Who Is Running The Show At Silverleaf Timeshares

Silverleaf Ozark Mountain Resort

Silverleaf Ozark Mountain Resort

Silverleaf?  Not exactly.

Cerberus Capital Management?  Not any more.

Orange Lake Holdings? Sort of.

Holiday Inn? Now you are getting warm.

Silverleaf Resorts Inc was bought by Cerberus Capital Management in 2011.

Then they were bought by Orange Lake Holdings in 2015.

But Orange Lake isn’t Orange Lake any more: it is Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orlando – Orange Lake Resort.

That’s a big name.

Silverleaf's Hill Country Resort

Silverleaf’s Hill Country Resort

So now Silverleaf Resorts like Silverleaf Seaside Resort – Galveston, Silverleaf Hill Country Resort – Canyon Lake, Silverleaf Ozark Mountain Resort – Kimberling City, Silverleaf Holiday Hills – Branson, and Silverleaf Presidents Fairway – Branson, are part of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations program with more details still to be announced and worked out.

Silverleaf owners should not be alarmed. Orange Lake and Holiday Inn have excellent reputations for good management and given the situation, this should be a big help for timeshare owners.

You could be seeing more amenities, more in-house choices, and better values for your timeshare dollar now that the HI/OLC group has taken over.


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I Meant To Buy That Timeshare

Club Regina Los Cabos Timeshare Resort

Club Regina Los Cabos Timeshare Resort

” I meant to buy that timeshare!” At least that’s what I kept telling myself.

Like the time I tripped in front of all my friends and spilled my lunch.

“I meant to do that.”

Does anyone actually go on a timeshare tour with the specific intention of buying a timeshare and paying the top retail price?

Not likely.

In any number of well trafficked tourist attractions around the country, you will find people inviting you to visit a resort with the promise of a gift, or tickets to a show, or a meal, or some other enticement. So you say “Why not?”. It is just a 90 minute tour and presentation how hard could that be?

The next morning you awaken to the realization you just spent well over $20,000 on one week a year at a timeshare. Yesterday you were convinced it was a great deal and would save you a bundle.

But over the years as circumstances change (and they always do) you find you are not using the timeshare any longer but still have to pay annual maintenance fees.

Marriott Summit Watch Park City Utah

Marriott Summit Watch Park City Utah

Now what?

It would be easier to tolerate if the timeshare resort had a plan in place to help you unload your timeshare when the time came. But they don’t.  It would be easier to tolerate if the maintenance fees stayed the same year after year.  But they don’t.  It would be easier to tolerate if the timeshare was worth in trading value what you first thought. But it isn’t.

Now let’s rewind the tape.

What if you intentionally bought a timeshare without pressure? What if you could have reviewed dozens of resorts on line and paid an online auction price? What if your timeshare exchanged like a champ, had stable management, and the fees remained the same?

All of those could be possible if you had done your homework at RPMLS.com.

RPMLS.com gives you all the resources you need to investigate and review resorts from the comfort of your home before making a bid – a price you can afford!

Buying a timeshare that way really increases your chances of buying the right timeshare, at the right price, with the right circumstances to make it work for you.


It just makes sense.


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A New Timeshare Sales Contract

Read the timeshare Sales Contract

Read the Timeshare Sales Contract

What do you think the biggest complaint is against timeshare sales and their developers?

The use of pressure during the sale and a lack of adequate documentation.

I believe both of these could be cured with a better timeshare sales contract.

This would also dispense with the “if it isn’t written, it wasn’t said” argument from the timeshare developer. That’s the loophole they use that effectively gives a sales person permission to lie.

Everything should be in writing if it was promised, and there needs to be a series of blanks to be initialed by all parties about what was promised and what is delivered. Plus copies of everything must be in the hands of a buyer before they leave: including all disclaimers, exceptions, and promises made.

One of the accused heavy handed timeshare sales outfits, Diamond, earnings almost tripled in the first nine months of 2015 over the same period a year earlier. And I bet they make promises that go undelivered despite all the training they claim to do. Whatever it takes to get the deal closed is what they’ll say or do. Then there’s the threatening language they use to get you to “upgrade” to points. They warn that if you don’t switch ($20,000) your maintenance fees will skyrocket. Many have said they switched to points and the fees just kept going up.

So the deeded week remains on the threatened species list while points are being pushed full tilt.

Let us hope the sales force begins to disclose more, not less, information about what you get for your heard earned money and your options in case you change your mind!


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Colorado Timeshare - For Sale & Discounted!

Sheraton Mountain Vista 1 Bedroom Floor Plan

Sheraton Mountain Vista 1 Bedroom Floor Plan

Situated in the heart of Avon, Colorado and Vail Valley’s Avon Beaver Creek is the Sheraton Mountain Vista timeshare resort! Featured for sale now is a one bedroom annual vacation ownership for $2,000! Yes that’s $2,000. Given that it is also a ski week (week 48 – end of November) it probably cost the owner $20,000 to buy it in the first place.

And even though it comes at a huge discount you’d get all the amenities just as if you were the original buyer: skiing, hiking, fishing, ice skating, golf, horseback riding, sleigh rides, and biking. Plus onsite you’ll discover the workout room, game room, heated outdoor pool and hot tubs.

On TripAdvisor.com it ranked 4 out of 5 stars by 383 reviews. It also ranks well among Starwood Vacation Club owners. Starwood is the management company/developer for the Sheraton and Westin timeshare resorts.

Snow at Sheraton Mountain Vista

Snow at Sheraton Mountain Vista

Avon, Colorado, is highlighted by these well known attractions: Arapahoe Basin, Colorado Ski Museum, Nottingham Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park and the White River National Forest.

If you are fortunate enough to get the two bedroom villa at Sheraton Mountain Vista, here’s how they describe it on Sheraton’s website: “Spread out in the expanse of a Two-Bedroom Villa, which combines a One-Bedroom Villa and a One-Bedroom Premium Villa. This idyllic, revitalizing retreat has ample outdoor and entertaining space. Everyone can be accommodated across the two connecting living areas, or at the two dining tables and breakfast bar. Two Sheraton Sweet Sleeper® Beds, two sofa beds, and two bathrooms present an array of options. (1,250 Square Feet / 116 Square Meters)”


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When My Timeshare Hurts

Powhatan Plantation fire responseJust two days ago the timeshare resort, Powhatan Plantation, had a fire in one of their buildings. The roof and structure of the attic were damaged, but that seems to be the extent of it.

The James City firefighters responded quickly and were able to put the fire out before too much damage. There were also no injuries reported.

Thank goodness for fire insurance!

But do you know of other timeshare resorts where the owners had to pay for repairs that should have been kept up with? Or after a major disaster like a hurricane, sink hole, or earthquake that damages the timeshare buildings? Especially when the owners had to pay THOUSANDS of dollars in a special assessment as a result?

Summer Bay Timeshare Sink Hole Damage

Summer Bay Timeshare Sink Hole Damage

I have heard more than a few of these stories lately.

Far too many owners are getting billed for maintenance and other expenses that should have been covered by some other fund at their timeshare resort. But instead, their timeshare management decided to bill all the owners and make them pay.


You see, timeshare owners pay maintenance fees every year to keep up the facility so that large repair projects are avoided. Plus, insurance should be able to cover disasters that occur all too frequently.

Once the big special assessment bill comes in the timeshare owner has to decide: Is it worth it to pay the thousands of dollars and keep the timeshare or just default on the payment and get foreclosed on?

There are other choices beside those. Consider selling your timeshare. You get paid, you no longer owe the annual fees OR the special assessments and you are free from the worry of owning a piece of something you no longer use or want.

Sell your timeshare. You will be glad you did.


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Who Are The Biggest Timeshare Resort Developers?

Wyndham Skyline Tower Timeshare For Sale

Wyndham Skyline Tower Timeshare For Sale

Wyndham (WYN)

Wyndham has over 200 resorts and 904,000 timeshare unit owners as of December 31, 2014. By comparison, Hilton and Starwood have their own vacation ownership segments, HGV Club and Starwood Vacation Ownership. Wyndham Cypress Palm Wyndham Kingsgate Wyndham Pagosa Wyndham Westwinds Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Glade Wyndham Branson Wyndham Ocean Ridge Wyndham Grand Desert Wyndham Sea Gardens Wyndham Star Island Resort

Vail Avon Beaver Creek Ski Vacation

Sheraton Mountain Vista Ski Timeshare Resort

Starwood (HOT)

Starwood has their own vacation ownership segment – Starwood Vacation Ownership. Their brands include Westin, Sheraton, W Hotels, St Regis (hotels), Four Points (hotels) and several others. Sheraton Vistana Orlando Sheratons Desert Oasis Westin Mission Hills Resort Villas Sheratons Mountain Vista Buganvilias Resort Sheraton Broadway Plantation Lakeside Terrace@Vail Valley Sheratons PGA Vacation Resort

Hilton (HLT)

Hilton has its own vacation ownership segment – Hilton Grand Vacation Club or HGV Club. The Hilton Grand Vacation Club inventory includes 19 hotels and resorts, 3,600 properties in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio, and about 212,000 members. HGVClub at Sea World Orlando HGVClub at Flamingo Las Vegas HGV at Las Vegas Hilton Bay Club at Waikoloa Resort Charter Club of Marco Beach Eagles Nest HGVClub on Las Vegas Strip HGVClub at South Beach HGVClub at the Lagoon Tower Surf Club of Marco

Marriott Shadow Ridge

Marriott Shadow Ridge

Marriott (MAR)

Marriott Vacation Club claims 420,000 owners. They operate over 50 Marriott Vacation Club Resorts and more than 3,000 Marriott hotels and resorts. Marriotts Newport Coast Villas Marriotts Desert Springs Villas I Marriotts Desert Springs Villas II Marriotts Maui Ocean Club Marriotts Cypress Harbour Marriotts Grande Ocean Resort Marriotts Kauai Beach Club Marriotts Grande Vista Resort Marriotts Shadow Ridge Marriotts Summit Watch

This is only four of the large timeshare developers. I haven’t touched the largest privately held company, Westgate, or Bluegreen, or a number of others. I’ll cover those next time.

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Timeshare Paparazzi in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta and Beautiful Shoreline

Puerto Vallarta and Beautiful Shoreline

Puerto Vallarta!  The infinitely beautiful waters of the Bahía de Banderas wrap around the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and the tropical mountains provide the backdrop for what could be described as paradise on Earth.

Once you arrive by plane and begin your walk to claim your baggage and find your transportation you will be on what you could call the “red carpet” experience (some call it the shark tank) of arriving in Puerto Vallarta.

You will be treated like a celebrity. Surrounding you will be throngs of people offering assistance of all kinds – things to buy, places to go, help with your bags, and so on.

The ones to watch out for and avoid are the ones who claim to be “your transport” to your hotel or resort – but have another agenda. They can be quite helpful by offering maps, flyers, brochures, tour ideas, and the like. They’ll end their pitch by offering a tour of a timeshare resort and a short presentation. You might even miss that last part. But once you are in their cab, bus, or cart they’ve got you. They’ve made their catch and it is time to deliver you to the timeshare resort where you’ll be held hostage by the Mexican timeshare cartel.

Krystal International Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Resort

Krystal International Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Resort

So just be forewarned. Ignore the barkers claiming to be your transport and find YOUR ride to Paradise Village Spa and Resort, Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta, Club Regina Puerto Vallarta, Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar, Villa Del Palmar, Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta, Buganvilias Resort, Sea Garden Marina Vallarta, Club Velas Vallarta, or Rancho Banderas Villas.

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Most Romantic Timeshare Getaways For Valentines Day

Due to the abundance of everyone else’s lists of “Most Romantic Destinations” I decided to make a compilation of a number of well known and not so well known lists of romantic places to go for Valentine’s Day:

US News and World Reports Travel section – Charleston, Cape Cod, Key West, Sedona, Savannah, Lana’i, Napa Valley, Aspen, Kauai, Maui.

Hawaii Beach Big Island timeshareTripAdvisor.com – Honolulu, New Orleans, Carmel, Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Maui, Charleston, Kauai, Palm Springs, Savannah, Key West, Sanibel Island, Napa Valley, Monterrey, Oahu, Key Largo, Marco Island, Newport Beach

Avon Colorado, Sedona Arizona, Maui, New Orleans, Lake Tahoe, Santa Fe, and Niagra Falls, are a few of the 50 places recommended by Yahoo.com Travel. They succeeded in finding at least one romantic spot in each of the 50 states.

The Travel Channel says: Islamorada Florida, Phoenix Arizona, St Croix USVI, and for the more adventurous Vietnam, Belize, South Africa, and British Columbia.

How about USA Today? Savannah GA, Santa Fe NM, New Orleans LA, Bar Harbor Maine, Naples FL, Mendocino CA, Charleston, Honolulu.

Sedona with Snow!

Sedona with Snow!

How about the least romantic (stupid ideas) places to go for romance? Topping the list were Detroit (the scenery), Chicago (the constant gunfire), Houston’s Ship Channel (no Niagra Falls), and Laredo TX (most likely to be kidnapped by Mexican drug cartel).

Well folks, that’s the best the world wide web could do. I’m sure there are many other better spots you could name. Feel free to do so in the comments!

The one’s I’d recommend are:

MauiWestin Kaanapali timeshare resort

Key West FloridaHyatts Sunset Harbor Resort

Sedona ArizonaSedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados

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Marriott's Custom House Timeshare New For Sale!

Faneuil Hall Boston

Faneuil Hall Boston

In the heart of Boston’s waterfront on the harbor,  with an original construction date of 1849, Marriott’s Custom House is one of the most recognized historic landmarks in Boston.

Just a short walk away is Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall.  Within six blocks from there you’ll find John Adams Courthouse, Kings Chapel, Old State House, and Boston City Hall. Many more historic sites are close by and transportation is easy to arrange (so you avoid parking!).

This Marriott timeshare for sale is a bargain at $17,000 for an annual use high season timeshare. The discount on this timeshare comes as a result of buying timeshare on the resale market. This way you avoid the high cost of what the resort developer or timeshare management company charges. Often, by purchasing your timeshare this way you can save well over 50% off the retail price. That adds up to a lot of cash!

Marriotts Custom House Boston

Marriotts Custom House Boston

More about Marriott Vacation Club

More than 420,000 timeshare owners have chosen Marriott as their timeshare home away from home. They have come to appreciate and expect the highest quality customer service, guaranteed Marriott quality, access to hundreds of affiliated timeshare resorts, access to over 50 Marriott Vacation Club resorts around the world, and extra vacation options like such as cruises, tours, hotels, VIP weekends, excursions, sporting events and more.



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St Maarten And Timeshares: Clear Laws And Sensible Regulation Needed

Owners of timeshares in the United States are fortunate to have their vacation ownership protected and regulated the way it is. Consider this:

Flamingo Beach Resort

Flamingo Beach Resort

In St Maarten sensible regulation and laws that clearly guide developers and owners are desperately needed to protect the timeshare owners and developers as well.

Not too long ago, after Diamond Resorts took over the Royal Palm Beach Resort in Simpson Bay, a special assessment was billed to an owner that amounted to nearly $100,00! The timeshare management company decided to change the way whole ownership contracts calculated their maintenance fee and started treating them just like timeshare week owners.

So Diamond simply multiplied the owner’s maintenance fee times 52 weeks and billed them for over $50,000 – due immediately.

Wasn’t there some law that governed the way timeshare developers calculated maintenance fees? Not exactly. Many other islands in the Caribbean have clear rules and laws that control such bizarre practices. Just not St Maarten.

In an effort to get this and other problems under control owners pushed for new legislation that would limit their responsibility for paying for some of the timeshare resort expenses, and require the developer or management company to submit an audited budget annually and before proposing making any major changes.

Royal Palm Beach Resort

Royal Palm Beach Resort

By the time the law was written the two concerns just mentioned were ignored and instead an additional 40% tax was slapped on the timeshare owners.

As a result, by 2013 36,000 timeshare owners had sold, given away, or abandoned their timeshares.

Continuing in the same reckless way, “In 2014, the timeshare industry reached a new low after Alegria Real Estate bought the Caravanserai Beach Resort in Beacon Hill at auction. The new owner voided all timeshare contracts, which resulted in another truckload of negative publicity . . . ” (source)

Most of these problems are still working their way through the courts. It would be wise for St Maarten to put laws in place that help everyone make sense out of the way timeshare resorts are managed and how the nature of timeshare vacations are contractually defined.

An ounce of prevention. Right?

How would you buy or sell a timeshare in St Maarten?

Simpson Bay Resort and Marina, Royal Palm Beach Club, Oyster Bay Beach Resort, Flamingo Beach Resort,

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RCI VS II - The Getaways

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshare - Interval International

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshare – Interval International

Who has the better “Getaway” plan? Two exchange companies make the offer to rent a timeshare week without owning it or paying an extra maintenance fee.

So whose is the best: RCI or II?

Interval International’s plan is the Getaway: starting at $225 you can rent a week at a timeshare with all seasons open and most resorts available. They also offer a Best Price Guarantee ensuring you will always get the best deal for the week possible.

RCI has a plan called Extra Vacations getaways. They are just like RCI exchange vacations – “you can get the same spacious resort-style accommodations, benefits and amenities that you expect from an RCI vacation! Pricing starts as low as $399USD per week, that comes to only $57USD per night.” (source) RCI also has the Best Price Guarantee! I guess if the timeshare resort you pick is exchanged by both RCI and II you’ll always get it at the II price of $225.

Pueblo Bonito Rose Timeshare Resort Cabo San Lucas

Pueblo Bonito Rose Timeshare – RCI

The differences? Right away you can see the price difference of roughly $175. But RCI has about twice as many locations to choose from versus Interval International.

My favorite? Interval International. Best prices and often the nicer timeshare resorts with plenty of choices to get to the location I’d like to stay in.


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Westgate Lakes Expanding With New Meeting Space

Westgate Lakes Resort Timeshare Orlando

Westgate Lakes Resort Timeshare Orlando

And not JUST a meeting space!

They have designed and are about to build 20,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space – complete with everything you can imagine to make it a perfect venue for any group conference or small board meeting.

With the first class restaurants already available in the same facility, it will be more than adequate to take care of the 1,900 people it is designed to accommodate. Plus two new restaurants are in development now to go along with the meeting spaces. The Drafts Sports Bar & Grill and a steakhouse are under construction and will be completed soon along with the banquet and conference facilities. The Sports Bar features 50 beers from around the world, handcrafted burgers, stone-hearth pizzas and gourmet pub food.

Westgate Lakes Timeshare Resort for sale by owner

Westgate Lakes Timeshare Resort

Westgate Lakes Spa and Resort is a 3,000 villa resort whose total space for meeting space will exceed 36,000 square feet! The new meeting spaces will be opening in early 2016 and is already being booked right now.

Now lets add this in to the whole big picture of what Westgate Lakes is up to these days.

More about Westgate Resorts:

Westgate features 28 themed destination resorts with over 13,000 luxury villas groups and leisure travelers in premier locations throughout the United States such as Orlando, Florida; Park City, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Williamsburg, Virginia; Miami, Florida; Branson, Missouri; Mesa, Arizona; and Tunica, Mississippi.

And here’s their top selling timeshares for the owners/timeshare resales: Westgate Vacation Villas, Westgate Lakes Resort, Newport Beachside Resort, Westgate Blue Tree Resort, Westgate Branson Woods, Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort,Westgate Leisure Orlando, Westgate Town Center, Westgate Painted Mountain Golf Resort, Westgate at the Canyons.

Buy timeshare resale. Sell your timeshare. Timeshare Resale Broker.

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How Big Is Wyndham Timeshare?

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

With 203 timeshare resorts and 904,000 vacation owners the timeshare segment of Wyndham is Massive!

In addition, Wyndham has nearly cornered the market with the timeshare exchange system, RCI, with 3.8 MILLION dues paying members and 4,500 resort properties to exchange.

They are big and getting bigger!

The advantages are many when using a timeshare withing the RCI and/or Wyndham points system. There are myriads of choices and opportunities for travel and lodging in all the corners of the world. Yet the stigma of hard pitch sales coupled with high maintenance fees keep them humble in a lot of ways. Owners or members in the system complain of feeling lost in the crowd and overlooked as the key to their success.

Timeshare exchanges don’t always go as planned, fees continue to skyrocket, and when it is time to get rid of the timeshare no one seems to be able to help.

Wyndham Skyline Tower

Wyndham Skyline Tower

There comes a point in every timeshare owners’ life when they say enough is enough and sell their timeshare. If they could only figure out how.

That is where timeshare resale brokers come in to play. Professionals with education, training, experience, and accountability are the key to getting such a property sold and transferred without flinching – without a hitch.

Again the bad stories for those poor timeshare owners abound where they have poured thousands of their dollars in to unloading their timeshare only to find out the timeshare company took the money and ran.

So reliable licensed professional timeshare resale brokers can be trusted to do it right the first time.

Timeshare resale brokers!

I wish I though of that.


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2016 Ski Season Outlook - Timeshare Ski Resorts

There was not much October snow to write about this year. Not like in 2015 or 2014!

But slowly and steadily the ski resorts have been receiving enough snow to operate their normal schedule and as always more snow is on the way!

No Snow in New Hampshire

No Snow in New Hampshire

Unless, that is, you are in the Northeast! New York, Pennsylvania, and others have zero trails open at the moment!

The unusually warm and dry late fall has dampened the ski season for those in the north east states. Only eight of the 20 downhill ski resorts in Vermont have opened so far. Many restaurants, hotels, resorts, and retail stores remain closed and are waiting for the snow to fall.  The economic impact could be huge but every year the season was shortened by weather the skiers manage to ski their annual amount and bring the status back to normal.

The Rocky Mountains are blessed now with plenty of snow to get the season going with a bang! All across the West recent snow storms have left 14″ in some places.

Saturday at Keystone - Colorado

Saturday at Keystone – Colorado

Breckenridge Ski Resort, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland Ski Area, Winter Park Resort and Eldora Ski Area are all reporting about 9 inches of new snow.

Here’s a link to the snowfall totals for Colorado.

The timeshare ski resorts of Colorado: Grand Timber Lodge, Christie Lodge-Phase 1, Wyndham Pagosa, Falcon Point, Eagle Point, Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge, Gold Point Condominiums, Marriott’s Streamside at Vail Evergreen, Streamside at Vail-Birch, Sheraton’s Mountain Vista.

And Utah? More of the same good news, especially for Marriott’s Summit Watch, Marriott’s Mountainside, Cliff Club at Snowbird, Park Plaza, Sweetwater at Park City, Westgate at the Canyons, Owner’s Resort-Exchange-MROP, The Park Regency, The Kimball, Villas at Southgate.



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Do Timeshare Maintenance Fees Cover Routine Maintenance?

Do Timeshare Maintenance Fees Cover Routine Maintenance? You would think so. Things like paint, carpet, yard maintenance, and repairs should all be paid for by the fee timeshare owners pay every year.

What about things like stairwells? Check out this story about a Peppertree resort in North Carolina:

rustPeppertree Atlantic Beach Resort on the North Carolina coast ended up having to shut down a few of their buildings (Phase 2) because of pressure from the town of Atlantic Beach.  Over the years the outside metal stairwells had decayed from the salty ocean air. Delaying the maintaining of these stairs resulted in what the town of Atlantic Beach considered unsafe and they condemned the buildings!

When I first read this I thought, “will they have to tear down the buildings?” The answer to that is no.

All the timeshare resort has to do is repair the stairs and get them up to code. But to do that they have to close the buildings. That’s why they delayed doing the repairs.

In the meantime, owners who dutifully paid their maintenance fee ($700 avg) are left without a vacation place to stay until 2016 or later. There isn’t room to accommodate them anywhere else and the repairs need to start ASAP if the owners are going to be allowed to use their timeshare by the summer of 2016.

rusty boltsDo the timeshare owners have any recourse? I have no idea – you’d have to get a serious legal opinion to answer that one. And I am sure some owners are doing just that.

One question I’d have to ask would be, “Did the owners pay a special assessment to cover this additional large cost?” I doubt it. Or else the owners would have mentioned it in the article I read.

A local ABC News affiliate wrote this story and also asked the timeshare attorney for comment. They wrote back a long explanation that included: “It is certainly unfortunate that any Phase 2 owners were prevented from using their timeshare week after August 17th; however, this is an unfortunate consequence of ownership.

An unfortunate consequence of ownership. That phrase would work for me if we were talking about a catastrophic event like a Category Five Hurricane! But a closed building due to delayed maintenance? Perhaps something like scraping and painting could have prevented?

If I was an owner there, I’d be mad too.

Time to sell the timeshare?

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Off Season Timeshares - Bargains

What is an “Off Season Timeshare”?

Colorado Ski Town

Colorado Ski Town

If you own a ski in ski out timeshare in the Rocky Mountains and it is a Summer Season it is usually consider an off season timeshare. In other words, it is not as much in demand as in the Winter Season. Off season timeshare resorts are priced lower, occupancy is often lower, and its trading value is less as well.

In some places like Hawaii or Orlando there really is no off season. There are timeshare products that restrict holidays from the “RED SEASON” but all 52 weeks are considered to be in demand.

If you like to vacation in the mountains in the summer you can pick up a terrific deal on a summer ski resort timeshare for a huge discount off the winter season rate.

Colorado Bike Trail 3

Nice View!

What do you do in the off season in the mountains?

There are tons of activities to be found besides skiing in the Rocky Mountains. As a matter of fact, there is a greater variety of things to do in the summer than in the winter. The weather is almost always beautifully cool and mild.

Hiking, swimming, biking, fishing, and camping is just a small sample of things to do in the summer. And your timeshare lodging will be about half the cost of winter time lodging.

The bike trails in Colorado are absolutely astounding – breathtaking – and thrilling! With over 1,000 trails to choose from you will have no problem staying busy discovering the Rocky Mountains from off the road!

Check out these top ten Colorado ski vacation timeshares:

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I Love Paying The Maintenance Fee - Or Not

Hurricane Norbert Image CABOIt is that time of year!

Hurricane Season? No.

Thanksgiving? No.

Christmas? No.

Income Tax? Not yet.

Timeshare maintenance fee due? YES!

This week I heard a huge number of reports of maintenance fees arriving in timeshare owners’ mail boxes. This year every single one I asked said their annual fee had gone up. For some of the timeshare owners the fees went up a HUGE amount!

One owner who bought their timeshare two years ago said their maintenance fee had already doubled and a special assessment of $1,200 was added to the bill.

Sell Timeshare NowAnd that was for a couple living on a fixed income with no extra money allocated for this huge expense.

When you first buy a timeshare we were all told that maintenance fees existed. True. But did anyone tell us the fees would go up faster than a fireworks stand in a forest fire? Or did anyone tell us about the mysterious “special assessment” every time there was a hurricane or damaging storm? No.

Normally I don’t mind paying an annual fee for something I regularly use and see the benefits. But a special fee for owning a timeshare I may not see but once a year or less? I don’t think so.

Some timeshare owners have a timeshare arrangement that allows you to pay the fee only when you use it. But those usually come at a higher initial price. Still those kind of arrangements are few and far between. Yet, several million of us still own a traditional timeshare that annual fees must be paid on or else we get it foreclosed on thanks to the state laws friendly to the timeshare developers.

One sure fire way to get rid of the maintenance fee is to sell your timeshare. Unload it. Sell it – give it away – donate it to a good cause.

To sell your timeshare search for a reliable timeshare resale company with many years of experience. The scams are numerous so find someone with a license and under the scrutiny of state real estate laws. You’ll be glad you did.

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Renting Your Timeshare For Cash!

Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains

Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains

Every year you pay the maintenance fee.

Every year you plan to take your timeshare vacation.


Every year you may not be able to take your vacation. Work schedules get in the way, emergencies arise, plans change and your timeshare sits there unused.


You rent your timeshare.

Do you know how you’d go about renting out your timeshare? Does your timeshare resort help the owners rent out their timeshare? Did they promise they’d help you rent it out but never came through?

You can rent out your timeshare and pay off your maintenance fee and have a little (or a lot) left over to put in your pocket. The most reliable way to do this is to use a timeshare resale broker with reliable experience to get the job done and make sure you get paid.

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

That way you are assured you will get paid when the rental is done. A rental agreement is correctly prepared releasing you from any liabilities for what may happen when strangers are renting out your timeshare. Someone else will sort out all the calls about the timeshare rental and get a commitment to pay for the rental. And someone else will make sure the reservation is set in the renter’s name.

Your only involvement would be to make sure your week is available by keeping your maintenance fee up to date and making an arrangement with a timeshare broker. The rest would be up to the professionals who do this on a daily basis and thus protect you the owner.

What are your chances of renting out your timeshare? All year round, timeshare resorts report a much higher percent of rooms occupied than even the best hotels. Hotels just cannot compete with timeshares when it comes to amenities, service, room, and service timeshares offer. In fact, for several years now, Hawaii has built 1 or 2 hotels. At the same time, construction has either completed or started for over ten timeshare resorts. There is that much demand for timeshares!

Are you going to let your timeshare go vacant this year?  Don’t let it sit empty. Rent it out and make some cash.

Do it at timeshare-resale-broker.com.


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Auto Draft

This time they bought out Intrawest Resort Club Group for a paltry $85 million!

Club Intrawest Whistler

Club Intrawest Whistler

Intrawest Resort Club Group maintains timeshare resorts in Mexico, California, Canada, and Florida. Including: Intrawest Resort Club, Club Intrawest at Blackcomb, Intrawest Resort Club Blackcomb, Club Intrawest at Palm Desert, Club Intrawest Tremblant.

Once the acquisition is complete next spring, Diamond Resorts will be home for over 100 timeshare resorts worldwide. That also includes the five timeshares bought last October from Gold Key Resorts.

Why do the really large timeshare developers buy out smaller groups of timeshares? Once they do, a large amount of cost savings (albeit jobs lost) happen for the acquired timeshare group. Offices are consolidated, management is streamlined, staff and costs are cut and the stock holders are happy. More profits!

But what about the timeshare OWNERS? Oh yes, the folks who keep on paying their annual fees regardless of whether or not they get to use their timeshare. The owners who paid for all the marketing and financed the construction in the first place. That’s what it boils down to: Mergers are made to make the timeshare resort more profitable, and sometimes a little better.



The owners’ situation is improved when they get more options for their vacation ownership. It is NOT an improvement when the developer comes in and demands that they switch to a different kind of ownership and charges them a large amount of money – as in thousands of dollars.

I’ve heard this complaint more than once in the last few days. And more than dozens of times this year. Heavy handed sales people make the original owners feel threatened if they do not “upgrade”, cave in to the “upsell”, “do the right thing” etc, etc. According to one testimonial I heard from an owner they were told, ” If you don’t take this deal now, I’ll make sure you never get an offer like this again from this or any other timeshare management company.” I can’t make this stuff up – it is so bizarre.

The solution?

If the whole process is bugging you, making you go crazy, sell the dad-gum timeshare!

Call a timeshare resale broker, do what it takes to get it done, and be done with the whole circus.

Unless, of course, you want to buy some more points to add to your collection.

My 2 cents.

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HGV Elara - Timeshare at a Huge Discount!

Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare resale

Hilton Grand Vacations – Las Vegas

Opportunities for finding a steal of a deal on a timeshare abound on RPMLS.com!

Buying a timeshare on the resale market offers you a chance to receive a HUGE discount compared to what the resort developer would charge you.

Think about their markup. Their cost to market and sell one timeshare unit is roughly half of what the consumer pays to buy that interval. For example, they must pay for direct mail, phone call centers, tours on site, travel, rooms, food, tickets to shows, and a myriad of other marketing costs just to get someone to buy a timeshare.

That cost of marketing turns into a savings for you when you buy timeshare resale, or on the secondary market.

And it is not a “used” timeshare. Not like a used car where you get the previous owners’ cigarette burns, neglect, failure to do maintenance and the like. A resale timeshare is kept up just as if you were the original buyer. The unit itself is kept in pristine condition, the amenities are updated and improved, plus you usually get all the privileges associated with any normal vacation ownership.


Hilton Grand Vacation Club Elara Las Vegas

Having said that, this Hilton Grand Vacation timeshare resort, Elara, in Las Vegas is one of the premier resorts to be found anywhere!

Here’s what one TripAdvisor.com guest had to say in their review, “This is the second time my wife and I have stayed at this resort. It is just fabulous. The location is great. We had many really good options for food, plus the scene out of our room of the strip was the best we have had with over 40 times in Las Vegas. The room was huge. We also like it that it is not like a casino with the smoke odor and slot machines all over the place. I am sure that my wife and I will book this location again.”

Other HGV Timeshares for sale.

Top Las Vegas Timeshares for sale.


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