Disney’s Grand Floridian? Apparently, the owners don’t like the rooms and the way they look:

“If the VGF model pictures bother you, then don’t look at the cash room pictures:

Omg so true. LOL. This is exactly why I have never stayed at Grand Floridian. The resort is beautiful but the rooms are awful. I am soooo happy the villas don’t look like this and can’t wait to stay in them.”

Or even better (or worse) “This is exactly what I am talking about…. this room for $600 per night to book? This looks more like a granny’s bedroom

Interior Villa Room at DVC's Grand Floridian

Interior Villa Room at DVC’s Grand Floridian

Ouch! The look they are going for at the Grand Floridian is Victorian. That should be obvious from the exterior/elevation.

BUT, the interior is nothing like what other owners and frequent travelers have become accustomed to like the luxury looks of Four Seasons, Mandalay Bay in Vegas, Shangrila, Ritz Carlton, and others. It needs to be dramatically improved or beefed up to higher quality standards.

The bed and breakfast look does not fit the price tag attached to it.

Well at least, that’s my 2 cents.

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