Before You Buy Or Sell Your Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Read This

Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Resort

Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Resort

For a very long time Sheratons Vistana Orlando has been the top selling timeshare in Orlando for the resale market.

There are lots of reasons for that: it has been around a long time, there are tons of owners, it represents a good value for the timeshare buyer, it offers a quality timeshare product.

One age old rule of vacations and real estate certainly applies here – “location, location, location”.

The resort is one mile from the front gate of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. So when you consider the traffic in Orlando at the Disney park, being that close means a lot less time getting there.

Sheraton's Vistana Orlando Fountains

Sheraton’s Vistana Orlando Fountains

Not only is Sheratons Vistana Orlando close to Disney, it is a terrific place to spend your whole day. The villas include full kitchen, breakfast bar, separate dining and living area, private balcony, whirlpool tub and washer/dryer. All these make for a truly comfortable week without being cramped into a motel/hotel room. Plus the absolutely beautiful tropical setting is enjoyable by itself.

The Fountains, Cascades, the Lakes, Courts, Falls, Spas, Palms, Springs, and many other areas of the resort all have their own character and fans. They also offer a wide range of prices and amenities that have been matched to thousands of timeshare owners for many years.

There are many other top resorts as well in the Orlando and Kissimmee area. Hilton, Marriott, and Wyndham offer notable resorts at great rates.

The newest top selling list for Orlando, Florida:

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