2013 Timeshare Buyers Market

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Just in case you have not been looking to buy a timeshare until recently you need to know that we are in a buyers market.

What this means to you as a timeshare buyer is this: DO NOT PAY RETAIL!!!

In overdeveloped areas like Orlando/Kissimmee there are far more timeshare units available than the demand for them. Just as it is with any commodity for example, the more supply and less demand there is for something the less the buyer will have to pay.

Other areas of the country are not as over developed. Take the western coast of Florida for example. Few new resorts have been built there, the timeshare owners seldom want to part with their timeshare in those locations and the demand is very high.

Yes the demand for vacation condos like timeshares is strong in Orlando but the supply is out of control huge! And more timeshare developments are breaking ground.

The best way to go about buying a timeshare in a market like this is to use a timeshare resale specialist that has a network of other professionals like brokers, title companies, escrow, attorneys, and so on. Plus make sure they have a track record of closing deals on timeshare sales. Some timeshare sales are tricky and take special expertise to get the job done. Ask a lot of questions. A timeshare resale pro will be happy to tell you about the timeshares they have sold, their most recent sale, and what the prospects are for finding you just what you want.

So whether you are searching for a high end Marriott, Westin, or other timeshare resort or just a small town “lazy river” kind of place there are plenty of timeshare owners ready to sell you their timeshare at a huge discount!

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