Buy The Timeshare - It IS The Right Thing For You

Club Regina Los Cabos

Club Regina Los Cabos

Despite the naysayers, the warnings, the complaining timeshare owners, and other negative attitudes, there are times and/or situations where buying a timeshare and using it for your annual vacation just makes sense.

Now, “How?” you ask?

It is affordable. Consider the average cost to own or maintain a timeshare. There is an annual maintenance fee you pay that averages around $600. What can you get that is comparable to a 2 bedroom luxury condo in a resort setting with all the amenities that costs $600? Two words: You can’t.

Mayan Palace Acapulco

Mayan Palace Acapulco

It also makes sense from a financial standpoint when you buy your timeshare on the resale market from the owner. Perhaps it was advertised by or facilitated by another party or resale company. However you obtain the timeshare, be sure you do not pay the going retail rate. If you do you will lose thousands of dollars from the outset. That would take several years of vacations to make up for. What kind of savings are we talking about? Normally 25% to 50% or more! Factor that out over years of vacations and you have a vacation deal that will beat the socks off of any other option.

Buying a timeshare also makes sense when you can plan your vacations in advance. Six months in advance usually works. Advance planning for a vacation does several things for everyone involved. You can plan better activities, coordinate with more family and friends, and enjoy having a great vacation to look forward to.

Now let’s talk about what you get when you buy a timeshare. Specifically look at the size of the condo you’d be staying in. It will be much much larger than anything else the same money could buy. It would almost be like comparing a two bed studio motel with the two bedroom, two bath, kitchen, laundry luxury timeshare.  There’s really no comparison there.

Do you like to trim costs by eating your breakfasts or an occasional lunch in your own vacation condo? Then the timeshare is the solution there as well. A fully equipped kitchen is standard for timeshares. There’s no need to bring dishes, glasses, silverware, stove, or anything else a standard kitchen would have. It will all be there clean and good as new waiting for you when you check in!

Having a washer and dryer in your vacation lodging also makes sense when you are staying for a week or more. That way you don’t have to pack a ton of clothes because you can plan on doing your own laundry whenever you need to. Fewer things to bring =  less luggage to lug around.

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