No Timeshares In Alaska? What About . . .

Have you noticed how often cable television programming features Alaska? In the last few years there has been an explosion of “reality television” featuring Alaska. As I write this these are some of the Alaska programs on the air: Alaskan Women Looking For Love, Buying Alaska, Deadliest Catch, Escaping Alaska, Flying Wild Alaska, Bering Sea Gold, and others.

But can I use my banked timeshare to stay in a timeshare in Alaska? You probably could if there were any in Alaska. But, there are none.

No timeshares in Alaska.

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge - Whistler

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge – Whistler

What if I could get you close to Alaska? What if I could get you to a timeshare resort that has mountains, copious amounts of snow, and a true wilderness feel?  Then we’d be talking about Canada!

There are plenty of timeshares in Canada.

The Rocky Mountains run from south to north through the western half of Canada. This mountain range is host to a wide array of species of large game animal, fish, birds, and other wildlife. The Banff Rocky Mountain Resort timeshare is located in the heart of Banff National Park, just west of Calgary. Conveniently located close to the Trans Canada Highway, it is easily accessible 12 months a year.

Pacific Shores Resort and Spa is in Vancouver, BC. Enjoy your view of the water from Pacific Shores Nature Resort, located directly on Craig Bay. Right outside your door, the beach offers scuba diving and salmon fishing charters. Five golf courses are within a 20 minute drive. And YES! It has an indoor heated pool.

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside - BC, Canada

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside – BC, Canada

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside can be found on the western slope of the Canadian Rockies. Overlooking the Columbia River Valley, the resort offers ski trails as well as a myriad of other outdoor activities.

Timeshares in Canada include Club Intrawest at Blackcomb, Intrawest Resort Club Blackcomb, Carriage Hills Resort, Banff Rocky Mountain Resort, Shell Vacation Club,  Mountainside Lodge, Fairmont Villas at Hillside, Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside, Grand Okanagan Resort, Pacific Shores Resort and Spa, Twin Peaks.


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Top Ten Las Vegas Timeshare Resales

Continuing in the series of top selling timeshare resorts – here are the top ten best selling Las Vegas timeshares! This list comes from real time sales data from recently closed timeshare sales:

HGV Club at Flamingo Las Vegas Our #1 best selling timeshare in Las Vegas, HGV Club at Flamingo is in great demand! The location, tropical setting, and top shelf service keep the demand high.

HGV Club Las Vegas Timeshare Our #1 best selling timeshare in Las Vegas, HGV Club at Flamingo is in great demand! The location, tropical setting, and top shelf service keep the demand high.

HGV Club Las Vegas Timeshare

HGV at Las Vegas Hilton Another HGV Club timeshare, the Hilton is located close to the Las Vegas strip, offers terrific amenities, and exchanges well.

Polo Towers Amenities at the resort include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a rooftop pool and spa for adults, and a family water park & play area.

The rest of the top selling Las Vegas timeshares include The Jockey Club, Summer Bay at Las Vegas Desert Club, Marriott’s Grand Chateau, HGV Club on Las Vegas Strip, Wyndham Grand Desert, Consolidated Club de Soleil, and Tahiti Village.

You should also pay attention to what recently happened with Hilton Grand Vacations Club and the Planet Hollywood timeshare project.

If you own a Westgate Planet Hollywood timeshare and have been wondering what is happening, call it Elara – Hilton Grand Vacations Club newest member.

Here’s an excerpt from BusinessWire’s report: “LV Tower 52, LLC (“LV Tower”) acquired a controlling interest in Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate and appointed Hilton Grand Vacations to rebrand the property and provide future vacation ownership sales and marketing services. Most recently LV Tower appointed HGV to oversee the resort’s condominium association, timeshare interval reservations, and on-site resort maintenance and resort operations. The more than 17,000 existing Westgate owners of the property will continue to enjoy the full ownership rights and benefits associated with their original purchase from Westgate Resorts as well as their exchange privileges with Interval International. ”

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas This brings the Westgate Planet Hollywood story to a close. But a new chapter is developing with Elara as the largest single timeshare building in the world

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

In addition, all future sales for Elara timeshares will be conducted by and sold as Hilton Grand Vacation Club ownerships.

This brings the Westgate Planet Hollywood story to a close. But a new chapter is developing with Elara as the largest single timeshare building in the world (at its opening in 2009). Plus there is a huge amount of anticipation that Elara should emerge as one of Hilton’s premiere timeshare resorts. Hilton Grand Vacation Club already has a strong presence in Las Vegas with 48,000 club members. The HGV Club established itself in Las Vegas with the Flamingo in 1994 and has been growing ever since.

If you are ready to sell your Las Vegas timeshare, whether it is on our top ten list or not, the demand is high for timeshares in Las Vegas. And if you are ready to buy a timeshare, check out those links to the timeshare resort properties for sale.

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Thanksgiving Christmas New Years - Time for Timeshare Travel Deals

Now is the time to be making plans for sharing a great vacation with your friends and family. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are very busy times of the year and it will be less stressful if you already have your lodging plans nailed down. Almost without fail, the plans revolve around finding adequate and affordable quality lodging. Once those reservations are set then you can get on with the rest of your planning.

First – Finding the right place to stay. Travel during the holidays usually means finding rooms for more than just yourself. Hotel rooms are okay but they are small.

Vermont Lodge in White Christmas

Vermont Lodge in White Christmas

Remember the 1954 classic movie “White Christmas”? Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney starred in this Christmas time story of friends working to save their former General’s Inn in Vermont. They decide to produce a musical to draw a crowd and jump start interest in the Vermont lodge. Thanks to Bob’s appeal on the Ed Harrison show the place is packed with fans. Otherwise the Vermont inn would have been empty.

Luxury resorts in Vermont or New Hampshire have no problem filling their ski resorts to NO VACANCY. Now we have the opposite problem – finding rooms for holiday groups or families.

Consider the advantages of renting or owning a timeshare for the holiday season! First of all there is always plenty of space. You can get a one, two, three, or even a four bedroom unit for a fraction of the cost of what a hotel would cost. You can stay for a week, unpack, enjoy a luxury environment, and relax during the holidays. Then there’s the issue of availability. If you buy a specific week at your timeshare resort you can stay there that week. As long as you make your reservation far enough in advance and keep your maintenance fees up to date you should never encounter not being able to get the week you bought.

Imperial Palm Villas Orlando Timeshare Resort

Imperial Palm Villas Orlando Timeshare Resort – Features Spacious 3 Bedroom Units

Now lets look at the actual accommodations themselves. Timeshare units are fully equipped with a full kitchen, laundry facilities either in the room or nearby, and all the comforts of home. If you would rather not sleep in your mother in law’s basement or your uncle’s garage apartment, consider a much better alternative than a hotel. Rent a timeshare with none of the hassle, all of the luxury, and plenty of time to relax for the holidays.

Rent a timeshare! It just makes sense. Do it at

Search timeshares for rent.

Search timeshares for sale.

How to sell your timeshare.

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Timeshare Values - What's It Worth?

Timeshare Values – You can get an appraisal done for your timeshare. It is possible to pay someone to produce for you a piece of paper that has the words “Timeshare Appraisal” on it. It is not worth the paper it was printed on. Nuff said.  A comparative market analysis? Compared to what? Traditional home sales have comparable market analyses done for them produced by closed sales data from an MLS system. No such data exists for timeshares. Some timeshare resale specialists with years of experience and thousands of timeshares sold and closed would be able to give you a “ballpark” number if they have sales experience with true comparable timeshare units.

Ridge Tahoe Timeshare For Sale - New On The Market!

Ridge Tahoe Timeshare For Sale – New On The Market!

Use a Timeshare Professional to sell your timeshare.

The first question most people ask when they begin the process of selling their timeshare is “how much is my timeshare worth?” or “what will my timeshare sell for?”  While you might not get what you paid for it, it just makes sense to get as much as you can when you sell your timeshare. So the logical choice would be to use a timeshare resale company to sell your timeshare. However, most ad sales people may not have the experience or desire to sell a timeshare property located in another state or country or wade through the process involved through the closing. That’s where a timeshare resales specialist comes to your aid.

The pros at have sold timeshare properties from well over 1,000 resorts around the world. You just can’t beat experience like that.


Remember the Cost To Own!

value cost timeshare

Wonder what it costs to own one of these?

When deciding what price to put on your timeshare you need to keep in mind how much it costs to own it. Here’s and example of how that works. BMW sells new cars with maintenance contracts so that you’ll never have to worry about expensive repairs in a few years. If you can “prepay” for repairs on an automobile it will reduce the cost to own it. I own a high mileage older BMW. I have NO maintenance contract. The last time I had to get something repaired I nearly fainted when they gave me the estimate. COST TO OWN.

Timeshare maintenance fees dramatically impact the “saleability” of a timeshare. When you disclose that the annual maintenance fee is well over $1,000 you better get ready to drop your asking price or the buyer will throw in the towel on owning a timeshare – period! It is expensive to own a timeshare, and more so if you do not use it.

The Verdict

What is your timeshare worth to you? Is owning a timeshare putting dread or anger in your life? In that case you should consider your price with that in mind. Save yourself some aggravation and time and price your timeshare to sell fast. You will be happier and the maintenance fees will go away.


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Of All The Ways You Could Dispose Of Your Timeshare This One Works

“What is the best way to sell my timeshare?” I get asked that question a lot. You do have a lot of options but most of them are not very effective. For example: You could ask the timeshare resort for help selling your timeshare. Unfortunately about 58% of all US resorts offer no resales help. If they do, often they charge extremely high commissions, like up to 40% That does not sound like the best way to sell your time share.

Westin Kierland Villas timeshare for saleYou could always advertise it yourself. However, these days, the prospects of advertising on Craigslist have scared some people away. Prices on EBay are rock bottom and while you may get a large amount of exposure, you may not want to deal with “bottom feeder” price offers. The kind of advertising you’d need to do to attract the largest possible buyer pool would be quite expensive. Try pricing an ad in USA Today! Too expensive. That doesn’t sound like the best way to sell your timeshare either!

Another possibility is placing an ad in your local classified ads. I’d say don’t waste your time with that idea. Think about it. Who will you reach:  Probably a relatively small group of people, buyers who are not sure exactly what a timeshare is, inquiries from people who may not have the money or financing ability to buy your timeshare, or people who want to pay one dollar for your timeshare.

You could always respond to one of those unsolicited nameless emails that proclaim they already have a buyer for your timeshare. If it sounds too good to be true, it is definitely not true.  Their next move is to ask you to wire them 3 or 4 thousand dollars so they can sell your timeshare for you. Something sounds backwards in this sales proposition.

Timeshare Realtor BrokerLots of people prefer to use a Timeshare Resale Broker. They specialize in timeshare resales and can do all the negotiating and contract work for you. Most of the time, you will have to pay a commission, but it would be worth it to not have to deal with the hassles. Now that sounds like the best way to sell your timeshare. And now is a good time to sell your timeshare. Buyers are looking for deals and the resorts are not selling them like they used to. Studies estimate that there are 9.2 million US households thinking of buying a timeshare in the next 2 years.

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Northeast Snow Storm - Bad News - Good News - Ski Timeshare

Snow On The Car 2014 NY

Snow On The Car 2014 NY

If you’ve been watching the news for the last several days you’ll recognize the photo on the right. Upstate New York has received over 5 feet of snow and much more is on the way!

November 2014 has brought a large helping of snow for many areas in the Northeast, Midwest, and the West. The bad news? Thousands are still without power due to downed power lines, roads are still blocked, and more snow is on the way.

Vail Avon Beaver Creek Ski Vacation

Sheraton Mountain Vista Ski Timeshare Resort

Heavy early snow. The ski slopes will have a head start  in these areas with a solid base of snow to start the season off with. For some, too much snow has cut them off from the rest of the world. They’ll dig out, open their lifts and the fun will begin.

Ski slopes and resorts are open in Vermont, New Hampshire, all across Colorado, Utah, Pennsylvania, Ohio and many others. My favorite find of the year is the growing collection of interactive ski maps in the US and Europe. My favorites include Lake Tahoe, (a collection of over 2,500 interactive ski maps), Sugarbush, Vail, France Ski Resorts, Whistler Blackcomb, Ski Vacations in Austria, the Washington Post, plus many many others.

In all these areas many affordable timeshares are available for rent or sale. Why a Timeshare? The cost savings and the size of the units. Timeshare resorts have all the terrific amenities that any other ski resort would have. Plus you will get full bedrooms, full kitchen, and laundry facilities. The cost will also be as much as 50% or more off the retail rack rate. You will save a bundle on your next ski vacation if you stay in a timeshare.

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Email Says They Have A Buyer For My Timeshare

“I Just Got An Unsolicited Email Saying They Have A Buyer For My Timeshare – Really?

So how do they know what timeshare I own anyway? Do they know the season, points, usage, or maintenance fees? This looks like a scam. Is it?”

Most likely this is a scam. Especially if they say they have it sold for more than you paid for it. Or even less.

Hundreds of thousands of emails have been sent to timeshare owners falsely claiming they have it “sold”. The catch is that you have to send them a deposit of anywhere from $500 to $3,000 to get it closed. What usually happens is that they take your money and run.

All across the EU this is being reported on a daily basis. Here in the US I have heard many reports of the same kind. There are several variations of this timeshare scam happening every day. Most eventually get caught and face the consequences. What usually does not happen is the victim getting their money back. It makes timeshare owners even more reluctant to trust any timeshare resale company with selling their timeshare. And the timeshare owner is still stuck in the same situation. They want to sell their timeshare. They do not want to keep paying timeshare maintenance fees for a timeshare they do not use. They are getting no help from their timeshare resort management company. Selling the timeshare on their own seems to be an impossible task.

Realtor TimeshareIt comes down to a matter of trust.

Whatever you do, know who you are dealing with. Be sure you know who is sending you the email or is on the other end of the phone. Ask for their license number if they say they are a Realtor, pin down their physical address, and ask about their terms and conditions before trusting them to sell your timeshare.

It is always a better idea to work with a Realtor when you sell your timeshare. Realtors are bound by a code of ethics and receive regular training. They are also accountable to state authorities for the use of their real estate license. Realtors are usually well known and respected in their communities and are involved in community activities. A Realtor is a person that you can feel comfortable doing business with.

Selling your timeshare? Use a Realtor. I’m talking about peace of mind.

Compare Licensed Timeshare Broker Services with For Sale By Owner.

A deeper look at Timeshares For Sale By Owner.


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How Do I Go About Selling My Timeshare?

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

How do you go about selling your timeshare?

What about your local Real Estate Office? If so, you would need to ask them if they have ever sold a timeshare before. A timeshare sale may involve several states, their laws and different requirements. So that probably will not work.

Advertising Companies are another way some have tried to sell their timeshare. Here’s how that works – usually. Unlicensed timeshare companies may put your property on the market via internet web sites that will allow numerous site visitors to view the details of the property. When potential buyers show interest in your timeshare, these timeshare companies will send you a list of potential buyers who may be interested in the property. Once a potential buyer becomes interested in your timeshare, you must take the steps to begin the sales process. Good luck getting it closed.

What you need, and the best way to sell your timeshare, is a network of professionals who can tie all this together.

Timeshare headlines are getting far too many grim outlook quotes. News outlets make it seem like if you own a timeshare you are doomed to hold your timeshare deed until the day you die.

Try telling that to the thousands of clients who have succeeded in selling their timeshare for a reasonable price through Having sold well over $100 million in timeshares helps calm any fears that timeshare owners may have about their prospects for selling their timeshare. It is one thing for a company to take a fee, post an ad and forget about it.

The timeshare experts at go the full distance to make sure deals get closed, their customers get paid, and titles get transferred as promised. Banked weeks, escrow issues, title searches, estate issues, and other questions always get resolved in a professional manner.

Timeshare Professionals

It’s All About The Timeshare Network

If you are tired of paying your maintenance fee for a timeshare you don’t use, it is time to sell. And now is a great time to sell. The resorts reported surging sales in February, plus there are approximately 9.2 million U.S. households interested in acquiring a vacation timeshare in the next 2 years. If you are no longer using your timeshare or you are tired of paying maintenance fees you should sell. is the place that ties all the timeshare network sales tools together. You have choices on whether you use a licensed agent or have it closed yourself. You can write the wording of your own ad if you want. You are involved in the process and given lots of options. Plus, they bring together a network of dozens of title companies, advertising, marketing, interactive websites and more to get the job done.



What is the best way to sell your timeshare?

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Two New Timeshares On The Market For Sale!

Marriott's Shadow Ridge Timeshare

Marriott’s Shadow Ridge Timeshare

Marriott Shadow Ridge timeshare for sale: Even years, beautifully decorated two-bedroom, two-bath villas, each with fireplace and a relaxing tub in the master suite, and two private balconies – $14,500.

Amenities at the Marriott’s Shadow Ridge resort include:

  • Marriott Golf Academy, a full-service golf school and practice facility and also home to Shadow Ridge Golf Club, an 18 hole championship golf course
  • The Grill at Shadow Ridge, casual continental cuisines for lunch and dinner in a country-club atmosphere (hours vary by season)
  • The MarketPlace: Perfect for snacks, cold drinks, ice cream and necessities; featuring Starbucks® coffee, specialty espresso drinks and more
  • Chuckwalla Pool Bar & Grill, Snakebites Pool Bar & Grill
  • Fitness center with steam room and sauna and fitness center in the Enclaves
  • Heated outdoor pools with whirlpool spas, children’s splash area and waterslide
  • 2 half basketball courts, volleyball court, lighted tennis courts, volleyball court
  • Interactive park area, kids activity center and outdoor playground
  • Daily activities program for all ages

New on the timeshare resale market is this Marriott’s Shadow Ridge timeshare. It is a silver season two bedroom lockout unit being offered for $7,995!  This is a DEEDED floating week, not a diluted points ownership. Follow the link above to bid on this timeshare for sale by owner.

At here’s how they describe it: “Welcome to the prestigious community of Palm Desert, known for its elegant style, luxurious spas, trendy cafés and serene surroundings. Our resort is nestled at the foothills of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains, where velvety green golf courses add color to the picturesque desert panoramas.”

Even judging from their photos – imagine a brilliant green golf course with gorgeous mountains in the background. Year round golf, hiking, outdoor sports, and activities for everyone young and old.

Silverleaf Fox River ResortOur second timeshare deal of the day comes to us from Silverleaf’s Fox River Resort Presidential Lakes. This week 27 two bedroom unit is available every year and priced to sell soon!

From their website, “The Fox River Resort’s natural setting is an absolute haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Manicured lawns and meandering trails play host to golfers, sports lovers and nature buffs alike. Whether you choose a leisurely trail ride, a morning canoe session on the lake, or 31,000 square feet of water fun, the Fox River Resort has all the makings of a perfect vacation escape for guests of all ages.”

Chicago, Springfield, and Ottawa Illinois are nearby offering a distinctive assortment of activities for all ages. Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Museum, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Illinois State Fairground, or Hall of Representatives just before the Civil War are both entertaining and educational.

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How to Buy Cabo Timeshares On The Resale

Cabo Timeshare – New On the Market For Sale

This Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare in Cabo is ready to go! Priced to sell fast at $3,535, it is a three bedroom and is available every year. Here’s more from the website: “FABULOUS GOLD CROWN RESORT IN PARADISE!!! Premium property overlooking the Pacific Ocean offering a variety of amenities and activities including private beach, award-winning spa, six swimming pools, gourmet restaurants, tennis, marina, golf and much more. Accommodations feature kitchenette, balcony or patio, high-speed Internet, satellite TV and lush comfy furnishing just to name a few. Upgrades and all-inclusive packages are available.”

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Timeshare CaboBid on this timeshare now!

The Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare is in the top ten best resale timeshares for Mexico. The location is top notch, the amenities can’t be beat, and the price is right.

Here are the top ten best selling timeshares ( resale ) in Mexico:

Allow me to use the timeshare for sale information above to show you why it so important to use a timeshare resales specialist when you buy timeshare. Consider this recent story out of Cabo San Lucas and one of their premier resorts, Grand Solmar Timeshare Condominiums. Here’s the headline:

Grand Solmar Timeshare Condominiums Increase Prices 40% to Meet Ownership Demands

Sunset Beach - Pueblo Bonito TimeshareSunset Beach – Pueblo Bonito Timeshare

Is there something that makes you scratch your head in that headline? It sure did for me. And just in case I may have misunderstood I kept reading and found this: ” . . . received a lot of positive feedback and interest on the original 6 phases, so much so that there has been a 40 percent increase in the selling price. These condominium units are the definition of luxury vacation and with their amazing location and affordable pricing, travelers are purchasing ownership options as fast as they are being offered.”

So how does increasing the sales price meet ownership demands? Are the prospective timeshare buyers demanding that they pay 40% more than the already jacked up price? I don’t think so.

But, alas, that is just how the timeshare developers think. Since they have a great product (yes they do) and buyers are rapidly buying, they inflate the price to help their profits. Every sale at the new price will be 40% more pure profit for the developer. I still don’t get how Grand Solmar thinks this is a benefit to a timeshare buyer. Maybe because they can build more timeshare buildings? Perhaps.

I think something was lost in the translation.


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Free e-Book - How To Sell A Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Las Vegas

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Las Vegas

From comes this free e-book: How to Sell a Timeshare in Today’s Market.

There are no strings attached, no credit card needed, no hitch, no catch. Free information is hard to beat. When it comes to selling your timeshare you can’t have too much information.

Here’s how they describe it:

“The How to Sell a Timeshare in Today’s Market ebook was written on behalf of timeshare owners for their use if and when they decide to sell their timeshares in the secondary market.  It’s basically a handbook showing the choices available to them as to the many alternatives that exist for reselling a timeshare.

  • This free e-book lays out a step-by-step, easy to read summary of  what a timeshare owner can expect before, during and after the sale process.
  • It describes the various options available to owners to sell their timeshares – including certain resale practices to be avoided and why.

This is a FREE e-book.   Please feel free to bookmark it or download it, print it, and keep it handy for reference purposes in the event you want or need to sell your timeshare.   Better to know in advance what to expect – so you can make the right decision when sale time arrives.”

Tahoe Seasons Resort Timeshare For Sale

Tahoe Seasons Resort Timeshare For Sale

So then, just what is today’s market like? Heating up quickly according to all the big timeshare developers. Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, and Disney all have renewed timeshare projects that were put on the shelf, buying new property with the intention of building new timeshares, and refurbishing their existing properties. The surge in timeshare sales overall has a big effect on timeshare resales. With so many potential timeshare buyers looking and touring resorts there are a lot of buyers who don’t buy because of the price or sales pressures.

That is when they go to timeshare resales specialists to get what they need. And their numbers are growing according to recent studies. Studies have shown that in 2012 the fastest growing segment of the timeshare resales market are those who already own timeshare and are looking for a more cost effective way to buy them. They are flocking to timeshare resales companies and buying.

So now is a great time to sell, today’s timeshare market is great, and consumer confidence is the “rising tide” that is lifting and holding it up.

Get it done!

Offered by

RSS feed of newest timeshares for sale.

Contact Timeshare Resale Broker.

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California Timeshare News - Best In Show!

If you mention Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Newport Coast, or Carlsbad California images of great vacation moments come to mind. And that’s not just for residents of California. Vacations, travel, and tourism in California is a huge business. Total direct travel spending in California was $106.4 billion in 2013. Travel spending in California directly supported 917,000 jobs, with earnings of $32.3 billion. Luxury timeshare developments are still growing in their market share of tourism lodging for the state. In addition, timeshare resorts continue to report a higher occupancy rate and spending than hotels. By nature they always will! Timeshare owners have already paid for the privilege of staying at the resort and only have to keep maintenance fees up to date to use their timeshare. Once obligated by “owning a week” at a timeshare vacation travelers are more likely to use it.

Grand Pacific timeshare resorts have been in the industry for quite a long time. Focusing their resort development mainly in California and Hawaii, they grown to approximately 45,000 owners. At a recent ARDA convention they walked away with four of the top awards ARDA can give: General Management, Rental Management, Assistant General Manager, and Maintenance Management. The timeshare resorts that Grand Pacific manages includes Grand Pacific Palisades, Carlsbad Seapointe Resort, and several others in Carlsbad and Coronado.

The timeshare owners at Grand Pacific Resort Timeshares tend to be very loyal and hang on to their timeshares for quite some time. But some timeshare owners do want to sell their Grand Pacific Timeshares. Check them out here for great deals.

Grand Pacific Resort Management is one of the oldest and largest vacation ownership companies based in California. Servicing over 45,000 owner-families every year, it manages over 1,000 units in California and Hawaii. For more information visit

Four Seasons Timeshare Resort CaliforniaKnowing which timeshare resorts are in demand in California does many things – especially for those who own timeshares in California. Most significantly it will let the timeshare owner know just how their timeshare ownership competes with others when it comes time to sell. Yes, everyone eventually parts with their timeshare one way or another. It is just a matter of time.

Not just another list, these ten timeshare resorts in California have proven themselves to be the best on the resales market. The list was generated from real sales data, not just “offers”. So here they are, California’s best timeshare resales based on number of units sold.

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Why I Love The Internet

I have this occasional hobby of restoring things that look like junk. Sometimes I succeed – sometimes the project ends up in the garbage.

A lot of my success depends on being able to find the right part to repair the project. One hundred percent of my success in finding the right part depends on being able to identify what it is I am working on. Looking at the “Before” photo in this article you might guess I had a tough time figuring out exactly what I was working on. Or even if it was worth working on.

Using the internet and various search engines I managed to follow a series of clues (part numbers, dates, words) and eventually identify exactly what I was working on. I even emailed the original manufacturer – who is still in business – to get a confirmation. They verified it and wanted me to send them photos when I was done.

Using Google as my primary search engine, I located 8 new “Pin Spot Colored Lenses”, two new “Par 36 Pin Spot Lights”, and 1,000 One inch square mirror pieces. After hours of cleaning, scraping, rewiring, paint, and hot glue I finished the project. Plus, it works! All the lights work, it spins, it rotates, and brings back memories of the early days of Disco when this huge gadget was so popular.

I have been able to find the most obscure stuff.

You are searching for a certain timeshare week you’d like to buy. You don’t want to approach the timeshare resort because of previous unpleasant experiences with timeshare sales people. You know what you want. You know someone has what you want but how do you find it?

Using the internet and search engines can often fail you when trying to buy something like a timeshare. There are many false leads, “404 page not found” errors, auction closed notices, and other dead ends.


Searching for a special week at your favorite timeshare resort can become a frustrating experience.

Maybe you should search from a different angle. Try searching for someone who can find it for you. Your own timeshare detective. Believe it or not, there are timeshare resale specialists who do this very thing. They know how to find any timeshare week in any resort and figure out how to get a buyer offer to the owner. What are the chances on any given day a timeshare owner would like to sell their timeshare? Maybe 50/50! Catch them at the right time and the chances go up.

Rather than using the internet to search for the timeshare, use a timeshare resale specialist to find your timeshare week for you. They can wade through the overload of information and find the timeshare that would be perfect for you and your family or meet your specific needs.

Don’t wander around in the World Wide Web of bad information. Let a timeshare resale specialist do the work for you and let the party get started!


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I Just Inherited A Timeshare. What Should I Do With It?

I Just Inherited A Timeshare. What Should I Do With It?

Inherited timeshare what to do

What to do with an inherited timeshare?

That depends on you! Are you in a position that you would be able to vacation each year? Can you plan your vacations at least six months in advance? Can you afford the annual maintenance fee?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions above the answer is – keep the timeshare. If you decide to keep the timeshare you should also decide if you like the timeshare’s location and would be willing to vacation there each year. If not, you would need to decide whether or not you can afford being a member of an exchange company, that, for a fee, will exchange you week for another in a different location. You should also learn how to make best use any exchange program or points exchange program available to you as a timeshare owner. Banking your week as far in advance as possible preserves the value of the week you bank. Banking it later diminishes its value. Getting what you want in exchange for your banked week hinges on several criteria.

First you should make your request as far in advance as possible. Six months is okay, but nine months in advance is better. Your choice of destination should be varied so that the exchange company has more ways to fill your request. Your desired check in date should also be as flexible as possible. Try to make your request so that several different check in dates will work.

All these tips should help you be more successful in exchanging your timeshare week.

If you have decided NOT to keep the timeshare you have a few options.

You can donate your timeshare. Just be careful that the recipient knows what comes with timeshare ownership: annual maintenance fees!

Southern California Beach Club Timeshare For Sale

Southern California Beach Club Timeshare For Sale

You can sell your timeshare. Selling your timeshare can be done several ways. Research has shown that using a timeshare realtor or broker is the proven way to get your timeshare sold, closed, deed transferred, etc, etc. There are even places you can advertise your timeshare for sale where timeshare realtors and brokers network with each other to see timeshare inventory. One such place is  At they have several options for you the timeshare seller. You can sell it yourself and pay no commissions, or you can use a timeshare broker’s assistance and pay a commission.

Which ever way you dispose of your timeshare remember the cost of selling it will always be far less than paying annual maintenance fees into eternity.

Just do the math. It is worth is to get the timeshare sold and get it done right the first time.

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Timeshare Sales Contracts - Read It BEFORE You Sign It!

Read the timeshare Sales Contract

Read the Timeshare Sales Contract

Even if you believe that timeshare sales contracts presented to you at a timeshare resort are legitimate, you will need to read them!

First, the pressure.

Here’s and example of what can go wrong:  “It all seemed very pretty and worth every cent at the time. We were taken through the presentation on timeshare vacation resorts in South Africa and some RCI destinations, and told this was an investment, and that we were not obligated to pay for anything at that point.

I was asked for credit card details to ‘secure’ the special offer. The consultant then rushed through the contract and told me to sign. The consultant also told me and my friend that went with me that I could take the timeshare contract home, then let the firm know when we were ready – but not before we had signed some documents.”

There are “red flags” all over this short example. Phrases like “short time offer”, “just sign and initial now”, “I need your credit card to lock in this offer”, or even the pressure to sign anything without sufficient time to read the fine print should cause suspicion.

Bait And Switch timeshare sales

I thought I was buying something else?

A second issue that comes up for buying a timeshare is knowing exactly what you are buying. I have heard time and time again from a timeshare owner who thought they owned a timeshare in Orlando, for example, but they actually had purchased a timeshare in another sister resort’s location.

Let’s just say that a timeshare resort, XYZ Orlando, has given you a tour, explained all the details, and you’ve negotiated an agreeable price. You sign the sales contract, celebrate your new timeshare and go home. A few weeks later more paperwork arrives in your mailbox. Reading the details you see that a timeshare resort, XYZ Las Vegas is mentioned all over the place. Not XYZ Orlando! You may have known that this timeshare resort had several resort locations but you thought you bought and Orlando timeshare – but you actually bought a Las Vegas timeshare. Is this legal? Yes – they may sell you a timeshare from any affiliated resort. BUT, they must disclose it to you. Every state has different laws about disclosure and if you are not too late you can rescind your purchase.

Buying a timeshare is a big decision and should be done with no pressure. You should be able to consider both the purchase price and the ongoing timeshare maintenance fees plus taxes without hidden costs. Above all else you should never pay the retail price! Never!!

Use a reputable timeshare agency, a licensed escrow or title company, and do your homework. You will be glad you did plus you will save thousands of dollars in cash, and tons of grief in the end.

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Marriott Grand Chateau Building the Third Tower

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Resort Building Third Tower – adding 223 units to the complex at 75 E Harmon Avenue. Once the tower is completed in 2014 Marriott Grand Chateau will have 643 units. The timeshares at Grand Chateau feature one, two, and three bedroom villas. The villas will range in size from 820 to 2,095 square feet, with mahogany stained furniture and cabinets, granite surfaces and full-service kitchens. The three-bedroom villas can accommodate up to 10 people.

This commitment by Marriott solidifies the fact that the timeshare industry is indeed bouncing back, especially in Las Vegas. When the recession was at its worst, all the timeshare resorts in Las Vegas were having trouble financing sales, attracting buyers, and keeping people employed. This sign is welcome for the area for certain!


“Thirteen months after breaking ground, Tutor Perini Building Corp. has topped out the 37-story third tower of Marriott’s Grand Chateau project.

According to Marriott Vacation Club, the property will begin to accommodate owners this summer (2014). Comprising 223 one-, two- and three-bedroom units,the third tower will offer such amenities as a lobby-level lounge, a billiards area with electronic game tables, whirlpool spas, and a three-level parking deck. Upon completion, the third tower will bring the total number of units at Grand Chateau to more than 600.

Grand Chateau will feature contemporary-style villas with sizes ranging between 810 and 2,070 square feet. In-unit features will include granite countertops, fully equipped kitchens, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, generous living space, multiple flat-panel LED TVs with Blu-Ray capabilities and WiFi access throughout. Grand Chateau’s three-bedroom villas can accommodate up to 10 guests.”

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare 3

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott timeshares really shine in the timeshare resale market. One of the most sought after timeshares in the world, Marriott timeshares tend to hold their value better, are in great demand, carry a certain amount of clout with the name, and have loyal owners.

Las Vegas timeshares continues to surprise many economists with their growth orientation. The local real estate market has likely bottomed out and is slowly regaining its resales values. As always, the housing situation follows the job market and Las Vegas is no exception. In addition numerous projects have been restarted, renovated, or begun. All of this points to Las Vegas’ economy getting stronger. The summer of 2013 was good for Las Vegas and the fall/winter/convention season is upon us!

It is never too late to put your timeshare up for sale. The sooner the better when it comes to timeshare resales.


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Timeshare Network Selling Solutions - RPMLS

If you want to sell your timeshare you need more than a good website. You need PEOPLE linked together in a personal network of title companies, escrow, front line sales at the timeshare resort, timeshare owners, developers, and marketing experts.

It’s All About The Timeshare Network

Timeshare solutions. That’s what people in the market to buy or sell timeshare are looking for. Not more problems.

The kind of network I am talking about combines technology with personal links. If you want to sell your timeshare you need more than a good website. You need PEOPLE linked together in a personal network of title companies, escrow, front line sales at the timeshare resort, timeshare owners, developers, and marketing experts.

One place combines all the above: The network of timeshare experts at links together timeshare experts in every aspect of the timeshare world. They combine that with an excellent web platform to give a huge amount of information to buyers and sellers, brokers, and all those who make it all come together with successful sales.

If you want to sell your timeshare you need more than a good website. You need PEOPLE linked together in a personal network of title companies, escrow, front line sales at the timeshare resort, timeshare owners, developers, and marketing experts.Figuring out the logistics of closing timeshare deals across state and international lines is not enough. You need to have a trusted source of information, advice, and negotiating skills. That is even harder to find. Yet it can be done. In fact it is done every day. This “trust” I am talking about is not just handed over blindly from one party to another. It has to be earned. But when doing business over the phone it is hard to establish. That’s where valid credentials come in to play. If someone says they are “licensed, bonded, and insured” when it comes to a timeshare deal – to me that sounds more like they are a pawn broker than a timeshare sales expert. I have nothing against pawn brokers – I’d just rather have a timeshare resales specialist who has regular training, held to a higher standard of ethics, and is required to stay educated on the laws of their profession.  Fingerprints on file? Realtors have that too! That’s where the trust and accountability issue gets resolved once and for all.

From a buyers’ perspective you can see all the newest timeshares for sale through their RSS feed of timeshares just listed for sale. You can browse for timeshares for sale by map, developer’s name, state, or search by resort name. Helpful tools include a comprehensive timeshare buyers guide, timeshare sellers guide, FAQ’s for buyers and sellers, vacation area guides and much more!

This description from the front page of sums it up:  “The centralized database provides access to those looking to buy a timeshare resale for their own use. In fact, the database currently has listed over 100,187 people who have contacted us with an interest in buying or renting a timeshare.”

Those are the timeshare network selling solutions we need!

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Huge Marriott Timeshare Discounts

Marriott timeshares on the timeshare resale market are a great value.  They carry the same benefits but often at half the cost when you buy resale! For example if you wanted to buy a Marriott timeshare from the developer, maybe you’d be paying $24,000 to well over $30,000. Would you like to save 25%  to 50% or more off your timeshare purchase?

Here’s how to buy a Marriott timeshare.

Use a timeshare resale broker – a Realtor who specializes in Marriott timeshare resales. They can locate the property you need, finalize all the terms, and get it closed for far less than you’d pay elsewhere.

So far in 2014 the top five best selling Marriott timeshares are:

Marriott Newport Coast Villas timeshare for sale by owner1. Buy Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas-  Description from their home page: “spacious two-bedroom Newport Coast villas offer Tuscan-inspired living/dining areas and full kitchens. Enjoy four outdoor pools, three whirlpool spas, tennis facilities, and a state-of-the-art fitness center and activity center.  Perched atop a bluff offering sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean & Catalina Island.” A fantastic location like this is not enough by itself to rank number one among Marriott timeshare resales. This resort also boasts one of the finest reputations in customer satisfaction and return visitors.

2. Buy Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club – Just thirty minutes from Honolulu, this timeshare resort is located on 640 acres of lush tropical landscaping. There you’ll find crystal clear lagoons, waterfalls, and all the things you’d expect from your not so typical tropical paradise! When you add in Ko Olina Golf Club, an exclusive beach club, spectacular attention to detail, and a discount price you have all the makings for a stress free island vacation.

3. Buy Marriott’s Ocean Point – Golf! Yes, in one word, Golf. Over 147 golf courses are nearby this Palm Beach Shores vacation destination.

4. Buy Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club – Just take a look at the photo to the left.

Marriott Waiohai Beach Club Timeshare for sale by owner

5. Buy Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – The Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club is one of the most sought after timeshares in history. You combine the location with Marriott’s reputation and you get a sure fire combination. Couple that with buying the timeshare on the resale market for a great discount and you will come out ahead every time.

Be sure to check out the excellent deals on these Marriott timeshares and more at You’ll love the selection, professional staff, and price.

Marriott Timeshares – more value than just the price. A valued memory to treasure for a lifetime.


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Health and Wellness Vacations - How Timeshares Lead The Way

ARDA, American Resort Development Association, is promoting the wellness trend for “consumers who want their vacations to reflect a healthier lifestyle factor.” (press release)

Timeshare resorts are on the fast track to include health and wellness programs that include fitness programs, spa services, weight-loss regimens and other services to create a healthy vacation experience for timeshare owners.

Those timeshare resorts that aren’t on that fast track will get left behind. Timeshare travelers are growing more and more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on vacation and see their timeshare as a place to enhance that experience.

Marriott timeshare resorts, for example, have led the way with award winning spas and wellness centers that include yoga classes, Tai Chi, water aerobics, and more. Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas is one example of how it’s done right.  Here’s a quote from a Marriott exec:  “It makes good business sense to offer wellness programs at our resorts, for they complement the active lifestyles of our owners and guests,” said Ed Kinney, vice president, corporate affairs and communications, Marriott Vacations Worldwide. “Since 1984, we’ve been committed to offering relevant activities for all ages that balance our owners’ desires for relaxation and fun with staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during their vacation.”

Or consider Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club Timeshares:  Enjoy tropical paradise at this Five Star resort situated along miles of white sand and the blue waters of the Caribbean. Accommodations feature full kitchen, living and dining areas, private patio or balcony and washer/dryer. In addition to beach activities, amenities include swimming pool with slide, lazy river, whirlpool, onsite shopping, restaurant, tennis, fitness center, full service spa and more.

Marriott Towel RecyclingIn addition to the above, Marriott Timeshare Resorts also lead the way in making their resorts more friendly to the environment.  On Bill Marriott’s blog, Marriott On The Move, he wrote, “Sustainability is an important part of our global expansion and our commitment to grow responsibly.  This is why we’re supporting rainforest preservation in the Amazon and access to fresh water in China.  At the same time, our hotels around the world are taking steps to be more environmentally-friendly.  It’s a long journey, and we still have much work ahead, but I think we’re on the right track. ”  See more

Marriott Towel Recycling3In fact, I recently stayed at a Marriott resort and noticed this hanging in the master bath:

It reads: “Be inspired. Support our environment efforts by reusing your towels. Please hang them to air dry. Or leave them elsewhere and we will be happy to replace your towels with freshly laundered ones.”

Timeshare Resales Information, Timeshare Vacation Resort Guides.

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The Lake House - Buy Rent or Timeshare?

The Lake Conroe Lighthouse

When it comes to a second home everyone has their own preferences: a house on the lake, on the beach, in the mountains, golf communities and so on. In my neighborhood and on my street there are four lake houses on the market for sale. All of them are 3 bedrooms, on the water with private boat lifts and decks, and all are priced between $315,000 and $419,000.

In the big scheme of things for waterfront homes on Lake Conroe they are pretty affordable. Or maybe not.

What if you dream of vacationing or spending weekends on a big lake, on the beach, or in the mountains? Perhaps you could rent a home like that. The cheapest weekly rental rates for a lake home on this lake start at around $2,000 and go up quickly!

Lots of folks who own these lake houses live in the city. They have other homes to tend to, pay taxes on, and maintain. Sometimes their lake home gets neglected, especially in the winter. That brings on more maintenance in addition to the maintenance fees or dues, and basic repairs.

On the other hand there are some advantages to owning a second home. If the home is in a suitable location you could rent the home out. You could rent it weekly, monthly, or whatever term suits you. The additional income from renting the home could help cover additional mortgage, repairs, taxes, and other expenses that come along with owing the second home.

Lake Conroe Sunset

Speaking of taxes: If you use the place as a second home– rather than renting it out as a business property — interest on the mortgage is deductible just as interest on the mortgage on your first home is. There are several caveats to consider when it comes to your taxes so be sure to consult a tax professional when it comes time to file.

What is an affordable option?  Consider a timeshare. Someone else will maintain it, upgrade the interior, keep things running all year, and host family activities that the average home would never have access to.

Plus, a timeshare will cost a tiny fraction of what buying a second home would cost. You can even buy a timeshare on the resale market for a fraction of what the resort would charge if you buy your timeshare on the resale market.

Consider it. The best locations, great accommodations, low cost, and no pressure to maintain a home you do not live in or have easy access to.

Timeshare. Better than a second home.

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