Cancun Jazz Festival 2015

cancunbeachThis Labor Day weekend Cancun Mexico will see some of the finest Jazz artists in the world converge in this tropical setting.

Top artists for the September 3-6 event include Dave Koz, Rick Braun, and Kenny Lattimore; Brian Culbertson, Will Downing, Norman Brown, Richard Elliot, Peter White, Paul Taylor, Jessy J, Tim Bowman, Olivia Rox, and many others., along with Hard Rock Riviera Maya and Jazzit Magazine are sponsoring this star studded event.

Tickets to the event may be purchased at

The hottest places to stay at the best rates?

jazz trumpetCancun timeshares of course!

Just a sample would include these top resorts:


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Successful Timeshare Sales Testimonials

Sold“Don’t confuse efforts with results.” Ever hear that quote before? I have. I first heard it from a Marine Gunnery Sergeant.

And when it comes to selling your timeshare, the same rule applies. What you want is results. Sales. A closing check.

Sure, lots of fly by night timeshare resales companies can take a fee, run an ad, but how many timeshares have they sold? Some have sold none. Some have sold a few. The experts at have sold well over $100 million of timeshares. That is the results you need.

These happy former timeshare owners sent these comments in after receiving their closing check:

“The Professionals who worked at Your company showed their Expertise and Professionalism. These Professionals were very courteous as well as warm and friendly. All of My questions and concerns were always answered promptly. ”
– A. Wright
“Their politeness, and accuracy.”
– J. DeSzily
“The agent knew the property value well”
– D. Marks
“I had seen negative press on the web regarding timeshare resales. Therefore, I felt little reluctant. However, my experience with your company has been extremely positive. Thanks.”
– A. Khachatryan
“We were kept up to date on what was happening and were treated with respect. On sort of a different note, we liked dealing with Kelly Robinson at Quality Timeshare Closings.”
– Keeler Living Trust
“the personal contact the efficient, timely manner in handling the sale”
– D. Heeke
“good service”
“No hassle, not too much contact, only what was needed. I liked everyone I talked with.”
– R. Helms
“Debbie Taylor worked on my behalf to find a timeshare week of the specific week and location I was seeking. She also facilitated satisfactory price negotiations between buyer and seller. ”
– R. Garrett
“simple process, quick”
– T. Klein
“Ease of communication”
– S. Karman
“The fact that everything was handled efficiently and in a timely manner.”
– F. Fontz Jr.
“Answered my questions and returned my calls promptly”
– R. Avezzano
“They did what they said they would do. I was skeptical at first, but with each step realized that all was being taken care of. If they would like to contact me again about selling another of my time shares I would consider it!”
– V. Schuster
“the communication and availability”
– T. White Trust
“Great service!!!”
– R. Yingling
“Things they liked most: Knowledge and help of Ms. Rodgers”
– M. Groten
“Karri always kept in contact.”
– J. Kaye
“Professional and kept in touch through the process.”
– C. Stoopack
“They got the timeshare sold!”
– M. Mayfield
“You were able to sell and unsellable time share in this economy. Timely communications and professionalism. Ralph”
– R. Langham
“Friendly and competent staff who went out of their way to assist me in the sale of my condo.”
“The efficient way they handled the sale of my timeshare.”
– D. Suliteanu
“Ease of finding properties and the sales reps. Everything was great.”
– Better Timeshare Brokers
“What I liked the most was that I was kept in the loop when it came to the process as it happened via emails.”
– D. Garcia
“Speed and professionalism.”
– G. Vaysblat
“Very impressed with Kita”
– J. Haddow
“We were able to sell our timeshare”
– R. Busick

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Downhill Skiing Timeshares - Snow Deals!

It is hot here in Texas. Too hot! On days like this I’m daydreaming about being in Colorado or Utah or Vermont or anywhere it is not over 100 degrees! NOW is the time to buy a ski timeshare.

Is it hot enough for you? Taken August 2015 in Montgomery County Texas.

Often early in October snows in Colorado and Utah will get the juices flowing for those who love to ski. I can promise you that as soon as the November snow hits Colorado, Utah, Vermont, or New Hampshire avid skiers and snowboarders will be planning their first outing for the slopes.

Timeshare resorts in ski areas experience some of the highest occupancy ratings in the timeshare industry. They not only provide great access to ski slopes and lifts, but also terrific summer vacations, fall, and spring vacations as well.  The last time I was in Estes Park, Co, (during the summer) I noticed signs advertising lifts for extreme mountain biking. There’s an incredible idea! Mountain biking down ski trails.

Situated in the mountains these timeshare resorts are host to a great venue for family outings, hiking, biking, fishing, and more. In fact, some of the ski timeshare resorts are some of the best selling of all time on the resale market. Timeshare resales are a great way to buy timeshare at an affordable rate and enjoy all the amenities that goes with it. Timeshare ski resorts are located in New Hampshire, Vermont, California, Utah, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Virginia, Wyoming, and so on.

Here are some of the best ski timeshare resorts on the resale market:

Sheraton’s Mountain Vista in Avon Colorado, Fairmont Vacation Villas located in British Columbia, The Ridge Tahoe, Sandstone Creek Club Vail Colorado, Skiers Lodge Park City Utah, Smugglers’ Notch Resort Jeffersonville Vermont, Poste Montane at Beaver Creek and many many more.

Grand Timber Lodge Timeshare Ski Resort

Grand Timber Lodge Timeshare Ski Resort

Other advantages of owning a timeshare for a ski vacation are the amenities. You get special rates on lift tickets, equipment, shuttles to other lifts and areas, classes of instruction, and a resort that is focused on downhill skiing! Combine that with plenty of like minded individuals to enjoy your vacation with and you have a good time on your hands.

The best way to get your hands on a ski timeshare is to buy one on the resale market. That way you get the best deal, the lowest price, and all the benefits of owning a top shelf ski resort property. And the size of the accommodations will give your whole family or group plenty of space at the end of the day.

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Gurney's Inn - Long Island - Will Drop Their Timeshare Model

Change is on the way on Long Island. Gurney’s Inn, the iconic timeshare resort on Long Island’s eastern tip at Montauk, has been purchased by developers who plan to cancel the timeshare model of ownership there. “The new owners will buy out timeshare holders’ leases and shares within the next five years. The timeshare owners were given three options for selling their shares, according to documents they received.” (

The buyout of the timeshare owners may not be as expensive as you’d think. Reports are that two thirds of the resort is empty (without fee paying owners) and that has contributed to the never ending problem of funds for the Gurney’s Inn. The new owners  have already opened a new beach club with local DJs and a new menu.

Gurney's Inn Beach

Relaxing at Gurney’s Inn Beach

These older timeshare resorts are scattered all over our country. They tend to be smaller and have fewer maintenance fee paying owners. Over the years timeshare weeks have been foreclosed on with no one to take their place. Timeshare buyers tend to go for the more modern and flashy timeshare vacation resorts. I would expect to see several more of these fail the older timeshare model in the next few years. The timeshare owners will be compensated something and give up their deeded week of timeshare.

Hopefully, timeshare resorts in the Northeast will thrive and continue their proud traditions. It is up to the owners’ associations to run an efficient resort and stay afloat. Lake Placid Club Lodges timeshare resort, Village Green at Stowe Vermont, the infamous Trapp Family Lodge, Smugglers’ Notch, and others have been around a long time and I hope they’re there for my children’s children to enjoy.

Stowe Vermont Timeshare Resort

Mountainside at Stowe Vermont Timeshare

On the other hand, I think it’s time for these older resorts to reach out to today’s 30, 40, and 50 “somethings” and get them involved in owning a wonderful vacation! Yes there are advantages to buying and owning a timeshare resort that was not built just yesterday. Often the scenery alone is inspiring enough to convince a lover of nature to purchase a timeshare in the Green Mountains for example.

So Gurney’s Inn is transforming out of the old timeshare model and into something more flashy. At least the timeshare owners will be compensated. That’s better than how some timeshare owners end their relationship with their timeshare deed.

If you think it is time to get out of your timeshare now is the time to sell it. Sales are bouncing back from the lows of the 2007 – 2010 era. Many timeshare buyers are looking to buy timeshare – just not from the resort developer. They, like us all, want to save money and will look for YOU, the timeshare owners who want to sell.



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Disney Vacation Club Sales - First Half of 2015

DVC Animal Kingdom - Disney's Best Seller

DVC Animal Kingdom – Disney’s Best Seller

The first six months of sales of Disney Vacation Club have been slower than in 2014 but still carrying on. In this period 6,153 deeds and 761,959 points were sold. And the “Lion’s Share” (no pun intended) were at Animal Kingdom. In January through May of 2015 roughly 8,200 DVC deeded timeshares were sold. That represents a lot of money. What it does not represent is a possible shift towards more points being sold than deeded weeks. That is possible. Disney doesn’t publish points sales numbers for 2010 and older. (source)

Don’t forget that the DVC points cost and value bounces around like cocoa beans on the commodities market. An interesting note is on their chart, a disclaimer if you will:

  • The month indicated is the month in which the deed has be recorded by the county. There may be a delay of 30 days or longer from the date of purchase to the recording of the deed
  • Number of points purchased are not represented by these statistics
  • These figures represent direct purchases only–there are no resale transactions included
  • Figures included purchases at Walt Disney World-based resorts, Disney’s Hilton Head Island resort, the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and the Aulani resort in Hawaii.

I especially like this one: “These figures represent direct purchases only – no resale transactions included.” Wow. Was that Disney actually noting that a timeshare resale market exists for their product? You betcha . . .

Sales Pitch Not The Way To Do It

Is this the way you want to buy your next timeshare?

Do you wonder why no resales numbers are included? Mainly because Disney, and the other timeshare developers, do not want to acknowledge the timeshare resale market. They fear they might lend credibility to the resales market. However, the timeshare resales market is the fastest growing market for timeshares and will be for a very long time. In particular, timeshare owners tend to be the most frequently buyers of timeshares. They like them, they want more, and they do not go to the resort to buy them. Why would they? They would have to pay a high premium to buy them that way. They just buy timeshares from the owners through a reputable timeshare resale broker and save a ton of money. DVC timeshare purchases are a big ticket item and savvy timeshare folks will shop around to find a good deal.

That’s where a reputable timeshare resale company comes in to play. They can give both the buyer and seller the assurance they are getting a professionally negotiated and closed deal. Plus there’s no pressure or hype to make it unpleasant. Plus the sales are completed from home via email, fax, and so on.

So, DVC, as they say, “Don’t look back, someone might be gaining on you!” And it is not a lion from Animal Kingdom.


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Brazil Timeshare - The Future Model of Timeshare Development?

Looks Like a Great Place to Build a Resort!

Out of the 700+ articles I have written about the timeshare industry how many times have I said “Never consider a timeshare as an investment!” ?

At least a hundred. Maybe more.

That’s why timeshare news out of Brazil caught my eye. Check out this quote from a story last month: “rewards are there to be reaped – 16% per year in our case, as well as a guaranteed buy-back so you don’t need to think about exit strategies.”

Wow! That really got my attention. How do they do it? In a joint venture with RCI, UV10 (the developer) builds and sells a completed three bedroom home on an upmarket resort in northeast Brazil. The timeshare buyer’s contract can last from four to twelve years, pays out 8% per year, and at the end of the contract you get back your initial investment plus an additional 8% – at least that’s how I understand it.

Five years ago they sold 1,500 of these deals. By 2012 the number of buyers skyrocketed to over 25,000!

Natal Brazil - Timeshare Developing

Natal Brazil – Northeast Coast

It took me a little while to figure out this setup and why any company would so such a thing. But then, math was not my strong suit in college. I think what this boils down to is this: At the end of the buyer’s contract the developer will own those 3 bedroom luxury homes free and clear. The timeshare buyers fronted them the money to finance this and RCI/UV10 pays them back interest only till the end of the term with a balloon payment at the end.

Is this a “win win” situation? I still need to think about this some more. What do you think the long term projected income from these properties be? Heck, what will the short term income be while the developer rents out these homes one week at a time? It is a cash cow – all by using financing from someone else.

I wish I thought of that first! But then I still think there will be unanticipated problems with this model of timeshare development and sales. I just don’t know what they are. If this was such a good construct for a timeshare venture why has it not been tried in the US? And if RCI is in on this deal why have they not done this in the US? Would it even be legal in the United States?

So many questions. I have got to think about this more.

Time for coffee.

Staying on top of the timeshare news at





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Hawaii Timeshare Report - Sales, Tourism, and More for 2015

Kona Coast Resort Timeshare For Sale

Kona Coast Resort Timeshare For Sale

I often visit the website to see their ideas about travel, exciting vacations, and new deals being offered for the budget minded traveler. A very recent article there “Where the Travel Deals Are” highlighted places like Iceland, London, South Africa, and Hawaii. Their Hawaii section captured my attention the most when they described how generous and affordable they are making hotels and airfare.

For example, you can find a five star timeshare resort with magnificent amenities, two bedrooms, totally furnished and with a brand name like Marriott or Westin for less than $1,000 a week.  That’s less than $150 a day for a condo – lots of room and loaded with quality and luxury. Some of the top timeshare resorts we have rented out in Hawaii include Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club, Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk, Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas, Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club, and more.

Almost 3.4 million Americans have traveled to Hawaii this year, putting the Aloha State’s tourism industry on pace for a record-setting year, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

More than 1.2 million Californians have visited Hawaii so far this year, along with 320,000 Washington State residents. All told, visitors from the West Coast spent $4.7 billion during their trips to Hawaii in 2014, more than visitors from any other region.

Poipu Point Vacation Resort Timeshare For Sale

Poipu Point Vacation Resort Timeshare For Sale

2015 will be a record year for tourism in Hawaii. It will also be a record year for spending by tourists – bringing in several billion more than last year. 2014 saw tremendous growth in tourism as Hawaii was rebounding from the “bad” years of 2008 – 2009.

Even with the huge growth Hawaii is experiencing with tourism the REVPar is not all that impressive. Neither is the hotel occupancy rate. How do you account for that? Timeshares. The timeshare market is clobbering hotels across the islands of Hawaii! Their occupancy rate is always over 90% and they keep selling more of them!

The “powers to be” in the tourism world seem to think Hawaii has peaked for now and cannot keep up the growth in tourism. Perhaps. At least they have seen the growth. Can Las Vegas, Orlando, or other vacation destinations say the same? I don’t think so.

Hawaii has one thing going for it that will never change: Location. The good news about that? It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The bad news? Air fare.  It costs quite a bit to get to Hawaii and you cannot just drive there.  You must travel by air. Air travel prices will never go much lower than they are today, unless they can use sea water for fuel. Not happening.

I’d say, go ahead and take the plunge: Go to Hawaii, rent a timeshare vacation condo, save a lot of money, and have the vacation of your life.

As usual, I’ll wrap up my comments on Hawaii Tourism 2015 with my top timeshare choices for Hawaii.

Kona Coast Resort II – On the big island, great facilities, reasonably priced timeshares available for sale, and beautiful.

Marriott Maui Ocean Club – Combine Maui with a Marriott resort and you get timeshare paradise!

Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas – Ocean views, exotic luxurious landscaping, and Westin quality are common here.

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Roller Coaster Vacations - Best Places to Stay

There are many many lists of roller coasters that tout outstanding features like Fastest Roller Coaster, Tallest Roller Coaster and so on. What about “Roller Coasters for Timeshare Owners”?: The top list of Roller Coasters close to timeshare resorts. After all, you could exchange for one of these locations or just stay there if you already own a timeshare there.

The roller coasters in my list are found in:

Las Vegas (HGVClub at Flamingo Las Vegas, HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, Polo Towers, Jockey Club, Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort, Marriott’s Grand Chateau, HGVClub on Las Vegas Strip, Wyndham Grand Desert, Tahiti Village, Consolidated Club de Soleil)

Pigeon Forge TN, (Bluegreen’s Mountain Loft, Laurel Crest Resort, Gatlinburg Town Square Resort, Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort, Tree Tops of Gatlinburg, Oakmont Resort, Peppertree at Laurel Point, Wyndham Smoky Mountains at Governor’s Crossing, Mountain Meadows Resort, Sunrise Ridge Resort)

Kraken at Sea World Orlando Timeshare Vacations

Kraken at Sea World Orlando Timeshare Vacations

Orlando (Sheraton’s Vistana Orlando, Orange Lake Country Club Holiday Inn Club Vacations, HGVClub at Sea World Orlando, Marriott’s Cypress Harbour, Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort, Westgate Vacation Villas, Sheraton’s Vistana Villages, Wyndham Cypress Palm, Vacation Villas @Fantasy World, Cypress Pointe Resort)

Williamsburg (Powhatan Plantation Resort, Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s Colony, Wyndham Kingsgate, Beach Quarters@Clarion Resort, Summit at Massanutten, Massanutten’s Mountainside, Wyndham Patriot Place, Eagle Trace @ Massanutten, Greensprings Plantation Resort, Turtle Cay Resort)

Tampa  (Grand Shores West, Coral Reef Beach Resort, Redington Ambassador, All Seasons Vacation Resort, Camelot by the Sea, Tierra Verde Resort, Voyager Beach Club, Sand Pebble Resort, Shawnee’s Island Gulf Resort, Hideaway Sands Resort)

Missing from the list are the outstanding roller coasters in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, and many others. There just wasn’t enough room to work them in.


El Loco – Adventuredome at Circus Circus, Las Vegas

Living up to its name, this hair-raising new coaster that opened February 18 has a turn that banks to the outside, an unheard of gravity-defying feature, even among coaster collectors.

Bells and whistles:
Length: 1,300 feet
Speed: 45 mph
Height: 90 feet
Insanity: It banks outside at a 45-degree angle, about 44 degrees further than the average comfort zone.

FireChaser Express – Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Dolly Parton herself was there to cut the ribbon on this new coaster that debuted March 22.

Although it’s classified in coaster parlance as a “family ride” — and indeed riders need only be 39 inches tall to board the splashy red fire trucks — this innovative new ride includes explosions, fireworks, more twists than an Agatha Christie novel and enough special effects that it could get nominated for that category in next year’s Oscars.

Bells and whistles:
Length: 2,427 feet
Speed: 34.5 mph
Height: 12 stories
Insanity: Once Big Bertha explodes, you ride backwards all the way to the station.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Walk Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

You might be tempted to sniff at the stats (it IS, after all, an all-ages coaster), but this new steel coaster at Disney World’s New Fantasyland does a lot more than defy Newton’s laws.

According to Disney Imagineer Dave Minichiello, the ride’s creative director, this roller coaster-plus has music and interactive elements, goes outside through a forest and inside through the dwarf’s mine and is unlike any ride Disney World has ever seen.

Bells and whistles:
Vultures: 2
Dwarfs: 7
Jewels: Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and more
Insanity: The car’s platform rocks back and forth.


Apollo’s Chariot, Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Virginia)

Apollo’s Chariot is at the Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park in James City County, Virginia. The ride was the first Hyper Coaster designed by Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard. It officially opened to the public on March 30, 1999.

The 4,882-foot-long ride is characterized by eight air-time hills, with heights ranging between 49 and 131 feet. Riders ascend 170 feet on the chain lift hill before dropping 210 feet at an angle of 65°. Apollo’s Chariot is generally well received with it consistently rating highly in industry rankings.

SheiKra, Busch Gardens Tampa

SheiKra was the first Dive Coaster to be constructed in North America: its track includes a splashdown and an Immelmann loop, both a first for its kind. It broke the records for the world’s longest, tallest, and fastest Dive Coaster, but lost these records when Griffon in Williamsburg, Virginia, and Dive Coaster at Chime-Long Paradise in Guangzhou, China opened.

Kraken, SeaWorld Orlando

Kraken is a floorless roller coaster located at SeaWorld Orlando. Manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, the ride features a total of seven inversions including two vertical loops, a dive loop, a zero-g roll, a cobra roll and a corkscrew. Kraken opened on June 1, 2000.

Expedition Everest at Disney Animal Kingdom
Careen through the Himalayan mountains on a speeding train while avoiding the clutches of the mythic Abominable Snowman.

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No Timeshares In Alaska? What About . . .

Have you noticed how often cable television programming features Alaska? In the last few years there has been an explosion of “reality television” featuring Alaska. As I write this these are some of the Alaska programs on the air: Alaskan Women Looking For Love, Buying Alaska, Deadliest Catch, Escaping Alaska, Flying Wild Alaska, Bering Sea Gold, and others.

But can I use my banked timeshare to stay in a timeshare in Alaska? You probably could if there were any in Alaska. But, there are none.

No timeshares in Alaska.

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge - Whistler

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge – Whistler

What if I could get you close to Alaska? What if I could get you to a timeshare resort that has mountains, copious amounts of snow, and a true wilderness feel?  Then we’d be talking about Canada!

There are plenty of timeshares in Canada.

The Rocky Mountains run from south to north through the western half of Canada. This mountain range is host to a wide array of species of large game animal, fish, birds, and other wildlife. The Banff Rocky Mountain Resort timeshare is located in the heart of Banff National Park, just west of Calgary. Conveniently located close to the Trans Canada Highway, it is easily accessible 12 months a year.

Pacific Shores Resort and Spa is in Vancouver, BC. Enjoy your view of the water from Pacific Shores Nature Resort, located directly on Craig Bay. Right outside your door, the beach offers scuba diving and salmon fishing charters. Five golf courses are within a 20 minute drive. And YES! It has an indoor heated pool.

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside - BC, Canada

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside – BC, Canada

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside can be found on the western slope of the Canadian Rockies. Overlooking the Columbia River Valley, the resort offers ski trails as well as a myriad of other outdoor activities.

Timeshares in Canada include Club Intrawest at Blackcomb, Intrawest Resort Club Blackcomb, Carriage Hills Resort, Banff Rocky Mountain Resort, Shell Vacation Club,  Mountainside Lodge, Fairmont Villas at Hillside, Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside, Grand Okanagan Resort, Pacific Shores Resort and Spa, Twin Peaks.


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Maui Timeshare Deals

Maui beaches timeshare rental buy sell discount

Over a period of time, owning your vacation timeshare resort will save you a bundle of cash! Consider Maui

Thousands of people have bought timeshares in Maui. From Japan to New York Maui attracts vacationers in ever growing numbers. As a matter of fact, timeshare related tourism in Hawaii is growing at a fast and steady rate. Meanwhile, no traditional hotels are being built, the occupancy rate of hotels is either flat or falling, and more timeshare resorts are being built as we speak.

The real money is betting on timeshare growth in Hawaii.

All the big players in the timeshare world are making big moves and investing in Hawaiian timeshare development. They see the upwards trend for Hawaii timeshares and are banking on it to continue.

Timeshare developers in Hawaii haven’t always been this popular. In the 1990’s timeshare was well established on the islands but nothing was growing. They were holding their own. But as tourism began to decline in Hawaii at the same time timeshare resort occupancy was climbing. As they say, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Timeshare developers like Marriott, Hilton, Westin and others began investing hundreds of millions of dollars into building some of the most spectacular luxury resort destinations in the world. Top shelf golf resorts, world class restaurants, roomy updated accommodations, and well trained staff became the standard by which future timeshare developments would be measured. And all this was underway in Maui.

Sands of Kahana Timeshare Resort

What a Great View!

Having said all the above, now let’s take a look at the hottest item in Maui: Timeshares.

Dozens of terrific resorts, unbeatable location, and a tropical paradise. These Maui time shares are available for sale at greatly reduced prices and the owners are ready to make a deal. Check these out at :

Aston Kaanapali Shores Lahaina,  The Gardens at West Maui Kapalua, Maui,  Hale Kamaole Maui,  Hololani Resort Lahaina, Maui,  Hono Koa Resort Lahaina, Maui,  Kaanapali Beach Vacation Resort Lahaina,  Kaanapali Keys at Papakea Lahaina, Maui,  Kahana Beach Resort Lahaina, Maui,  Kahana Falls Lahaina, Maui,  Kahana Villa Vacation Club Lahaina, Maui,  Kamaole Beach Club Kihei, Maui,  Kapulanikai Vacation Suites Kihei, Maui,  Kihei Akahi Kihei, Maui,  Kihei Kai Nani Kihei,Maui,  The Kuleana Club Lahaina, Maui,  Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club Lahaina, Maui,  Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club Lahaina and Napili Villas Lahaina,Maui,  Maui Banyan Vacation Club Kihei, Maui,  Maui Beach Vacation Club Kihei, Maui, and  Maui Lea at Maui Hill Kihei, Maui.

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Jamaica's Venture Into Timeshare

Jamaica MapAs of today, there’s about 15 timeshare resorts with RCI located in Jamaica. They’re located in Negril, Montego Bay, Runaway Bay, St. Ann’s, Lucea, and Ocho Rios.

Passed in 2014, the new Timeshare Vacations Bill, allows for the legal structure and protections for consumers to be firmly established for the timeshare industry in Jamaica. Of particular interest was their inclusion of a noticeable rescission period where a buyer can cancel their timeshare purchase unconditionally.

Jamaica Ocho Rios

Jamaica Ocho Rios

With any luck, there will be laws with “teeth” to back up the enforcement of the rescission period.

Who will be building in Jamaica?

As of now, none of the well known US developers are established there with their name on a resort.

Most are independently owned like BPPC @ G Bahia Principe Jamaica, Grand Lido Negril,  Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa and others.

caribbean beachTimeshare developers like Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, Westgate, Bluegreen, and Pacific Monarch are most likely planning their entry into Jamaica timeshare development, purchase, and/or redevelopment.



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Now Here's a Great Ski Resort Timeshare Deal! Price Cut In Half

Grand Timber Lodge Pool Snow Timeshare Discount

Grand Timber Lodge Pool Snow Timeshare Discount

FOR  SALE  GRAND TIMBER LODGE $7,500  Odd years, lock out unit, two bedrooms, summer season!

This price is excellent! This 2 bedroom Lock-Off unit is in one of Colorado’s finest ski-in, ski-out Resorts. Use Snowflake Chairlift. Take a short walk to downtown Breckenridge.
Thanks “Wagonwheel Phil” for the tip on this one. For a true ski in ski out resort this is a deal at nearly 50% off retail. Can you say “DISCOUNT?”
Find more Grand Timber Lodge timeshares for sale.
If you want the best Breckenridge skiing experience you absolutely must check this resort out. Here’s a review from someone who stayed there recently: “This is a nice condo for a visit to Breckenridge. The lodge is close to main street with all of the restaurants, bars and entertainment. You are also a short walk to the Gondolas so you have access to the Breckenridge ski area. We spent a lot of time mountain biking and hiking the vast amounts of trails available from the base area of the ski hill.. We really enjoyed biking down the mountain using the lifts on the weekends. “

What is the advantage of buying timeshare on the resale market vs. buying direct from the Resort?

Primarily – because of price! You can buy the very same timeshare accommodations from an individual owner that you could purchase direct from a resort – but always at the lower resale price.

Timeshare buyers have become more educated on vacation timeshare and understand that the resale price can be from 25% to 60% of what they would pay if they purchased at the retail price direct from the resort. Saving money by purchasing on a truly market-based pricing structure makes sense!

Grand Timber Lodge for sale timeshare

Grand Timber Lodge Timeshare For Sale

The only reason anyone ever buys a timeshare from the resort is because they are unaware of the timeshare resale market. There’s no other explanation!

Why would anyone buy exactly the same product for twice the money? Not a problem for chewing gum, but a week at a luxury timeshare resort? Everyone understands the rationale here.

“Friends don’t let friends buy timeshares at the resort!” Not kidding here folks. You could help your friend or family member save $10,000 or more by directing them to a timeshare resale broker who has a track record of closed sales, completed deals, and a team of specialists who know timeshares inside and out.


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Hotel VS Timeshare - Space Value Luxury

Today’s timeshare deal of the day on highlights a huge reason why timeshares are a great choice for many people.

Just consider what you’d get with Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar.

Then compare it with a comparable motel in the same region. What you’d probably get is a SMALL room.

You would have just enough room to get more than one person in there but don’t plan on moving around. There’s just not much space. You’d have to open the door to change your mind.


The second most likely thing you would encounter would be a lack in maintenance. Just basically run down. Take the swimming pool for example. This is a real hotel pool photo from a hotel that was open for business:

My Summer Vacation!

I bet you have found that hotels or motels are not that cheap any more. Around Orlando FL for example, finding a motel for less than $100 a night would involve being willing to have your car jacked up and wheels stolen. Not worth it is it?

Then just think of other benefits you get from staying in a motel. Well, there aren’t any.

All you get is a bed to sleep on.

Turning the page – look at what you get with a timeshare for your vacation. The example I chose simply came from a featured timeshare on the front page of  Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar, Mexico. This one has just come available for sale for $5,995 and is a two bedroom annual use timeshare. Here’s a pic of that one:

Notice a trend already?

Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar

Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar

How about the living area? How much room do you typically get with a timeshare?  What about the pool? Other amenities? You guessed it. You’d get a full kitchen, laundry facilities, well maintained facilities, nice landscaping, and a relaxed atmosphere to spend your vacation in.

So now you make the call. What makes sense? The timeshare: Comfortable, space, amenities, affordability, something you can count on.

You also have plenty of choices when you go with a timeshare. Whether you are looking in Orlando, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico, Aruba, Colorado, Utah or anywhere else you can find Five Star timeshare resorts that are affordable and beautiful.

Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar

Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar

The timeshare market is still growing and gaining momentum as I write this. Having recovered from the Recession of a few years ago, timeshare resorts are ramping up sales, tours, and construction to meet the high demand for vacation ownership products (translated: timeshares). And despite the decades old reputation, timeshares are perceived as a new and smart product. Selling your timeshare is getting easier and buying a timeshare is getting more affordable as well.

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How To Use The Internet To Buy A Timeshare

BEFORE – Looks Rough Doesn’t It?

I have this occasional hobby of restoring things that look like junk. Sometimes I succeed – sometimes the project ends up in the garbage.

A lot of my success depends on being able to find the right part to repair the project. One hundred percent of my success in finding the right part depends on being able to identify what it is I am working on. Looking at the “Before” photo in this article you might guess I had a tough time figuring out exactly what I was working on. Or even if it was worth working on.

Using the internet and various search engines I managed to follow a series of clues (part numbers, dates, words) and eventually identify exactly what I was working on. I even emailed the original manufacturer – who is still in business – to get a confirmation. They verified it and wanted me to send them photos when I was done.

Using Google as my primary search engine, I located 8 new “Pin Spot Colored Lenses”, two new “Par 36 Pin Spot Lights”, and 1,000 One inch square mirror pieces. After hours of cleaning, scraping, rewiring, paint, and hot glue I finished the project. Plus, it works! All the lights work, it spins, it rotates, and brings back memories of the early days of Disco when this huge gadget was so popular.

I have been able to find the most obscure stuff.

You are searching for a certain timeshare week you’d like to buy. You don’t want to approach the timeshare resort because of previous unpleasant experiences with timeshare sales people. You know what you want. You know someone has what you want but how do you find it?

Using the internet and search engines can often fail you when trying to buy something like a timeshare. There are many false leads, “404 page not found” errors, auction closed notices, and other dead ends.

Early ’80’s Era Cosmo Disco Ball

Searching for a special week at your favorite timeshare resort can become a frustrating experience.

Maybe you should search from a different angle. Try searching for someone who can find it for you. Your own timeshare detective. Believe it or not, there are timeshare resale specialists who do this very thing. They know how to find any timeshare week in any resort and figure out how to get a buyer offer to the owner. What are the chances on any given day a timeshare owner would like to sell their timeshare? Maybe 50/50! Catch them at the right time and the chances go up.

Rather than using the internet to search for the timeshare, use a timeshare resale specialist to find your timeshare week for you. They can wade through the overload of information and find the timeshare that would be perfect for you and your family or meet your specific needs.

Don’t wander around in the World Wide Web of bad information. Let a timeshare resale specialist do the work for you and let the party get started!


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Your Best Chance To Exchange Your Timeshare

BluegreenMountainLoftYou will hear sales people tell you that you can exchange timeshare for any place and any time.

What they timeshare salesman did not tell you was that you have to be able to plan your vacation six months in advance, be flexible on each of your choices, and request different times to raise the likelihood of getting an actual exchange that works.

So who among us timeshare owners can predict three different weeks that we can get off work for a vacation?  Just what I thought. Just about nobody.

The best chance of getting what you want in a timeshare exchange through RCI or Interval International is to plan as far in advance as possible. Request your vacation time as soon as possible. It also means that if you want for example a ski vacation do not just request your favorite place like Park City. Spread your request over several areas like Park City, Breckenridge, and Lake Tahoe. And for each location request a different week on the calendar like weeks 6, 7, and 8. Those variables will greatly increase your chance of getting a week in exchange for what you banked.

Diamond Resorts Lake Tahoe

Diamond Resorts Lake Tahoe

If you value the timeshare you purchased and the maintenance fee you pay each year you owe it to yourself to get the benefit of owning a timeshare. So don’t let the week rot away in the RCI or II bank. They will be glad to rent out that week for themselves.

Work the system, get your timeshare exchange, and get the well deserved vacation you need!

However, if your inability to exchange your timeshare for what you want (and deserve!) has frustrated you to the boiling point there is a solution: Sell your timeshare. Maybe you’ve considered that option or even attempted to sell it yourself. But if you have continued to pay maintenance fees for a timeshare that you can never get, for a vacation you never take, or for good times you’ve paid for in advance but aren’t having any fun then sell the timeshare.

There is no mystery or secret to selling your timeshare. It is just a matter of getting the right help and setting the price so that a buyer finds it an attractive purchase. You will not have the advantage of a pressurized sales pitch but what you will have is negotiating help when you use a timeshare resale specialist.

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Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort Timeshare - New On The Market For Sale!

Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort Timeshare New For Sale!

Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort Timeshare New For Sale!

This Westgate Smoky Mountain timeshare has just been made available for sale!  It is a Platinum, odd year, one bedroom unit – $4,995.

This fabulous Five Star resort is a rustic mountain retreat next to the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest. The serenity of this mountain community has long been a favorite for vacationers. Amenities include fully-equipped kitchens, fireplaces, spa garden tub, and washer/dryer. Every cabin has either a mountainside or riverside view. Play golf or tennis, go hiking or whitewater rafting.

Browse more Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort Timeshares for sale.

More about Westgate Resorts

Founded in 1982, Westgate Resorts has evolved into the largest privately held corporation in the Central Florida area. Starting with its original 16-unit resort at Westgate Vacation Villas in Kissimmee, Florida, Westgate Resorts now encompasses more than 10,000 guestrooms at 28 full-service resorts in travel destinations throughout the United States including Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Park City, Utah; Williamsburg, Virginia; Miami, Florida; Branson, Missouri; Mesa, Arizona; Tunica, Mississippi; and more.

Westgate timeshare resorts and units for sale include Branson Yacht Club Rock Lane, Newport Beachside Resort,Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate, Westgate at South Beach , Westgate Lakes Resort, Westgate Miami Beach, Westgate Blue Tree Resort, Westgate Branson Woods, Westgate Leisure Orlando, Westgate Town Center, Westgate Painted Mountain Golf Resort, Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort, and Westgate Towers.

More about Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is an important tourism destination in Tennessee, with many man-made attractions, and it borders the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Gatlinburg is the only ski resort in Tennessee. It has eight ski trails and three chair lifts, and is accessible via roads and a gondola from the city strip. The Gatlinburg Trolley, a privately funded public transit system, caters to area tourists.

Gatlinburg Tennessee in the Fall

Gatlinburg Tennessee in the Fall

Another popular attraction is Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies which also features special exhibits covering subjects such as the Titanic, pirates and more recently the planet Mars. Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country, which are both named for Dolly Parton, are amusement parks located in nearby Pigeon Forge.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

From their website:  Ridge upon ridge of forest straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. World renowned for its diversity of plant and animal life, the beauty of its ancient mountains, and the quality of its remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture, this is America’s most visited national park.

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Florida's New Timeshare Law

HGV Club Seaworld Orlando

HGV Club Seaworld Orlando

Governor Rick Scott said in approving House Bill 453 last week was this: “This bill makes various revisions to the Florida Vacation Plan and Timesharing Act.” That’s not much of an explanation of the new timeshare law, is it? Did any Florida residents ask for this law? No. Was there any explanation as to who this law benefited? No.

The contents of the new law make it obvious that it favors the timeshare developers over the consumer in a huge way. First, there is the elimination of a cap which currently limits annual increases in property taxes and certain common area resort expenses to 125% of the prior year’s cost. Increases in maintenance fees are already confounding and infuriating timeshare owners. Now the state has approved removing the cap to the fees that kept them at least a little under control.

Second, “the bill allows developers to almost unilaterally decide what constitutes ‘compliance’ and ‘materiality’ with regard to mistakes and omissions in contracts.” This was done in an effort to prevent timeshare sales contracts from being nullified by lawyers  so that owners could get out of the contract.

Marriott Cypress Harbor

Marriott Cypress Harbour

Third is a provision which outlines the rights of developers to extend or terminate a timeshare plan at any date. Now let that one sink in for a minute!  At first the wording of the law looks like it applies to lease agreements only. Looking further it appears that it could also apply to a developer redefining what points are worth and forcing owners to buy more points in order to maintain their current level of membership or ownership. In other words, legalized price gouging!

Historically, the State of Florida has been thought of as protecting the consumer very well.

With the passing of this law, that reputation will dissolve very quickly in favor of the big resort developers who make regular large contributions to the Florida politicians’ coffers.

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Timeshare Vacations and Scuba Diving

Vacation and Holiday travel do not necessarily need to be expensive. If your hobby or avocation is scuba diving, here are a few great tips for making your next trip more affordable.  Accommodations at most great dive destinations are usually expensive. If you were to rent a timeshare, or buy a timeshare at your favorite dive location you would save a bundle over time!

Scuba Diving Timeshare VacationsFabulous timeshare condos are available for sale or rent in Aruba: Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort, Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club, Costa Linda Beach Resort, La Cabana Beach Resort, Renaissance Aruba Resort, Casa Del Mar Beach Resort, Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club, and Paradise Beach Villas to name a few. In the Cayman Islands, our resident diving enthusiast recommends Morritt’s Tortuga Club as her first choice. Other timeshare vacation condos for sale in Cayman Islands include Plantation Village Beach Resort, Coral Sands Resort, and 7 Mile Beach Resort. In Cozumel, you can find excellent dive resorts. For example Melia Vac Club @ Melia Cozumel, Occidental Resort Cozumel, RHC/Park Royal Cozumel, and Reef Club Cozumel.

Now for something TOTALLY different. Diving in Egypt and from timeshare resorts in the Middle East!

The first time I saw Sharm El Sheikh I was in the US Navy on a Cruiser. Having just passed through the Suez Canal we made a port call at Hurghada, Egypt on the Red Sea. From there I took a short boat tour of the area towards Sharm El Sheikh and got into a discussion with two of the passengers from the US. They were divers whose specialty was underwater photography. In fact they had photos published in National Geographic! Pretty impressive. I asked them “Why here?” “Best water for photography of coral, fish, and shipwrecks in the world” they replied. Wow! Judging from the surface no one could ever have guessed that.

There are timeshares in Egypt for certain. Most of them concentrate on diving in the Red Sea. I saw a few resorts in Hurghada during a fueling stop and Sharm El Sheikh twice from the ship. I must say my observation of the terrain around both areas look about as hospitable as the surface of the Moon. Not one green blade of grass or anything resembling a bush or tree. Yet I saw sheep being guided along rocky trails and camels all over.

What would inspire a developer like Hilton to invest in a resort in such a place? It has a secure location at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. That may be why several of our Presidents and heads of state have had high level meetings there over the years.

Scuba Diving - Best in the Red SeaNonetheless, it absolutely the best destination for diving, wreck diving, and underwater photography.

Search for timeshares for sale in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh and around the Red Sea!

Many of these timeshare condos offer dive packages, shuttles, equipment rental, and other services. So, if you are ready to rent, buy, or even sell your dive resort timeshare, check out for terrific service and great deals.

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Marriott Grand Chateau - Las Vegas' Newest Biggest Best Suites

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau has completed construction and expansion of their villas. Not only have they added another 200+ rooms, they have added villas with a terrific amount of living space. The three bedroom villas are nearly 2,100 square feet.

Why is that a big deal?

Consider what your options were before timeshares came along. You could rent someone’s home (hard to find and afford), or you could stay in a hotel where the rooms are so small you have to go in the hall to change your mind!


Marriott Grand Chateau 2 Bedroom Unit –

Everyone in your room had to wait their turn to brush their teeth, and you ran out of towels before you even got settled in. No place to sit but on the bed. No way to unpack because there was no place to put away your clothes.

But along came timeshares and changed the whole scenario. You have chairs, tables, a couch, televisions, a full kitchen, washer/dryer, and plenty of room to unpack your bags and relax.

At the Marriott Grand Chateau here’s what you get with a typical 3-bedroom villa:

  • 3-bedroom/3-bath villa
  • Approximately 2,095 square feet
  • Sleeps 12

Flexible too:  Select 2- and 3-bedroom villas offer a Lock-Off option, enabling you to create separate units; one with full kitchen, living and dining areas, and the other with a kitchenette.

That is a big reason why several million people have bought timeshares all across the US, Mexico, Canada, and overseas. Plus you can exchange it for a different location! That adds a completely different character to your vacation lodging: owning it.

Since you own your vacation villa you can rent it out, exchange it for a different location, or even sell it. You are in control of that week of vacation lodging.

The key is buy your timeshare on the resale market in the first place. When you buy from the resort, you pay top dollar. When you buy from an individual owner, you get a discount. A large discount!

And using a timeshare resale broker is the safe way to do it.



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What Is The Best Way To Sell My Timeshare

Silverleaf Holiday Hills Timeshare For Sale

Silverleaf Holiday Hills Timeshare For Sale

There are a lot of ways you could go about selling your timeshare. But, who do you believe? With all the warnings about timeshare scams and news about the timeshare scam companies in places like Florida, who do you trust?

Let’s get the “How Not To Sell Your Timeshare” methods disposed of first.

If you have looked around on the web for some answers maybe you have seen timeshares for sale on eBay. Now that is a let down. Hundreds of timeshares for sale for pennies on the dollar – lots of them not even selling – and who knows if they even close on the sale once they start making a deal. When it comes to timeshares everything you see on sites like eBay is like a magic show. Just where did all that inventory come from? Do those deals ever really close? Do you really want to sell your timeshare for a dollar?

How about those telephone solicitors calling you to say they have a buyer for your timeshare and all you need to do is send them eight hundred, a thousand, or three thousand dollars? Do like they do on the Matrix – RUN!  Companies like that are getting busted weekly and those guys are off to jail.

Okay, run an ad in your local town newspaper. You start fielding calls from buyers who do not know what a timeshare is. They think they can buy a whole ownership condo on the beach for fifteen thousand. Next.

Next comes the “Google” approach. Try it. You’ll get 7.5 million results and tons of ads from faceless, cyber sales sites.

Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas Timeshare For Sale

Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas Timeshare For Sale

What you need is a person. A person with timeshare sales experience. Preferably with some sort of credentials and an address. Remember that? Sticks and bricks?

What I’m talking about is a Realtor that is also a timeshare resale specialist. Using a Realtor to sell your timeshare will work as long as they know exactly how to deal with the resorts, title companies, and navigate sales across state and international lines. Not many Realtors want to tackle that. Some do. is one such company. “We have a staff of REALTORS® and support personnel who are dedicated to assisting timeshare buyers and sellers and making the sales transaction as smooth and easy as possible.” Having been in business a long time and with credentials that are solid, they have been getting timeshares sold for a long long time.

Timeshare Resale Broker. I like the way that sounds.



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