Marriott Remembers 9/11- 3 World Trade Center

Marriott at 3 World Trade Center and their heroic efforts to assist those trapped in the hotel, in the Twin Towers, and ultimately the destruction of the Marriott at 3 World Trade […]

Disney Gets Ok To Raise Timeshare Fees

Now Disney has received permission from Hawaiian state regulators to raise their timeshare maintenance fees by […]

Wyndham Adds 15th Timeshare Resort In Hawaii

Previously known as the Royal Garden Hotel and Spa, The Wyndham Vacation Resorts Royal Garden at Waikiki has completed their renovations of the timeshare […]

Makeover in Aruba for La Cabana Beach Timeshare Resort

La Cabana Beach Resort timeshare has just completed a $36 Million renovation. From the lobby to the rooms there is a beautiful new and fresh look at the La Cabana Beach Resort in Aruba. […]

Early Snow at Breckenridge? Wax Those Skis

There are some magnificent timeshare resorts in Breckenridge. Several are ski in – ski out and all are in the best location you can imagine for those who love the snow and the […]

Timeshare Scams in Florida Getting Busted

So who is actually selling timeshares on the resale market? It is a well documented fact that the timeshare staff of has facilitated the sale of over $100 million in […]

The Price of Gasoline and Timeshare Rentals

A timeshare rental will almost always be cheaper than hotels and offer far superior advantages: full kitchens, laundry facilities, exotic pools, large bedrooms. […]

Labor Day Weekend & Timeshare Occupancy

If you had plans to go on a short vacation I would say go. But be sure to check first with the timeshare resort or other destination before you leave. Sell Timeshare. […]