Acapulco - Two Years After Two Storms

Acapulco Welcome Sign

Acapulco Welcome Sign

Acapulco Mexico 2013 – An estimated 200,000 people were left homeless and nearly 60,000 were evacuated because of the flooding and landslides in the wake of the tropical storms Manuel on the west coast and Ingrid from the east.  At the time, road repairs alone were estimated to cost about $3 billion.

So now that it is once again hurricane season two years later – how has the rebuilding come along?

Acapulco Flooding May 2015

Acapulco Flooding May 2015

As recently as May 2nd, 60 homes in Acapulco were completely flooded by a large ocean swell. Not a tsunami. A large swell.

How big was this ocean swell?

Four Meters = 13 feet

Everything along the coast in Acapulco is at or near sea level. Any storm surge or tsunami events would be catastrophic. Even if they are relatively minor.

Acapulco has done nothing to change the way they handle significant storm surges. They simply keep rebuilding homes right where the other ones had been standing before being washed away.

Here’s a few highlights to give you a glimpse into today’s Acapulco:

Last November during a special event weekend, Acapulco saw 14,000 hotel cancellations in one day!  Federal police have taken over security and policing from municipal forces in Acapulco. Military patrols guard school crossings – complete with automatic weapons and body armor. Even though 80% of Guerrero’s income comes from tourism violent crime is a constant perpetual plague to the city – threatening their most important income source: tourism.

Given all the negative aspects of Acapulco, there are still thousands who travel there regularly as tourists, and love their vacations in Acapulco.

Some of the timeshare resorts in Acapulco are also thriving there as well. They certainly must go way above the normal level of service to attract and keep so many loyal customers/owners: Vidafel Mayan Palace-Acapulco, PHC at Acapulco Playa, Fiesta Americana Condesa, Grand Mayan Acapulco.

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