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2016’s Black Friday shopping was bigger than ever! All sorts of records were broken with 11.4 percent increases over last year and “Cyber Monday” will likely also set more records for holiday shopping. Some estimates put it at over $3 billion in online sales for Monday the 28th.

True enough, people search for deals! They look for large percentages cut off of big ticket items like TV’s, computers, cars, furniture, sporting goods, clothing, accessories and the list goes on forever.

One of the larger purchases people can make after their home or car is their timeshare. Some folks spend well over $40,000 and far beyond.

Playa Linda Aruba Timeshare For Sale

Playa Linda Aruba Timeshare For Sale

Imagine being able to get 25% to 50% off every day of the year without waiting for Black Friday! You’d think no one would buy a timeshare at the normal retail rate.

But they do. Every day. Pay top retail prices every day.

Why? They haven’t learned that it is far better to buy resale than pay retail when it comes to buying timeshare. Buying a timeshare resale is just as reliable, costs far less, and you get the same thing!

Below I have listed the top selling timeshares in Aruba. Some of them go for well over $40,000 at the resort and people are happy to pay it. At least until they find out about buying timeshare resale. These top selling Aruba timeshares sell every day for up to 50% off retail and sometimes less! THIS is the place to shop for a timeshare. Why would you do it any other way?

La Cabana Aruba Beach Timeshare Resort

La Cabana Aruba Beach Timeshare Resort

Marriotts Aruba Ocean Club

La Cabana Beach Resort

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