Birding In South Texas – Timeshare Resorts Nearby

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ringbillgullsflightWhile shuttling my daughter and her friends around today I spotted over a dozen White Pelicans in a pond aggressively diving for food. It got me to thinking, “What are the best locations with timeshares for birding around here?

It is estimated that there are over 71 million bird watchers in the United States. Of those, many own or rent timeshares to travel to their favorite birding destinations. Interest in birding has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last several years. Thanks to many organizations like the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology bird watchers may now share their sightings, track migration patterns, study local and national trends, and assist many in the research and preservation of endangered species.

woodpecker red headedLake Conroe, located in southeast Texas, is home to many species of waterfowl, migratory, and other birds. Just in the last week I have sighted a Bald Eagle, several Osprey, American White Pelicans by the dozen, and more. For birders, Lake Conroe timeshares would be an affordable choice to visit a very active birding area. Several top choices include The Landing at Seven Coves, Silverleaf Piney Shores, Sweetwater at Lake Conroe, Villas on the Lake, Inverness at Del Lago, and Inverness at Walden.

When it comes to the state of Texas I can say first hand that any timeshare in south Texas would be a great choice any time of year. The state of Texas has reported 443 species of bird and huge numbers of migratory birds flood the south Texas coast every year. South Padre Island is home to many great timeshare choices. Inverness At South Padre, Royale Beach and Tennis Club, Vacation Time Condos at VICC, Fort Brown Condo Shares, Bahia Mar, Peninsula Island Resort and Spa, and Sea Scape Condominiums are all located near the World Birding Center, South Padre Island. The World Birding Center, a network of nine Rio Grande Valley parks and nature centers dedicated to avian conservation and education, has won national recognition from the Society of American Travel Writers for promoting eco-friendly travel.

One afternoon while at the World Birding Center – South Padre Island – I enjoyed watching several thousand Northern Pintail Ducks on the Laguna Madre. Several photographers were there taking photos and remarking on how many Pintails there were. Well over 4 million migratory birds go through that area a year.  Well worth noting for a future vacation!


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