The 90 Minute Timeshare Sales Pitch

Is the 90 minute sales presentation worth it? That depends on if they stick to the 90 minutes and if you got something in return.

In an article today on one of Boston’s local news websites, a timeshare resort in Vermont is promoting discounted two day vacation packages with bigger discounts if you attend a timeshare presentation.

Names redacted to protect whatever:

1) $399 for a two-night midweek stay (worth $711)

2) $595 for a two-night weekend stay (worth $795)

3) $149 for a two-night midweek stay with a timeshare presentation (worth $711)

4) $249 for a two-night weekend stay with a  timeshare presentation (worth $795)

You can say to yourself, I can resist the temptation to buy a timeshare for the additional $250 discount and it is worth 90 minutes of my time. Or you can bypass the experience and pay more.

Regardless of the option you choose, be aware of the fine print of these kinds of offers. You don’t have to look very far to see how these guys can gouge you. There are caveats for all offers and if you are willing to tiptoe through barbed wire, you might like the experience. It’s not for me. Kind of hard to relax on a short vacation if you are worried how “the man” is going to stick it to you.

Here’s how my 90 minute sales pitch went:

My brain was in a hypnotic fog of happiness. A dream state if you will. I was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and everything was perfect – except the 100 degree heat. The setting, the staff always being in character, the smells, the meticulously kept grounds, the music – a complete package to lure me into a state of wanting it all the time. Maybe like cocaine or heroin. I don’t really know. All I knew was that if an OPC or timeshare off site sales person were to ask me to attend a 90 minute presentation, I would say “yes, and may I have more?”

That is the lure. Or at least part of it. In other countries the timeshare lure may have been tequila plus the tropical paradise. I can not count how many times someone has told me that they got boozed up in paradise and when they sobered up found themselves in bed with a timeshare the next day. Yikes!

What is the pursuit? That’s the pitch. You and your significant other are across the table from a closer.  They try to convince you to buy with a myriad of reasons. They may try the math method of showing you how much money you will save over time. They may use the Exchange Company in their chase. You know, “You can get any resort you want in the world anytime you want it” pitch. Is that working out for anyone?

The hook is when you sign. Like fishing they sink the hook in your jaw with your signature and a veiled attempt to explain how to undo the transaction or rescind your sales agreement. Once the right of rescission has passed you have no other alternative but to sell.

There you have it! A lifetime of guaranteed maintenance fee obligations with a hope of someday actually getting to use your timeshare as you planned.

If that is the case for you then you need to dump your timeshare. Not just giving it away, get something for it to assuage the pain of realizing it was the worse purchase decision of your life. You can sell it. You’ll need to use a timeshare resales network like those at

Get it done! Make that timeshare go away.

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Advice For Avoiding Timeshare Fraud

Timeshare Advertising Websites

There are now hundreds of websites that offer to sell timeshares that only do advertising. This is now the largest element in the timeshare resale industry. Technically, they never sell anything but an ad to the timeshare owner wanting to sell a timeshare. The owner must deal with the buyer, provide negotiating skills, contracts and figure out how to close the sale and get the proceeds. Most of these sites attract very small numbers of buyers. It is mainly timeshare sellers that fall victim to the possibility of the sale. Some do a good job of providing leads to the advertising owners and do offer forms to use in the sale; however, they would be stepping over the licensing boundary if they give you advice about how to fill them out or assist with the negotiation.

Silverleaf Presidents Fairway Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Silverleaf Presidents Fairway Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Only a professional real estate representative can handle the complexity in all the details to complete a timeshare resale transaction which differs greatly from that offered by an unlicensed entity. This is the current situation in the USA. The use of look-a-like services can frustrate buyers and sellers to the timeshare resale process and can cause loss of time and money that could have been saved. If you use an alternative reseller because you want to save money, you may find that there is no savings in time or money because many of these companies prey on unsuspecting owners wanting to sell. Further, if a buyer visits one of these sites to purchase a timeshare and finds that the site does not have the proper infrastructure to get the sale done, the buyer can become so frustrated that they end up not buying at all.

Cold Call Companies

Sometimes owners get a phone call or a letter from someone claiming to have a buyer for their property. All they need is a sizable payment to cover closing costs – and they pressure you to pay immediately before the buyer gets away. Frequently these companies make a bundle, quickly close up their shops and move their business to another state or country to avoid prosecution. If they are not licensed, they very likely may not be legitimate. Brokers and representatives generally get the sale commission at the finalization of sale closing and the funding of the proceeds to the owner. If you get such a call, report them to the regulatory authorities in your state or country. Need I say more?

Timeshare New On The Market For Sale - Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados

Timeshare New On The Market For Sale – Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados

How do you protect yourself and react in case of a timeshare fraud?

Service offerings for resales are often copied very convincingly and/or the fraud is often difficult to detect visually. If you suspect the company is unlicensed and providing real estate services of negotiation or contracting, get all the information and report them to the regulatory authorities. If you suspect they are not legitimately in the business of finding buyers for timeshare properties, report them to the regulatory authorities. If you get a call from someone who wants to sit down with you and give you information about your resort, call your resort and your exchange company to find out if there is something going on that you need to know about before you go to or attend a presentation. Even if they say they are with the resort where you own, call your resort at the numbers on your paperwork to confirm any legitimate offering.

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What is a Timeshare Resales Specialist?

El Moro Tower el Cid at Mazatlan Timeshare For Sale

El Moro Tower el Cid at Mazatlan Timeshare For Sale

The idea of using a consultant for information is nothing new. People turn to consultants for every subject under the sun. You can even get a hair consultant to help you if you need help determining your next hair color.

The benefit of using a timeshare resales specialist is obvious: You get timeshare information without the pressure!

When you are making a decision about selling or buying a timeshare you need information not hassle. If you bought a timeshare at the resort you probably made your buying decision while under pressure. But when it comes time to sell your timeshare what you need is information not pressure.

That is where timeshare resales specialists come in to play. They will give you all the information you need so that you can make an informed decision. The best information from a timeshare consultant comes from those who have worked on the front line sales side of the business but now work in resales. A professional timeshare consultant will be more likely to give you impartial information about the whole process because they have nothing to gain by promoting one resort over another. All they want is for you to be a happy customer whether you are selling or buying a timeshare.


Expert advice is priceless. Especially if you want to avoid the frustration of dead ends, missed opportunities, inexperienced or absent negotiating skills, and so the list goes. Experience is also priceless. Especially when it comes to timeshare resales. Imagine the huge number of ways state laws, international laws, resort by-laws, and closing rules exist when it comes to selling a timeshare. Very few can navigate all the details to get these timeshare deals closed.  Even fewer have the personality and personal skills to do this task without putting pressure on anyone.

The professional timeshare resale specialists at are there to fill that need for you. They will take the time to explain anything you want to know about timeshares.

Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa Timeshare New Orleans

Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa Timeshare New Orleans

Here’s how they say it: “Consult a Timeshare Specialist for FREE! Have questions about the process of selling or buying a timeshare? Call today at (800)247-4392 to get free information and we can get you to a timeshare specialist”

Sell Timeshare, Buy Timeshare, Timeshare Vacation Rentals, Timeshare Video Testimonials

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Timeshare Points - Erosion of Timeshare Value

Erosion Of Value Timeshare Points“A nickel ain’t worth a dime any more”

A while back, Smugglers’ Notch converted 40 of its 300 units to Wyndham Points. Wyndham timeshare points have been around for quite a while now. But, for those who are used to owning a set week each year, things are changing.

RCI and others have been converting timeshare weeks to points for years. They convince the week owners that it is much more flexible and useful to have the points so they can use them on a variety of services. Services like discount on airfare, hotels, other timeshares, and so on are what they offer with points instead of a deeded week.

On the surface this sounds like a great deal. But who determines what the points are worth? The exchange company or developer like Wyndham, Starwood, Disney, or II for example?

As you use these points, you end up with scraps of the value of a week of vacation. “You can not get a week for the points you have left.”  That is what you will hear when you try to use your leftover points to book a timeshare.

What are your timeshare points worth today?

What are your timeshare points worth today?

Imagine you are given twenty dollars to buy your gas for a week. How far do you think that will get you when gas goes over four dollars a gallon? And you are still stuck with only twenty dollars a week?

The same with points, you will have to buy more timeshare points over time to keep up with the inflation that is built in to points systems. Plus there is the possibility of impulse buying with your timeshare points:  Spending a small portion of your points to get a small discount, then realizing you don’t have enough points to take a vacation.

I’d say, keep the deeded week if you have a choice. Tell the big guys to keep their points. Typically a timeshare deed will have a week number mentioned somewhere in the text of the deed or sales paperwork. Sometimes the numbered week can actually be a “floating week”. That is to say that you’re not guaranteed that week but you are guaranteed “a” week. The numbering of weeks in timeshare deed is occasionally more for the sake of inventory control than conveying a specific calender week to the timeshare buyer. Either way, keep the week. At least you know it is worth 6 nights!

Just my two cents.

The timeshare resale market of the future.

Timeshare Consumer Advice.

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To Sell Or Not To Sell - That Is The Timeshare Question

Have you ever heard of the Ben Franklin T? It is a tool Ben Franklin used in making decisions. Here’s how it goes: At the top of the page you’d write your question that needs an answer. Then you draw a T in the center of a piece of paper. On the left hand side of the T you write the word Pro/For and on the right side Con/Against. Next you begin to fill in all the aspects of the decision for/against on the corresponding sides.

Deciding to Sell Your Timeshare

Should You Sell Your Timeshare?

Some people also assign “weight” to each factor – depending on how important that factor is. At the end you have a pretty clear picture of how the decision should go.

Such is the case with selling your timeshare.

What are the reasons to keep your timeshare? Here are the most common ones: It may save you vacation dollars. More space. Less expensive than a vacation home. Access to multiple vacation destinations through exchange.

What are the reasons to sell your timeshare? Here are the most common ones: No appreciation in value. Expensive maintenance fees. Unexpected assessment fees. No longer use it. Limited options. Your money is tied up. A feeling you were misled at the initial purchase. Change in circumstances. Familial changes.

Once you have made your T and listed the reasons for and against with weights assigned, the answer should be more clear. I have used the Ben Franklin T many times and have made the right decisions when doing so.

If you decide to sell your timeshare do your homework and do it right the first time. Don’t fall victim to non professional scams that will leave you even more sorry you bought a timeshare in the first place.

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Eat - Ski - Jam

In the spirit of Winter Olympics I want to approach it from a new angle today. I’d like to lay out some great ideas and reviews for the newest and best places to eat, drink, and be merry! The restaurants, bars, and music venues around ski areas have seen major additions and improvements in the last year and deserve to be mentioned. So whether you are planning a family ski vacation, spring break, or just a great ski retreat get away here is the latest and greatest information. And – of course – the best deals on timeshare condos for rent or sale in these areas.

Orange Lake Ascutney Mountain Timeshare Ski Resort

Orange Lake Ascutney Mountain Timeshare Ski Resort


The Pickle Barrel is a Killington institution that has hosted thousands of acts, from Snoop Dog to Blues Traveler.

Jay Peak – After $300 million in upgrades, Jay Peak – near the Canadian Border – has added an ice rink, two hotels, several restaurants including Mountain Dick’s pizza joint, and a 60,000 square foot water park.

Stowe – Stowe Mountain Lodge’s Solstice restaurant specialty: truffled pot roast. Also the Mountain invested $3.4 million into snow making this summer so that Stowe’s Front Four trails will be well covered.

Vermont Ski Timeshare Resorts: Smugglers’ Notch Resort, Mountainside Resort at Stowe, Crafts Inn, Trapp Family Lodge, Cedarbrook


Canyons at Park City – Don’t miss the Winter Zip Tour, a 2,000 ft zip line that hits 50 miles per hour. In the village you will enjoy top music acts like Toots and the Maytals. Where to eat? Red Tail Grill for southwestern.

Snowbird – Just one thing to say: Aerie restaurant serving everything from sushi to steak. The Gad 2 lift has been upgraded with a high speed quad lift. Less waiting!

Deer Valley – One of the best restaurants in Park City, the Mariposa, serves pork, lamb, and bison. After dinner make your way to High West. High West distills their own whiskey and vodka. Be sure to order a Dead Man’s Boot.

Alta – Get remote. 40 miles from Salt Lake City is Alta – tucked away in a corner of Little Cottonwood Canyon. You day won’t be complete without an Epic stout at the Snowpine Lounge.

Utah Ski Timeshare Resorts:Marriott’s Summit Watch, Marriott’s Mountainside, Cliff Club at Snowbird, Park Plaza, Sweetwater at Park City, Westgate at the Canyons

Grand Timber Lodge Timeshare Ski Resort

Grand Timber Lodge Timeshare Ski Resort


Breckenridge – Party at the T-Bar at the base of the mountain or the more rowdy Gold Pan.

Copper Mountain – A word about Camp Woodward. It is an indoor nearly 20,000 square foot ski, skate, snowboard, and bike park. Summer of 2013 brought a $500,000 renovation adding ramps, jumps, foam pits, and trampolines. A “must see” in Copper Mountain for sure.

Vail – Mountain Standard is the new steak house in town. It is owned and managed by the owners of Vail’s Sweet Basil.

Aspen – There’s always something new and cool happening in Aspen! The Aspen Skiing Company added more expert terrain on Snowmass Mountain, adding 243 acres of glades and powder. Bands like Vampire Weekend and Grouplove can be caught live at hot spots like Belly Up Aspen every weekend.

Beaver Creek – Maya is a high end Mexican restaurant at the base of the Beaver Creek access road. Awesome reviews from what I’ve seen. Starting this year chefs at Beaver Creek will be introducing Colorado lamb burgers and strawberry-rhubarb cobbler at the new mid mountain Talons restaurant.

I have more notes for Jackson Hole, Whistler Blackcomb, Squaw Valley, Oregon, Washington, and a few others. Maybe next time.

Colorado Ski Timeshare Resorts: Grand Timber Lodge, Christie Lodge-Phase 1, Wyndham Pagosa, Falcon Point, Eagle Point, Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge


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The Word is "NOW" If You're Talking Timeshare

Buy Timeshare Now

Buy Timeshare Now

Buy timeshare now.

An article from a Minnesota paper highlighted the negative but neglected the positive. The article expounded on why timeshares are haunting owners. It is true that there a lot of timeshares on the market. What the story did not say was that this is the absolute best time to buy a timeshare. Just do not buy it from the resort. If you were to buy timeshare at the resort today you would pay top dollar. Anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 and more.

You can buy a timeshare through a timeshare broker for half price or less and get the same timeshare amenities. About 35 years ago people started to buy timeshare and now many of them are retiring, finding the nest empty, getting divorced, or just trying to simplify their lives. So they are ready to sell their timeshare. In fact, it is estimated that in the US alone there are nearly 8 million timeshare owners. On any given day I bet 10% of them would be willing to part with their timeshare for the right price, or even for any price.

The timeshare sales market is filled with opportunities to scoop up any timeshare resort for 50% to 75% of developers’ price – or less! The best bet would be to go through a timeshare resale broker who can get the deal closed, title transferred, banked weeks transferred, and so on.

If you are ready to buy timeshare, NOW is the time to take advantage of this timeshare buyers market!

Sell Timeshare NowSell timeshare now.

If you have been waiting for a sign that this is the right time to sell your timeshare, that time has arrived.

Numerous timeshare developers are investing in new construction, hiring, and picking up the pace in giving timeshare tours. The timeshare resorts are selling in greater numbers and there is an optimism spreading across the industry.

I interpret that to mean that this is a growth season for timeshare resales. Here’s why.

More timeshare tours at the resorts means more sales. It also means many more touring timeshare resorts, hearing all the reasons why they should buy, but not buying because of the price. This is where timeshare resales comes in. Timeshare buyers are increasingly aware of the deals they can find on the timeshare resale market. They know they can save a large amount compared to what they would pay at the resort. Typically timeshares sell from 25% to 50% off the retail price on the resale market.

The logical conclusion is that there are more and more timeshare buyers looking for a deal. That is when they search for timeshares for sale by owner. If you were to Google search the phrase “timeshare resale broker” you’d find the number one best selling timeshare broker in the business.

Your best bet to sell your timeshare is to go with the one who has sold more timeshares this way than any other. That would be

Now is the time to sell your timeshare. No doubt about it!

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Las Vegas Timeshares - Now Is The Time To Sell or Buy!

Las Vegas At Night

Do I Really Need A Caption Here?

Las Vegas timeshares have a lot to offer!  First and foremost is location.  The entertainment, nightlife, music, and dining are some of the best in the world! If you were to buy a Las Vegas timeshare condo on the resales market, you would save a small fortune over time.  That is, if you use it.  Owning a timeshare, and not using it, is like paying insurance for a car you never drive.  It is only useful if you use it.

Hilton Grand Vacation Club Flamingo Las Vegas

Hilton Grand Vacation Club Flamingo Las Vegas

If you are thinking, “Should I sell my timeshare in Las Vegas?”, ask yourself this one question: Which would you rather have, a closing check after selling it, or a deed for a property you never use?

Year after year goes by and you find yourself not being able to use your timeshare like you first thought you would. Your circumstances in life have changed and you can no longer vacation or travel as before. The rational thing to do would be to sell your timeshare.  It is a “depreciating asset” in the technical sense of the word. It is not growing in value. It is not making you money. It costs you money to own it.

The smart thing to do is to sell your timeshare. It just makes sense.

Then there’s the prospect of buying a Las Vegas timeshare. It is a buyers’ market for timeshares generally speaking and it is especially true in Las Vegas. Huge numbers of timeshares have been sold in the Las Vegas area and on any given day there’s a huge number of people wanting to sell their timeshare. The timeshare owners know they will not make a profit from selling their timeshare. They just want to get rid of the annual fees. Their loss is your gain when you buy someone’s timeshare. You WILL get a deal! Buying a timeshare on the resale market averages 25% to 50% less than the going rate at the resort!

If you want to buy a Las Vegas timeshare, here’s my favorite list: HGV Club at Flamingo, HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, Polo Towers, Jockey Club, Summer Bay at Las Vegas, and Marriott’s Grand Chateau.  There are many other timeshare condos in Las Vegas but lots of owners have given high praise for these.

Browse Las Vegas Timeshares for sale.

Sell your Las Vegas Timeshare.

Sell your timeshare.

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Birding In South Texas - Timeshare Resorts Offer Plenty of Space & Affordable Price

Bald Eagle on Lake Conroe Texas

Bald Eagle on Lake Conroe Texas

Just a few minutes ago while standing in my driveway I spotted an American Bald Eagle! I have seen them before but I always get a thrill when I spot one from my home. It got me to thinking, “What are the best locations with timeshares for birding?

It is estimated that there are over 71 million bird watchers in the United States. Of those, many own or rent timeshares to travel to their favorite birding destinations. Interest in birding has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last several years. Thanks to many organizations like the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology bird watchers may now share their sightings, track migration patterns, study local and national trends, and assist many in the research and preservation of endangered species.

Lake Conroe, located in southeast Texas, is home to many species of waterfowl, migratory, and other birds. Just in the last week I have sighted a Bald Eagle, several Osprey, American White Pelicans by the dozen, and more. For birders, Lake Conroe timeshares would be an affordable choice to visit a very active birding area. Several top choices include The Landing at Seven Coves, Silverleaf Piney Shores, Sweetwater at Lake Conroe, Villas on the Lake, Inverness at Del Lago, and Inverness at Walden.

Laguna Madre Nature Trail - Birding Hotspot

Laguna Madre Nature Trail – Birding Hotspot

When it comes to the state of Texas I can say first hand that any timeshare in south Texas would be a great choice any time of year. The state of Texas has reported 443 species of bird and huge numbers of migratory birds flood the south Texas coast every year. South Padre Island is home to many great timeshare choices. Inverness At South Padre, Royale Beach and Tennis Club, Vacation Time Condos at VICC, Fort Brown Condo Shares, Bahia Mar, Peninsula Island Resort and Spa, and Sea Scape Condominiums are all located near the World Birding Center, South Padre Island. The World Birding Center, a network of nine Rio Grande Valley parks and nature centers dedicated to avian conservation and education, has won national recognition from the Society of American Travel Writers for promoting eco-friendly travel.

One afternoon while at the World Birding Center – South Padre Island – I enjoyed watching several thousand Northern Pintail Ducks on the Laguna Madre. Several photographers were there taking photos and remarking on how many Pintails there were. Well over 4 million migratory birds go through that area a year.  Well worth noting for a future vacation!


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What Is The Best Way To Sell My Timeshare

Silverleaf Holiday Hills Timeshare For Sale

Silverleaf Holiday Hills Timeshare For Sale

There are a lot of ways you could go about selling your timeshare. But, who do you believe? With all the warnings about timeshare scams and news about the timeshare scam companies in places like Florida, who do you trust?

Let’s get the “How Not To Sell Your Timeshare” methods disposed of first.

If you have looked around on the web for some answers maybe you have seen timeshares for sale on eBay. Now that is a let down. Hundreds of timeshares for sale for pennies on the dollar – lots of them not even selling – and who knows if they even close on the sale once they start making a deal. When it comes to timeshares everything you see on sites like eBay is like a magic show. Just where did all that inventory come from? Do those deals ever really close? Do you really want to sell your timeshare for a dollar?

How about those telephone solicitors calling you to say they have a buyer for your timeshare and all you need to do is send them eight hundred, a thousand, or three thousand dollars? Do like they do on the Matrix – RUN!  Companies like that are getting busted weekly and those guys are off to jail.

Okay, run an ad in your local town newspaper. You start fielding calls from buyers who do not know what a timeshare is. They think they can buy a whole ownership condo on the beach for fifteen thousand. Next.

Next comes the “Google” approach. Try it. You’ll get 7.5 million results and tons of ads from faceless, cyber sales sites.

Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas Timeshare For Sale

Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas Timeshare For Sale

What you need is a person. A person with timeshare sales experience. Preferably with some sort of credentials and an address. Remember that? Sticks and bricks?

What I’m talking about is a Realtor that is also a timeshare resale specialist. Using a Realtor to sell your timeshare will work as long as they know exactly how to deal with the resorts, title companies, and navigate sales across state and international lines. Not many Realtors want to tackle that. Some do. is one such company. “We have a staff of REALTORS® and support personnel who are dedicated to assisting timeshare buyers and sellers and making the sales transaction as smooth and easy as possible.” Having been in business a long time and with credentials that are solid, they have been getting timeshares sold for a long long time.

Timeshare Resale Broker. I like the way that sounds.



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New Marriott Breckenridge Timeshare On The Market - Discounted Price

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Timeshare for sale by owner

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge – Today’s best new timeshare on the market is a Silver – annual – deeded one bedroom – including weeks 15, 20-23, 39-43, 46-47. The Bronze includes weeks 16-19, 44-45. The price they are asking is an amazingly low $12,000. Make your bid on this Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge timeshare here.

Other units are available for sale at the same resort – browse through them here.

Here’s how Marriott’s website describes it: “Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge at Breckenridge resides amid the majestic beauty of Colorado’s renowned mountains. Surrounded by breathtaking views and endless activity, this mountain retreat is bustling with recreation, shopping, dining and entertainment. Located just minutes from the slopes, our ski resort’s location in Breckenridge, Colorado is a popular destination providing cozy spaces, comfortable studios and one-bedroom villas furnished with kitchen/kitchenettes, flat-panel LCD TVs and private balconies or porches.”

This timeshare resort in Colorado is the second best selling timeshare of all time in that state. Here are the top selling timeshares for Colorado with links to timeshares for sale there:

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

Another Marriott timeshare just on the market is Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas. This is an exclusive Platinum two bedroom interval of timeshare ownership that is waiting to be scooped up!  Located in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Newport beach, Marriott Newport Coast Villas is located in one of the most desirable locations on the west coast. Consider this description from “Amenities include five outdoor pools, tennis, golf, fitness center with a sauna and a steam room, five outdoor whirlpool spas, walking and biking trails, barbecue areas, restaurant, convenience store and more. Each villa has a fully-equipped kitchen, spacious marble bathrooms and a breathtaking ocean view.”
No wonder these timeshares sell so fast! Here’s a place you can view more Marriott Newport Coast Villas timeshares for sale by the owners.
Let’s say you just want to look through a big list of Marriott timeshares for sale, regardless of the location. Here’s where you’d to that.
As far as Marriott goes, there are ten timeshare resorts that sell the best on the resale market and here they are!

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Cabo Timeshare - New On the Market For Sale

This Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare in Cabo is ready to go! Priced to sell fast at $6,490, it is a one bedroom and is available every year. Here’s more from the website: “FABULOUS GOLD CROWN RESORT IN PARADISE!!! Premium property overlooking the Pacific Ocean offering a plethora of amenities and activities including private beach, award-winning spa, six swimming pools, gourmet restaurants, tennis, marina, golf and much more. Accommodations feature kitchenette, balcony or patio, high-speed Internet, satellite TV and lush comfy furnishing just to name a few. Upgrades and all-inclusive packages are available.”

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Timeshare CaboBid on this timeshare now!

The Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare is in the top ten best resale timeshares for Mexico. The location is top notch, the amenities can’t be beat, and the price is right.

Here are the top ten best selling timeshares ( resale ) in Mexico:

Allow me to use the timeshare for sale information above to show you whyit so important to use a timeshare resales specialist when you buy timeshare. Consider this recent story out of Cabo San Lucas and one of their premier resorts, Grand Solmar Timeshare Condominiums. Here’s the headline:

Grand Solmar Timeshare Condominiums Increase Prices 40% to Meet Ownership Demands

Sunset Beach - Pueblo Bonito Timeshare

Sunset Beach – Pueblo Bonito Timeshare

Is there something that makes you scratch your head in that headline? It sure did for me. And just in case I may have misunderstood I kept reading and found this: ” . . . received a lot of positive feedback and interest on the original 6 phases, so much so that there has been a 40 percent increase in the selling price. These condominium units are the definition of luxury vacation and with their amazing location and affordable pricing, travelers are purchasing ownership options as fast as they are being offered.”

So how does increasing the sales price meet ownership demands? Are the prospective timeshare buyers demanding that they pay 40% more than the already jacked up price? I don’t think so.

But, alas, that is just how the timeshare developers think. Since they have a great product (yes they do) and buyers are rapidly buying, they inflate the price to help their profits. Every sale at the new price will be 40% more pure profit for the developer. I still don’t get how Grand Solmar thinks this is a benefit to a timeshare buyer. Maybe because they can build more timeshare buildings? Perhaps.

I think something was lost in the translation.


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Capital Loss On My Timeshare Sale

“I just sold my timeshare at a huge loss. Can I claim a capital loss on my taxes?”

If I had a nickle for every time I heard that question I could buy a Westin St John timeshare!

In June and August 2013 CNN money online ran two articles about selling your timeshare and the tax implications it brings. According to CNN you cannot claim a capital loss when you sell your timeshare. That seems to be the consensus among all those who give tax advice and is the bottom line. When you sell your timeshare you will most likely sell it for less than what you paid for it. Much less. And you will not be able to deduct that loss from your taxes.


For essentially the same reason you could not claim a capital loss when you sold your Corvette for less than what you paid. It is a personal asset.

For just that reason many timeshare owners are angry at the timeshare developers who sold them on the notion that a timeshare was a good investment. Bad choice of words! A timeshare may be a hedge against future inflated vacation costs but in no way is a timeshare an investment.

The New York Attorney General’s website puts it this way, “Timeshares should be purchased for personal recreational use and not for profit or investment.” (source)

So now that you have come to grips with the fact that you cannot claim a loss for tax reasons do you still decide to sell?

Consider the long term cost of owning the timeshare. Year after year you must pay annual maintenance fees, taxes, and any special assessments that may come along. If you are not using the timeshare you are losing money and compounding the cost of your vacations. It quickly becomes a money pit at that point.

Kenny Rogers’ sage advice applies very well here, “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,. Know when to walk away, know when to run.” There comes a point when you have to cut your losses and future losses and sell your timeshare. It is inevitable.

With all that being said the best time to sell your timeshare is now. The longer you wait the more you lose. Waiting for markets or the economy to turn in a more favorable direction falls into the category of reading tea leaves. Not very reliable. What is reliable is the annual fees that will not end. The solution is to sell your timeshare. Find a reputable timeshare resale broker to get the job done, pay the commissions, fees, closing costs and get it done.

Your timeshare will not sell itself.

How to find out what your timeshare is worth.


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Best New Gear For Ski Season!

Jetforce Avalanche Air Bag

Jetforce Avalanche Air Bag

2015 is shaping up to look like a terrific ski season! We’ve had early snows all across the country and the ski resorts are all open by now.

To help you get started this year I have compiled a list of my favorite six new pieces of ski gear! Goggles, skis, bib pants, avalanche air bag, ski jacket, and convergent shell are all covered in the list.

If it is time for some new gear for you, you have to check out these new products from Black Diamond, Ramp, POC, Patagonia, and Arc’Teryx.

Black Diamond JetForce Avalanche Airbag Pack

An avalanche airbag designed for heli trips, cat skiing and out-the-gate resort skiing, the Pilot 11 is our minimalist back country ski pack featuring JetForce Technology. A revolution in airbag technology, JetForce provides an added margin of safety to your avalanche tool kit.


Cerium SV Jacket

Cerium SV Jacket

Arc’Teryx Cerium SV Ski Jacket

Down Series: Down insulated garments | SV: Severe Weather. This back country specialist is the warmest Cerium jacket. Streamlined, lightweight down jacket filled with 850 grey goose down. This jacket is intended as a warm mid layer or standalone piece in cold, dry conditions.





Black Diamond Convergent Shell

Black Diamond Convergent Shell

Black Diamond Convergent Shell With a WINDSTOPPER® shell with taped-seam construction over PrimaLoft®Gold Insulation Down Blend, the Convergent Down Jacket brings another level of versatility to insulated outerwear. This combination provides total weather protection in a warm, highly breathable package that can serve as either a belay jacket or your go-to shell for frigid alpine summit pushes.


Big Bambooski - RAMP

Big Bambooski – RAMP

Ramp Skis The Big Bambooski - As with all RAMP skis, snowboards and longboards, The Big Bambooski is built by hand in Park City, Utah, one of the best true mountain towns in the U.S. The name might be enough to make them awesome by mere association. Ramp ensured these boards’ excellence, though, by fusing a bamboo core with Kevlar to lend them torsional rigidity and an everything-friendly footprint of 136-105-131 (millimeters) in ski sizes of 169, 179 and 189 cm.  As with all RAMP skis, snowboards and longboards, The Big Bambooski is built by hand in Park City, Utah, one of the best true mountain towns in the U.S.

POC Retina Snow Goggles

POC Retina Snow Goggles

POC Retina Goggles: The Swedish team at POC came up with a goggle design that somehow stays inside of most helmet cutouts while giving skiers an even bigger lens through which to conduct the business of seeing.

Patagonia Powslayer Bib

Patagonia Powslayer Bib

Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs: Patagonia created a flagship set of outerwear for people who travel the chairlift like many others hop on local 6 train every morning.


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Arizona Timeshare Resales - Best Values - Best Resorts

Sedona Summit Timeshare Resort

Sedona Summit Timeshare Resort

The subject of Arizona timeshares is my focus this morning.

Why Arizona?

– Best All Season Weather

– Awesome Golf

– Luxury Resorts

– Great Prices

Timeshares in Arizona offer a huge amount of value for the vacation budget. Some of the finest golf resorts and winter havens for snowbirds can be found there. In addition, when you consider the savings when buying timeshare on the resale market you get an extra value! You also avoid the unpleasant scene of high pressure timeshare sales people pushing you into a decision quickly. Buying a timeshare on the resale market has the advantage of being able to examine exactly what you are buying and having all of your questions answered before shelling out your cash.

Arizona timeshares are grouped around Scottsdale and Sedona.Sedona, Arizona is a magnificent location for numerous timeshare resorts. The Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados is the top selling timeshare in Sedona. It is a Spanish style resort nestled among 20 acres of lush landscaping.

Here are some of the top selling timeshares in Arizona:

Westin Kierland Villas timeshares in Scottsdale Arizona is the best selling timeshare on the resale market. A world class spa and 27 holes of golf are the main features of this impeccable resort.

Orange Tree Interval Ownership timeshare comes in second for most sales of an Arizona timeshare. This timeshare features suites that include full kitchen and large whirlpool baths. Also located close to Scottsdale, this timeshare resort is located within an easy trip to go shopping or find exciting entertainment.

Sheraton’s Desert Oasis timeshare resort, also in Scottsdale Arizona, is a long standing member of the top timeshare resales in Arizona. If golf is your vacation dream you’ll find you are very close to the renowned Scottsdale Tournament Players Club, host of the PGA’s Phoenix Open.

Marriott Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge timeshare for sale

Marriott Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge

Marriott’s Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge timeshare in Phoenix Arizona is also a timeshare buyers frequently request. Desert Ridge Marriott Resort & Spa is located adjacent to the timeshare property and is a fantastic addition to the complex.

*NOTE* If you own any of the above timeshares, the sales staff at need inventory to sell. They have buyers for these most popular timeshare resorts in Arizona. The timeshare resales market is getting “hotter” every day.

Resort developers have resumed timeshare construction and sales. All the major timeshare companies are reporting that 2014 timeshare sales will far exceed sales in 2013!



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Maui Timeshare Deals

Maui beaches timeshare rental buy sell discount

Over a period of time, owning your vacation timeshare resort will save you a bundle of cash! Consider Maui

Thousands of people have bought timeshares in Maui. From Japan to New York Maui attracts vacationers in ever growing numbers. As a matter of fact, timeshare related tourism in Hawaii is growing at a fast and steady rate. Meanwhile, no traditional hotels are being built, the occupancy rate of hotels is either flat or falling, and more timeshare resorts are being built as we speak.

The real money is betting on timeshare growth in Hawaii.

All the big players in the timeshare world are making big moves and investing in Hawaiian timeshare development. They see the upwards trend for Hawaii timeshares and are banking on it to continue.

Timeshare developers in Hawaii haven’t always been this popular. In the 1990’s timeshare was well established on the islands but nothing was growing. They were holding their own. But as tourism began to decline in Hawaii at the same time timeshare resort occupancy was climbing. As they say, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Timeshare developers like Marriott, Hilton, Westin and others began investing hundreds of millions of dollars into building some of the most spectacular luxury resort destinations in the world. Top shelf golf resorts, world class restaurants, roomy updated accommodations, and well trained staff became the standard by which future timeshare developments would be measured. And all this was underway in Maui.

Sands of Kahana Timeshare Resort

What a Great View!

Having said all the above, now let’s take a look at the hottest item in Maui: Timeshares.

Dozens of terrific resorts, unbeatable location, and a tropical paradise. These Maui time shares are available for sale at greatly reduced prices and the owners are ready to make a deal. Check these out at :

Aston Kaanapali Shores Lahaina,  The Gardens at West Maui Kapalua, Maui,  Hale Kamaole Maui,  Hololani Resort Lahaina, Maui,  Hono Koa Resort Lahaina, Maui,  Kaanapali Beach Vacation Resort Lahaina,  Kaanapali Keys at Papakea Lahaina, Maui,  Kahana Beach Resort Lahaina, Maui,  Kahana Falls Lahaina, Maui,  Kahana Villa Vacation Club Lahaina, Maui,  Kamaole Beach Club Kihei, Maui,  Kapulanikai Vacation Suites Kihei, Maui,  Kihei Akahi Kihei, Maui,  Kihei Kai Nani Kihei,Maui,  The Kuleana Club Lahaina, Maui,  Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club Lahaina, Maui,  Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club Lahaina and Napili Villas Lahaina,Maui,  Maui Banyan Vacation Club Kihei, Maui,  Maui Beach Vacation Club Kihei, Maui, and  Maui Lea at Maui Hill Kihei, Maui.

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Marriott's Mountain Valley Lodge New On The Market!

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Breckenridge Timeshare

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Breckenridge Timeshare

Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge timeshare resort in Breckenridge, Colorado. This Gold Season timeshare is new on the market and is being offered at a discount price of $11,900. describes it this way: “Nestled at the base of the Breckenridge ski area that boasts four peaks and 155 trails, Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge is within walking distance of year-round historical and cultural activities. It’s your very own cozy alpine getaway.”

Room amenities include:

  • Dining area and living area with sleeper sofa
  • Studios have shared bedroom/living space
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Television with cable/satellite programming, DVD player in living area
  • Queen-size bed in studios, king-size bed in 1-bedroom villas
  • Whirlpool tub in luxury studios and 1-bedroom villas
  • Spacious, fully furnished private balconies and porches
  • Complimentary Internet access

Here you can browse all the Gold, Platinum, and Silver timeshares for sale at Mountain Valley Lodge.

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Breckenridge Timeshare

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Breckenridge Timeshare

It is no surprise that this Marriott timeshare resort in Breckenridge is the #2 best selling timeshare in all of Colorado! Here’s how they stack up – in order of most sold on the resale market: Grand Timber Lodge, Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge, Gold Point Condominiums, French Ridge Condominiums, Orofino by Straight Creek, Spinnaker at Lake Dillon, Skier’s Edge, HGVC Valdoro Mountain Lodge, Alpenrose Condominiums,  and RHC Rock Ridge I and II.

More about Breckenridge, Colorado

In terms of skiing?

  • Projected Opening: 11/14/2014
  • Days Open Last Year: 182
  • Projected Closing Ski Season: 04/19/2015
  • Projected Days Open: 163
  • Years Open: 53
  • Average Snowfall: 300″
  • 187 Runs – 11% Beginner, 31% Intermediate, 24% Advanced Diamond, 34% Expert Double Diamond

Breckenridge’s Colorful History

From “When gold was discovered along the Blue River in the 1800s, miners flocked to Breckenridge to seek their fortune. Today, skiers and snowboarders head to Breckenridge seeking something almost as valuable: the perfect mountain town.

While the town’s Victorian architecture and designation as Colorado’s largest historic district make a trip to Breck an aesthetically appealing and historically enriching experience, the array of activities—from powder and groomers to shopping, dining and nightlife—keeps things exciting. Breckenridge has its own pulse, and visitors feel it as soon as they arrive.”

Summer Activities in Breckenridge  (from

Summer savings with activities for less than $25:
• Alpine SuperSlide ($18 per person)
• Arts District workshops (prices vary depending on workshop)
• Backstage Theatre’s summer performances ($25 adults, $20 children)
• Breckenridge Train Company children’s train ride ($5)
• Comedy nights at the Park Avenue Pub ($10)
• Country Boy Mine tour and gold panning ( $23.95 adults, $17.95 children)
• Driving range and bucket of balls ($7)
• Guided historic walking tour ($10 adults, $5 children)
• Guided Wilderness Hikes ($10-15)
• Ice skating ($8 adults, $6 children)
• Mountain Top Children’s Museum ($5 adults, $7 children)
• National Repertory Orchestra and Breckenridge Music Festival concerts (bronze seating $25)
• Parents’ night out babysitting ($25 per child)
• Breckenridge Fun Park maze ($10), climbing wall ($12), power trampoline ($16), bounce house ($10), gem stone panning ($12)
• Ready, Paint Fire ceramics painting ($15 and up)
• Rock climbing wall
• Scenic chairlift ride ($10)
• Super Putt golf ($10)
• Swimming, water slide and hot tub ($7.50 – 15)
• Tennis ($7.5 – 15)



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Top Ski Resorts in North America

For several years now Forbes has ranked ski resorts in the US. This year, they have included Canada so that this year’s list is for all of North America!

The ski resorts were ranked by continuous, lift-serviced vertical, skiable acreage, efficiency of lifts, town and ambiance and, perhaps most importantly, snow and terrain.

1. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming – First things first: How the heck do you get there? There are now four airlines providing direct flights from major cities to Jackson Hole! Those airlines are United, Delta, Frontier, and American Airlines. The Jackson Hole Airport is located at the base of the spectacular Teton mountain range. Located entirely within Grand Teton National Park, flying into the Jackson Hole Airport is an awe inspiring start to your trip to Jackson Hole.

Close nearby you’ll find National Elk Refuge, Bridger Teton National Forest, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park.

2. Alta, Utah – Just to the east of Snowbird you’ll find Alta. Deep powder, a variety of terrain, and spectacular scenery make Alta world-renowned. Its best kept secret is the great beginner and intermediate terrain.

3. Whistler-Blackcomb, British Columbia – Timeshare resorts in Whistler include Club Intrawest at Blackcomb, Whiski Jack at Cascade Lodge, Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge, Whiski Jack at Northstar, and Whistler Vacation Club at Lake Placid.

Iron Blosam Lodge Timeshare Ski Resort

Iron Blosam Lodge Timeshare Ski Resort

4. Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Utah – Plus with timeshare resorts like Iron Blosam Lodge Snowbird you will plenty of places to choose from. Iron Blosam was one of the first timeshare properties in the world and was the first timeshare development in a ski area in North America. The Iron Blosam has been extensively remodeled and upgraded with the most recent room renovation being completed in 2004. Nearby you also have Cliff Club Snowbird! The Cliff Club within Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort includes the finest facilities the skiing world has to offer combined with an unparalleled accessibility to a major metropolitan city and international airport. Snowbird has also fostered a reputation for its environmental stewardship, for which it also has been awarded numerous prestigious awards.

5. Alyeska, Alaska

6. Revelstoke, British Columbia

7. Vail, Colorado – Coming soon to Vail is the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. With world class ski racing comes an entertainment lineup to match this coming February in the Vail Valley as the first confirmed artists in a two-week free lineup during the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek were announced today.

Scheduled from February 2-15 of 2015, the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek are expected to showcase athletes from more than 70 nations, with an estimated 750 million-plus worldwide television viewers. Where would you like to stay while in Vail? Streamside at Vail-Cedar, Streamside at Vail-CedarMarriott’s Streamside at Vail Evergreen, Streamside at Vail-Douglas, Vail Run Resort. All timeshares with outstanding discount deals!

8. Telluride, Colorado

9. Grand Targhee, Wyoming

10. Mammoth Mountain, California



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Miami Timeshares - Beaches Nightlife on a Budget

Miami, South Beach, and Palm Beach have long been considered some of the hottest spots on earth for their beaches and nightlife. Movies have been made there, television series are filmed there, and some of the worlds hottest actors and actresses live there.

When you are driving through the area it is not unusual to see an Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Porsche, or Rolls Royce driving beside you. The entire area is geared around excitement and opulence.

Tourists in the area also have to pay a premium to stay in hotels in the area. So if you want to save your money to spend on something like renting a Lamborghini then consider renting a timeshare for a week! Don’t you have to attend a 90 minute “presentation”? No. Not if you are a renter or owner. And the biggest advantage of using a timeshare in Miami or Palm Beach is the price. You will likely save up to 75% off the going rate compared to a luxury hotel. The five star timeshare resorts in the area boast such luxury and attention to detail as many of the hotels you encounter.

Even better, buy a Miami or Palm Beach timeshare for pennies on the dollar through a timeshare resale specialist. You will save time, money, hassle, and no pressure!

That’s the way I like it!

Buying a timeshare this way bypasses the long presentations, arguments, demeaning conversations about your “need” to buy, and so on. When you buy a timeshare through an established firm there is absolutely no pressure. Negotiations are handled over the phone, contracts are emailed or faxed back and forth, escrow is held by a reputable institution, closing is done by a title company specializing in timeshare, and you get your deed! it is as simple as that.

Miami Timeshares for sale by ownerPlus, you will save money! A lot of it. You can buy a luxury top of the line timeshare or fractional this way for pennies on the dollar. Plus you will likely get all the privileges and amenities due to the real owner.

There are tons of timeshares available for sale in the area. But, as you know, not all timeshares are created equal. So I have gathered a few select outstanding Miami area timeshares to check out.

Here’s some of the top timeshare resorts in and around Miami:  Marriott’s Ocean Pointe, Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers, HGVClub at South Beach, and Newport Beachside Resort are just a few of the great selections of timeshares at Miami Beach.

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Key West Discount Lodging - Timeshares

fishing key west timeshare hotel deal discount tours

It is not an easy thing to just drive to Key West. Ask anyone who has made the drive. From anywhere. So if you are interested in finding Key West timeshares that are for sale today I am offering a complete list of Key West timeshares: Every resort, every season, every accommodation possible. Here’s the list:

Key West is known for a lot of things, but affordable accommodations is not one of them. So by owning or renting a timeshare in Key West you could save a huge amount of money. Plus you would have all the luxury of a five star resort. Because of its tropical weather, Key West is host to myriads of festivals all year round. Any of the listed timeshare resorts would be a great choice to buy for your next dream vacation to Key West!

I just want to highlight one big event that comes up every November: The Annual Key West World Championships Super Boat International. In 2013 it ran from November 3 – 10.  It is usually the last race of the year for the Super Boat Race Schedule and will be a spectacular one at that!

Deep Sea Offshore Fishing

The Keys are bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Straits of Florida on the other. Outside the reef, the water plunges to depths of 1,500 feet or more. Here, colorful dolphin fish teem just below the surface along mats of floating Sargassum grass or pieces of driftwood. Billfish, the biggest prize of them all, cruise out here too.

Species caught: blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, spearfish, kingfish, dolphin, wahoo, tuna, barracuda, cobia, grouper, snapper, jacks and sharks.

Tackle: spin, conventional trolling gear, fly.

Key West Diving Timeshare DestinationsDiving and Snorkeling

Preserving the reef is a top priority for a good reason. There is no more versatile marine destination in the world. The Keys are host to coral-encrusted ship wrecks and intricate natural coral formations. There are shallow reefs for snorkelers, and a range of deeper reefs for experienced divers.

Most dive sites are equipped with convenient mooring buoys to save the reef from anchors and make it easy for boaters to tie off. Most sites are a short boat ride from the islands where dozens of highly professional dive operators are ready to cater to you.

Once you visit the Keys, you’ll see why some of the some of the most renowned dive photographers and writers in the world make this their home base.

Key West timeshares. A more affordable way to stay!

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