Why Las Vegas Timeshare Sales Point To A Rebounding Las Vegas!

If there is a market for the new sales of timeshares, there is an even greater market for timeshare resales. People are always looking for ways to save money on big purchases. […]

Answer These Three Questions First!

If a timeshare resales company can satisfy me on all three questions I have a better chance of getting my timeshare sold without any […]

When it comes to Timeshare, The word is NOW!

If you have been waiting for a sign that this is the right time to sell your timeshare, that time has […]

Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival To Be Hosted By Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort

The Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival will be hosted by Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort (timeshare) again this […]

Timeshare Deals - Tahoe Seasons and Marriott Grande Vista

Two timeshares featured for sale: Marriott Grande Vista Resort and Tahoe Seasons resort. Both timeshares deep […]

Missouri Timeshare For Sale - Branson and More

data from timeshares sold in Missouri, here are the top ten best selling timeshares in […]

Exchanging Your Timeshare - 3 Easy Steps

One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a timeshare is having trouble exchanging you timeshare for another. I have heard stories from hundreds of timeshare owners who complain they can never make their timeshare exchange work in their favor. It does not matter if you use RCI or Interval International. The complaints are the […]

Top Ten Beach Timeshares

“Epic Snowfall Totals Expected in Northeast.” I say stow away the snow shovel, grab your swim trunks and head for the […]

Top Ten California Timeshares Sold

these ten timeshare resorts in California have proven themselves to be the best on the resales […]

What Do Timeshares Do For The Economy?

Polo Towers Timeshare Las Vegas

What sort of impact do you think the timeshare industry has on the economy in the US? Does it matter? Of course. This vacation oriented industry creates jobs, contributes taxes, and generates economic activity that helps to keep the economy moving along. It can also be an indicator of how […]

Did You Finance Your Timeshare? You Need To Read This!

The worst possible situation to make a large purchasing decision is during the “timeshare […]

Timeshare Online Dating

Searching for the ideal timeshare match involves more than compatibility. Price is also an […]

Marriott Vacations Worldwide - Seeking New Locations To Build More Timeshare Resorts

Marriott . . . the “recession era” timeshare inventory is quickly selling off they need more new timeshares to […]

Signs The Economy Is Turning Around - Diamond Resorts Timeshare Sales

Diamond Resorts Ridge on Sedona

In financial news this week Diamond Resorts International issued $30,990,000 of its timeshare loan backed notes. So what does that mean?

Several things. It indicates that Diamond Resorts has sold roughly $30 million in timeshare and are holding the loans on them. More importantly when Credit Suisse and Mountcliff Funding, LLC […]

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Timeshare For Sale - Reduced!

Finding the best deals on Marriott timeshares for sale is easy here. This Marriott timeshare is the best selling in […]

Top Selling Bluegreen Timeshare Resales

Bluegreen timeshares are in great demand. This list came from real sales data from thousands of transactions. So here they are, the top ten best selling Bluegreen […]

Old Timeshare - New Gold Crown From RCI

Eastern Slope Inn Resort announced it has been awarded the prestigious RCI Gold Crown Resort property designation by […]

Newest Timeshares For Sale!

You can make an offer and write a contract on a sought after timeshare before most buyers knows it is […]

Vacation For The Health Of It!

once you see the benefits of taking a vacation (sans Iphone or computer) you will be a […]

Timeshare RSS Feed – Why You Need It!

If you want to buy a timeshare how would you like to get an immediate notice of all new timeshares that come on the market emailed to you […]