Timeshare Rentals Top 25 For The First Half of 2014

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare For Sale

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare For Sale

According to who? Let’s just call them blueweek.com. They have this timeshare top list every year at “blueweek.com” for rentals and sales. Their list is accumulated from “Top 25 ranking was determined by the e-mail alert preferences of the site’s more than 1.5 million registered users.” They even say “actual results may differ from those reflected in these results”. Their rankings are based not on what people actually get, but what they want. So it should be entitled “The Top 25 Most Requested Timeshare Rentals”. Just because it is requested, does not mean it is the most rented out timeshare.

The email alert is just a reflection of what people want and usually cannot get. Supply and demand. The information is good to know if you own a timeshare there. Timeshare owners who also want to exchange into those resorts would also benefit by knowing that the top 25 would be very hard to exchange into. Maybe that’s why these 25 timeshares are on the request list. Nobody wants to bank their week there, and zillions of people want it.

Too bad, RCI and Interval International would say. I also wonder if RCI and II are renting out any of those timeshare weeks banked there! Probably. Those are in so much demand they could command any price they want to rent it out.

Things that make you wonder who is looking out for who . . . .

Anyway, here’s their list:

Harborside Resort Atlantis Timeshares for Rent or Sale

Harborside Resort Atlantis Timeshares for Rent or Sale

1. Disney’s Beach Club Villas – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
2. Disney’s BoardWalk Villas – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
3. Harborside Resort at Atlantis – Paradise Island, Bahamas
4. The Manhattan Club – New York City, New York
5. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – Lahaina, Hawaii
6. Costa Linda Beach Resort – Oranjestad, Aruba
7. HGVC at Hilton Hawaiian Village – Honolulu, Hawaii
8. Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
9. Disney’s Old Key West Resort – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
10. Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club – Kapolei, Hawaii
11. Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club – Palm Beach, Aruba
12. The Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas – Lahaina, Hawaii
13. Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club – Palm Beach, Aruba
14. Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas – Newport Coast, California
15. The Royal Sands – Cancun, Mexico
16. Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club – Koloa, Hawaii
17. Playa Linda Beach Resort – Palm Beach, Aruba
18. Marriott’s Grande Ocean – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
19. Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort: West Village – Kissimmee, Florida
20. Marriott’s Ocean Pointe – Palm Beach Shores, Florida
21. Kaanapali Beach Club – Lahaina, Hawaii
22. The Westin St. John – Virgin Grand Villas – St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
23. Aruba Beach Club – Oranjestad, Aruba
24. Sheraton Vistana Resort – Orlando, Florida
25. The Galleon Resort – Key West, Florida

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Animal Kingdom's Largest Expansion - Pandora!

Breaking Ground for Pandora at Disney

Breaking Ground for Pandora at Disney

**UPDATE**  Construction has begun for Pandora at the Magic Kingdom. Friday, January 10th, they broke out the big blue shovels and got to work.

When James Cameron’s hit movie, Avatar, made its debut in 2009 the nation was buzzing in anticipation of what it would be like. And fans were not disappointed. Avatar dazzled both the young and old. It was the kind of movie that thought outside the box. Seriously outside!

Pandora was the home of the tall and blue skinned Na’Vi. Disney plans to build an expansion to Animal Kingdom that is modeled after Pandora. THAT is a huge and ambitious undertaking. Building a jungle of bioluminescent plants is absolutely within the type of thing Disney could pull off. Here’s more: “Other than the color, the trees resemble those of Earth. They have the familiar trunks, branches and leaves, though due to the difference in planetary gravity, many of the shapes appear strange to humans and the proportions are greater because of the lower gravity. The trees and plant life of Pandora have formed electrochemical connections between their roots and effectively act as neurons, creating a planet-wide “brain” that has achieved sentience.”

Avatar's Thanator - Disney Animal Kingdom

Avatar’s Thanator – Disney Animal Kingdom

Plus, remember the strange animals? Mountain banshees that the Na’vi would ride in the sky, viperwolves, thick skinned hammerhead titanotheres, and of course the thanator! Disney will also be adding new entertainment experiences including a night show with music, floating lanterns, water screens and swirling animal imagery.

This new “Avatar Land” (final name yet to be announced) will open in 2017 at Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal Kingdom.

Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time worldwide at $2.7 billion. Plus, if you didn’t already know, three sequels are planned to be released in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

The addition of the world of Pandora to Disney’s theme park in Florida will be huge. The kind of huge that will make all theme parks jealous of the buzz that will be created. It will also help draw more tourists, fill more restaurants, book more hotel rooms, and sell more timeshares. Disney has a timeshare development at the Animal Kingdom. One of the best selling timeshare projects of Disney Vacation Club, the Animal Kingdom has the thematic resort notion hammered into place. Imagine the sales of timeshares at the Animal Kingdom resort once the Avatar/Pandora section opens in 2017! A sales persons’ dream. I bet the prices for Disney Vacation Club memberships will be higher that year as well. That’s just part of the “Magic”!

Disney Timeshares for sale by owner.

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Timeshare Exchange

Is this what you got on your last timeshare exchange?

Timeshare Exchange with a guarantee of getting what you want? The truth is that does not happen very often. The success that is. You will hear sales people tell you that you can exchange timeshare for any place and any time.

What they timeshare salesman did not tell you was that you have to be able to plan your vacation six months in advance, be flexible on each of your choices, and request different times to raise the likelihood of getting an actual exchange that works.

So who among us timeshare owners can predict three different weeks that we can get off work for a vacation?  Just what I thought. Just about nobody.

The best chance of getting what you want in a timeshare exchange through RCI or Interval International is to plan as far in advance as possible. Request your vacation time as soon as possible. It also means that if you want for example a ski vacation do not just request your favorite place like Park City. Spread your request over several areas like Park City, Breckenridge, and Lake Tahoe. And for each location request a different week on the calendar like weeks 6, 7, and 8. Those variables will greatly increase your chance of getting a week in exchange for what you banked.

If you value the timeshare you purchased and the maintenance fee you pay each year you owe it to yourself to get the benefit of owning a timeshare. So don’t let the week rot away in the RCI or II bank. They will be glad to rent out that week for themselves.

Work the system, get your timeshare exchange, and get the well deserved vacation you need! RPMLS.com

Don’t Let It Get To This Point!

However, if your inability to exchange your timeshare for what you want (and deserve!) has frustrated you to the boiling point there is a solution: Sell your timeshare. Maybe you’ve considered that option or even attempted to sell it yourself. But if you have continued to pay maintenance fees for a timeshare that you can never get, for a vacation you never take, or for good times you’ve paid for in advance but aren’t having any fun then sell the timeshare.

There is no mystery or secret to selling your timeshare. It is just a matter of getting the right help and setting the price so that a buyer finds it an attractive purchase. You will not have the advantage of a pressurized sales pitch but what you will have is negotiating help when you use a timeshare resale specialist.

That’s money in the bank. A real bank.


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Old Timeshare - New Gold Crown From RCI

Eastern Slope Inn Timeshare Resort

Eastern Slope Inn Timeshare Resort

From the Conway Daily Sun:  “CONWAY — Eastern Slope Inn Resort last week announced it has been awarded the prestigious RCI Gold Crown Resort property designation by RCI, the worldwide leader in vacation exchange. A select number of RCI affiliated resorts meet RCI’s requirements for recognition and have earned the RCI Gold Crown Resort award. These resorts have attained high levels of excellence in resort accommodations, hospitality and member experience ratings as measured by RCI. In the world of timeshares this is not such extraordinary news. THIS is what makes it extraordinary: “For more than 87 years, the historic elegance and awarded history of the resort is reflected in Eastern Slope Inn’s unyielding commitment to guest satisfaction.” Since the resort’s origins in 1926, the resort has experienced tremendous growth, spanning such capital enhancements as the construction of additional accommodations and most recently a new fitness facility and renovations to the main lobby — restoring it back to its historic elegance.”

With over 3.7 million members in RCI, this is a tremendous pat on the back for those who manage Eastern Slope Inn. Timeshare resorts, as they age, experience a decline in desirability most of the time due to their location, amenities, and/or management. That has not been the case with this Conway, New Hampshire timeshare resort. RCI also considers the timeshare owners’ feelings about their timeshare resort. Resort reviews are constantly being submitted by the owners and evaluated by both RCI and the timeshare resort. In order to attain a Gold Crown Resort designation from RCI the resort’s owner satisfaction grade must be high.

According to their website, “The Eastern Slope Inn Resort is an elegant, four-season resort located on the National Register of Historic Places in the center of New Hampshire’s North Conway Village. Situated on 40 acres, within walking distance of quaint shops, restaurants, cafes and popular attractions, the resort features 250 rooms bridging the charm of yesteryear with modern day comforts and conveniences. The main inn offers a variety of elegantly furnished guest rooms with many units featuring kitchenettes. Also on site, guests can choose from studios, townhouses and deluxe suites with gas fireplaces, spa tubs, full kitchens and living rooms. Resort amenities include the Eastern Slope Playhouse, indoor heated pool, outdoor hot tub, Flatbread Restaurant & Pub, tennis courts, fitness facility, playground, retail shops and walking trails to the Saco River.”

Inn Season at Pollard Brook

Inn Season at Pollard Brook

Numerous older timeshare resorts are dotted across the Green Mountains and White Mountains. They tend to have a loyal following by the owners and are well maintained. Vermont and New Hampshire offer four seasons of beauty, convenience, and affordability. I’d say these older timeshare resorts will be around much longer yet. Maybe even longer than those being built today.

More timeshare resorts in New Hampshire: Attitash Mountain Village, Inn Season at Pollard Brook, Village of Loon Mountain, Cathedral Ledge Resort, Summit at Four Seasons, Cold Spring Properties, Forest Glen Inn, Steele Hill Resort, Inns of Waterville Valley, The Windrifter.


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Of All The Ways You Could Dispose Of Your Timeshare This One Works

“What is the best way to sell my timeshare?” I get asked that question a lot. You do have a lot of options but most of them are not very effective. For example: You could ask the timeshare resort for help selling your timeshare. Unfortunately about 58% of all US resorts offer no resales help. If they do, often they charge extremely high commissions, like up to 40% That does not sound like the best way to sell your time share.

Westin Kierland Villas timeshare for sale

You could always advertise it yourself. However, these days, the prospects of advertising on Craigslist have scared some people away. Prices on EBay are rock bottom and while you may get a large amount of exposure, you may not want to deal with “bottom feeder” price offers. The kind of advertising you’d need to do to attract the largest possible buyer pool would be quite expensive. Try pricing an ad in USA Today! Too expensive. That doesn’t sound like the best way to sell your timeshare either!

Another possibility is placing an ad in your local classified ads. I’d say don’t waste your time with that idea. Think about it. Who will you reach:  Probably a relatively small group of people, buyers who are not sure exactly what a timeshare is, inquiries from people who may not have the money or financing ability to buy your timeshare, or people who want to pay one dollar for your timeshare.

You could always respond to one of those unsolicited nameless emails that proclaim they already have a buyer for your timeshare. If it sounds too good to be true, it is definitely not true.  Their next move is to ask you to wire them 3 or 4 thousand dollars so they can sell your timeshare for you. Something sounds backwards in this sales proposition.

Timeshare Realtor BrokerLots of people prefer to use a Timeshare Resale Broker. They specialize in timeshare resales and can do all the negotiating and contract work for you. Most of the time, you will have to pay a commission, but it would be worth it to not have to deal with the hassles. Now that sounds like the best way to sell your timeshare. And now is a good time to sell your timeshare. Buyers are looking for deals and the resorts are not selling them like they used to. Studies estimate that there are 9.2 million US households thinking of buying a timeshare in the next 2 years.

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Beach Timeshare Resorts - Top Ten Best Beach Vacations!

If you are looking for surfing, diving, playing on the beach, or just soaking in the sun, here’s my totally unscientific top ten picks for beach resort timeshares:

Marriott Aruba Ocean Club Timeshare Resort

Marriott Aruba Ocean Club Timeshare Resort

10. Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club – Separated from the magnificent Caribbean Sea by a lovely white, sandy beach, this Five Star property offers the ultimate in luxury vacations.Accommodations range from one to two bedroom villas that are elegantly appointed with full kitchen, kitchenette, formal living and dining areas, whirlpool spa in master bath, private balcony with ocean view, laundry facilities and more.

9. The Royal Mayan Cancun, Mexico. Guests will love this fabulous Five Star resort just a few minutes from a Mayan archaeological site and a championship golf course.

8. Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club – On the southern coast of Kauai, 51 tropical acres provide the garden setting for Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club. The one and two bedroom vacation ownership villas and luxury hotel offer two restaurants, world-class swimming pool complex, two championship golf courses, tennis and a myriad of beach activities on the quarter mile of Kalapaki Beach.

7. Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta – Situated on the beach, 15 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta is a retreat for recreational water activities. When the sun goes down, explore the exciting nightlife, designer shops, and the international restaurants of Puerto Vallarta.

6. Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas – Accommodations feature lanai with ocean view, stone flooring and distinctive Hawaiian themed decor. Activities and amenities include two spas, waterslide, steam room, swimming pool, gameroom, poolside bar, sauna, fitness center, tennis,washer and dryer in both portions of the lockout units and more.

5. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – My top choice for Maui, located on one of the world’s most famous beaches is Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club. Amenities include golf, tennis, watersports, lavish swimming pools, waterfalls, live entertainment, health club, shopping, restaurants, children’s activity center and much more. Suite amenities include private balconies, separate living and dining areas, and kitchenette. Don’t miss historic Lahaina only minutes away.

Harborside Atlantis Timeshare Resort

Harborside Atlantis Timeshare Resort

4. Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort – This awesome resort is located in the mystical, desert landscape of the southern Baja California peninsula. Situated at Land’s End, Pueblo Bonito Rose is surrounded by beautiful coastline, magnificent sea life, and the majestic nature of Los Cabos.

3. Charter Club of Marco Beach – One of the best of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, Marco Island will delight water lovers, sightseers, and sun worshipers. A beachfront location allows guests to be right in the midsts of one of the world’s best shelling areas.

2. Vidafel Mayan Palace-Acapulco – This fabulous tropical paradise is in the new Acapulco Diamente Zone and offers beautiful lakes and gardens thoughout the property. Amenities include golf, tennis, restaurants, beach, live entertainment, playground, and the largest swimming pool in the world.

1. Harborside Resort at Atlantis – My number 1 choice. Surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean and pure-white beaches, Harborside Resort at Atlantis is ideally situated in the perfect spot for relaxing and adventure. These luxurious villas feature full kitchens, formal living and dining areas, whirlpool bath and private terraces.

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Huge Marriott Timeshare Discounts

Marriott timeshares on the timeshare resale market are a great value.  They carry the same benefits but often at half the cost when you buy resale! For example if you wanted to buy a Marriott timeshare from the developer, maybe you’d be paying $24,000 to well over $30,000. Would you like to save 25%  to 50% or more off your timeshare purchase?

Here’s how to buy a Marriott timeshare.

Use a timeshare resale broker – a Realtor who specializes in Marriott timeshare resales. They can locate the property you need, finalize all the terms, and get it closed for far less than you’d pay elsewhere.

So far in 2014 the top five best selling Marriott timeshares are:

Marriott Newport Coast Villas timeshare for sale by owner1. Buy Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas-  Description from their home page: “spacious two-bedroom Newport Coast villas offer Tuscan-inspired living/dining areas and full kitchens. Enjoy four outdoor pools, three whirlpool spas, tennis facilities, and a state-of-the-art fitness center and activity center.  Perched atop a bluff offering sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean & Catalina Island.” A fantastic location like this is not enough by itself to rank number one among Marriott timeshare resales. This resort also boasts one of the finest reputations in customer satisfaction and return visitors.

2. Buy Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club – Just thirty minutes from Honolulu, this timeshare resort is located on 640 acres of lush tropical landscaping. There you’ll find crystal clear lagoons, waterfalls, and all the things you’d expect from your not so typical tropical paradise! When you add in Ko Olina Golf Club, an exclusive beach club, spectacular attention to detail, and a discount price you have all the makings for a stress free island vacation.

3. Buy Marriott’s Ocean Point – Golf! Yes, in one word, Golf. Over 147 golf courses are nearby this Palm Beach Shores vacation destination.

4. Buy Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club – Just take a look at the photo to the left.

Marriott Waiohai Beach Club Timeshare for sale by owner

5. Buy Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – The Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club is one of the most sought after timeshares in history. You combine the location with Marriott’s reputation and you get a sure fire combination. Couple that with buying the timeshare on the resale market for a great discount and you will come out ahead every time.

Be sure to check out the excellent deals on these Marriott timeshares and more at www.RPMLS.com. You’ll love the selection, professional staff, and price.

Marriott Timeshares – more value than just the price. A valued memory to treasure for a lifetime.


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How to Buy Cabo Timeshares On The Resale

Cabo Timeshare – New On the Market For Sale

This Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare in Cabo is ready to go! Priced to sell fast at $6,490, it is a one bedroom and is available every year. Here’s more from the website: “FABULOUS GOLD CROWN RESORT IN PARADISE!!! Premium property overlooking the Pacific Ocean offering a plethora of amenities and activities including private beach, award-winning spa, six swimming pools, gourmet restaurants, tennis, marina, golf and much more. Accommodations feature kitchenette, balcony or patio, high-speed Internet, satellite TV and lush comfy furnishing just to name a few. Upgrades and all-inclusive packages are available.”

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Timeshare CaboBid on this timeshare now!

The Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare is in the top ten best resale timeshares for Mexico. The location is top notch, the amenities can’t be beat, and the price is right.

Here are the top ten best selling timeshares ( resale ) in Mexico:

Allow me to use the timeshare for sale information above to show you why it so important to use a timeshare resales specialist when you buy timeshare. Consider this recent story out of Cabo San Lucas and one of their premier resorts, Grand Solmar Timeshare Condominiums. Here’s the headline:

Grand Solmar Timeshare Condominiums Increase Prices 40% to Meet Ownership Demands

Sunset Beach - Pueblo Bonito TimeshareSunset Beach – Pueblo Bonito Timeshare

Is there something that makes you scratch your head in that headline? It sure did for me. And just in case I may have misunderstood I kept reading and found this: ” . . . received a lot of positive feedback and interest on the original 6 phases, so much so that there has been a 40 percent increase in the selling price. These condominium units are the definition of luxury vacation and with their amazing location and affordable pricing, travelers are purchasing ownership options as fast as they are being offered.”

So how does increasing the sales price meet ownership demands? Are the prospective timeshare buyers demanding that they pay 40% more than the already jacked up price? I don’t think so.

But, alas, that is just how the timeshare developers think. Since they have a great product (yes they do) and buyers are rapidly buying, they inflate the price to help their profits. Every sale at the new price will be 40% more pure profit for the developer. I still don’t get how Grand Solmar thinks this is a benefit to a timeshare buyer. Maybe because they can build more timeshare buildings? Perhaps.

I think something was lost in the translation.


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Why Las Vegas Timeshare Sales Point To A Rebounding Las Vegas!

Since 2008 very little expansion has happened with timeshare resorts. In fact, nearly zero. Sales of timeshare had dropped in a dramatic fashion and the “paper” associated with timeshare financing became a hard thing to sell. So timeshare development and construction came to a halt.

In 2013 several major players restarted or started construction projects for timeshares in Las Vegas. Hilton, Marriott, Westgate, and Wyndham have jump started projects and are building again.

GrandView Las Vegas Timeshare for sale

GrandView Las Vegas Timeshare

From ReviewJournal.com:

■ Construction of a new tower at Grandview at Las Vegas, near South Point, taking it from 1,556 units to 1,856, according to the LVCVA survey. Completion is projected for early next year;

■ The Hilton Grand Vacations unit of Hilton Hotels & Resorts purchased 300 units at the Trump International Hotel to add to its luxury timeshare portfolio;

Marriott Vacations Worldwide last month topped the third 37-floor tower of its off-Strip Grand Chateau. This will add 223 units to the property;

■ Construction has resumed on the Desert Blue timeshare, planned at 281 units, after a four-year hiatus. Wyndham Worldwide sold the project to another developer in June for $117 million, including only $3 million for the unfinished building itself and $114 million of the timeshare units available to sell. As part of the transaction, Wyndham has committed to repurchasing the project for $309 million at an unspecified date unless a different buyer steps in, according to Wyndham regulatory filings.”

There are additional reports that Westgate Flamingo Bay had the best sales year ever in 2012. Hilton Grand Vacations, Marriott, Wyndham, and Westgate have all reported that timeshare resales in 2013 were far better than the previous 4 years and the growth is already being seen in 2014.

Now lets translate that into something a timeshare owner could put to good use. With the renewed timeshare sales and tours at timeshare resorts comes huge numbers of potential timeshare buyers. Yet these buyers are reluctant to buy their timeshare from the resort itself.

Marriott Grand Chateau timeshares for sale by owner

Marriott Grand Chateau

Why? Maybe they had a bad experience with the first timeshare they bought. Or maybe they just don’t want to pay the going retail price. Either way they are wanting to buy timeshares in greater numbers and if you are ready to sell your timeshare this could be the time to sell your timeshare. There is no better time to sell your timeshare than when the demand is high. Evidence of the high demand is seen in the renewed construction and development activities by the resorts. They would never take that kind of risk if they were not confident there was a market for their product.

If there is a market for the new sales of timeshares, there is an even greater market for timeshare resales. People are always looking for ways to save money on big purchases. Buying a timeshare on the resale market is a way to do just that.

Sales of timeshares are hot and getting hotter! Now is the time to sell your timeshare.

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Health and Wellness Vacations - How Timeshares Lead The Way

ARDA, American Resort Development Association, is promoting the wellness trend for “consumers who want their vacations to reflect a healthier lifestyle factor.” (press release)

Timeshare resorts are on the fast track to include health and wellness programs that include fitness programs, spa services, weight-loss regimens and other services to create a healthy vacation experience for timeshare owners.

Those timeshare resorts that aren’t on that fast track will get left behind. Timeshare travelers are growing more and more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on vacation and see their timeshare as a place to enhance that experience.

Marriott timeshare resorts, for example, have led the way with award winning spas and wellness centers that include yoga classes, Tai Chi, water aerobics, and more. Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas is one example of how it’s done right.  Here’s a quote from a Marriott exec:  “It makes good business sense to offer wellness programs at our resorts, for they complement the active lifestyles of our owners and guests,” said Ed Kinney, vice president, corporate affairs and communications, Marriott Vacations Worldwide. “Since 1984, we’ve been committed to offering relevant activities for all ages that balance our owners’ desires for relaxation and fun with staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during their vacation.”

Or consider Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club Timeshares:  Enjoy tropical paradise at this Five Star resort situated along miles of white sand and the blue waters of the Caribbean. Accommodations feature full kitchen, living and dining areas, private patio or balcony and washer/dryer. In addition to beach activities, amenities include swimming pool with slide, lazy river, whirlpool, onsite shopping, restaurant, tennis, fitness center, full service spa and more.

Marriott Towel RecyclingIn addition to the above, Marriott Timeshare Resorts also lead the way in making their resorts more friendly to the environment.  On Bill Marriott’s blog, Marriott On The Move, he wrote, “Sustainability is an important part of our global expansion and our commitment to grow responsibly.  This is why we’re supporting rainforest preservation in the Amazon and access to fresh water in China.  At the same time, our hotels around the world are taking steps to be more environmentally-friendly.  It’s a long journey, and we still have much work ahead, but I think we’re on the right track. “  See more

Marriott Towel Recycling3In fact, I recently stayed at a Marriott resort and noticed this hanging in the master bath:

It reads: “Be inspired. Support our environment efforts by reusing your towels. Please hang them to air dry. Or leave them elsewhere and we will be happy to replace your towels with freshly laundered ones.”

Timeshare Resales Information, Timeshare Vacation Resort Guides.

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Marriott Timeshare For Sale - Under $10,000!

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Timeshare for sale by owner

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge in Breckenridge Colorado is a vacationers’ dream come true. This gold one bedroom timeshare available annually is priced to sell fast at $9,950!

Bid on Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge timeshare here.

Finding the best deals on Marriott timeshares for sale is easy here. This Marriott timeshare is the best selling in Colorado on the timeshare resale market. Several things account for its first place standing. Marriott timeshares are always in demand on the resale market. Almost always, current owners of Marriott timeshares buy timeshares on the resale market because they realize the savings by purchasing a timeshare from the owner. Also, the Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge is located in prime ski country – Breckenridge Colorado.

The view overlooks the Quick Silver Super Six chairlift with 27 lifts and more than 148 ski trails. No doubt the Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge has an awesome location. Even in the summer, this is a prime location for outdoor activities and family fun. Colorado is a great place to vacation.

Buying a timeshare on the resale market is the best way to get the best value in vacation property. You should never pay the retail price when someone is willing to sell their timeshare to you for less. Plus when you use the services of a reputable timeshare resales company you get the kind of experience you need to make sure the deal is complete.

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge timeshare for sale by ownerDuring the negotiation of a timeshare sale there are many details that need to be covered that not every timeshare owner would necessarily think of. Agreements concerning the next use of the timeshare, availability of unused weeks, maintenance fees paid or not paid, and transfer of various rights and privileges need to be addressed and put in writing. That is where a timeshare resale specialist comes into action. If you want the transaction complete with all the loops closed then you shouldn’t go it alone.

Paying fees for services should not get you rattled either. If you want the service a professional can give you then you must be willing to pay for the service they provide. No one works for free. Along with the agreement to pay fees to a timeshare resales company you should be able to expect ethics, honest, and a fair deal. Anything less ventures into shady dealings that may not end well.

Work with a timeshare resale company that has success with sales – not just “offers”.



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Pricing Your Timeshare To Sell

When timeshare owners decide to sell, they frequently discover they have a distorted perception of the value of their property. Even though, most timeshare sale documents include statements such as “the value of a timeshare is in the use” that point is seldom driven home at the new sales table.

Cut Your PriceHigh marketing cost is one of the underlying problems associated with both timeshare resales and new sales. It is estimated that the marketing costs alone are over 40% of the new sales price paid by the consumer. The big brands like Hyatt, Hilton, Wyndham and even Marriott can almost never market a timeshare product for less. When individual timeshare owners and the general public are made aware of this reality it often creates a negative perception. This is one of the reasons that most developers have elected not to become involved with resales in the past.  Today, with the rising cost of development, the ever increasing new sales price, and the rapidly growing second market, more and more developers are dealing in timeshare resales. Usually their involvement is in right of first refusal buy backs and not a resale program for their owners.

Sell Your Sheraton Vistana Orlando

The Sheraton Vistana Orlando – Timeshare Best Seller

Few timeshare sellers are aware the marketing costs are so high until they try to resell their units. The developer’s 40-50% marketing costs on a $20,000 new timeshare sale often exceed the resale price. The cost of sale is obviously not going to be any less for an individual. According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) most timeshares sell for between 25% to 50% percent below developer pricing. When an owner decides to sell there are a few basic things to keep in mind. They are selling a luxury item not a necessity like their home — even though the timeshare may be deeded real estate.

Due to the high marketing costs, expect to pay an advertising fee in advance. Deal only with licensed real estate Brokers that will earn a commission at closing. Be aware if there is no commission to be earned then there is no motivation to sell your property. Remember, price the property below developer pricing because you are now competing with the developer for the family that wants to enjoy years of wonderful vacations as you hopefully have.

Just remember, your timeshare will not sell itself. If you do nothing you’ll get nothing in return. While it may be uncharted territory for almost everyone when it comes to selling your timeshare.

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The Lake House - Buy Rent or Timeshare?

The Lake Conroe Lighthouse

When it comes to a second home everyone has their own preferences: a house on the lake, on the beach, in the mountains, golf communities and so on. In my neighborhood and on my street there are four lake houses on the market for sale. All of them are 3 bedrooms, on the water with private boat lifts and decks, and all are priced between $315,000 and $419,000.

In the big scheme of things for waterfront homes on Lake Conroe they are pretty affordable. Or maybe not.

What if you dream of vacationing or spending weekends on a big lake, on the beach, or in the mountains? Perhaps you could rent a home like that. The cheapest weekly rental rates for a lake home on this lake start at around $2,000 and go up quickly!

Lots of folks who own these lake houses live in the city. They have other homes to tend to, pay taxes on, and maintain. Sometimes their lake home gets neglected, especially in the winter. That brings on more maintenance in addition to the maintenance fees or dues, and basic repairs.

On the other hand there are some advantages to owning a second home. If the home is in a suitable location you could rent the home out. You could rent it weekly, monthly, or whatever term suits you. The additional income from renting the home could help cover additional mortgage, repairs, taxes, and other expenses that come along with owing the second home.

Lake Conroe Sunset

Speaking of taxes: If you use the place as a second home– rather than renting it out as a business property — interest on the mortgage is deductible just as interest on the mortgage on your first home is. There are several caveats to consider when it comes to your taxes so be sure to consult a tax professional when it comes time to file.

What is an affordable option?  Consider a timeshare. Someone else will maintain it, upgrade the interior, keep things running all year, and host family activities that the average home would never have access to.

Plus, a timeshare will cost a tiny fraction of what buying a second home would cost. You can even buy a timeshare on the resale market for a fraction of what the resort would charge if you buy your timeshare on the resale market.

Consider it. The best locations, great accommodations, low cost, and no pressure to maintain a home you do not live in or have easy access to.

Timeshare. Better than a second home. www.RPMLS.com

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Top Ten Best Selling Timeshares in Branson!

In and around Branson timeshare developers have been building terrific timeshare resorts for quite some time.
Pictures of Wyndham Branson at The Meadows - Resort Photos
This photo of Wyndham Branson at The Meadows is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The number one best selling timeshare in Branson is the Wyndham Branson. Wyndham Branson (Falls or Meadows) is described this way on their homepage: “Located just four miles from the famous 76 strip, Wyndham Branson at the Meadows is the perfect quiet and picturesque place for the whole family to unwind. This is a kid-friendly resort with many activities geared just for them like Water Olympics, birthday parties, teen rave nights and karaoke”. Their proximity to all the entertainment Branson offers is indeed a great selling point. They can offer both the convenience of location to a huge selection of shows and the quiet setting of a well laid out timeshare campus.

With the Wyndham points system, you will find up to 700,000 points available for individual purchase. Plus there are quite a few Wyndham points deals for over 200,000 points and some as few as 77,000 points.

Timeshare sales in Branson have always been consistently strong. But, these top ten timeshares have outperformed all the others when it comes to the timeshare resale market. This list was created from actual resales of owners’ timeshares. This information is good to know if you are thinking of buying OR selling a Branson timeshare. Like they say, information is power – and this is some good information.

The best selling timeshares in the Branson area are:

More about Wyndham timeshares:
Wyndham timeshare resorts encompasses some 185 Vacation Ownership Resorts in North America, Mexico, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean. Boasting over 900,000 members worldwide, they rightly claim to be the largest timeshare / vacation ownership company in the world.  Their brands include Shell Vacation Club, Club Wyndham, Worldmark by Wyndham, and Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific.  Wyndham offers points based timeshare ownership that affords their owners the flexibility to exchange within the huge family of timeshare resorts Wyndham owns and manages.
Wyndham Pahio Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Wyndham Pahio Timeshare Resort

With over 900,000 timeshare points owners attributed to Wyndham, you can imagine that at any time many want to sell their timeshares. That brings a great opportunity to timeshare buyers who want to buy their timeshare on the secondary or resale market. Conservatively speaking, if only 5% of Wyndham’s timeshare owners wanted to sell, that would be 45,000 sets of Wyndham timeshare points for sale. That is a huge number! HUGE!
Thus the buyer’s market for Wyndham points has driven down the resale value of points to a fraction of the original cost. ARDA estimates the resales values to be around 25% to 50% off of retail. I’d say even better deals can be found – and with regularity.
RPMLS.com is the place to start the search for Wyndham points for sale.

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How Do I Go About Selling My Timeshare?

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

How do you go about selling your timeshare?

What about your local Real Estate Office? If so, you would need to ask them if they have ever sold a timeshare before. A timeshare sale may involve several states, their laws and different requirements. So that probably will not work.

Advertising Companies are another way some have tried to sell their timeshare. Here’s how that works – usually. Unlicensed timeshare companies may put your property on the market via internet web sites that will allow numerous site visitors to view the details of the property. When potential buyers show interest in your timeshare, these timeshare companies will send you a list of potential buyers who may be interested in the property. Once a potential buyer becomes interested in your timeshare, you must take the steps to begin the sales process. Good luck getting it closed.

What you need, and the best way to sell your timeshare, is a network of professionals who can tie all this together.

Timeshare headlines are getting far too many grim outlook quotes. News outlets make it seem like if you own a timeshare you are doomed to hold your timeshare deed until the day you die.

Try telling that to the thousands of clients who have succeeded in selling their timeshare for a reasonable price through www.rpmls.com. Having sold well over $100 million in timeshares helps calm any fears that timeshare owners may have about their prospects for selling their timeshare. It is one thing for a company to take a fee, post an ad and forget about it.

The timeshare experts at rpmls.com go the full distance to make sure deals get closed, their customers get paid, and titles get transferred as promised. Banked weeks, escrow issues, title searches, estate issues, and other questions always get resolved in a professional manner.

Timeshare Professionals

It’s All About The Timeshare Network

If you are tired of paying your maintenance fee for a timeshare you don’t use, it is time to sell. And now is a great time to sell. The resorts reported surging sales in February, plus there are approximately 9.2 million U.S. households interested in acquiring a vacation timeshare in the next 2 years. If you are no longer using your timeshare or you are tired of paying maintenance fees you should sell.

www.RPMLS.com is the place that ties all the timeshare network sales tools together. You have choices on whether you use a licensed agent or have it closed yourself. You can write the wording of your own ad if you want. You are involved in the process and given lots of options. Plus, they bring together a network of dozens of title companies, advertising, marketing, interactive websites and more to get the job done.



What is the best way to sell your timeshare? www.RPMLS.com

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Vacation For The Health of It!

Feeling the stress of 2014?  You just might – especially if you decided not to take a vacation this year.  Even the health experts are starting to chime in with their advice: “Studies show that there are undisputed, long-term benefits associated with taking regular vacations that contribute to better health, relationships and job performance.” And that’s a quote from www.HealthNewsDigest.com.

Let’s go even further. I think once you see the benefits of taking a vacation (sans Iphone or computer) you will be a believer!

Vacation Stress and Timeshare

Don’t Be A Stress Cat

From Psychology Today: “In a 2009 study, Canadian researchers Joudrey and Wallace reported that “active” leisure pursuits (such as golf!) and taking vacations helped to buffer or ameliorate the job stress among a sample of almost 900 lawyers. British researcher Scott McCabe noted that vacations’ ”personal benefits have been found to include: rest and recuperation from work; provision of new experiences leading to a broadening of horizons and the opportunity for learning and intercultural communication; promotion of peace and understanding; personal and social development; visiting friends and relatives; religious pilgrimage and health; and, subjective wellbeing”.

Because of economic pressures, escalating costs of living, and so on many people did not take their vacation time in 2013.  A few days ago I was promoting the idea of making a vacation in 2014 a priority as opposed to others saying delete vacations from your planning or taking the now famous “staycation”. Depending on your writing software, the word “staycation” gets a red underline. That means it is not a word. And it should not be. A staycation will do little to reduce your stress and will definitely not get you away from your usual routine.

Whether you like to ski, golf, hike, cycle, swim, fish, or just sit by the pool you can find great deals on travel and lodging. The travel industry is starting to offer more attractive deals as the price of oil settles down. Plus, if you rent or buy a timeshare from an owner, you can get a great deal. Even HealthNewsDigest.com recommends using a timeshare to assist you in committing to an annual vacation. You can get a five star gold crown resort for up to 50% less or better through the sales pros at www.rpmls.com .

For example, check out these deals for the Ridge on Sedona Golf Course timeshares!

Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort Timeshare

Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort Timeshare

Again I’d say, go on vacation – you will feel better for it!

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Timeshare Vacations and Scuba Diving

Vacation and Holiday travel do not necessarily need to be expensive. If your hobby or avocation is scuba diving, here are a few great tips for making your next trip more affordable.  Accommodations at most great dive destinations are usually expensive. If you were to rent a timeshare, or buy a timeshare at your favorite dive location you would save a bundle over time!

Scuba Diving Timeshare VacationsFabulous timeshare condos are available for sale or rent in Aruba: Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort, Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club, Costa Linda Beach Resort, La Cabana Beach Resort, Renaissance Aruba Resort, Casa Del Mar Beach Resort, Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club, and Paradise Beach Villas to name a few. In the Cayman Islands, our resident diving enthusiast recommends Morritt’s Tortuga Club as her first choice. Other timeshare vacation condos for sale in Cayman Islands include Plantation Village Beach Resort, Coral Sands Resort, and 7 Mile Beach Resort. In Cozumel, you can find excellent dive resorts. For example Melia Vac Club @ Melia Cozumel, Occidental Resort Cozumel, RHC/Park Royal Cozumel, and Reef Club Cozumel.

Now for something TOTALLY different. Diving in Egypt and from timeshare resorts in the Middle East!

The first time I saw Sharm El Sheikh I was in the US Navy on a Cruiser. Having just passed through the Suez Canal we made a port call at Hurghada, Egypt on the Red Sea. From there I took a short boat tour of the area towards Sharm El Sheikh and got into a discussion with two of the passengers from the US. They were divers whose specialty was underwater photography. In fact they had photos published in National Geographic! Pretty impressive. I asked them “Why here?” “Best water for photography of coral, fish, and shipwrecks in the world” they replied. Wow! Judging from the surface no one could ever have guessed that.

There are timeshares in Egypt for certain. Most of them concentrate on diving in the Red Sea. I saw a few resorts in Hurghada during a fueling stop and Sharm El Sheikh twice from the ship. I must say my observation of the terrain around both areas look about as hospitable as the surface of the Moon. Not one green blade of grass or anything resembling a bush or tree. Yet I saw sheep being guided along rocky trails and camels all over.

What would inspire a developer like Hilton to invest in a resort in such a place? It has a secure location at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. That may be why several of our Presidents and heads of state have had high level meetings there over the years.

Scuba Diving - Best in the Red SeaNonetheless, it absolutely the best destination for diving, wreck diving, and underwater photography.

Search for timeshares for sale in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh and around the Red Sea!


Many of these timeshare condos offer dive packages, shuttles, equipment rental, and other services. So, if you are ready to rent, buy, or even sell your dive resort timeshare, check out www.rpmls.com for terrific service and great deals.

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Barefoot'n The Keys Old Town Timeshare For Sale $1,000

Barefoot'n the Keys Old Town Timeshare for Sale

Barefoot’n the Keys Old Town Timeshare

That’s for sale, not for rent! Yes the owner is ready to sell this timeshare. For $1,000 plus closing costs you’ll get Flex week 6 – unit 114A – biennial odd years or use as RCI points. Barefoot’n The Keys Old Town is located east of Celebration Florida and conveniently located on Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. You will have easy access to all the attractions in Orlando and Kissimmee and the advantage of not being in right in the center of town.

Here’s the description from www.RPMLS.com: Kick off your shoes and relax at this casual resort in the heart of central Florida. The resort is only 2.5 miles east of the main entrance to Walt Disney World and less than 10 miles from Universal Studios and Sea World. Neighboring the resort is Old Town, with 75 specialty shops, eight restaurants, 15 amusement rides, and classic car shows year-round. Resort amenities include lighted tennis courts, a spa, clubhouse, fitness center, and reduced greens fees at area golf courses.

While in the Orlando Kissimmee area take advantage of experiences that are uniquely Orlando, like flying through a swamp on an airboat or getting up close with wildlife at Gatorland or SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove. Sports lovers can cheer on the Magic NBA basketball team at the new Amway Center or take a ride on one of multiple zip-lines in the area. And the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down: check out a show at Cirque de Soleil, Blue Man Group or one of Orlando’s many dinner theaters for an entertaining nightcap.

Disney Animal Kingdom Tree of Life

Disney Animal Kingdom Tree of Life

Then there’s all the Disney attractions! Epcot, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are more than enough to keep a family occupied for a week or more! Discovery Cove and LEGOland are two attractions I haven’t seen yet but I’d love to!

Search other Barefoot’n The Keys Old Town timeshares for sale in the Orlando Kissimmee Celebration area:

Florida’s top ten timeshares on the timeshare resale market:

These timeshare resorts have been around for a while. They have built up a good reputation and sell very well on the timeshare resale market. With all these choices there’s one for you!

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Gold Crown Timeshare - What Does That Mean

Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort Timeshare

Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort Timeshare – A Gold Crown Resort

RCI, with over 3.7 million members and 4,000 affiliated resorts, awards their “Gold Crown” designation to timeshare resorts that excel in three important areas: Excellence in accommodations, hospitality, and RCI subscribing members’ experience.

Recently the White Oak Lodge and Resort, located near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Gatlinburg, was awarded the Gold Crown designation. While it is not the largest timeshare complex, it has earned great reviews in all areas.

The Gold Crown timeshare resort designation by RCI is also a guide to those who are looking to buy a timeshare. If a timeshare has the Gold Crown designation you can be sure that they have met or excelled in all areas. Hundreds of customer reviews go into the process of deciding whether or not a timeshare is up to the standard of being a Gold Crown timeshare resort. The length of time a timeshare resort has been rated as a quality resort also has a bearing in the choice. As a result, if you own a Gold Crown timeshare and want to sell it, you will not have to prove to the buyer that your timeshare is worthy of consideration. So whether buying or selling a timeshare the Gold Crown designation is something to pay attention to.

Timeshares that are part of the RCI network and have the Gold Crown distinction offer advantages to those who want to sell their timeshare as well. If you are trying to sell your timeshare you will have an easier time attracting buyers because of that timeshare’s reputation. It is also possible that you will sell it for more than if it was not designated as a Gold Crown timeshare resort.

Club De Soleil - Las Vegas Gold Crown Timeshare

Club De Soleil – Las Vegas Gold Crown Timeshare

More about RCI

RCI is the worldwide leader in vacation exchange with over 4,000 affiliated resorts in approximately 100 countries. RCI pioneered the concept of vacation exchange in 1974, offering members increased flexibility and versatility with their vacation ownership experience. Today, through RCI® Weeks, the traditional week-for-week exchange system, and RCI Points®, the industry’s first global points-based exchange system, RCI provides flexible vacation options to its 3.7 million RCI subscribing members each year. RCI is part of Wyndham Exchange & Rentals and the Wyndham Worldwide family of brands (NYSE: WYN).

RPMLS.com is linked to the largest timeshare reseller network of professionals.  Buyers for timeshare have a great inventory of timeshare for sale to choose from. There are also timeshare brokers and Realtors in their network to assist in timeshare transactions through RPMLS.com.

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Avila Beach California Timeshare Sale! New On The Market

Avila Beach California Timeshare Sale! New On The Market


San Luis Bay Inn Timeshare For Sale

San Luis Bay Inn Timeshare For Sale

Fresh on the timeshare resale market as of yesterday is this California Timeshare. San Luis Obispo Bay, located on the California coastline roughly between San Jose and Santa Barbara, is home to San Luis Bay Inn timeshare resort. Being offered for sale by the owner, it is a one bedroom Regal unit available every year – floating red season. Click on the above link to make an offer.

Avila Beach offers a beautiful beach in the heart of down town Avila. There you’ll find kayak and stand up paddle board rentals, lessons adventure tours, kayak and paddle board sales. Other beaches include Olde Port Beach and Fisherman’s Beach.

Avila Hot Springs features not only a heated pool but a natural hot mineral pool. Swim classes, arcades, private parties, movie nights, and water slides are all available there as well. Avila Hot Springs also offers tent camping, RV camping, and cabins all throughout the year.

Central Coast Aquarium and Central Coast Charters round out some of the water activities in Avila Beach. There you can charter sunset sails, custom charters, afternoon sails and more.

The Avila Beach Golf Resort is nearby. Being situated right on the Pacific Ocean the smells and sounds of the ocean will accompany you through 18 holes of golf. Other sports like hiking, biking, sport fishing, pier and surf fishing give something interesting for anyone who visits there.

The San Luis Bay Inn, a Diamond Resort, is elegantly situated feet from the Pacific Ocean.

San Luis Bay Inn Timeshare New On The Market

San Luis Bay Inn Timeshare New On The Market

Renovations were completed in 2014 including:

- Room renovations on second floor of B Wing.
- Room renovations on third floor of B Wing.
- Elevator upgrade.

Renovations always mean that the timeshare resort is not only concerned about maintenance and upkeep, but is a financially sound resort. Not a small fact considering what happens to some timeshare owners when their timeshare fails to maintain sound financial policies.

Check out these other San Luis Bay Inn timeshares for sale.

California timeshares for sale.



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