Orlando Tourism Rising - Good News For Timeshare Resales 2014

Westgate Lakes Timeshare Resort for sale by owner

Westgate Lakes Timeshare Resort

The Orlando Kissimmee Florida region is seeing a rise in tourism so far in 2015. The first quarter of 2015 saw a rise of 2.8% in travel spending. Tax receipts for the area also increased.

The Orlando timeshare resale market is also showing an increase in the number in offers for timeshares for sale. Orlando is the center of the universe when it comes to timeshare “mass”. The largest resorts, the most timeshare resorts in one area, and the most sales of all time keep the timeshare industry and timeshare resales in the forefront of Orlando and Florida’s economic development. Just ask Disney.

If you are ready to sell your timeshare this news is a good indication that this would be the best time to take the plunge and get your timeshare available for sale. The most common reason for selling timeshare is that you no longer use it like you thought you would and do not want to pay any more maintenance fees. So, get it done. Sell your timeshare and be done with it.

You will want to use a trusted timeshare resales specialist to advertise your timeshare. One with many years of experience and the systems in place to get the job finished. www.RPMLS.com is just that timeshare resales company you can trust.

Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare for Sale

Browse Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshares For Sale

For more information about timeshare resale vacation buying trends review this study. A huge amount of research over thousands of timeshare transactions provided the data for this report.

About RPMLS.com

“Through RPMLS.com, sellers have a practical means to successfully market their timeshares for sale or rent; and buyers and renters can be like “kids in a candy store”  browsing a great selection of quality resorts and terrific vacation destinations — with resale prices typically lower than what the resorts offer at the retail price. Great vacations don’t have to be associated with great expenses. Take a look at the individually-owned timeshare properties advertised here, and stretch your vacation dollar. Remember this rule of thumb — resale beats retail! You have come to the right place to find that special vacation condo that meets the needs of you and your family!”

The timeshare resale market is the hottest its been in five or six years. Overall timeshare sales were down through the mid 2000’s. The last two years have seen a surge in timeshare intervals sold – especially on the resale market. The buyers have returned – and they are looking for the deals on the resale market. They know that there is no reason to pay the full retail price when a timeshare can be purchased for less. Sometimes far less.


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How Much Can I Sell My Timeshare For?

Wyndham Smoky Mountains at Governor's Crossing Timeshare For Sale

Wyndham Smoky Mountains at Governor’s Crossing Timeshare For Sale

How much could you sell your timeshare for?

What is your timeshare worth? The answer to those questions depends on several things.

Do you own a timeshare that is available every year or every other year? How high are your maintenance fees? Are you facing a special assessment fee? Where is your “home resort” located?

Think of supply and demand. If what you own is in an overbuilt area then you may get less. If what you own is in a building controlled area you may fare better. Also, two bedroom units are in great demand. That will also influence your sales price.

When timeshare owners decide to sell, they frequently discover they have a distorted perception of the value of their property. Even though, most timeshare sale documents include statements such as “the value of a timeshare is in the use” that point is seldom driven home at the new sales table.

Obtaining an appraisal on a timeshare is also a tricky proposition. Comparable sales data for timeshares are not the same a sales data for residential homes. You can’t compare the two processes. When a home is sold it is almost always tracked through a local MLS. So the data is easily available to create a brokers opinion on price or value.

Timeshares are most often not sold through MLS listings.

So what is your timeshare worth? As a rule of thumb anywhere from 50% to 75% of today’s resort pricing. Buyers on the timeshare resale market drive the price. They want a discount compared to what they would have to pay at the timeshare resort. Plus, “today’s resort pricing” is a moving target. Prices go up and down depending on how hard the sales people close you on a sale.

GrandView At Las Vegas Timeshare For Sale

GrandView At Las Vegas Timeshare For Sale

The key to pricing your timeshare is to set the price so it will sell. Don’t just play with the notion of selling it, set the price aggressively. Remember, price the property below developer pricing because you are now competing with the developer for the family that wants to enjoy years of wonderful vacations as you hopefully have. Today, with the rising cost of development, the ever increasing new sales price, and the rapidly growing second market, more and more developers are dealing in timeshare resales. Usually their involvement is in right of first refusal buy backs and not a resale program for their owners.

Wherever the price ends up, it is worth selling your timeshare if you are not using it. Paying annual maintenance fees for something you never use turns a timeshare into something worse than a depreciating asset.

Sell it. You’ll be glad you did.

Sell Timeshare FAQ



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90 Minutes of Timeshare Sales Pitches


Wyndham Skyline Tower Atlantic City

Wyndham Skyline Tower Atlantic City

Is the 90 minute sales presentation worth it? That depends on if they stick to the 90 minutes and if you got something in return.

I ran across a timeshare resort in Vermont promoting discounted two day vacation packages with bigger discounts if you attend a timeshare presentation.

Here’s how the “savings” looked:

1) $399 for a two-night midweek stay (worth $711)

2) $595 for a two-night weekend stay (worth $795)

3) $149 for a two-night midweek stay with a timeshare presentation (worth $711)

4) $249 for a two-night weekend stay with a  timeshare presentation (worth $795)

Old For Sale SignYou can say to yourself, I can resist the temptation to buy a timeshare for the additional $250 discount and it is worth 90 minutes of my time. Or you can bypass the experience and pay more.

Regardless of the option you choose, be aware of the fine print of these kinds of offers. You don’t have to look very far to see how these guys can gouge you. There are caveats for all offers and if you are willing to tiptoe through barbed wire, you might like the experience. It’s not for me. Kind of hard to relax on a short vacation if you are worried how “the man” is going to stick it to you.

Here’s how my 90 minute sales pitch went:

My brain was in a hypnotic fog of happiness. A dream state if you will. I was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and everything was perfect – except the 100 degree heat. The setting, the staff always being in character, the smells, the meticulously kept grounds, the music – a complete package to lure me into a state of wanting it all the time. Maybe like cocaine or heroin. I don’t really know. All I knew was that if an OPC or timeshare off site sales person were to ask me to attend a 90 minute presentation, I would say “yes, and may I have more?”

That is the lure. Or at least part of it. In other countries the timeshare lure may have been tequila plus the tropical paradise. I can not count how many times someone has told me that they got boozed up in paradise and when they sobered up found themselves in bed with a timeshare the next day. Yikes!

What is the pursuit? That’s the pitch. You and your significant other are across the table from a closer.  They try to convince you to buy with a myriad of reasons. They may try the math method of showing you how much money you will save over time. They may use the Exchange Company in their chase. You know, “You can get any resort you want in the world anytime you want it” pitch. Is that working out for anyone?

The hook is when you sign. Like fishing they sink the hook in your jaw with your signature and a veiled attempt to explain how to undo the transaction or rescind your sales agreement. Once the right of rescission has passed you have no other alternative but to sell.

There you have it! A lifetime of guaranteed maintenance fee obligations with a hope of someday actually getting to use your timeshare as you planned.

If that is the case for you then you need to dump your timeshare. Not just giving it away, get something for it to assuage the pain of realizing it was the worse purchase decision of your life. You can sell it. You’ll need to use a timeshare resales network like those at RPMLS.com.

Get it done! Make that timeshare go away.

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Timeshare For Sale - Gatlinburg Town Square Resort

Gatlinburg Timeshares For Sale By Owner

Gatlinburg Fall Colors

With a price of $3,000 for this one bedroom Gatlinburg Town Square timeshare, it comes with all the amenities and luxury appointments just as if you bought it from the timeshare developer!  Available odd years on week 4 (Last week of January) and located in the Great Smokey Mountains this timeshare is indeed a Five Star Resort. Click on the link above to make your offer. Do it fast, it is sure not to last long at that price! There is also a week 5 available for the same price of $3,000 – odd years too!

The Gatlinburg area offers a multitude of vacation activities and you’ll find it all at this Five Star resort. The accommodations feature full kitchen, fireplace and private balconies with spectacular mountain views. The attractions of Gatlinburg are only a block away and take advantage of the opportunity to explore the nearby picturesque mountains where many trails and paths can be easily accessed.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park surrounds Gatlinburg on three sides and has transformed it over time into a mountain resort destination.  Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is a phenomenal 1.3 million gallon saltwater aquarium and was recently voted “#1 Aquarium in the U.S.” by customers of TripAdvisor. More than 10 million visitors come to Sevier County every year to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains, have fun at the Dollywood theme park and other action-packed family attractions. Tennessee timeshares are gaining in popularity and in appreciation of the beauty and value they bring to a family vacation.

Gatlinburg Timeshares For Sale By OwnerTake a minute to look at these other Gatlinburg Town Square Resort timeshares for sale. There’s lots of great deals to be found there.

Here’s a list of the top ten best selling Tennessee timeshares – based on current timeshare resales data of closed sales:

Gatlinburg timeshares offer a different kind of experience from the timeshare resorts located in large cities, on the ocean, or in a foreign country. Gatlinburg resorts offer a distinct slice of American history, culture, and experiences that you’ll never find anywhere else. A slower pace of life, a different way of looking at things, and the ambiance of the Smoky Mountains is something that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. An experience of four seasons, quality accommodations, and fine entertainment are all easily found among the timeshares in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

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Buying and Selling Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare For Sale

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare For Sale

If you have decided to sell your Marriott Maui Ocean Club timeshare, you probably have mixed emotions. This has to be one of the most beautiful timeshare resorts in the world.  It is hard to beat Maui – Ocean – Marriott – Beach – Luxury – Quality!  You find all that and more at this resort.

On the other hand, if your circumstances have changed so that you can no longer use your timeshare or afford it, it is time to sell. That’s where www.rpmls.com comes to lend a hand.  There you can find a wealth of information about timeshare sales, the timeshare market in Hawaii & Maui, and the process of getting your timeshare sold.

And, if you are thinking of buying a timeshare in Maui, it would be hard to go wrong with Marriott Maui Ocean Club.  You would be part of the best name in the timeshare industry (Marriott), on one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean (Maui), and be able to enjoy the quality service and attention that Marriott timeshare owners rave about.  So when you are ready to take the plunge, call on the timeshare professionals at www.rpmls.com so that you can save a significant amount of money compared to what you would pay at the resort. Other great Marriott timeshare deals nearby include Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club and Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club.

No hassle, no pressure, just a good deal!

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare

Timeshare Resale Blog

Marriott Kauai Beach Club Blog



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What Timeshare Sellers Want

pierhighresolutionWhen it comes time to sell your timeshare, options are what you want. Right? The ability to use a Realtor, or not. The choice to pay a commission or not. The option to negotiate your own sale nor not.

The best way to do that is with the streamlined and efficient system put in place by the timeshare resale pros at RPMLS.com.

skiliftRPMLS.com sets up the advertising, finds a qualified buyer, then lets you make the choice from there. How you handle the buyer is up to you. If you need to have a Realtor assist you with the transaction you have that option. Their network of timeshare professionals will handle the rest of the details if you like. The sale would be subject to a sales commission, but I have never seen a timeshare owner who was not willing to pay a commission to get rid of their timeshare.

There are even some sellers who are so desperate they are willing to pay someone to take their timeshare with nothing in return. Don’t do that to yourself. Sell your timeshare. Get something for it. It may end up being less than you’d like but you’d have something.

Selling your timeshare does not need to be a bad experience. Just let a professional with real credentials do it for you.


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$1.4 Billion Timeshare and Retail Project - Osceola

A few days ago I described the new Legoland and Sapphire Falls developments coming up in the Orlando area. Now here’s an even bigger plan:

$1.4 billion timeshare and retail complex

Orlando-based Magic Development is planning a 2,000 unit timeshare and retail complex on U.S. Highway 192, west of State Road 535. Construction will begin in September and includes five buildings between 35-40 stories on 87 acres of land.

Projects by Magic Development in Orlando include the completed Magic Village Resort I and II, Magic Place (future) and Magic Island (future).

Magic Village by Magic Development

Magic Village by Magic Development


This 2,000 unit timeshare looks like their first timeshare venture. It will be located on U.S. Highway 192 in the western tourist corridor and should revitalize the Osceola area along Hwy 192.

$1.4 billion is no small amount of money. Having that sum of cash invested in facilities in Osceola County will make a tremendous impact on the local economy. Not to say what it indicates about the “experts” view of the local economy.

There must be a compelling amount of evidence that buyer confidence is growing, tourists are spending more freely, and there are more of them.

This kind of spending on “timeshare resort and retail” would have been unthinkable in 2007. At that time no one was building, everyone was suspending construction and purchase of new resort facilities, and the mood was in the dumpster.

Now it seems that everyone wants to build something new in the Orlando area. That speaks volumes about the investors’ confidence that things have turned around. Tourism numbers have rebounded, their spending is up, and the lenders are getting much more action.

And as a matter of fact, Visit Orlando data showed the region experienced record hotel room demand, daily room rates and tourist development tax earnings last year.

“That’s thanks to a rapid growth in new offerings in tourism — such as Universal Orlando Resort’s Harry Potter attractions or Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland additions— and the emergence of Brazil as a primary travel market for Central Florida.” (Bizjournals.com)

Now is a “ripe moment” for selling your timeshare. All the indications are that people are buying in record numbers, the resort developers are spending money as fast as they can to build more timeshare units to sell, and there are plenty of buyers for everyone.

With Magic Development spending $1.4 billion, your confidence couldn’t get boosted higher when it comes to selling your timeshare.


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Beaver Creek Condo Timeshare For Sale

Poste Montane at Beaver Creek

Poste Montane at Beaver Creek

This one won’t last long! This timeshare is at Poste Montane at Beaver Creek Colorado and has just become available to buy. It is a one bedroom mid July week annual use luxury condo. Think about this location. What do you think it would cost even to RENT a one bedroom condo in Beaver Creek? A thousand or two. Easily.

You can buy this summer week condo today for less than $6,000! I’d say again, bid on it now because at this price it won’t last long.

Poste Montane at Beaver Creek Colorado

Poste Montane at Beaver Creek Colorado

Summers in the mountains of Colorado are incredible! Nice cool evenings, magnificent mountain scenery, and tons of activities for the whole family. Consider how awesome the scenery is for Beaver Creek golf. Mountain biking is also huge in Colorado. The trails wind through aspen forests and along famous ski trails. That’s mountain biking at its very best to be sure.

When you find a Beaver Creek timeshare condo for sale like this you should act fast. They don’t last long – especially at this price.

The best selling Colorado timeshares of all time: Christie Lodge-Phase 1, Falcon Point, Eagle Point, Streamside at Vail Evergreen, Streamside at Vail-Birch, Sandstone Creek Club, Streamside at Vail-Cedar, Streamside at Vail-Douglas, Streamside at Vail-Aspen, Poste Montane at Beaver Creek

Browse all Colorado timeshares for sale.

Find the perfect timeshare condo for your next vacation.

Search all condo timeshares for sale.


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Vacation Deals - Better Than a Cheap Hotel - Rent a Timeshare

Charter Club of Marco Beach

Charter Club of Marco Beach

A recent CNN.com’s travel tips article gave some pretty good advice for saving money while enjoying nice accommodations. They explore the ins and outs of finding homes for rent, condo rentals, but not much information about one of the fastest growing segments of the hotel and lodging industry: timeshare rentals. Renting a timeshare can be an affordable way to enjoy a terrific resort destination without paying a “5 Star” price. Lots of online services claim to save you a bundle if you get their package deals. But in the long run, only come close to the normal rack rates for finer rentals.

Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains

Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains

I mentioned some off season travel deals in this blog recently. To go a little deeper, you can find magnificent 2, 3, and even 4 bedroom luxury resorts at a fraction of the daily rate. For example, at www.rpmls.com you’d find Montecristo Estates in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. This 3 bedroom luxury condo is available Thanksgiving week, with a check in date of November 23rd. It features marble floors & baths with walk-in closets, granite kitchen counter tops, stainless steel appliances and fine wood throughout the home. And all for $2,200 for the week.

Or how about Manhattan Club NY NY? A 1 bedroom apartment located in the best part of New York City, at 56th Street and Seventh Avenue, offering access to some of the city”s most famous attractions. Carnegie Hall is diagonally across the street, and Broadway”s famous theater district begins just around the corner.

So, yes you can find some terrific deals if you’d like to save money and get a great place to stay at the same time. Check it out! rpmls.com/vacation-rentals.aspx

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Tahoe Seasons Resort - New Timeshare On The Market

Tahoe Seasons Resort TimeshareTahoe Seasons Resort timeshare is perched just above the lake providing guests with a scenic view of Lake Tahoe.

This newest timeshare for sale is a two bedroom week 1-17 and 21-37 – considered “Red” Season. Bid on this Tahoe Seasons Resort timeshare now!  Or check out these other Tahoe Seasons Resort timeshares for sale by owners.

The slopes of Heavenly Valley, one of the largest ski areas, are on site – making it one of the best situated timeshare resorts for skiing in North America.

Browse other timeshares for sale at Tahoe Seasons Resort.

Marriott Timber Lodge - Lake Tahoe

Marriott Timber Lodge – Lake Tahoe

Check out these top selling timeshares at Lake Tahoe, California:

More about Lake Tahoe, CA:
What to do? Downhill skiing or snowboarding at Heavenly Valley or Kirkwood Mountain, or cross-country skiing at Spooner Lake, a South Lake Tahoe vacation will keep things interesting and exciting!
Even if skiing is not your thing, you can cross over to Nevada for terrific gambling and nightlife. Perhaps you’d like a romantic sleigh ride in the snow? With Lake Tahoe at your disposal, you can go boating, kayaking or jet skiing on the lake’s South Shore.
Another Lake Tahoe option is to take a boat cruise over to Emerald bay on the North Shore.
Or perhaps you’d like some scenic mountain hiking? Hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Echo to Carson.
Coming soon to Lake Tahoe is the 2015 American Century Celebrity Golf Championship – July 14 – 19, 2015 at Edgewood Tahoe.
Riverboat cruises for dinner, gambling, or just sight seeing are available on the M. S. Dixie II. On yet another luxury ship, the Tahoe Bleu Wave, you can enjoy their Emerald Bay lunch cruise. Numerous other Lake Tahoe cruises are available for all sorts of activities.


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RPMLS.com The Timeshare Information "Mother-lode"

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

Here’s an amazing website with lots of timeshare information. www.RPMLS.com offers a complete catalog of every timeshare resort there is. Complete with interactive Google mapping, you can search for timeshare resorts by name, location, developers’ name, or map. The site features Vacation Resort Guides, Timeshare Buying Trend Studies, Selling Timeshare FAQ’s, Buying Timeshare FAQ’s, Timeshare Glossary, Timeshare Calendar, Vacation Rentals, and more.

Here’s a snapshot of how the Google mapping works out for a search on Las Vegas :

lasvegasmapThe image shows Las Vegas with a pin on each timeshare in the city. On RPMLS.com, when you hover your mouse’s curser over the pin it will show the name of the resort and provide a link to photos of the resort, timeshares for sale at the resort, descriptions, reviews, and comments about it as well.

In the Vacation Resort Guides you’ll find guides for Orlando, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, California, and Aruba. Their Vacation Resort System Guide includes details about Wyndham, Westgate, Marriott, Disney, and others.

As a service to timeshare owners, check out their Timeshare Resource Guide. Highlights include Timeshare Resell Beats Retail and How Do I Sell My Timeshare.

This all just touches the surface but you probably get the idea: Loads of current and valuable information about the timeshare industry.

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Sedona and their Most Exclusive Timeshare Deals

Sedona, Arizona, is like a country all on its own! It is a place like no other you’ve been to. It is not just the “Red Rocks” – it is the people, the atmosphere, the aura!
Along with that certain flair, timeshare resorts in the region are spectacular in their own way as well.
Sedona Summit

Sedona Summit

Sedona Summit – From here you can enjoy trout fishing in Oak Creek or exploring Oak Creek Canyon. Sedona’s many offerings include the Tlaquepaque shopping village and an abudance of American Indian arts and crafts.
The Highlands Resort at Verde Ridge is located in the heart of Verde Valley, overlooking the ninth hole of Verde Sante Fe Golf Course. Scenic, serene, and beautiful this resort offers everything someone could want if they want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Arroyo Roble Resort Timeshare

Arroyo Roble Resort Timeshare

Arroyo Roble Resort – Just look at this review by one happy guest, “Spectacular views, beautiful décor/grounds, granite, new carpet, wonderful shower, in/out hot tub and pool, steam room, sauna, walking distance to many, many of the best shops, just a short drive to hiking trails for all the sights. Quiet and peaceful too. You can’t go wrong with this choice for your hotel stay in Sedona.”  What more could you ask for?
And here’s a list of the best of the best timeshares in and around Sedona Az:

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Can I Take A Capital Loss On My Timeshare Sale

“I just sold my timeshare at a huge loss. Can I claim a capital loss on my taxes?”

If I had a nickle for every time I heard that question I could buy a Westin St John timeshare!

CNN money online ran two articles about selling your timeshare and the tax implications it brings. According to CNN you cannot claim a capital loss when you sell your timeshare. That seems to be the consensus among all those who give tax advice and is the bottom line. When you sell your timeshare you will most likely sell it for less than what you paid for it. Much less. And you will not be able to deduct that loss from your taxes.

Which Would You Rather Have? This or a Timeshare Deed?

Which Would You Rather Have? This or a Timeshare Deed?


For essentially the same reason you could not claim a capital loss when you sold your Corvette for less than what you paid. It is a personal asset.

For just that reason many timeshare owners are angry at the timeshare developers who sold them on the notion that a timeshare was a good investment. Bad choice of words! A timeshare may be a hedge against future inflated vacation costs but in no way is a timeshare an investment.

The New York Attorney General’s website puts it this way, “Timeshares should be purchased for personal recreational use and not for profit or investment.” (source)

So now that you have come to grips with the fact that you cannot claim a loss for tax reasons do you still decide to sell?

Consider the long term cost of owning the timeshare. Year after year you must pay annual maintenance fees, taxes, and any special assessments that may come along. If you are not using the timeshare you are losing money and compounding the cost of your vacations. It quickly becomes a money pit at that point.

There comes a point when you have to cut your losses and future losses and sell your timeshare. It is inevitable.

With all that being said the best time to sell your timeshare is now. The longer you wait the more you lose. Waiting for markets or the economy to turn in a more favorable direction falls into the category of reading tea leaves. Not very reliable. What is reliable is the annual fees that will not end. The solution is to sell your timeshare. Find a reputable timeshare resale broker to get the job done, pay the commissions, fees, closing costs and get it done.

Your timeshare will not sell itself.

How to find out what your timeshare is worth.


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Legoland and Sapphire Fall - Orlando's Newest

Legoland and Sapphire Fall

At first glance, these two places names Legoland and Sapphire Fall Resort in Orlando don’t sound that serious. But they are seriously thought out and well developed projects coming to completion.

No Caption Needed!

No Caption Needed!

Today, May 15th, is opening day for Legoland. It is the first Legoland hotel on the east coast and is already ranked one of two Central Florida hotel properties among the best in the country for families.

152 rooms are available at the new Legoland Hotel. The hotel’s opening will produce as many jobs: about 150.  Even the rooms are decorated in the style and colors of Legoland. It should be a big hit in Orlando!

Sapphire Falls Resort

Sapphire Falls Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is in the middle of building Sapphire Fall Resort – a 1,000 room resort complex. As you can see a huge amount of investing in hotels, resorts, and timeshares is going on with all of it banking on the tourism industry getting larger and larger. Which it is!

Here’s whats growing in Orlando: “SeaWorld Orlando opened its biggest-ever expansion last year, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, while Universal Orlando Resort will open the world’s first centrally themed, multipark experience this summer by expanding The Wizarding World of Harry Potter across its two Florida theme parks.

Walt Disney World Resort will complete a multiyear project to double the size of Fantasyland this summer, and will also add several new additions and enhancements to its dining and entertainment districts.” (source)

Orlando tourism once again surpassed the tourism of New York in 2014 with a staggering 62 million – setting a new record. Given the rise of tourism it is no surprise that timeshare developers are picking up their pace as well.

Diamond Resorts International owns 19.4 acres of vacant land and has plans to develop another Orlando timeshare resort.

Diamond Resorts also recently expanded to a total of 85,892 square feet of office space in southwest Orlando’s SouthPark Center: leasing additional space for their sales and marketing team in Orlando – doubling their space for their 500 employees.


Proven timeshare resale specialists

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Timeshare Resales Poised For Huge Growth

Disney Timeshare Under Construction

Disney Timeshare Under Construction

2015 will be known as the year the timeshare developers “pulled out all the stops.”

At a rapid pace, timeshare developers are renovating, purchasing, and building more timeshares. They figure there is no direction to go but up. Last year in 2014 timeshare sales hit $516 million.  In 2007 timeshare sales brought in $2.3 Billion! The seven year plunge is over and hit the bottom according to the experts.

So now is the best time to buy land, speculate on a turnaround and build resorts as quickly as possible. That’s what the big timeshare resort companies are doing.

Disneys Polynesian Bora Bora villas

Disneys Polynesian Bora Bora villas

Who are the big players in the timeshare world?

Marriott – 420,000 owners – With Marriott you can choose any Marriott Vacation Club resort, any villa, any size, any check-in day and any length of stay.  It all depends on the value or amount of points in their program you own.

Disney - 12 uniquely themed Disney Vacation Club Resorts are the cornerstone of their vacation club timeshare ownership program. Since 1991 Disney has been selling timeshares at their theme parks. Some of their resorts are not on the park grounds but all offer quick transportation to them.

Wyndham – RCI – Wyndham Vacation Ownership includes a network of 191 properties, 25,000 individual units, and over 925,000 property owners.

Starwood – Sheraton, Westin – 19 luxury timeshare resorts make up the shared ownership part of Starwood.

Diamond – 490,000 members –

Bluegreen – 175,000 members

Hilton Grand Vacation Club –  212,000 members –

Westgate – Westgate Resorts now encompasses more than 10,000 guestrooms at 28 full-service resorts.

All of these have made moves to renovate, purchase, or develop new projects in the last year.

Notably, Marriott is greatly expanding their collection of resorts in Hawaii. Disney just opened their Polynesian resort timeshare.

Disney’s Polynesian? They’re finally open with the timeshare improvements and overall facelift after decades of being the signature resort on campus at the Magic Kingdom.

But it comes with a price: “There are 20 Bora Bora Bungalows — stilt houses sitting over the waters of the Seven Seas Lagoon — available to regular guests and Disney Vacation Clubbers (think timeshares), with room rates starting at $2,178 a night.” source


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Cabo San Lucas - Fishing in Spring and Summer

DoradoMahiMahiFishThe spring and summer months are some of the best times to fish in Cabo San Lucas for species including Dorado, Snapper, Sierra, and Sailfish.
Cabo san Lucas is home to a variety of different fleets and fishing tours.  Read more by the areas top fishing guides at:
Cabo Fishing Report – May 2015
The weather has been rough the first week in May and Billfish are the Number 1 hottest “fish on”.
Club Regina Los Cabos Timeshare Resort

Club Regina Los Cabos Timeshare Resort

Renegade Mike’s report on fishing in addition to Billfish: “Most boats concentrated on marlin as that was the best odds of a catch this week, we did however get a couple of dorado.  La Brisa released a 45 lb. mako shark. This boat was also the only one to catch a wahoo this week, of average size at 35 lbs.  The port was closed a couple of days for pangas, which fish, so less smaller game was caught.  There were a couple of grouper, bonita, jack crevalle, needlefish, skipjack, triggerfish and sierra caught.”
Novaispania Residences Viceroy

Novaispania Residences Viceroy

Here’s where to stay while on your fishing vacation of a lifetime. Cabo San Lucas Timeshare Resales – saving huge amounts of money on buying timeshares. Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort, Hacienda del Mar, Pueblo Bonito Resort Los Cabos, Club Regina Los Cabos, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, Villa Del Palmar Cabo, Playa Grande Resort, Finisterra Club and Resort, Club Cascadas de Baja, and Fiesta Americana Vacation Club at Cabo del Sol.

A newer fractional available in the area is Novaispania Residences Viceroy – developed by Pueblo Bonito. Available in two week increments, these luxury homes are the ultimate luxury vacation home. Just look at what they offer: Each villa features outdoor and indoor living spaces providing you with the privacy and lifestyle of an exclusive getaway. They include a selection of floor plans ranging from 3,000 to over 5,200 square feet. All situated on a one third acre lot overlooking the Sea of Cortez as it joins the Pacific Ocean. Here’s a few of them for sale: Novaispania Residences Viceroy.

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Wyndham Kingsgate 308,000 Points - Timeshare For Sale!

Wyndham Kingsgate

Wyndham Kingsgate

First, All Wyndham points are not created equal – – Wyndham Kingsgate locations stand alone.
It seems to me that most good deals for Wyndham Points on the resale market are snapped up by folks that have 500,000 to over a million points, or by their friends who have been tuned green with envy. Observing a friend with over a million  Wyndham point manipulate the system is mighty impressive.

Wyndham Kingsgate

Wyndham Kingsgate

A gem like this Wyndham Kingsgate timeshare floats a little above those bottom fishermen.
Follow this link to see more timeshares for sale at Wyndham Kingsgate.
Wyndham Kingsgate timeshare description from RPMLS.com:
This lovely Gold Crown resort is a living heritage. Williamsburg offers a glimpse of 18th-century culture, commerce and cuisine. Costumed guides lead tours through historic homes, shopkeepers demonstrate crafts of the period, and uniformed militia men recreate military drills.
About RPMLS.com
We, at RPMLS.com, offer to timeshare buyers and sellers easy resale options. Through RPMLS.com, sellers have a practical means to successfully market their timeshares for sale or rent; and buyers and renters can be like “kids in a candy store” – browsing a great selection of quality resorts and terrific vacation destinations — with resale prices typically lower than what the resorts offer at the retail price.

Great vacations don’t have to be associated with great expenses. Take a look at the individually-owned timeshare properties advertised here, and stretch your vacation dollar. Remember this rule of thumb — resale beats retail! You have come to the right place to find that special vacation condo that meets the needs of you and your family!

Condo Express, Inc., dba RPMLS.com, has been under original management since 1994 and a major participant in the Timeshare Resale Industry.

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I'm Selling My Timeshare

selling how toThis question is debated by thousands of timeshare owners, if not most timeshare owners, at some point. Whey you first bought your timeshare you may not have been thinking of how to sell your timeshare when the time comes.

So here you are, ready to sell your timeshare – but how do you go about it?

Over the next few days I will be discussing the options you have in answering that question, “How do I sell my timeshare?”

Read the timeshare Sales Contract

Read the Timeshare Sales Contract

The first way many people think of selling their timeshare is by selling it themselves, or the For Sale By Owner approach. After all, you have heard of home owners using the For Sale By Owner approach to selling their home, right?

Selling your timeshare this way would require you to run your own ads or find your buyer some other way, locate a title company or escrow company who can handle the closing, and maybe find an attorney who can handle the sale.

Running your own ads to sell your timeshare will involve fielding quite a few calls from people who know nothing about timeshares. You will get inundated with callers asking you if it is a “home” you are selling for such a great price in that fantastic destination!

Finding a title company that can handle a timeshare closing is not that simple. Only a few title companies in the US can handle a timeshare closing. As you know, the buyer for your timeshare may live in a different state, the timeshare may be in yet a different state, and the title company will have to be able to sift through requirements of the states and their jurisdictions.

How do I sell my timeshare, and sell it myself? There are a lot of wickets to get through when you sell your timeshare yourself. Tomorrow I will be discussing a very different approach.

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The Best Timeshare in Aruba? www.RPMLS.com

Marriott Aruba Ocean Club

Marriott Aruba Ocean Club

In Aruba you have many choices when it comes to timeshare condos.  If you want to buy or rent an Aruba timeshare, first take a look at the Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club: Separated from the magnificent Caribbean Sea by a lovely white, sandy beach, this Five Star property offers the ultimate in luxury vacations. Great name. Awesome amenities.

The Playa Linda Beach Resort is another fine choice for Aruba timeshare condos. Here’s a great photo from one of the balconies:

Next I would recommend considering Costa Linda Beach Resort and La Cabana Beach Resort. The La Cabana has quite a few units to choose from and are generally more affordable.

The Renaissance Aruba Resort – On TripAdvisor.com it is ranked #1 of 9 resort hotels/timeshares in Aruba. That is after over 2,900 reviews. That is a lot of reviews and should be taken into consideration. Sure there are a few bad reviews but it sounds like the resort has been renovated and is quite a magnificent deal. All inclusive costs are a big surprise to some folks who are not quite prepared for the cost.

So, if you want to buy, rent, or sell a timeshare in Aruba, these  are a great start.  Remember, as always, buy resale, and don’t pay retail prices.  Check out the services of www.rpmls.com for everything you ever wanted to know about buying or selling a timeshare in Aruba or any place else!

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Summer 2015 - Timeshare Tourism Will Increase!

Wyndham Cypress Palms

Wyndham Cypress Palms

Across the timeshare industry everyone is posting gains in sales and tours.

If you own a timeshare and want to sell it this is the best time to do it. If you want to buy a timeshare this is also a great time to find your dream vacation timeshare at a fraction of the cost.

Here is how this is all true:

Based on increasing sales numbers from Wyndham, Marriott, and other big players in the timeshare world, thousands of people are interested in buying a timeshare. Even though money may still be tight, confidence is returning quickly and people still want and feel the need to vacation in style.

Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare resale

Hilton Grand Vacations – Las Vegas

A resale timeshare fits just what these timeshare buyers are looking for. They want to buy, but they want to spend less. While you may not recoup what you paid for your timeshare, at least you can have some money to show for it and not have to pay your maintenance fee bills any longer. Get your timeshare sold.

The time is right. Do it today.

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Selling Questions


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