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Bluegreen timeshares are in great demand.  While there may be Bluegreen timeshare resorts in 36 locations – from Aruba to Hawaii to Florida – these top ten resorts have been sold on the timeshare resales market more than the rest. This list came from real sales data from thousands of transactions. So here they are, the top ten best selling Bluegreen timeshares.

La Cabana Beach Club Timeshare Aruba

La Cabana Beach Club Timeshare Aruba

La Cabana Beach Resort timeshare is the top seller among Bluegreen resorts. Located in Oranjestad Aruba, this immaculate timeshare destination stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

Bluegreen’s Mountain Loft timeshare came in second place with strong sales. Nestled in the mountains of Gatlinburg TN, this location offers a combination of serenity and beauty.

Bluegreen’s Christmas Mountain timeshare, Wisconsin Dells, offers year round activities for the whole family. Some of the featured recreation includes golf, fishing, swimming, or skiing.

One of the most well known timeshares in the Bluegreen group is one of the more recent additions to the family: The Manhattan Club. Located on West 56th Street, The Manhattan Club offers a wide variety of types of ownerships. Especially if you buy from one of the original owners.  You need to know that the maintenance fees you pay every year are not cheap. And, they tend to run into legal wrangling from time to time. BUT, you simply cannot beat the location. Situated between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, the resort is within walking distance to some of New York City’s finest attractions, hottest bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters and more!

Pono Kai Resort is fourth in our list of best selling timeshares for Bluegreen. Situated on the beach, Pono Kai Resort is on the eastern coast of Kauai. With the combination of palm trees, lush tropical landscaping, and the Pacific Ocean, your stress is sure to melt away.

Beach at Pono Kai Resort Timeshare Kauai

Beach at Pono Kai Resort Timeshare Kauai

Completing the list for Bluegreen’s best timeshare resales are Laurel Crest Resort, The Falls Village Resort, Landmark Holiday Beach Resort, Bluegreen’s Shore Crest Villas, Outrigger Beach Club, and Harbour Lights Resort.

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  • Crash says:

    Wow! What it would be like to spend this holiday weekend at a premier Bluegreen timeshare resort like La Cabana Beach Resort in Aruba. If traveling out of the country is not an option I guess Landmark Holiday Beach Resort in Panama City, Florida would do just fine as well. Someone grab the airfare and I’ll get the Pina Colada mix!

  • Chad says:

    My # 1 destination for recent travel has been Destin Fl, easy driving, great white sand, Sand Dollars as big as a saucer about 80′ deep.
    Fish are the prettiest during night dives.

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