Iceland Volcano Disrupting Travel to Europe

My next door neighbor just returned from a trip to Italy, and my other just left to travel throughout Europe. I haven’t heard from either of them yet, but I bet the volcano in Iceland has caused delays and cancellations of flights. I found this article that gives more details about where the ash cloud […]

2011 Hurricane Forecast - Will NOAA Get It Right? Does it Matter?

Remember 1992 and Hurricane Andrew? The season only produced six named storms and one subtropical storm. 2011 Hurricane Season […]

Cerberus Acquisition of Silverleaf Timeshares Completed

Reported today by Bloomberg Businessweek, Cerberus Capital Management completed its acquisition of Silverleaf Resorts, a timeshare developer. So who is Cerberus and what is their link to timeshare resort management? Cerberus Capital Management is a private company that buys other companies and makes them more profitable. From my first look into their holdings, they have […]

NASA and STS-135 - Atlantis June 28 or July 4

The launch of the final space shuttle mission, Atlantis STS 135, is dependent on the successful launch of Endeavour. With a tentative launch date of May 10th, Endeavour still has problems to be solved with the aft “Load Control […]

Nine Orlando Timeshare Businesses Raided

Given the current economy, many timeshare owners are looking for a way to sell their timeshare. Unfortunately, they are being preyed upon by timeshare scams like this. If you are wanting to sell your timeshare ask for their company address or copy of their timeshare […]