I Meant To Buy That Timeshare

Club Regina Los Cabos Timeshare Resort

Club Regina Los Cabos Timeshare Resort

” I meant to buy that timeshare!” At least that’s what I kept telling myself.

Like the time I tripped in front of all my friends and spilled my lunch.

“I meant to do that.”

Does anyone actually go on a timeshare tour with the specific intention of buying a timeshare and paying the top retail price?

Not likely.

In any number of well trafficked tourist attractions around the country, you will find people inviting you to visit a resort with the promise of a gift, or tickets to a show, or a meal, or some other enticement. So you say “Why not?”. It is just a 90 minute tour and presentation how hard could that be?

The next morning you awaken to the realization you just spent well over $20,000 on one week a year at a timeshare. Yesterday you were convinced it was a great deal and would save you a bundle.

But over the years as circumstances change (and they always do) you find you are not using the timeshare any longer but still have to pay annual maintenance fees.

Marriott Summit Watch Park City Utah

Marriott Summit Watch Park City Utah

Now what?

It would be easier to tolerate if the timeshare resort had a plan in place to help you unload your timeshare when the time came. But they don’t.  It would be easier to tolerate if the maintenance fees stayed the same year after year.  But they don’t.  It would be easier to tolerate if the timeshare was worth in trading value what you first thought. But it isn’t.

Now let’s rewind the tape.

What if you intentionally bought a timeshare without pressure? What if you could have reviewed dozens of resorts on line and paid an online auction price? What if your timeshare exchanged like a champ, had stable management, and the fees remained the same?

All of those could be possible if you had done your homework at RPMLS.com.

RPMLS.com gives you all the resources you need to investigate and review resorts from the comfort of your home before making a bid – a price you can afford!

Buying a timeshare that way really increases your chances of buying the right timeshare, at the right price, with the right circumstances to make it work for you.


It just makes sense.


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