These 5 Things Will Change The Way You Value Your Timeshare

HorsesonthebeachWhen most of us bought our timeshare our circumstances were just right. We bought it with no problem. The maintenance fee was manageable. The whole family and extended family used it often. It was completely worth it!

As time goes on, and sometimes sooner than you’d think, the circumstances in life change so that owning and using a timeshare becomes impractical. These are the top five things I have heard over the last 15 or so years from other owners as to why they decided to sell or just get rid of their timeshare.

1. Financial Change – A job change. An unexpected expense. A huge maintenance fee increase. A special assessment. All of these things happen and some of them will dramatically change our finances. Without fail, the first obligation to go is the timeshare.

emptynest2. Empty Nest – We bought our timeshare when our children were young and thoroughly enjoyed it for many years. Now that they are grown and on their own our lives are too complicated to vacation together. Even planning a Sunday dinner is hard to pull off! What do we do with our timeshare?

3. Divorce – So who gets the timeshare in the divorce? I seriously doubt you will want to vacation together again! Something has to be done with it and usually without much time to do it.

4. Health – Many times I have heard from timeshare owners that their health is such that they cannot travel easily any longer. They have to stay close to their family doctor in case of emergencies, or just cannot move about like before.

5. Retirement – You would also be surprised how many people have said they planned to use their timeshare more once they retired. But that never seems to work out. They have grown weary of the same resort year after year and something always seems to interfere with making vacation plans in advance. Plus, after retirement, that whopping maintenance fee is as much as or more than your housing costs. And that is for only one week a year!

Once one of these circumstances take place you won’t value your timeshare like you used to. In fact, it will become a liability.

So what do you do?

Consult a timeshare resale specialist who can help you sort all this out and find the best solution for you. A solution that is tailor made for your situation and keeps your best interests at heart.


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