Buy a Beach House or a Timeshare?

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I want to buy a vacation home on the beach but I don’t want to spend a million dollars. I just want a place big enough for my family to enjoy when we all get together for our annual vacation in Galveston, Texas. What should I do?

If you want all the comforts of home, room enough for all six or more of your family, a location on the beach, and not break the bank here is how you do it.

Using any web browser search “Texas timeshare resale broker”.

Skip the ads.

Select the web page that will take you to a Texas Timeshare Resale Broker.

Call them.

Buy a timeshare for about 50% to 75% off retail price.

Plan your next vacation on the beach.

Now if you’d rather spend $1,900,000 I found a comparable 3 bedroom 2 bath beach home on Galveston Island. It has all the same amenities and has roughly the same square feet. The view isn’t much better and it is further from all the excitement of Galveston.

Why a timeshare? The cost, the size, the space, the view, the management, the convenience, and the list goes on.

Hurricane Irene Radar Image

Hurricane Irene

Consider this: If a hurricane heads for Galveston and you live in Dallas, who would take care of your home for you in Galveston? Everyone in Galveston would be evacuating and your home would get washed out to sea.

Still want to buy a house on the beach?

That’s another reason to buy a timeshare. Someone else will look after it when you are not in it. That what the resort management does.

Or let’s say you own a vacation home in Florida! One of those infamous sink holes swallows your home on the beach. AND it happens the week before your vacation there. Who would pay for and arrange for your new place to stay on vacation? Why of course, you would.

Summer Bay Timeshare Sink Hole Damage

Summer Bay Timeshare Sink Hole Damage

What if your vacation was planned for a timeshare and it was likewise destroyed by a sink hole. (Remember Summer Bay resort – summer of 2013?)  You would have infinitely more options through the resort management, RCI or Interval International, or any number of other options. Who would pay for and arrange for the majority of that? NOT YOU!

Now, still want to buy a house on the beach?

Imagine the roof starts to leak or the water heater starts to leak and your beach home sustains a huge amount of water damage (while you were away). More than likely the damage will be far worse and more expensive because you were not there at the time.

With a timeshare resort, someone is always looking out for the maintenance of your timeshare property. No matter where you are, someone is on the location taking care of repairs and maintenance.

Buy a timeshare.

Use a timeshare resale broker.

Save a few bucks.

A few hundred thousand bucks!



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