Two Bedroom Timeshare in Bermuda - You Won't Believe The Price

The price? $1,950! Yes, that’s one thousand nine hundred fifty dollars. That is for a two bedroom unit at the St George’s Club, Rose Hill, St. George, Bermuda. Buy this timeshare […]

For Timeshare Owners - Information is Power

Stroman Realty has sold timeshare properties located in 25 countries with buyers and sellers in 94 countries in over 1331 different timeshare […]

Timeshare And The Internet - Junk, Junk, and More Junk

I guess there’s no fear of duplicate content if you expect your Google search results to have the life expectancy of a Mayfly. Timeshare, Google, news, information, advice, […]

When Should I Sell My Timeshare?

The short answer to that question is – if you are not using your timeshare for any reason the time to sell is […]

Is There a Market for Timeshare Resales?

The folks at have facilitated over $100 million in timeshare sales all over the world and apparently know how to get the job done. […]

Wyndham Timeshare Price Reduced To Sell Fast! Time Share Blog Deals

Disney action of Kissimmee and Orlando is Wyndham Star Island Resort! This week fifty two was just reduced an incredible amount of $5,000 timeshare resale […]

Hilton Timeshares - Top Ten Best in Resales

some day they may want to sell their timeshare and owning one that does on the resale market is a […]

Beware of the Smiling Summertime Timeshare Salesman

Why is the Salesman Smiling? He wants you to like and trust him. And he or she wants you to slide into a semi-hypnotic trance, abandon reason, and write him a check or give up a credit card number. Seriously! timeshare sales […]