Buy This Bay Club of Sandestin Timeshare – $6,900

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If you like sparkling white beaches, 45 holes of golf, endless sunshine, and affordable lodging then this timeshare deal is for you!  Just east of Destin Florida is Miramar Beach, home of Bay Club of Sandestin timeshare. This timeshare resort has a 45-hole golf course, along with indoor and outdoor lighted tennis courts. Also enjoy a health spa, pools, recreation rentals and a golf shop. In addition, you”ll find gift shops, a grocery store and restaurants, as well as a private beach.

This timeshare property is being offered for $6,900! This would give you a “floating” week 25 every year at one of the most fabulous beaches of the world!

A number of years ago I lived in Pensacola Florida. I recall a news report saying that the sand on the beaches in that area, including Destin and Miramar Beach, are scientifically proven to be the whitest sand in the world. I believe it. Every time I went to the beach there the sand was so white that you had to wear sunglasses to tolerate the brightness of the beach.

To own a timeshare on a beach like that would be a vacation dream. And, at this time of year many of us are thinking about a warmer place, beaches, sunshine, and listening to the ocean. This Florida timeshare deal is just for you!

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