Makeover in Aruba for La Cabana Beach Timeshare Resort

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The La Cabana Beach Resort timeshare has been around 20 years. For quite a few years it has held one of the top best spots in the timeshare resales market. Making it even better, the La Cabana Beach Resort timeshare has just completed a $36 Million renovation. From the lobby to the rooms there is a beautiful new and fresh look at the La Cabana Beach Resort in Aruba.

In addition the resort will be featuring local artists with art exhibitions at the resort four times a year. The new colors and feel of the timeshare resort is completely fresh and attractive.

The New Lobby and Reception Area

If you are thinking of selling your La Cabana Beach timeshare now would be a great time! The new look and up to date quality of the rooms would make it much easier sale to a timeshare buyer.

There are a number of timeshare units there for sale by the owners. Here is a link to a great selection of La Cabana Beach Resort timeshares for sale.

This resort is set on the sandy shore of Eagle Beach. On-site amenities include tennis, racquetball, badminton, two pools, and private beach cabanas. Guests will enjoy shopping the boutiques in the expansive bazaar, dining in classic restaurants, dancing in the disco, and the casinos.

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