Planning a Hilton Head Island Timeshare Vacation? Heads Up On Traffic

Once you plod through all that traffic then you have to stand in line for how long? Long enough to get checked in to your timeshare where you made your reservations eight months […]

Timeshare Scam Employed 20 Orange County Work Release Inmates

What do you get when you combine a timeshare scam with a credit interest marketing firm? H.E.S. Systems.

With about 70 employees they were systematically convincing timeshare owners that they had their timeshare sold and all they needed was a couple of thousand dollars to get it closed. They took the money and did nothing in […]

Where Are The Timeshare Jobs? Who is Hiring Time Share Sales?

The European timeshare jobs outlook seems better than the US at the moment. I haven’t heard of many timeshare developers hiring on more sales staff. Maybe rehiring previously laid off sales […]

Timeshare Telemarketer Admits $30 Million Fraud

The center of the fraud was when the employees of her company, Universal Marketing Solutions, told timeshare owners that they already had buyers for their timeshare. Then they would solicit several thousands of dollars for “closing […]