Bluegreen Vacations Expanding Big Bear Village

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Big Bear Village Pool

Under the terms of the agreements, Bluegreen Corporation is selling BBV Phase I, LLC (“BBV”) undeveloped land at Bluegreen Vacations’ existing Club at Big Bear Village resort in Big Bear Lake, California. BBV intends to develop up to 60 two-bedroom timeshare units, subject to entitlements, on the property. In addition, BBV has engaged Bluegreen Vacations to sell the completed timeshare units under a fee-based service sales and marketing agreement and to service the consumer note receivables originated in the sales process for BBV. Bluegreen Vacations will also continue to perform resort management services for the Club at Big Bear Village resort.

The agreements with BBV represent the first time Bluegreen Vacations has utilized existing, undeveloped resort property to provide a third-party developer the opportunity to expand an existing Bluegreen Vacations resort and enjoy Bluegreen Vacations’ suite of fee-based services. The resort, which offers all-season activities in the San Bernardino Mountains and Big Bear Lake area, currently has 18 luxury three and four bedroom timeshare units and various on-site amenities.

BluegreenMountainLoftBluegreen Corporation’s website announced the construction on their webpage: “A new building is breaking ground on July 15. It will house 20 new 2-bedroom villas. The completion date is currently scheduled for August 2015. The site is on the upper most part of the property. There will be noise and dust on property but the impact to guests should be minimal.

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