Timeshare Sales Data: What Do The Numbers Tell Us?

Every year, Ernst and Young publishes State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study.

The study not only includes sales data, but things like occupancy rate, rental rate, income from various sources, states with the most resorts and so on.

CashWhat struck me as I read the report was the huge numbers of timeshare nights rented in just 2015: 10.4 million nights were rented, providing $1.8 billion in revenue.

Now let that sink in for a minute.

10.4 MILLION nights of timeshare were rented out in the US in 2015.

The report also said that at any given time 16% of a timeshare resorts’ rooms are rented out to non owners.

How do they find these renters? It only takes a second to see that any number of websites are selling off timeshare nights to anyone with a credit card.

The problem this has created is that this reduces the inventory available to YOU when you get ready to go to your resort or make an exchange. All those nights have already been sold off wholesale to online travel companies.

But there’s more. What was the income from renting out these timeshare (your timeshare) nights?


So there’s the reason they rent out those nights. They think ahead about their estimated vacancy rate and sell off those weeks.

Don’t get mad. Just get even.


Timeshare Resale Broker Sells Timeshare

I say, sell your timeshare and be done with the whole thing. Say good bye to your maintenance fees, and those annoying resort “updates” that always end up being an up-sell opportunity for them.

Use a timeshare resale broker to sell your timeshare so that you can not only get the most money but have a licensed broker take care of the transaction for you.

There’s no better way to be done with the whole timeshare ordeal than to get it sold.

Just my 2 cents!

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Marriott Vacations Worldwide Awards

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshares for sale by owner

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshares for sale by owner

So what are the Stevie Awards?

Once a year the American Business Awards recognizes the best companies in the US. They select companies with less than 100 employees and up to over 2,500 employees.  This year Cisco, John Hancock, ATT, and Accenture were in the top ten for the overall awards.

Categories of awards included Customer Service, Innovation, Human Resources, Marketing and Advertising, New Products, and so on.

The only timeshare related company in the list was Marriott Vacations Worldwide. They landed several awards including Company of the Year – Hospitality and Leisure, Customer Service – Hospitality and Leisure, Human Resources Team of the Year, Communications Department of the Year, and Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year.

As a timeshare owner and an outspoken advocate for timeshare owners I noticed their philosophy of providing excellent customer service: “Marriott Vacation Club Owner Services – Bringing our Business to the Next Level by focusing on Retention and Culture, Scheduling, Efficiency, and Metrics.”

At first look that description doesn’t look all that warm and fuzzy when it comes to customer service. But, as I reflect on my own experiences with large companies as a customer, I can tell when the people I’m dealing with are long time employees and those who are not.

Retention of customer service workers is one of the key ingredients to providing the customer with the best of care. More “tenured” customer service people will be far more knowledgeable about their product, have a huge amount of personal experience in finding solutions to their customers’ problems, and will have far more skill in dealing with a vast array of personalities.

And when it comes to owner services or customer service in the timeshare industry, no other department can make or break the resort any faster. They are the owners’ first contact when they have a question or need an issue resolved.

So, kudos to Marriott Vacations Worldwide!

Some of the finest Marriott timeshare resorts in the US include

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

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One Really Big Convention in Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an excellent destination for a vacation. You don’t really need a reason to go there unless you are interested in one of the many conventions going on every week. Some of these conventions are known worldwide and draw well over 100,000 visitors.

For example, this year the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) 2016 will be on November 1st through November 4th. By then the monstrous heat and bizarre weather will be gone and it will be a pleasant place to be. And thank goodness because there will be over 140,000 attendees as well as other visitors.

With that many visitors in town where to stay? In a timeshare resort of course!

Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare Resort

Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare Resort

The timeshare resorts in and around Las Vegas are well known for their spacious rooms, over the top amenities, and catering to their guests. Their value is another reason to choose a timeshare when in Las Vegas. You can rent a week for about the cost of an annual maintenance fee and get all the privileges and enjoy the huge amount of space you get when you stay in a timeshare (versus a cramped hotel room).

Hilton Grand Vacation Club’s top resorts in Las Vegas include HGV Club Elara, HGVClub at Flamingo Las Vegas, HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, and HGVClub on Las Vegas Strip. Marriott’s timeshare resort in Las Vegas is the Marriotts Grand Chateau. Polo Towers, and Jockey Club are two of the more established timeshare resorts in Las Vegas. Having been there several decades they have earned a solid reputation and are well known among Las Vegas travelers.

Other timeshare resorts worth checking out would included these top shelf resorts:Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort, Wyndham Grand Desert,Tahiti Village, and Consolidated Club de Soleil.

Browse all timeshares for sale in Las Vegas.

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Diamond Resorts International Bought for $2.2 Billion

Cash rich Apollo Global Management made an offer of $2.2 Billion for Diamond Resorts which they accepted. Not that Diamond needed to be rescued but the additional financing will allow Diamond Resorts to continue to grow and enhance their services and expand their owner base.

Diamond Lake Tahoe

Diamond Resorts Lake Tahoe Timeshare

After reading this story I began looking further into what Diamond has done to set themselves apart from the traditional timeshare week sales model. I’m becoming more and more convinced of the advantages that Diamond Resorts owners have in comparison to other timeshare plans.

For example, when you think of New York City in terms of timeshare most people would only name the Manhattan Club or the Hilton. Not so with Diamond. Through Diamond Resorts points and affiliates programs these participating hotels are available as well:

AKA Times Square at 123 West 44th St

Club Quarters opposite Rockefeller Center at 25 West 51st St.

Hotel Boutique at Grand Central, 447 Lexington Avenue

The Jewel facing Rockefeller Center 11 West 51st St

World Center Hotel, NYC  144 Washington St.

PLUS two cruise lines out of New York:

Norwegian Gem Canada And New England Cruise

Norwegian Breakaway Bahamas and Florida Cruise

Gatlinburg Town Square Timeshare Resort

Gatlinburg Town Square Timeshare Resort

Diamond Resorts’ home page declares they have 350+ destinations available to their members. They have vacation condos available in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, the US, and Canada.

Diamond Resorts also offers countless numbers of special deals to their members like 3 night rentals for $149, Golf Tournaments, Cruise package deals, and the list goes on. They are proactive in making their program more beneficial for the owners by packing as much as possible into their timeshare interval ownership.
So the bottom line for Diamond timeshare owners is that in the future you should have more options and locations to choose from as the developer makes their brand more competitive.
RPMLS.com has a terrific selection of timeshares for sale from Diamond resorts as well as all the other resort systems including Marriott, Hilton Grand Vacations, Wyndham, Westgate, Starwood, Bluegreen, Silverleaf and many others.

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The Profit Share Timeshare - Will It Work In New Jersey?

Flagship Resort

Flagship Resort

Of all the timeshares in New Jersey, most of them are grouped around Atlantic City.

The logical reason is that, at the time when they were built, the timeshare resort owners placed casino gambling high on their list of things to do on vacation.

Recently, the profile of timeshare buyers in New Jersey has seen a dramatic shift: younger and more affluent. These new timeshare buyers are not as interested in casino gambling and are more interested in family activities and other things besides the casinos. In addition, casinos across the northeast have been drawing Atlantic City casino patrons away to other states.

So for a number of reasons the casino revenues have been cut in half over the last 9 years: from a little over $5 billion to $2.5 billion. As a direct result of those losses four casinos in Atlantic City closed in 2014 alone.

Wyndham Skyline Tower Atlantic City

Wyndham Skyline Tower Atlantic City

In response, New Jersey voters will be deciding on November 3 on whether or not to approve two new timeshare resorts to be built in Northern New Jersey. These would be providing better access to New York and multi room lodging that is far more affordable than Manhattan. Jersey City and the Meadowlands are two of the cities being considered for the new areas for casinos and timeshares.

If approved, and when built out, roughly half of the units in each project would be timeshares, and the other half would be hotel rooms.

So where would the profit be shared?

Part of the proposal includes the new casinos and resorts sharing their profits with Atlantic City and the resorts so that they can recondition and upgrade their facilities as well as the city.

That kind of legislation would be tough to compose and keep everyone happy. Fighting back and forth between politicians and bureaucrats has been going on over this issue for quite some time now and there seems to be no consensus over how to pull this off.

The fear is that if the casinos and resorts succeed in their new locations, it will put Atlantic City out of business – permanently. According to some, the revenue loss would cause all the timeshare resorts and casinos to go bankrupt.

Atlantic City timeshare resorts include Flagship Resort, Atlantic Palace, Wyndham Skyline Tower,Brigantine Beach Club, Marriott’s Fairway Villas, Avalon’s Beachcomber Resort, and LVC Brigantine Beach.

Bally’s, Borgata, Trump Taj Mahal, Caesar’s, Golden Nugget, Harrah’s, and Tropicana are some of the best known casinos in Atlantic City.

Both resorts and casinos have a long history and devoted following. The future?

It may start moving north after November 3, 2016.


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Branson and Silverleaf - There's A Lot Going On!

Silverleaf Presidents Fairway

Silverleaf Presidents Fairway

This weekend Branson Landing is celebrating their 10 anniversary!

With fireworks, concerts, parades, and loads of entertainment for the family Branson is the fun place to be!

Banson Landing is home to over 100 well known retail stores, dozens of restaurants, and tens of thousands of visitors a week.

The Landing has an additional feature that no other retail shopping area has: a fire – water – music – light show. Designed by the same person who designed the fountains at the Bellagio and Downtown Disney marketplace in Orlando, the fountains have been the featured attraction at Branson Landing since it opened.

Silverleaf Holiday Hills Timeshare For Sale

Silverleaf Holiday Hills Timeshare For Sale

Silverleaf timeshare resorts are located all around Branson and are a short trip to the Landing. Silverleaf’s Holiday Hills Resort and Golf Club is only two miles east of Branson. Nestled in an old forest and surrounded by pools, tennis courts, and golf courses, Holiday Hills offers something for everyone during their family vacation.

Located within Silverleaf’s Holiday Hills you can also find Silverleaf’s Presidents Fairways. Also networked in with Holiday Inn Club Vacations/Orange Lake this Silverleaf timeshare resort opens many other possibilities for exchange without using RCI.

Silverleaf timeshare resorts can be purchased for a significant discount when you buy them on the resale market direct from the owner. RPMLS.com is home to a great selection of these Silverleaf timeshares for sale and the discount prices show the owners are ready to sell ASAP!



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A Used Timeshare Is Not Like A Used Car

Worldmark by Wyndham Redmond OR

Worldmark by Wyndham Redmond OR

There are times when someone may refer to a previously owned timeshare as a “used timeshare”.

But you need to be sure not to confuse that term with a term like “used car” and all that implies. A “used car” has been owned by one person, may have problems lurking in the engine or transmission, and has not necessarily been looked after by a mechanic.

What you get when you buy a timeshare on the resale market is virtually indistinguishable from what you would get when you buy a timeshare from the resort.

Except for the price.

And the price is the big driving factor that is pushing sales of timeshares by owners higher each year. Owners who have become weary of paying the annual fees for a vacation they cannot use are very motivated to unload their timeshare. They will almost always drop their price significantly, knowing that by doing so they also eliminate the annual fees that also increase annually.

New On The Market For Sale By The Owner: Tahiti Village - Las Vegas

New On The Market For Sale By The Owner: Tahiti Village – Las Vegas

So what do you get when you buy a “used timeshare”?

99 times out of 100 you get the same exact usage rights to the resort, all the amenities and facilities they offer, and the fringe benefits that come along with timeshare ownership. And yes, that includes the maintenance fee. But if you have paid as much as 50% off the going rate for your dream vacation timeshare in a destination you absolutely adore, the fees are easier to bear.

Top financial advice writers even tell their readers that if they are going to buy a timeshare, they need to buy a timeshare resale in order to get the best deal. It could save you many thousands of dollars.


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The Four Red Flags in a Timeshare Pitch

Sheraton Desert Oasis

Sheraton Desert Oasis

The timeshare pitch I am referring to is when you are trying to sell your timeshare.

First I have to point out that there are reputable timeshare resales companies and brokers who sell timeshares every day for their owners. They do a great job, apply no pressure, make sure all the details are tended to, and are totally professional.

That’s not who I am talking about here.

This timeshare pitch comes when you are looking around for someone to sell your timeshare for you. Whether you call them, they call you, or you fill out an online information form, at some point you will most likely be hit with a series of claims that seem too good to be true.

I already have a buyer for your timeshare!

This is the most common claim the timeshare scam artists use to create excitement for the timeshare owner. After all, the timeshare owner who is ready to get rid of their timeshare is already frustrated, wants a quick solution, and wants to be done with it. What better phrase to hear than “I already have a buyer for YOUR timeshare”?

I guarantee it will be sold in 90 days!

Absolutely no one can guarantee a timeshare sale deadline. No one. It is impossible to predict what day to day changes may impact timeshare sales overall or even at the resort you are trying to sell.

I guarantee a huge profit when it sells!

I have spoken with timeshare owners who truly believed their timeshare week was worth well over $100,000 when I knew for a fact the resort was selling them for far less. How did they come to believe their timeshare was worth so much? Without fail, they had been called by someone who claimed to have a buyer for their timeshare and was willing to pay that much. But of course that sale never materialized. But the owner ended up believing their timeshare was worth far more than any buyer would be willing to pay.

If you manage to recoup what you paid for your timeshare you are fortunate. Most do not.

If you don’t act now the buyer will go away.

Not too unlike the retail sales tactic of “Sale Ends Today!” if you get this urging from someone trying to get several thousand dollars from you – run the other way. If this buyer was looking for so long for exactly what you own you have plenty of time to think about it and check this company out. Time is on your side when you are selling exactly what someone else wants. After all, where else would they go?

Westin St John

Westin St John

Fortunately, those phrases are nowhere to be found among the timeshare resales specialists at RPMLS.com. For several decades they have been selling timeshares, getting the deals closed and transferred, and making sure the owner gets the sales proceeds.

You can check them out at RPMLS.com


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4 Tips For Florida Beaches And Summer Vacations

Spring Break at the BeachWith over 1,300 miles of coastline in Florida, you are always fairly close to a beach. Plus, the beaches in Florida are some of the most beautiful and traveled beaches in the world.

Beaches like Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, Pensacola and Destin Beach, Marco and Sanibel Island, plus many more are well known by beach lovers from all walks of life.

But before you head out to the beach for a day or a week here’s four tips to make your beach time a good time:

Plan out your day.

Know where you are going and where you will park. Don’t let massive crowds deter you from making the best of your day at your favorite beach. Take everything with you that you will need: towels, umbrellas, cash and ID, sunscreen, water to drink, and insect repellent in case you plan to stay on the beach after the sun goes down.

Use the buddy system.

Just don’t go it alone. No matter if you are surfing, swimming, or just laying in the sun things will go better and safer if you have someone along with you.

Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort Timeshare Resort

Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort Timeshare Resort

Don’t let the sun beat you down.

Your body will dehydrate much faster than you may realize. Be sure to take water with you to help you keep your energy while out in the sun on a hot day.

Your skin can burn on a cloudy day. And even more so on a sunny day. Use sunscreen, wear a hat, and don’t over do your sun exposure.

Pay attention to beach signs.

If you are swimming, surfing, or just walking on the beach be sure to notice any signs that may warn you of rip currents, jelly fish, or other hazards lurking in the water. Also being aware of offshore storms will help you be aware of dangerous surf or swimming conditions.

Don’t pay the retail rack rate for a beach front hotel.

You will be amazed how affordable a high quality timeshare resort on the beach can be. Plus you’d get plenty of room, extra bathrooms (and showers!), plus a fully equipped kitchen for those post beach excursions that leave you hungry.

Here’s a sample of some top shelf timeshare resorts that will bring you close to the beach:

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There IS A Resale Market for Timeshare!

Snow at Sheraton Mountain Vista

Snow at Sheraton Mountain Vista

I just now read an article written by an attorney who claimed there are only two options for a timeshare owner when it comes to getting rid of their timeshare: defaulting on fees and getting foreclosed on, and paying several thousand dollars for someone to get it out of their name.

What the writer addressed the resales option as “99% unlikely to happen”.

What the writer must be completely unaware of is that there is a robust market for selling your timeshare. You may not get what you’d like out of it but you can get cash for your timeshare by selling it.

Selling your timeshare will only be as successful as the people whom advise you on how to do it. Successful timeshare resales companies in particular. If you pay for a blind ad, throw money into a nameless web business, run your own ad on Ebay or another similar site you will get results that amount to zero.

SoldThe seasoned pros at RPMLS.com have sold and CLOSED over $100 million in timeshares. That’s timeshare sales where the owners get the check, not the resort. And remember, once you sell your timeshare the maintenance fee and all the other headaches go away with it.

Done, once and for all. And you get the proceeds from closing.

So my dear writer, you left out the best option for a timeshare owner: have a successful timeshare resales company sell it for you. You will get out from under the timeshare and have cash at closing.


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Before You Buy Or Sell Your Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Read This

Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Resort

Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Resort

For a very long time Sheratons Vistana Orlando has been the top selling timeshare in Orlando for the resale market.

There are lots of reasons for that: it has been around a long time, there are tons of owners, it represents a good value for the timeshare buyer, it offers a quality timeshare product.

One age old rule of vacations and real estate certainly applies here – “location, location, location”.

The resort is one mile from the front gate of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. So when you consider the traffic in Orlando at the Disney park, being that close means a lot less time getting there.

Sheraton's Vistana Orlando Fountains

Sheraton’s Vistana Orlando Fountains

Not only is Sheratons Vistana Orlando close to Disney, it is a terrific place to spend your whole day. The villas include full kitchen, breakfast bar, separate dining and living area, private balcony, whirlpool tub and washer/dryer. All these make for a truly comfortable week without being cramped into a motel/hotel room. Plus the absolutely beautiful tropical setting is enjoyable by itself.

The Fountains, Cascades, the Lakes, Courts, Falls, Spas, Palms, Springs, and many other areas of the resort all have their own character and fans. They also offer a wide range of prices and amenities that have been matched to thousands of timeshare owners for many years.

There are many other top resorts as well in the Orlando and Kissimmee area. Hilton, Marriott, and Wyndham offer notable resorts at great rates.

The newest top selling list for Orlando, Florida:

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The Ultimate Sedona Vacation

Villas at Poco DiabloTimeshares in Sedona offer amazing deals for your week of vacation in Arizona.

Sedona itself is beyond charming. It is fascinating! It has a mood and character like no other place on earth. Sedona fans congregate there from all around the world to experience the awe and wonder of the red rock buttes, pine forests, and wild canyons. Their vibrant arts community attracts artisans and admirers all throughout the year. And there are plenty of New Age shops, art galleries, tours, and spas available.

Hiking trails in Sedona are some of the most challenging and most rewarding you can find. These trails include Fay Canyon Trail, Boynton Canyon Trail, West Fork Oak Creek Trail, Doe Mountain Trail, Devil’s Bridge Trail, and Broken Arrow Trail are the most popular among the hiking enthusiasts.

The Inn at Los Abrigados

The Inn at Los Abrigados

If you’d rather do a windshield tour from your auto, consider these:  Oak Creek Canyon, Red Rock State Park, Sedona Airport Overlook, and Schnebly Hill Road.

Add to that 4WD, ATV, and other off the road tours and you can easily fill a week with magnificent views, spectacular sunsets, and memories to last a lifetime.

Where to stay in Sedona:  The Villas of Sedona, Hyatt Pinion Point, Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados, Villas at Poco Diablo, Sedona Summit, or Wyndham Sedona all offer huge discounts through timeshare resales brokers and timeshare rentals. You’d get 3 times the space for less the price of a cramped hotel room. Plus you’d get all the amenities that come with Gold Crown and 5 Star resorts!

And be sure you buy your timeshare on the resale market. You will pay far less!

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Shell Vacation Club - Timeshares With Class

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge - Whistler

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge – Whistler

A nice collection of timeshare resorts, the Shell Vacation Club can take you to Hawaii, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Las Vegas, Whistler, Scottsdale or several other exciting destinations.

Having been in the vacation ownership and hospitality business for over 40 years, Shell has accrued a desirable reputation among their owners. Often awarded with top ratings for resorts, Shell Vacation Club timeshares offer distinctive locations, superb service, and an exceptional value for the seasoned traveler.

No small player in the industry, Shell has 115,000 vacation owners and members and over 1,500 employees with resorts in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

orange tree scottsdalePlus, unique to other timeshare groups, Shell has been using a flexible points based system for many many years: Owners can spend their points on accommodations, leisure activities, travel, shopping, dining, culture and entertainment. Points can also be accelerated, shared with other members, banked and saved for an additional year.

Shell Vacation timeshare resorts for sale at huge discounts today include Mauna Loa Village By The Sea, Shell Vacations Kona Coast II, Orange Tree Interval Ownership, The Kona Coast Resort I, Kauai Coast Resort at Beachboy, Inn at the Opera, Shell Vacation Club, Club Donatello, Shell Vacations Club at Vino Bello Resort, Shell Vacations Club at Paniolo Greens, and Suites at Fishermans Wharf.


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Las Vegas' Best Buffet

There’s plenty of competition for the honors of the top buffet in Las Vegas.

From the top shelf lobster and champagne to the basics there is something for everyone and every budget.

BacchanalConsistently, the top honors lately have been going to Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. From the breakfast ($28.99) to the weekend blowout ($53.99) you’ll find every kind of cuisine and loads of space (seating for 600 and 25,000 sq ft). The buffet overlooks the Garden of the Gods pool complex and will see over 3,000 guests on a weekend!

Aria BuffetFeaturing an ultra modern setting, the City Center at Aria Resort & Casino is another top choice for the ultimate Las Vegas Buffet experience. It is a little less pricey than the Bacchanal but also offers an upgrade for an additional $12.99 offering bottomless Bellinis, Bloody Marys, mimosas, sangría, Champagne, beer and wine.

The Buffet Bellagio sees some 4,000 plus people a day and the prices range from $20 to $40 for breakfast to dinner. This opulent hotel also features absolutely gorgeous culinary presentations – not your corner diner’s buffet for sure!

The Golden Nugget buffet is a favorite among long time Las Vegas patriots. Priced even less than the previous three, it also features a stunning seafood dinner offering all-you-can-eat crab legs, offered at the Seafood Buffet Friday and Saturday evenings.

Where could you find a French themed buffet in Las Vegas? At the Paris Las Vegas! The Le Village Buffet Restaurant is divided into six French regions, and is also an all-you-can-eat restaurant. This is definitely an authentic feeling and dining experience for those who’d like to be immersed in French culture for an evening or for breakfast.

Where are some of the best places to stay to enjoy these Las Vegas Buffets?

The top hotels and resorts in Las Vegas would always include:

Buying or renting a timeshare for the best access to the action in Las Vegas is always the way to go. I wouldn’t go any other way.
So there you have it!  The best buffets in Las Vegas and the hottest resorts to stay in.
Time to pack your bags!

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Over $100 Million in Timeshare Sales

In one short phrase, how would you describe a successful timeshare resales company?

How about “Over $100 Million in Timeshare Sales”?

THAT should do it!

Lots of resale companies offer efforts. This one – RPMLS.com – offers results.

These are the results that matter when it comes to selling your timeshare: sold, closed, proceeds check in your mailbox.

CashWhat does the competition offer?

Google results? Lots of “clicks”?

Ever try to spend “clicks”?

The results that truly matter are a closed sale where all the loose ends are tied up, nothing is left to guesswork, and your timeshare maintenance fee is a problem for someone other than you.

And that very simple explanation is why you should trust your timeshare sale to the pros at RPMLS.com.

When results matter.


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Marriott's Launch Of Pulse Signals New Timeshare Model

Marriotts Custom House Boston

Marriotts Custom House Boston

For decades the timeshare model offered to all has included larger spaces, full kitchens, and targeted families with children.

Marriott Vacation Club Pulse offers their newest concept with millennials in mind. Stating that millennials are more spontaneous, need less space, and are more interested in “getting out” and exploring the area – the Pulse concept should be more appealing to them.

They have targeted large cities like New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., South Beach, Florida, and San Diego, California.

“Marriott’s decision to offer smaller spaces, without full kitchens and with smaller living spaces, is a sign that the company’s timeshare branch is looking to adapt.” (Orlando Sentinel)

While Marriott Vacation Club‘s most recent innovation will focus on large metro areas they feel it is ” . . . not a good fit for Orlando, which headquarters several of the country’s timeshare companies.”

J W Marriott Downtown Houston

J W Marriott Downtown Houston

So you can be looking for a number of other changes and improvements as this new concept is developed. This may well pave the way for Marriott Vacation Club to expand into other large metro areas where Marriott already has a presence with facilities that meet the new profile.

For example, Marriott hotels in Houston include Houston Marriott West Loop by The Galleria, Houston Marriott Medical Center, JW Marriott Houston Downtown,  and JW Marriott Houston on Westheimer just to name a few of the finer hotels in Houston. If the Pulse program includes some of these it would mean a huge change to the way people think about Marriott Vacation Club.

I’d be on the lookout for more news as the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse grows.

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RCI Platinum? Pack Your Bags For Cuba!

The Hemingway Museum

The Hemingway Museum

Available this summer, RCI will be offering their RCI Platinum members five night or seven night “people-to-people” travel tours to Cuba.

Thanks to recent law changes, “people-to-people” travel is one of the educational activities that are approved forms of travel for Americans visiting Cuba.”

A relationship between Cuba Travel Services headquartered in Cypress, California and RCI has enabled RCI to offer this new destination to their platinum members. Cities for departure include Miami, Los Angeles, New York (JFK) and Tampa to Havana, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Camaguey, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba.

Typical Sugar Cane Farm Cuba

Typical Sugar Cane Farm Cuba

From there tours of sugar cane fields, Hemingway’s museum located in Finca Vigia, Revolution Square, and other sites of interest are part of the educational format that allows travel to and from Cuba for US citizens.

If all goes well this summer, RCI will add additional dates for an expanding itinerary.

RCI, with 3.8 million members, is the world’s largest timeshare vacation exchange company. Offering lodging in over 100 countries, 4,300 resorts, it is part of the Wyndham Destination Network.



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Should I sell my timeshare now?

selling how toShould I sell my timeshare now?

I’d say, if not now, WHEN?

After you have paid another maintenance fee with no vacation to show for it?

After another frustrating exchange experience?

After another poor experience with timeshare owner services?

Don’t wait for more disappointing experiences before you decide to go ahead and sell your timeshare. The chances are that if you are reading this circumstances have changed since you first bought your timeshare. Life brings many changes and sometimes they interfere with or prevent you from taking a vacation as you would like to.

Sell Timeshare NowWhether it is a job change, a change in your family, or declining health if you can’t use the timeshare you own, you should unload it. And do it before it costs you another year of frustration and money loss.

That is when I’d advise the services of a Timeshare Resale Specialist. A timeshare resale company with many years of experience and tons of sales to prove their capabilities.

Experience does matter. Especially when you are talking about a transaction of this type and size. Running an ad in your local paper won’t have the reach you need or give you the tools needed to complete a sale.

Nor would it weed out all those searching for something different from a timeshare who call you if you are selling a whole ownership property that is used all year long.

A timeshare resale specialist with experience. That’s the way to go.


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Network Plus Timeshare Equals SOLD

SoldSo many timeshare resale companies try so many ways to convince owners they can sell timeshares.

The catch is getting these timeshare sales closed. Finished. A closing check in the hands of the owner.

That is where they fall short. They may know how to advertise but can they negotiate a deal with the best interest of the owner in mind? If they even find a buyer, would they know how to get through the red tape to get the property closed with the right title company? Do they know which title companies specialize in timeshares for specific states or countries?

That is where the strength of the network comes in to play.

Over many years one company has established the right connections between the resorts, title companies, real estate attorneys, and escrow companies so that no transaction is too hard. Having successfully closed and funded over $100 million in timeshare sales proves their ability to get the job done.

Read the timeshare Sales Contract

Read the Timeshare Sales Contract

That timeshare company can be found at RPMLS.com. The timeshare resales specialists have the decades of experience, contacts, and know how to get the job done right the first time so you don’t have to wait for the company to figure out how.

Experience pays.

Timeshare resales experience will also pay you at closing a lot faster and for more money than you would if you just threw your timeshare to the advertising winds of the internet and hoped for a sale.

Don’t get stranded without professional advice. Use the timeshare resales experts at RPMLS.com and you will be glad you did.


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HGV Elara - From 2,200 to 14,000 Points

Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare resale

Hilton Grand Vacations – Las Vegas

What if I told you that buying in to Hilton Grand Vacation Club could be done for maybe half the price?

What if I also told you that there were owners who were willing to sell anywhere from 2,200 to 14,000 points for up to 50% off the going retail rate?

Where would you find them?


At RPMLS.com you can find a great assortment of HGV Club timeshare points available for sale at any number of Hilton’s timeshare resorts.

elaraAt HGV Elara in Las Vegas for example, if you want annual use, odd year, even year, 2,200 points, 14,000 points, have $8,000 to spend or $90,000 there is something for everyone.

Rated in the top 10% of all hotels in Las Vegas, The Elara has received 4.5 stars out of 5 in the reviews (4,676) on TripAdvisor.com. It is located right next to Planet Hollywood and has quick access to dining, shopping, and entertainment without all the smoke that comes from so many hotel casino lobbies.

HGV Elara is not the only “show in town!” You could also find terrific deals on the timeshares at HGV Club on Las Vegas Strip,  HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, and HGV Club at Flamingo Las Vegas.

No matter which timeshare resort you choose in Las Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter, be sure to buy resale not retail!

Retail prices for timeshares are skyrocketing while buying timeshare resale remains a bargain year after year.

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