Westgate Timeshare Partners With International Cruise & Excursions

Westgate timeshare owners also stand to gain benefits from International Cruise with special cruise offerings. This is a great value added for both groups of […]

RCI Weeks Platinum Membership - New Levels of Exclusion

Will this mean higher timeshare exchange rates, fewer weeks to choose from, last in line, or getting blocked out of choice weeks at certain resorts? […]

Discount Disney Deals for Military Veterans

Yes, the discounts are there! I just returned from a trip to Orlando and while there I enjoyed the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios courtesy of Walt Disney World’s deals for […]

Celine Dion Returning to Las Vegas

Caesars Palace reports that ticket sales for the new show are even better than her original show. That could point the way to better news for Las Vegas’ 14 percent unemployment rate. It could even point to a better real estate market in Las […]

Timeshare Headlines Today

For those who do not follow timeshare news, you might be asking yourself, “What is newsworthy in the world of timeshares?” Thousands of investors and hundreds of thousands of timeshare owners and workers feel the effects of transactions made by the resorts, some resorts close, some reopen, some offer special discounts from time to time.

So […]

RCI Makes Changes to Exchange "Visibility" ?!?

In the past most timeshare exchanges were like asking the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain for a vacation in Hawaii, only to get a studio unit in an off season in Detroit. (Is there a red season in Detroit, or even a timeshare?) […]

Bill Marriott Video of Marriott's Timeshare Spin Off

In this video, Bill Marriott describes the spin off of the timeshare portion of their business. He introduces the key players, and reassures the timeshare owners of continued quality. Should be a boost in confidence for timeshare owners and investors in Marriott.

Marriott Intl Plans to Spin Off Timeshare Business

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