Spring Break Vacation Rental Deals

I am ready for a Spring Break vacation! Yesterday I watched the snow fall on my poor palm trees and decided that mother nature has gone wild! Snowing in south Texas? A vacation to Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Key West, or any place that’s warm would be just the thing I need (besides palm trees that don’t […]

Anyone Thinking of a Timeshare Vacation in Yemen?

Any time there is a political uprising in a country, their travel and tourism totally goes away until things get back to normal. Closer to home, timeshares in Mexico have gotten a bad “aura” because of the […]

Marriott to Spin Off Timeshare Into New Company

Given the history, quality, and desirability of Marriott timeshares I see no real changes in store for timeshare […]

Silverleaf Timeshare Resorts Bought Out for $94 Million

Maybe a private equity firm would consider a low priced company like Silverleaf timeshares an investment. However, if you are thinking of buying a Silverleaf timeshare, or selling your Silverleaf timeshare, whatever you do, do not consider it an […]

Timeshare Scam Busted in Orlando

Here comes another raid on a timeshare telemarketing boiler room. In Orlando. Surprised?
You should not be. Orlando seems to be home to lots of timeshare scam […]

Timeshare Beaches in Oahu Get Polluted

Timeshare resorts in the area include Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club, Ko Olina Resort and Spa, and several others. The mess is being addressed by the EPA and the Hawaii Department of Health for […]