Are You A Good Potential "Upsell Customer" For Timeshares?



“Would you like fries with that?”, or “Would you like to supersize your meal?” are both prime examples of commonly used upsell phrases.

They already have you in the door. They know you desire their product. They know you are “sold” on the idea of buying their product and are ready to buy.

All they want to do is to convince you to get more of what you already want.

In comes the timeshare upsales program.

Once a year you go to your timeshare and are invited to an “update meeting”. They promise you it will be short and include all the newest improvements and changes to their program and resort.

What it ends up being is a sophisticated attempt to convince you to buy more of what you already own: timeshare. They want you to upgrade to a larger unit, a better section, a newer program, or a more desirable season of the year. The end result is that it will cost you – another hunk of your money at first and a larger annual maintenance fee.

The last thing you want to deal with on vacation

The last thing you want to deal with on vacation

They also turn on the heat with pressure to decide immediately and prey on your emotions when it comes to the value you place on your leisure time with your family: guilt, happiness, pride, etc.

The sales training regimen outlines the good potential “upsell customer” as someone who is presently happy with what they own, has good credit, an adequate disposable income, and a job. Once they’ve figured out you can buy more, they work on you until you do.


You see, it costs a fraction of marketing costs to get you interested in a timeshare. You already bought one. So their profit margin is HUGE if you get an upsell package. One major developer disclosed that in 2015 32% of their income came from upselling! Thats a third of gross sales from previous buyers! That is huge.

The moral of the story is when you take your timeshare vacation and agree to go to the “update meeting” leave your checkbook at home. Make up your mind whether or not you need more timeshare in your life. Some victims of the upsell attack have ended up owing over $100,000 after a few years of upsales gimmicks.

It’s just not worth it.

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