Atlantic City Jersey Shore Timeshare Best Sellers

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I bet there’s a good chance you have heard of the Jersey Shore. If you would like to go there and stay at a great resort I would also bet you would like to pay less instead of more. Right?

Here’s how you would do it. Timeshare resorts in New Jersey have a lot to offer with quality resorts, great accommodations and reasonable prices. You could stay at a Marriott, Wyndham, RHC, or several others for a fraction of the retail cost. As long as you get your timeshare on the resale market or buy from the owner you will save a fortune.

Helping you with that search here is a list of the top ten best selling timeshares in New Jersey. These timeshares were sold, closed, and transferred to the new buyer.

Resales Data:
The Flagship timeshare resort is the number one best selling timeshare in New Jersey. Situated on the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore, The Flagship Resort (timeshare) is a long standing best seller of all time in New Jersey! A quality reputation and great location have combined to make this timeshare resort on the boardwalk a favorite among timeshare owners.
The rest of the top selling timeshares in New Jersey line up like this:

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