HGV Las Vegas Hilton to Lose Hilton Franchise

It is always a good time to sell or buy a timeshare at the Las Vegas Hilton. It may not continue with the HGV Hilton affiliation but given the location and history of the resort it will continue to have a lot of […]

Motley Fool and Marriott's Spinoff of Timeshare

On a well known website Fool.com the writer gives an interesting analysis of the spinning off of timeshares by Marriott. In the title he referred to it as a “Shake […]

Grand Pacific Timeshare Resorts - Winning Awards and Effective Management

The timeshare owners at Grand Pacific Resort Timeshares tend to be very loyal and hang on to their timeshares for quite some time. But some timeshare owners do want to sell their Grand Pacific […]

Today's Hot Timeshare Resale Deals

What if you are searching for a timeshare to buy and want to be notified of timeshare properties as soon as they come on the […]

Connecticut Advised of Timeshare Scams

The Department admitted in the article that some timeshare resale companies do in fact sell timeshare. However, there is a plague of timeshare scams scattered around the […]

Aruba Hi Winds Competition - Timeshare Condo Deals

The 25th annual Aruba Hi Winds Competition (involving wind surfing and kiteboarding) will be the venue for a Grand Slam event from June 19 to 26. If you have not yet found a place to stay for the event, check out what the timeshares in Aruba have to offer! Twice the space for half the price would be a fair way to describe […]

Joplin Missouri Tornado Relief - Bluegreen Timeshare Pitches In

The Bluegreen Corp and the timeshare resorts in Branson and Ridgedale have established collection points where all associates, neighbors, and businesses can help those truly in need. Timeshare owners at the Cliffs at Long Creek and Paradise Point can be proud of their resorts” efforts to help […]

Timeshare-Resale-Broker.com releases 2010 Worldwide Timeshare Resale Prices

The average of closed and funded timeshare resale transactions at Timeshare-Resale-Broker.com for calendar year 2010 was $6,865.92 which is a dramatic drop from the highs of 2007-2009. The decrease in price year over year for timeshare resales was 25% from 2009.

Wayne Stroman, the broker for Timeshare-Resale-Broker.com a division of Stroman Realty, Inc. cites two main […]