4 Tips For Florida Beaches And Summer Vacations

Spring Break at the BeachWith over 1,300 miles of coastline in Florida, you are always fairly close to a beach. Plus, the beaches in Florida are some of the most beautiful and traveled beaches in the world.

Beaches like Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, Pensacola and Destin Beach, Marco and Sanibel Island, plus many more are well known by beach lovers from all walks of life.

But before you head out to the beach for a day or a week here’s four tips to make your beach time a good time:

Plan out your day.

Know where you are going and where you will park. Don’t let massive crowds deter you from making the best of your day at your favorite beach. Take everything with you that you will need: towels, umbrellas, cash and ID, sunscreen, water to drink, and insect repellent in case you plan to stay on the beach after the sun goes down.

Use the buddy system.

Just don’t go it alone. No matter if you are surfing, swimming, or just laying in the sun things will go better and safer if you have someone along with you.

Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort Timeshare Resort

Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort Timeshare Resort

Don’t let the sun beat you down.

Your body will dehydrate much faster than you may realize. Be sure to take water with you to help you keep your energy while out in the sun on a hot day.

Your skin can burn on a cloudy day. And even more so on a sunny day. Use sunscreen, wear a hat, and don’t over do your sun exposure.

Pay attention to beach signs.

If you are swimming, surfing, or just walking on the beach be sure to notice any signs that may warn you of rip currents, jelly fish, or other hazards lurking in the water. Also being aware of offshore storms will help you be aware of dangerous surf or swimming conditions.

Don’t pay the retail rack rate for a beach front hotel.

You will be amazed how affordable a high quality timeshare resort on the beach can be. Plus you’d get plenty of room, extra bathrooms (and showers!), plus a fully equipped kitchen for those post beach excursions that leave you hungry.

Here’s a sample of some top shelf timeshare resorts that will bring you close to the beach:

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