Are You A Good Potential



“Would you like fries with that?”, or “Would you like to supersize your meal?” are both prime examples of commonly used upsell phrases.

They already have you in the door. They know you desire their product. They know you are “sold” on the idea of buying their product and are ready to buy.

All they want to do is to convince you to get more of what you already want.

In comes the timeshare upsales program.

Once a year you go to your timeshare and are invited to an “update meeting”. They promise you it will be short and include all the newest improvements and changes to their program and resort.

What it ends up being is a sophisticated attempt to convince you to buy more of what you already own: timeshare. They want you to upgrade to a larger unit, a better section, a newer program, or a more desirable season of the year. The end result is that it will cost you – another hunk of your money at first and a larger annual maintenance fee.

The last thing you want to deal with on vacation

The last thing you want to deal with on vacation

They also turn on the heat with pressure to decide immediately and prey on your emotions when it comes to the value you place on your leisure time with your family: guilt, happiness, pride, etc.

The sales training regimen outlines the good potential “upsell customer” as someone who is presently happy with what they own, has good credit, an adequate disposable income, and a job. Once they’ve figured out you can buy more, they work on you until you do.


You see, it costs a fraction of marketing costs to get you interested in a timeshare. You already bought one. So their profit margin is HUGE if you get an upsell package. One major developer disclosed that in 2015 32% of their income came from upselling! Thats a third of gross sales from previous buyers! That is huge.

The moral of the story is when you take your timeshare vacation and agree to go to the “update meeting” leave your checkbook at home. Make up your mind whether or not you need more timeshare in your life. Some victims of the upsell attack have ended up owing over $100,000 after a few years of upsales gimmicks.

It’s just not worth it.

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Aruba - Timeshare Paradise - Best Deals On The Web

2016’s Black Friday shopping was bigger than ever! All sorts of records were broken with 11.4 percent increases over last year and “Cyber Monday” will likely also set more records for holiday shopping. Some estimates put it at over $3 billion in online sales for Monday the 28th.

True enough, people search for deals! They look for large percentages cut off of big ticket items like TV’s, computers, cars, furniture, sporting goods, clothing, accessories and the list goes on forever.

One of the larger purchases people can make after their home or car is their timeshare. Some folks spend well over $40,000 and far beyond.

Playa Linda Aruba Timeshare For Sale

Playa Linda Aruba Timeshare For Sale

Imagine being able to get 25% to 50% off every day of the year without waiting for Black Friday! You’d think no one would buy a timeshare at the normal retail rate.

But they do. Every day. Pay top retail prices every day.

Why? They haven’t learned that it is far better to buy resale than pay retail when it comes to buying timeshare. Buying a timeshare resale is just as reliable, costs far less, and you get the same thing!

Below I have listed the top selling timeshares in Aruba. Some of them go for well over $40,000 at the resort and people are happy to pay it. At least until they find out about buying timeshare resale. These top selling Aruba timeshares sell every day for up to 50% off retail and sometimes less! THIS is the place to shop for a timeshare. Why would you do it any other way?

La Cabana Aruba Beach Timeshare Resort

La Cabana Aruba Beach Timeshare Resort

Marriotts Aruba Ocean Club

La Cabana Beach Resort

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Fall 2016 Colorado Ski Resort Reports

With an average 18″ base of snow, these Colorado ski resort areas have about a quarter of their trails open:   Arapahoe Basin, Aspen/Snowmass, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Crested Butte, Eldora, Keystone, Purgatory, Steamboat, Vail, Wolf Creek, and Winter Park.  Thanks to a warmer and drier fall it does seem to be lagging behind compared to other years. November is almost over and more snow at the high altitudes must be on the way from out west.

Notable timeshare resorts for sale in those areas include  Grand Lodge on Peak 7Gold Point Condominiums, Wyndham Pagosa, Celebrity Resorts Steamboat, Christie Lodge-Phase 1, St. James Place, HGVC Valdoro Mountain Lodge, The Historic Crags Lodge, Marriotts Mountain Valley Lodge, and Vantage Point.

Marriott's Mountain Valley Lodge

Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge

Forecasts have said this ski season may be colder earlier this year, but it hasn’t panned out that way. Nonetheless avid skiiers have ample trails to choose from today and there are certainly more to follow early in 2017.

Some of the best deals remain timeshare rentals. Especially for longer term ski vacations of at least one week or more. Dollar for dollar you will get far more with a timeshare rental to base your ski vacation from than most of the other options. Plus you’ll have the extra room and amenities that make for a much more relaxing time in the snow.



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Maintenance Fees - Its That Time Of Year

Read the timeshare Sales Contract

What DOES the fine print say?

Your timeshare annual maintenance fee will be in your mailbox soon. It is that annual reminder that you not only own a timeshare but you will be paying for it the rest of your life.

That’s okay if you use your timeshare every year.

Some of us are not able to use our timeshare every year for various reasons – but we will get to that later.

The question a lot of us are asking: “How much will the fee go up this year?” According to most timeshare laws and policies it should not go up more than 25% a year. 2015 brought an exception to that limit for timeshares in Florida. A change to the law made taxes and some fees exempt to the cap on increases (Florida HB 453):

“In no event shall the total common expense assessment for the multisite timeshare plan in a given calendar year exceed 125 percent of the total common expense assessment for the plan in the previous calendar year.

b. Component site common expenses and ad valorem taxes shall not be included in calculating the total common expense assessment under sub-subparagraph a.” Lines 695 – 700

Timeshare Sales Growth

That’s not the only part of the law that is unfriendly to the consumer or owner. They also changed the law to make it harder to force the resort to take back the timeshare in case of an error in the contract. Back to the maintenance fees…

The average timeshare maintenance fee in 2005 was $471. The average in 2016 was $966. Chances are that if you have owned a timeshare over 10 years the annual fee has doubled. That does not count special assessments that may have cropped up from time to time.

For a large number of timeshare owners it is the maintenance fee that compels them to sell or give up their timeshare. What may have seemed reasonable in the beginning just does not work for them any longer. After all, circumstances in life will change and our abilities to take vacations and afford them change along with it.

Maybe it is time to take the timeshare exit off the maintenance fee freeway. Selling your timeshare is not so foreboding when your timeshare is in the hands of a timeshare resale broker.

Using a timeshare resale broker to sell your timeshare you have an assurance of professionalism, accountability, and skill.

Worried about the maintenance fee for a timeshare you don’t use? Don’t worry. Sell it.

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Interval's Expansion in Panama

Interval International has announced their new affiliation with Mega Vacations Club in Panama. This will be adding two prominent resorts in Panama to II’s inventory: Hard Rock Panama Megapolis, and the Radisson Decapolis Hotel.

Starting off with the Hard Rock Panama Megapolis: they will be adding 1,500 timeshare units! The very best of every amenity available is at your fingertips at the Hard Rock Panama.

This photo of Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Quality choices for timeshare resorts in Central America will certainly receive a boost with this addition along with the Radisson Decapolis Hotel.

Located within a 15 minute drive of the airport, the Hard Rock features include their Rhythm and Motion Spa, exercise facilities, pools, bars, restaurants, and scenic views of the bay. They are also very close to casinos, restaurants, cinemas, and tons of shopping at the Multicentro shopping mall.

Radisson Decapolis c/o

Radisson Decapolis c/o

The Radisson Decapolis is highly acclaimed for everything they do. Their bars, restaurants, pools, fitness center, concierge, spa, and room service are ranked in the top tier of the hundreds of hotels in Panama.

Interval International boasts 3,000 resorts in more than 80 countries. The addition of these two Panama timeshare resorts will greatly enhance the quantity and quality of what II’s members may choose from in Central America.

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Can I Reject A Timeshare Left To Me In A Will?

Can I Reject A Timeshare Left To Me In A Will?

In a word, YES.


This question could be loaded with complications like tax consequences, family disagreements, or other unforeseen quirks.

Plus, depending on the timeshare laws where the property is located, the wording of the will, and the specific situation there may be other considerations that would need the assistance of either a tax lawyer or inheritance attorney or both.

Why would you want to reject a bequeath?

park city Utah ski timeshare

Park City Utah – Skiers’ Paradise!

The primary reason most would reject a timeshare bequeath is that a timeshare would not fit their lifestyle and vacation plans. Planning a vacation may have to be more spontaneous, destinations may not be as flexible, and timeshare resorts may not fit into the type of vacations preferred.

Other reasons to reject such an inheritance would be tax consequences or its just that it is simply a dog of a timeshare.

Ask yourself:

Would I use the timeshare?

Is the timeshare in a location that I would like?

Is my work flexible enough for me to set a vacation date 9 months to a year in advance?

Will accepting the timeshare cause a fight in the family?

Would it be worth selling the timeshare?

These and other questions would have to be looked at early on to avoid major headaches ahead. Your basic options would be to keep it, or reject it. If you reject it: it becomes someone else problem or enjoyment. If you keep it: you could use it or sell it.

Pretty simple in theory.

Selling your timeshare would require professional assistance from a timeshare resale broker. That way you’d have confidence that a professional with a real estate license will oversee the deal. You’d also see cash at closing.

Cash is always good.

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More New Jersey Timeshare News

revel casinoLet me introduce you to the story of a $2 billion New Jersey shore casino and hotel bought for $82 million (Revel Casino), how Bruce Kaye, the CEO of Fantsea Timeshare Resorts is negotiating to develop 12 floors of it into timeshares by negotiating with Revel Casino owner Glenn Straub, and how this all ties into the politics of New Jersey development, casino licensing, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), and maybe even a little Trump Plaza news.

Revel Casino owner Glenn Straub, has been stymied in his work on the Revel. Mostly by the state red tape known to all who build there. The days of simple overpaying the mob to pave the way for these kind of huge projects are long gone. After two years of working on getting the mega resort opened there still remains major hurdles to overcome.

More New Jersey Timeshare News

Flagship Timeshare Resort Atlantic City New Jersey

Now for the timeshare angle:

Fantsea Resorts, operates three timeshare resorts in the Atlantic City Area: the Flagship located in the inlet, Atlantic Palace on the boardwalk, and La Sammana in Brigantine. Fantsea Resorts has 45,000 vacation owners for their 900 studio, one bedroom and two bedroom units.

Kaye has been doing MAJOR renovations at the Flagship timeshare resort: “a lobby bar, pool, hot tub, grill, children’s play room, movie theater, gym that offers classes, full service spa and large outdoor deck over the ocean perfect for weddings and parties.Their restaurant, the Blue Water Grille, has the best views in Atlantic City.” (source)  These major upgrades plus the possibility of adding the Revel Casino’s 12 floors to their inventory should make all Fantsea timeshare resort owners glad to be a part of what’s happening in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City does have a chance of a major revival. Hotels, timeshare resorts, and the casinos can once again be the center of the action once all the boardwalk renovations are complete, parking issues are resolved, and all the permits needed for the vendors to operate are finally in place.


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What Timeshares Do For The US Economy

Grand Timber Lodge Pool Snow Timeshare Discount

Grand Timber Lodge Pool

Once a year Ernst & Young conducts a study of the US timeshare industry for ARDA (American Resort Development Association). They cover every imaginable aspect of the world of timeshares and recently one of the trade publications delved into the impact of timeshares on the economy in the US.

In 2015 the timeshare industry in the United States created “$79.5 billion in consumer and business spending, over 511,000 full and part-time jobs, $28.1 billion in salaries and wages, and $10.2 billion in tax revenue.” (source)

What about YOUR economy?

Summer Bay Timeshare Resort

Summer Bay Timeshare Resort

Using a timeshare for your vacation could save you a huge amount of money. This would you enable you to take vacations more often, expand your travel choices, and leave you more of your vacation budget for all the “extras” – excursions, gifts, dinners, and so on. The concept of paying today’s dollars for tomorrow’s vacation works out in your favor – especially if you buy your timeshare on the secondary market. Regardless of the deal you may think you got at the resort, you will always come out way ahead when buying timeshare resale.  Maybe 25% to 50% off the retail rate!

The best source of buying timeshare resale?

A timeshare resale broker.

Attempting to close your own deal on a timeshare purchase would not only be frustrating but could be costly and full of unexpected problems as well.

Plus finding a buyer for your timeshare would waste a lot of time weeding out all those who have no idea what a timeshare is and think they are buying a whole ownership property.

The timeshare industry continues to be a multi – billion dollar business in the US. But you don’t need a billion or million dollars to vacation like royalty when you buy timeshares resale and travel to some of the most exotic destinations in the world!

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Timeshare Equals High Occupancy

Sheraton Mountain VistaThe hotel and leisure industry is one of the more studied service industries in the US.

For many years now, timeshares have consistently outperformed hotels when it comes to rates of occupancy. Generally, around 10% better.

Having a ten percent higher occupancy rate equates to hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue for the resort/hotel developers. That is why Hawaii virtually quit building hotels 15 years ago and continued building new timeshare resort towers and converting hotels into timeshares.

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Sheraton Steamboat Resort (a true ski-in/ski-out) features 244 hotel rooms and less than 10% timeshare units. Recently, Sheraton has announced it will convert all the remaining hotel rooms into timeshares. The hotel will lose their huge conference space, but will gain perhaps 10% higher occupancy and more repeat customers.

Manhattan Club Timeshare Resort

Manhattan Club Timeshare Resort

In the recent past every major developer has converted hotels into timeshare, bought hotels and converted them in to timeshares, or bought hotels – bulldozed them down and built a new timeshare resort.

Hotels are just not as profitable and few want to build more of them. Especially where the real estate is scarce and very expensive like Aspen, San Francisco, New York City, and Hawaii.

Over the last many years timeshares have proven themselves to have consistently higher occupancy rates and other measurable high performance numbers.

Don’t be surprised when more well known hotels convert more of their rooms to timeshare units.

It just makes sense.

AND, it will be good for you as a timeshare owner – giving more and more varied choices.

The hottest selling Colorado timeshare resales resorts of all time: Celebrity Resorts Steamboat, Sunburst Condominiums, Thunder Mountain Condominium, Ski Time Square, Alpine Ridge, Grand Timber Lodge, Christie Lodge-Phase 1, Wyndham Pagosa, Falcon Point,  and Eagle Point.

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New Orleans Timeshares and Summer Storms

Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa Timeshare New Orleans

Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa Timeshare New Orleans

In the 1980’s I lived in New Orleans for several years.

It was a fascinating place to live and I learned a lot about their history, culture, cuisine, and unique language.

The summer weather there was fairly common for a Gulf Coast city: hot days, occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon.

When we had those torrential downpours in the afternoon streets would fill quickly and right away you learned how to drive around town when it was raining.

This week parts of Louisiana have already reported over 20″ of rain from a slow moving tropical low system. Slowly it is moving west but not before it pours a few feet of rain on Louisiana and perhaps the Crescent City.


Canal Street 2005

Since hurricane Katrina many improvements have been made to the storm drainage but this amount of rain, should it hit New Orleans, would tax even the best system. At least there is no storm surge to deal with. Plus, in 2005 when the levee’s breached and flooded New Orleans the French Quarter and Garden District were spared from flooding because they were well above sea level. That’s where the timeshare resorts are located.

The timeshare resorts in New Orleans are nothing like what you’d find in Orlando or Las Vegas. They’re smaller and older.


What they may lack in size and newness, the make up for with charm and history. The New Orleans timeshares are right in the middle of the most historic and interesting part of the city of New Orleans. Everything is very available to you by taxi, bus or streetcar. Plus, by staying in a New Orleans timeshare you get a real feel for being right in the middle of one of the countries’ most exciting cities that never sleeps.

Laissez les bon temps rouler – “let the good times roll”

Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar New Orleans

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar New Orleans

The Quarter House

Maison Pierre Lafitte

Chateau Orleans

Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel and Spa

Plaza Suite Hotel



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Cruising With Your Diamond Timeshare

Norwegian Epic 2Most people think of the traditional week at their timeshare when they plan their vacation. With Diamond’s The Club, the vacation options are far more than just one week/one room.

What about using your timeshare week to go on a cruise?

Norwegian Cruise Line is the cruise line for Diamond Resorts International. Destinations included by Norwegian’s partnership with Diamond include the Mediterranean, Alaska, Western Caribbean, Baltic  and Hawaii. The ships participating in the program encompass some of the most impressive ships of their line:  Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Sun, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Pearl and Pride of America. If, for example, you trade in 10,000 points, that would equate to anywhere from $700 – $1,000 in a credit towards your cruise.

Now that you’re thinking “outside the timeshare box” consider these additional options for your points:

Harley Davidson Road King ClassicIn Las Vegas you can rent a Harley Davidson for a day with your DRI Club Points. For example, a ROAD KING® daily rental would cost a Gold Member 2,000 points.

You could also use your Diamond Resort International Club Points to purchase miles through major air carriers like American, Southwest, Hawaiian, US Air, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and Air France at the rate of 2.5 miles for every point you trade in. Or you could simply redeem your 10,000 points for anywhere from $700 – $1,000 towards your airfare.

DRI also offers guided tours, luggage forwarding services, nightly rentals, week long resort stays, and other services designed to cover every possible base for the well seasoned traveler.

Worldwide, Diamond Resorts International boasts 379 resort locations. With a selection that large and the flexibility their plan affords it is hard to imagine a Diamond Club points owner not finding something that satisfies their vacation needs.

Find out how to sell your timeshare here.

Browse Diamond Resort International timeshares for sale here.



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How To Buy Timeshare At A Deep Discount


buy discount timeshares

Buy timeshare for half the price!

First I need to assume that you have been tempted to buy a timeshare. And not just any timeshare. The vacation destination of your dreams!

Everything about the resort seems perfect to you: the weather, the location, the rooms, the golf, pools, spas, or whatever else you find most appealing for your best vacation ever. Even though you promised everyone you would not buy a timeshare you sure are tempted.

What if you could buy timeshare at a deep discount? What if you could buy it for anywhere from 30% to 50% off the retail rate? Then would the temptation be too much to resist? It would make a lot more sense if your initial cost could potentially be half as much!

The Pool At Westin St John

The Pool At Westin St John

When you buy timeshares resale, often from the original owners, you can save a huge amount of cash. Especially if it is an older timeshare resort and has been sold out for years. There will definitely be owners who are ready to sell their timeshare for very little.

That is where the best and deepest discounts are found. And there are plenty of timeshare owners who have come to the point where they can no longer use it, their children have lost interest, or they just want a change.

That’s also a contributing reason why timeshare resales is the fastest growing aspect of timeshare sales overall. These timeshares will continue to change hands as long as peoples’ circumstances in life change.

A timeshare resale broker would be the best place to find a timeshare owner who is ready to sell their timeshare and have the resources available to get the sale closed.

A timeshare resale broker would be able to negotiate the deal, take care of the paperwork by fax or mail, make sure everything is up to date with the timeshare resort and ready to transfer, and then transfer the ownership to the new owner.

Just like a regular real estate deal, a broker can monitor the whole transaction until it is closed and transferred.

That’s how you do it!

Ready to buy a timeshare at a deep discount? Now you know how.


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Marriott and Starwood - Will It Happen Soon?

Marriott Summit Watch Park City Utah

Marriott Summit Watch Park City Utah

As of July 27, 2016:

Marriott’s 2nd Quarter 2016 reported: “In the next few weeks their acquisition of Starwood would be complete” (Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide).

Starwood Vacation Ownership, now known as Vistana Signature Experiences, was spun off, bought by Interval, then went up for bid. At a price of $12 billion, Marriott acquired it and, once complete, will be the the largest hotel / resort chain in the world.

The timeshare group will be interesting to watch as Marriott and Starwood’s very different systems of points and options vie for the most attention. They are two very different systems and you have to wonder if the Starwood Points will survive. After all, everything about Marriott outnumbers Starwood two to one: rooms, members, resorts, brands, and so on.

Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare for Sale

Browse Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshares For Sale

The two still seem too different to merge in to one efficiently. At least for now.

In a few years it may make more sense. But who will they have left as competition?

Hard to tell.




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Jamaica Welcomes the Timeshare Industry

ritz carlton jamaica

Ritz Carlton Jamaica

As of May 1, 2016 the Timeshare Vacations Act, voted on by the Jamaica Parliament, became effective.

Passed 18 months ago, the Timeshare Vacations Act was put in place to give timeshare resort developers the legal structure necessary for developers to build and protections for timeshare buyers. With this in place Jamaica is poised to make some significant advances in their tourism – bolstered by new construction of top shelf resorts, acquisition and redevelopment of existing resorts, and timeshare sales offsite.

Kingston’s hotel rooms, which number 2,354, could take a huge leap forward if the major resort developers of timeshares start their projects to develop Jamaica. As it is now Jamaica sees roughly 3.4 million tourists a year with JMD 124 billion added to their economy.

Jamaica MapAccording to the 2014 Jamaica Tourism Study, approximately 13 million Americans visited the Caribbean region with the most arriving in Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Bahamas.  Cruise ships alone brought 1,423,797 visitors to Jamaica in 2014. Other visitors to Jamaica accounted for another 2 million.

Hotel occupancy consistently runs about 68% on the island. With timeshares providing much higher occupancy ratings, they have a solid future in helping build the tourism industry in Jamaica.

In fact, roughly 8% of the countries’ GDP is based on tourism (JMD 428.4 billion). Tourism also accounted for 82,500 jobs directly related to tourism.

Seeing how much the economy of Jamaica is being bolstered by tourism, it is a huge benefit to the country to have the timeshare industry structured to contribute significant and reliable growth.

In the next few years I expect ALL the major players in the timeshare development world (Marriott, Hilton Grand Vacations, Starwood, Diamond, Wyndham, etc) to open facilities in Jamaica!

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Buyer's Remorse For Timeshares

Read the timeshare Sales Contract

Read the Timeshare Sales Contract

You have arrived home after a wonderful vacation. During your vacation you bought a timeshare and now have changed your mind. What do you do?

That depends.

Unless you take action quickly to rescind the contract you may lose the right to do so. This rescission period varies from state to state but could be anywhere from five to ten days after the contract was signed. If you are within that period (depending on the state where you bought the timeshare) you should put your request to cancel the contract in writing. Be sure to include all the information about yourself, a description of what you purchased, the name of the timeshare company, and the date and time when you made the purchase.

Rustic For Sale SignCan I just give the timeshare back to the resort?

That also depends.

It would be a very long drawn out (and probably expensive) process but you could consider hiring a real estate attorney. This attorney could advise you and perhaps prepare a strategy to convince the timeshare company to take the property back due to some fault of theirs. Again this would be expensive and time consuming.

You could possibly give the timeshare away. Or even donate to charity.

However, others might not want the timeshare for the same reason you don’t want it: expensive fees, not flexible, not easy to book, and not a desirable location.

The most common idea is to sell your timeshare. But unless you already have a buyer for it prepare for a possible long wait and a disappointing sales price. You may have already found that timeshares are tough to sell on your own.

That’s why I’d recommend a licensed timeshare resale specialist or timeshare resale broker to handle this for you. You will get more money for your timeshare and a more reliable outcome. Using a broker to handle it for you would be worth the sales commission – especially once it is all said and done.


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Timeshare Sales Data: What Do The Numbers Tell Us?

Every year, Ernst and Young publishes State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study.

The study not only includes sales data, but things like occupancy rate, rental rate, income from various sources, states with the most resorts and so on.

CashWhat struck me as I read the report was the huge numbers of timeshare nights rented in just 2015: 10.4 million nights were rented, providing $1.8 billion in revenue.

Now let that sink in for a minute.

10.4 MILLION nights of timeshare were rented out in the US in 2015.

The report also said that at any given time 16% of a timeshare resorts’ rooms are rented out to non owners.

How do they find these renters? It only takes a second to see that any number of websites are selling off timeshare nights to anyone with a credit card.

The problem this has created is that this reduces the inventory available to YOU when you get ready to go to your resort or make an exchange. All those nights have already been sold off wholesale to online travel companies.

But there’s more. What was the income from renting out these timeshare (your timeshare) nights?


So there’s the reason they rent out those nights. They think ahead about their estimated vacancy rate and sell off those weeks.

Don’t get mad. Just get even.


Timeshare Resale Broker Sells Timeshare

I say, sell your timeshare and be done with the whole thing. Say good bye to your maintenance fees, and those annoying resort “updates” that always end up being an up-sell opportunity for them.

Use a timeshare resale broker to sell your timeshare so that you can not only get the most money but have a licensed broker take care of the transaction for you.

There’s no better way to be done with the whole timeshare ordeal than to get it sold.

Just my 2 cents!

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Marriott Vacations Worldwide Awards

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshares for sale by owner

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshares for sale by owner

So what are the Stevie Awards?

Once a year the American Business Awards recognizes the best companies in the US. They select companies with less than 100 employees and up to over 2,500 employees.  This year Cisco, John Hancock, ATT, and Accenture were in the top ten for the overall awards.

Categories of awards included Customer Service, Innovation, Human Resources, Marketing and Advertising, New Products, and so on.

The only timeshare related company in the list was Marriott Vacations Worldwide. They landed several awards including Company of the Year – Hospitality and Leisure, Customer Service – Hospitality and Leisure, Human Resources Team of the Year, Communications Department of the Year, and Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year.

As a timeshare owner and an outspoken advocate for timeshare owners I noticed their philosophy of providing excellent customer service: “Marriott Vacation Club Owner Services – Bringing our Business to the Next Level by focusing on Retention and Culture, Scheduling, Efficiency, and Metrics.”

At first look that description doesn’t look all that warm and fuzzy when it comes to customer service. But, as I reflect on my own experiences with large companies as a customer, I can tell when the people I’m dealing with are long time employees and those who are not.

Retention of customer service workers is one of the key ingredients to providing the customer with the best of care. More “tenured” customer service people will be far more knowledgeable about their product, have a huge amount of personal experience in finding solutions to their customers’ problems, and will have far more skill in dealing with a vast array of personalities.

And when it comes to owner services or customer service in the timeshare industry, no other department can make or break the resort any faster. They are the owners’ first contact when they have a question or need an issue resolved.

So, kudos to Marriott Vacations Worldwide!

Some of the finest Marriott timeshare resorts in the US include

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

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One Really Big Convention in Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an excellent destination for a vacation. You don’t really need a reason to go there unless you are interested in one of the many conventions going on every week. Some of these conventions are known worldwide and draw well over 100,000 visitors.

For example, this year the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) 2016 will be on November 1st through November 4th. By then the monstrous heat and bizarre weather will be gone and it will be a pleasant place to be. And thank goodness because there will be over 140,000 attendees as well as other visitors.

With that many visitors in town where to stay? In a timeshare resort of course!

Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare Resort

Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare Resort

The timeshare resorts in and around Las Vegas are well known for their spacious rooms, over the top amenities, and catering to their guests. Their value is another reason to choose a timeshare when in Las Vegas. You can rent a week for about the cost of an annual maintenance fee and get all the privileges and enjoy the huge amount of space you get when you stay in a timeshare (versus a cramped hotel room).

Hilton Grand Vacation Club’s top resorts in Las Vegas include HGV Club Elara, HGVClub at Flamingo Las Vegas, HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, and HGVClub on Las Vegas Strip. Marriott’s timeshare resort in Las Vegas is the Marriotts Grand Chateau. Polo Towers, and Jockey Club are two of the more established timeshare resorts in Las Vegas. Having been there several decades they have earned a solid reputation and are well known among Las Vegas travelers.

Other timeshare resorts worth checking out would included these top shelf resorts:Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort, Wyndham Grand Desert,Tahiti Village, and Consolidated Club de Soleil.

Browse all timeshares for sale in Las Vegas.

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Diamond Resorts International Bought for $2.2 Billion

Cash rich Apollo Global Management made an offer of $2.2 Billion for Diamond Resorts which they accepted. Not that Diamond needed to be rescued but the additional financing will allow Diamond Resorts to continue to grow and enhance their services and expand their owner base.

Diamond Lake Tahoe

Diamond Resorts Lake Tahoe Timeshare

After reading this story I began looking further into what Diamond has done to set themselves apart from the traditional timeshare week sales model. I’m becoming more and more convinced of the advantages that Diamond Resorts owners have in comparison to other timeshare plans.

For example, when you think of New York City in terms of timeshare most people would only name the Manhattan Club or the Hilton. Not so with Diamond. Through Diamond Resorts points and affiliates programs these participating hotels are available as well:

AKA Times Square at 123 West 44th St

Club Quarters opposite Rockefeller Center at 25 West 51st St.

Hotel Boutique at Grand Central, 447 Lexington Avenue

The Jewel facing Rockefeller Center 11 West 51st St

World Center Hotel, NYC  144 Washington St.

PLUS two cruise lines out of New York:

Norwegian Gem Canada And New England Cruise

Norwegian Breakaway Bahamas and Florida Cruise

Gatlinburg Town Square Timeshare Resort

Gatlinburg Town Square Timeshare Resort

Diamond Resorts’ home page declares they have 350+ destinations available to their members. They have vacation condos available in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, the US, and Canada.

Diamond Resorts also offers countless numbers of special deals to their members like 3 night rentals for $149, Golf Tournaments, Cruise package deals, and the list goes on. They are proactive in making their program more beneficial for the owners by packing as much as possible into their timeshare interval ownership.
So the bottom line for Diamond timeshare owners is that in the future you should have more options and locations to choose from as the developer makes their brand more competitive. has a terrific selection of timeshares for sale from Diamond resorts as well as all the other resort systems including Marriott, Hilton Grand Vacations, Wyndham, Westgate, Starwood, Bluegreen, Silverleaf and many others.

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The Profit Share Timeshare - Will It Work In New Jersey?

Flagship Resort

Flagship Resort

Of all the timeshares in New Jersey, most of them are grouped around Atlantic City.

The logical reason is that, at the time when they were built, the timeshare resort owners placed casino gambling high on their list of things to do on vacation.

Recently, the profile of timeshare buyers in New Jersey has seen a dramatic shift: younger and more affluent. These new timeshare buyers are not as interested in casino gambling and are more interested in family activities and other things besides the casinos. In addition, casinos across the northeast have been drawing Atlantic City casino patrons away to other states.

So for a number of reasons the casino revenues have been cut in half over the last 9 years: from a little over $5 billion to $2.5 billion. As a direct result of those losses four casinos in Atlantic City closed in 2014 alone.

Wyndham Skyline Tower Atlantic City

Wyndham Skyline Tower Atlantic City

In response, New Jersey voters will be deciding on November 3 on whether or not to approve two new timeshare resorts to be built in Northern New Jersey. These would be providing better access to New York and multi room lodging that is far more affordable than Manhattan. Jersey City and the Meadowlands are two of the cities being considered for the new areas for casinos and timeshares.

If approved, and when built out, roughly half of the units in each project would be timeshares, and the other half would be hotel rooms.

So where would the profit be shared?

Part of the proposal includes the new casinos and resorts sharing their profits with Atlantic City and the resorts so that they can recondition and upgrade their facilities as well as the city.

That kind of legislation would be tough to compose and keep everyone happy. Fighting back and forth between politicians and bureaucrats has been going on over this issue for quite some time now and there seems to be no consensus over how to pull this off.

The fear is that if the casinos and resorts succeed in their new locations, it will put Atlantic City out of business – permanently. According to some, the revenue loss would cause all the timeshare resorts and casinos to go bankrupt.

Atlantic City timeshare resorts include Flagship Resort, Atlantic Palace, Wyndham Skyline Tower,Brigantine Beach Club, Marriott’s Fairway Villas, Avalon’s Beachcomber Resort, and LVC Brigantine Beach.

Bally’s, Borgata, Trump Taj Mahal, Caesar’s, Golden Nugget, Harrah’s, and Tropicana are some of the best known casinos in Atlantic City.

Both resorts and casinos have a long history and devoted following. The future?

It may start moving north after November 3, 2016.


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