Timeshare Developers Set To Grow In The Caribbean

Costa Linda Beach Resort Timeshare Aruba

Costa Linda Beach Resort Timeshare Aruba

All the elements are in place for the Caribbean to see a surge in timeshare sales and development. As the leading destination for US travel the Caribbean and their timeshare resorts are already experiencing greater sales than most.

One possible reason for that is the bad publicity coming from Mexico and the dangers the drug cartels have brought to the Mexico region. The Caribbean offers the same climate, quality resorts, and the perception of being a safer place to travel.

Recently the Jamaica Observer published a story that followed the study published by Interval International. It said “early one out of every four (23.2 per cent) of the US resident members interested in acquiring additional vacation time cite a preference to make a purchase at a resort located in the Caribbean.” (source)

Westin Kierland Villas Timeshare Resort For Sale

Westin Kierland Villas Timeshare Resort For Sale

St Kitts and St Marteen are already experiencing significant growth in tourism. Plus, there is room in the Caribbean for more development – resorts, unit weeks, travel, tourism, and money! Mexico’s loss in tourism is the Caribbean’s gain.

The Caribbean has long been a leader in timeshare resales. The top performing timeshares on the resales market there include:

Those timeshare top sellers are listed in order of most sales on the resale market. Those were not just inquiries but actual timeshares sold, closed, and the owner paid. Real data.

What does this mean to you if you own a timeshare in the Caribbean? It means that if and when you are ready to sell your timeshare there is a good buyers’ market for it. Timeshares in the Caribbean are gaining in popularity for many reasons as stated earlier.

Plus, more and more vacationers are understanding the value of owning their vacation as opposed to renting it. They can also buy their timeshare condo from an owner (like you) and not have to face the hype and pressure of the timeshare sales presentation. The timeshare sale can be negotiated over the phone, contracts can be faxed or emailed, the title company can complete the deal for you and all you have to do is go to your mailbox to get the closing check.

That is definitely good news for a timeshare owner – especially if their circumstances have changed such that they can no longer use their timeshare. If that is the case it is time to sell your timeshare.

No more reasons not to sell your timeshare!

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