Who Wants To Pay Full Price?

50percentoffIf I were going to buy a timeshare today I would not pay the retail price! Why would I? After all I would buy a heavily discounted home from the owner! I would buy something wholesale if I could. Many of us would. Why? To save money.

Most people have purchased their timeshare when they were at the timeshare resort. They also were pressured to make the decision right then and there and likely were told this offer was good only today. What if I told you you could walk away, pick up the phone and make an offer for half the price? Would you do it? I hope so!

Escapes To Stonebridge Village

Escapes To Stonebridge Village

Paying less for big ticket items is not a new idea. That is why the practice of buying a timeshare resale is making gains on the timeshare sales market every year. And why not! You get the same deed for half of the cost.

The only advice I’d have is to use a timeshare resale specialist to do the legwork for you. That way you have some assurance that the deal will get closed, a valid transaction is occurring at a title company, and you will get what you pay for. No surprises.

It pays to save money when you buy a timeshare. A timeshare is a hedge against inflated future vacation costs. Plus when you save a pile of cash at the outset you will have more money to splurge on more fun on your vacations.

Buy timeshare resale.


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