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A lot of factors go into what makes any timeshare perform well on the secondary resales market. The supply and demand comes to mind first. If there are a large number of timeshare owners that are willing to sell and a strong demand to buy timeshares resale then that makes for a good timeshare resales market. Data from real time timeshare sales that are closed and transferred are what produced this latest list.

Within Bluegreen Vacation Club there are over 60 Bluegreen Vacations resorts. Scattered all over the world, they represent a wide available selection of fine destinations as well as 5 star resorts.

Bluegreen Vacation ClubBluegreen timeshares are in demand for a number of reasons. Most Bluegreen timeshare buyers I have spoken with over the years are interested in the Bluegreen Vacation Points and less interested in the home resort location. So here are the top five best selling Bluegreen Timeshares Resales:

La Cabana Beach Resort

La Cabana Beach Resort

#1. La Cabana Beach Resort – Among the palm trees and across from Eagle Beach, La Cabana offers tennis, racquetball, basketball, beach or pool volleyball and squash. You can train in their state-of-the-art fitness center complete with free weights, cardio machines and aerobics classes. Oh, where is Eagle Beach? On a little island called Aruba.

Bluegreen's Christmas Mountain

Bluegreen’s Christmas Mountain

#2 Bluegreen’s Mountain Loft – This is the very first resort in the Bluegreen collection of timeshares. Having just celebrated its 20th year of being open the stunning views of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, next door are still as spectacular as ever.

#3. Pono Kai Resort – This is 13 acres of ocean front paradise! In addition to all the fun offered in and on the Pacific Ocean, Pono Kai offers tennis courts, volleyball, shuffleboard, croquet and putting greens, plus an outdoor pool, hot tub and sauna.

#4. Laurel Crest Resort – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. That is the home of Laurel Crest Resort. I cannot imagine a Pigeon using a forge, but I can imagine this beautiful town and resort with the breath taking backdrop of the mountains of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

#5. Falls Village Resort – In the heart of the Ozark Mountains you have a lot to discover. One example is the “Live Music Show Capital of the World,” Branson, MO. Nearby is Falls Village Resort. A short drive out of town and you are in the beautiful wilderness of the Ozarks. And on the 22 acre pristine campus of Falls Village.

There’s the top five timeshare resorts, at least in my opinion, Bluegreen Vacation Club has to offer. Regardless of opinions, the fact remains that these five timeshare resorts have been sold more often on the secondary (resale) market than any other Blue green Resorts.

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