Cozumel Excursions

dolphinsWithin eyesight of Playa del Carmen, Mexico is the Caribbean island of Cozumel. In the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Cozumel is home to some 77,000 residents, many of which are of Mayan descent. Their Mayan heritage is proudly reflected in their culture, art, and architecture. And I was recently told by more than one tour guide, they diligently guard their island from gang violence to protect their #1 industry: tourism.

Regardless of how you arrive on the island, there are many fascinating tours to be discovered on Cozumel. Excursions are offered by the many cruise ships that arrive there daily. These excursions are also offered through local hotels and timeshare resorts. They are easy to find, and easy to afford.

dune buggyLast week I went on a tour of the Mayan Ruins of San Gervasio. The ruins were once a hub of worship of the goddess Ix Chel, deity of the moon, childbirth, fertility, medicine, and weaving. The ruins provided abundant evidence of the Mayan rituals and religion. It was indeed fascinating!

One of the most popular excursions/tours on the island is swimming with dolphins. Close to the international ship terminal and downtown is Dolphinaris – a series of connected lagoons. Participants can choose to be observers (not get wet, just watch);  have a dolphin encounter (pet and touch the dolphins in waist-deep water, but not swim with them); and swimmers (do everything the encounters do, but also get more opportunity to pet the dolphins and to ride on a dolphin and interact with them in deep water.

Rent a jeep, dune buggy, motorcycle, moped, or bicycle! From “Get in your Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Patriot, taking off on an exciting drive around town for insights into local life. The scenic route provides breathtaking views of tropical Cozumel and you’ll keep in contact with your tour guide via a state-of-the-art radio system installed in every Jeep. ”

Another very popular tour or activity is scuba and snorkeling. Thanks to the magnificent reefs protected between the island and the main land, there are plenty of places for underwater photography and exploration.

Submarine Tour – Dive to depths of 100 feet (30 meters) in a submarine, piloted by a professional and licensed crew. Discover why Cozumel is one of the top dive destinations in the world on board the Atlantis Submarine!

A Day At The Beach – There are a number of places where you can enjoy a pampered day at the beach.  They offer everything you could possibly want for an unforgettable day of sand, sea and sun.  Packages normally include full use of a resort, pools and water park, as well as towels, open bar and all-you-can-eat buffet.

Where should you stay while in Cozumel? A luxury resort timeshare of course!
These are available to rent, or to buy at a discount through a timeshare resale broker – licensed in the US.

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Timeshare Vacation Rentals

Grand Timber Lodge Pool Snow Timeshare Discount

Grand Timber Lodge Pool

Planning for your vacation should not add stress to your already stressful life! The stress often comes from the “sticker shock” of booking a nice place to stay. Timeshare rentals will save you a bundle plus give you far greater space, nicer amenities, and always in a great location. Some may fear that timeshare rentals mean you will have to attend a “90 minute” presentation. But, timeshare rentals almost always come with no strings attached. For the summer of 2014 I booked a great timeshare rental in Orlando – getting a 2 bedroom condo at a 5 star resort with all the luxury amenities for about half of the rack rate! That’s a deal for sure.

Compare what you get when you rent a hotel vs a timeshare. First there’s the size of the room. A hotel will occasionally have a separate bedroom. A timeshare will always have separate bedrooms, plus a fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, a washer/dryer, a ton of space, and room to relax. More room also means more separation from the lodging neighbors. That translates into peace and quiet.

ugly swimming poolEver been to a hotel that had the obligatory swimming pool? You know the kind I’m talking about. Green slime, broken tiles, and a large sign proclaiming “Swim at your own Risk!” What, a risk of alligators? The timeshare resort, Orange Lake Country Club Holiday Inn, has a spectacular water park. I stayed at Orange Lake a few years ago and their water park is first class, huge, well staffed, refreshments conveniently located, plenty of lounge chairs, and immaculately maintained. That does not sound like the average hotel to me.

So how do you find timeshare rentals? Take this shortcut to to search for top shelf timeshare rentals at great prices. Right now there are still timeshare rentals available for fall weeks in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Orlando, Atlantic City, South Lake Tahoe, Myrtle Beach, San Francisco and others.

You can find timeshare rentals with resort names like Marriott, Westin, Sheraton, Wyndham, Westgate, Bluegreen, Palace Resorts, Hyatt, Manhattan Club, Disney, and more. You can be sure that these timeshare rentals go fast so call the timeshare rental pros at to get your dream vacation booked. Timeshare vacation rentals will save you money!


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Mazatlan's Timeshares and Tours

Cozumel,cozumel,Timeshares,Tours,cruise,rent,buy,sell,resale,discount,brokerIt is hard to believe I was on a sunny warm beach just a few days ago. Cozumel and their pristine beaches were an awesome get away from this dreary cold weather!

Cozumel was our only port of call on this five day cruise out of Galveston. It was just as I had expected: intriguing history of the Mayans, beautiful ocean water, sparkling clean beaches, and friendly knowledgeable tour staff.

As far as safety in Cozumel goes, here’s the advisory from the State Department: “Quintana Roo – Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Tulum are the major cities/travel destinations in Quintana Roo: No advisory is in effect.

No Advisory – Our tour guide talked quite a bit about how the relatively small population (77,000) of this island tourist economy protects the safety of their visitors and their reputation. While on the island I observed only minimal (one) graffiti markings on buildings and generally a clean and orderly series of shops, and restaurants.

Scuba and snorkeling are huge sports on the island. The black coral formations attract a lot of attention by both water sports enthusiasts and the colorful fish of the Caribbean. There are plenty of scuba and snorkeling tours available in Cozumel all year.

Or you can try these tours on for size: Dune buggy tours, snorkel tours of El Cielo, Colombia and Palancar reefs, sailing and whale shark tours, Mayan steam lodge, Chichen Itza Mayan ruins and pyramids, bird watching tours of birding locations including Punta Sur lagoons and the jungle near San Gervasio.

What are the best timeshare resorts to stay in while in Cozumel? Well here they are!
Cozumel Palace Timeshare Resort

Cozumel Palace Timeshare Resort

These are available to rent, or to buy at a discount through a timeshare resale broker – licensed in the US.
Whether you arrive in Cozumel by boat or by airplane, you’ll be sure to have a great time.

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Here Are The Las Vegas Timeshare Deals

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Las Vegas timeshares have a lot to offer!  First and foremost is location.  The entertainment, nightlife, music, and dining are some of the best in the world! If you were to buy a Las Vegas timeshare condo on the resales market, you would save a small fortune over time.  That is, if you use it.  Owning a timeshare, and not using it, is like paying insurance for a car you never drive.  It is only useful if you use it.

If you are thinking, “Should I sell my timeshare in Las Vegas?”, ask yourself this one question: Which would you rather have, a closing check after selling it, or a deed for a property you never use?

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Year after year goes by and you find yourself not being able to use your timeshare like you first thought you would. Your circumstances in life have changed and you can no longer vacation or travel as before. The rational thing to do would be to sell your timeshare.  It is a “depreciating asset” in the technical sense of the word. It is not growing in value. It is not making you money. It costs you money to own it.

The smart thing to do is to sell your timeshare. It just makes sense.

Then there’s the prospect of buying a Las Vegas timeshare. It is a buyers’ market for timeshares generally speaking and it is especially true in Las Vegas. Huge numbers of timeshares have been sold in the Las Vegas area and on any given day there’s a huge number of people wanting to sell their timeshare. The timeshare owners know they will not make a profit from selling their timeshare. They just want to get rid of the annual fees. Their loss is your gain when you buy someone’s timeshare. You WILL get a deal! Buying a timeshare on the resale market averages 25% to 50% less than the going rate at the resort!

If you want to buy a Las Vegas timeshare, here’s my favorite list: HGV Club at Flamingo, HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, Polo Towers, Jockey Club, Summer Bay at Las Vegas, and Marriott’s Grand Chateau.  There are many other timeshare condos in Las Vegas but lots of owners have given high praise for these.

Browse Las Vegas Timeshares for sale.

Sell your Las Vegas Timeshare.

Sell your timeshare.

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Avoiding Timeshare Fraud

Timeshare Advertising Websites
There are now hundreds of websites that offer to sell timeshares that only do advertising. This is now the largest element in the timeshare resale industry. Technically, they never sell anything but an ad to the timeshare owner wanting to sell a timeshare. The owner must deal with the buyer, provide negotiating skills, contracts and figure out how to close the sale and get the proceeds. Most of these sites attract very small numbers of buyers. It is mainly timeshare sellers that fall victim to the possibility of the sale. Some do a good job of providing leads to the advertising owners and do offer forms to use in the sale; however, they would be stepping over the licensing boundary if they give you advice about how to fill them out or assist with the negotiation.

Silverleaf Presidents Fairway Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Silverleaf Presidents Fairway Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Only a professional real estate representative can handle the complexity in all the details to complete a timeshare resale transaction which differs greatly from that offered by an unlicensed entity. This is the current situation in the USA. The use of look-a-like services can frustrate buyers and sellers to the timeshare resale process and can cause loss of time and money that could have been saved. If you use an alternative reseller because you want to save money, you may find that there is no savings in time or money because many of these companies prey on unsuspecting owners wanting to sell. Further, if a buyer visits one of these sites to purchase a timeshare and finds that the site does not have the proper infrastructure to get the sale done, the buyer can become so frustrated that they end up not buying at all.

Cold Call Companies
Sometimes owners get a phone call or a letter from someone claiming to have a buyer for their property. All they need is a sizable payment to cover closing costs – and they pressure you to pay immediately before the buyer gets away. Frequently these companies make a bundle, quickly close up their shops and move their business to another state or country to avoid prosecution. If they are not licensed, they very likely may not be legitimate. Brokers and representatives generally get the sale commission at the finalization of sale closing and the funding of the proceeds to the owner. If you get such a call, report them to the regulatory authorities in your state or country. Need I say more?

Timeshare New On The Market For Sale - Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados

Timeshare New On The Market For Sale – Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados

How do you protect yourself and react in case of a timeshare fraud?
Service offerings for resales are often copied very convincingly and/or the fraud is often difficult to detect visually. If you suspect the company is unlicensed and providing real estate services of negotiation or contracting, get all the information and report them to the regulatory authorities. If you suspect they are not legitimately in the business of finding buyers for timeshare properties, report them to the regulatory authorities. If you get a call from someone who wants to sit down with you and give you information about your resort, call your resort and your exchange company to find out if there is something going on that you need to know about before you go to or attend a presentation. Even if they say they are with the resort where you own, call your resort at the numbers on your paperwork to confirm any legitimate offering.

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Epic Snowfall In Northeast - Ski Report

Snow pack 2

Snow Pack as of February 19, 2015

Buildings in Boston are caving in, mountains of snow are piling up in parking lots, streets are jammed with stranded cars, and the snowfall this year is epic to say the least.

Timeshare ski resorts in the northeast US are going to reap a benefit from all the snowfall by enjoying a longer ski season. The snow pack is getting deeper and deeper all across the northeast.

Ski resort timeshares have enjoyed full occupancy this year during ski season and the weather has been very cooperative. Thanks to better than average snows in November the slopes started off with adequate snow. Fresh powder continues to fall across the area giving skiers an excellent experience.

Advice from for skiing this year, “As skiers, we always want to rush off into the snow, but please be safe out there. This is a huge amount of snowfall and if you aren’t staged at your location, you probably will want to consider waiting for roads to be cleared rather than drive through the white out conditions.”  I’d say that’s good advice. Don’t get yourself in a bind because you are in a hurry.

Blizzard 2015Here’s the “hottest” ski resorts in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts:


New Hampshire

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Margaritaville Coming to Biloxi - Timeshare Development News

Margaritaville Biloxi Timeshare Resort

Margaritaville Biloxi Timeshare Resort


Margaritaville Biloxi is closed before it really got started. Unable to secure an agreement for the financing for the hotel and other amenities, it folded.

Margaritaville (timeshare and hotel) and Jimmy Buffet are finally getting ready to break ground in Biloxi. This is going to be a huge upgrade for the Biloxi/Gulfport Gulf Coast area. There are already numerous resorts and casinos in the area. This project will attract many more visitors and add to the popularity of the region.

Look for more good news from Biloxi and Gulfport concerning development, entertainment, and attractions. – Proven timeshare resale specialists

“Margaritaville Casino & Restaurant Biloxi announced Tuesday it will break ground on a new hotel in the spring and estimates that construction will be completed in the spring of 2015.

The new hotel will feature 250 rooms — 170 deluxe rooms and 80 two- and three-bedroom suites. In mid-2013, city officials heard the company expected to spend $50 million to $60 million on the hotel tower, though on Tuesday company officials would not give an estimate of the total investment.

In addition, Margaritaville will become one of the first resort properties to offer timeshare units. Chateau LeGrand is located nearby and Chateau Charmant was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. According to the resort’s Website, this resort will not be rebuilt.

“Margaritaville Biloxi will be making a considerable investment in creating a resort destination the likes of which Biloxi has never seen,” said Doug Shipley, president and CEO. “The addition of timeshares to our hotel will attract a whole new type of customer; one that’s not currently visiting the Biloxi area. It truly is an exciting opportunity for our city.”

Biloxi Lighthouse

Biloxi Lighthouse

The city has plans to extend Back Bay Boulevard to Fifth Street, it announced at a council meeting last August. Officials at the time expressed hope the $5 million from the Mississippi Development Authority to complete Phase I of the road construction would prompt casino development in the area.

In addition to the hotel, Margaritaville Casino Biloxi announced Tuesday it will expand and completely renovate the casino floor, adding meeting space and a resort-style pool and spa. The property will also create a new buffet, and introduce a steakhouse with a view of the Biloxi Bay waterfront.

Along with the renovations and expansions, Margaritaville Biloxi will re-engineer the marina to provide more enhanced and secure overnight docking accommodations, as well as developing a one-of-a-kind bayfront resort pool and pool bar with outdoor gaming.

“We want to bring Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville state of mind into a state of being,” said Stacey McKay, vice president of marketing. “That’s what we’re building here. A resort that lives up to the brand that is beloved around the world.”

Cuningham Group was selected to be the designer and architect of the new project. The McDonnel Group of New Orleans has been selected as the general contractor. Both companies are known for their award-winning designs and resort development projects.”  Sun Herald

Look for more good news from Biloxi and Gulfport concerning development, entertainment, and attractions. – Proven timeshare resale specialists



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Myrtle Beach - Still A Great Place To Play

Myrtle BeachToday’s timeshare steal of a deal is found at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And when I say Myrtle BEACH, I mean it is right on the Atlantic Ocean! Each room there has an ocean front view and from the lobby you are just steps from getting your feet wet in salt water.

The timeshare at Wyndham Westwinds is a two bedroom, week 5, annual use unit being offered at $12,500.  Within a few blocks of the timeshare you will find Ripley’s Aquarium, Pine Lakes Country Club golf course, Cal Ripken Experience, Whispering Pines golf course, River Oaks golf course, Dunes Golf and Beach Club, Grande Dunes golf club, and Waterway Hills golf club. And of course, right out the back door of the resort is a beautiful beach.

Browse other Wyndham Westwinds timeshares for sale.

The best selling timeshares in South Carolina are these: Wyndham Westwinds, Peppertree by the Sea, Yachtsman, Sands Ocean Club, Maritime Beach Club, Links Golf and Racquet Club, Wyndham Seawatch Plantation-Towers, Sands Beach Club, Bluegreen’s Shore Crest Villas, Wyndham Seawatch Plantation

Notice the number 1 best selling South Carolina timeshare is Wyndham Westwinds! Here’s your chance to buy your timeshare at a resale value instead of making the purchase at full retail price. Even with the “manager’s discount” you’d still be paying up to 50% more at the resort.

In addition to the beach and the golf here are some highlights of things to do while at Myrtle Beach: Field is home to the “A” team for the Chicago Cubs – Myrtle Beach Pelicans.

The Myrtle Beach SkywheelThe SkyWheel features 42 climate-controlled gondolas that offer an uplifting experience for children and adults of all ages. More than one million LED lights will create a variety of dynamic light shows each evening after sunset.

Myrtle Beach State Park – Self explanatory! Very clean beach – well maintained.

Wheels of Yesteryear

Wheels of Yesteryear

Wheels of Yesteryear

Well over 100 muscle cars rotated through this museum. Private collection and well worth the price!

Ripley’s Aquarium

Backstage Mirror Maze


Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Springmaid Pier

Many more things to see and do in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is indeed still a great place to play!


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Best Arizona Timeshares For The Money!

Sedona Summit Timeshare Resort

Sedona Summit Timeshare Resort

The subject of Arizona timeshares is my focus this morning.

Why Arizona?

– Best All Season Weather

– Awesome Golf

– Luxury Resorts

– Great Prices

Timeshares in Arizona offer a huge amount of value for the vacation budget. Some of the finest golf resorts and winter havens for snowbirds can be found there. In addition, when you consider the savings when buying timeshare on the resale market you get an extra value! You also avoid the unpleasant scene of high pressure timeshare sales people pushing you into a decision quickly. Buying a timeshare on the resale market has the advantage of being able to examine exactly what you are buying and having all of your questions answered before shelling out your cash.

Arizona timeshares are grouped around Scottsdale and Sedona.Sedona, Arizona is a magnificent location for numerous timeshare resorts. The Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados is the top selling timeshare in Sedona. It is a Spanish style resort nestled among 20 acres of lush landscaping.

Here are some of the top selling timeshares in Arizona:

Westin Kierland Villas timeshares in Scottsdale Arizona is the best selling timeshare on the resale market. A world class spa and 27 holes of golf are the main features of this impeccable resort.

Orange Tree Interval Ownership timeshare comes in second for most sales of an Arizona timeshare. This timeshare features suites that include full kitchen and large whirlpool baths. Also located close to Scottsdale, this timeshare resort is located within an easy trip to go shopping or find exciting entertainment.

Sheraton’s Desert Oasis timeshare resort, also in Scottsdale Arizona, is a long standing member of the top timeshare resales in Arizona. If golf is your vacation dream you’ll find you are very close to the renowned Scottsdale Tournament Players Club, host of the PGA’s Phoenix Open.

Marriott Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge timeshare for sale

Marriott Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge

Marriott’s Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge timeshare in Phoenix Arizona is also a timeshare buyers frequently request. Desert Ridge Marriott Resort & Spa is located adjacent to the timeshare property and is a fantastic addition to the complex.

*NOTE* If you own any of the above timeshares, the sales staff at need inventory to sell. They have buyers for these most popular timeshare resorts in Arizona. The timeshare resales market is getting “hotter” every day.

Resort developers have resumed timeshare construction and sales. All the major timeshare companies are reporting that 2015 timeshare sales will far exceed sales in 2014!

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RCI Adds 150 New Resorts

Where Do You Want To Go?

Where Do You Want To Go?

For the fourth year in a row, RCI has added over 150 new timeshare resorts to their exchange program. Boasting over 4,500 resorts in their inventory, RCI is the largest timeshare exchange in the world and part of the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies. The new resorts they added include timeshares from Asia, India, South America, North America, and Europe.

Leading the way in quality among those added in 2014 is the Grand Palladium Imbassai Resort and Spa located on the beach northeast of Salvador, Brazil. With 654 rooms (all junior suites), six restaurants, and thirteen bars there’s going to be something to please everyone! Grand Palladium offers an All-Inclusive meals program featuring a large collection of exquisite cuisines. The Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness Center providing a wide range of therapies such as massage, body treatments, facials, peels, a beauty salon with waxing services, manicures, pedicures and unisex hair salon attended by top professionals. And in addition to the beach and pool, Grand Palladium provides first class sports facilities and water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing.

Marriott Kauai Beach Club Timeshare Hawaii

Marriott Kauai Beach Club Timeshare Hawaii

From their news release by, “Further enhancing RCI’s extensive resort choices are the Lodges at Canmore community in the gorgeously rugged and scenic Canadian Rockies; the exotic Cactus Resort Sanya, facing crystal-clear blue waters in Southern China; and the beach destination of El Dorado Maroma in Mexico’s renowned Riviera Maya.”

Since 1974 RCI has been the pioneer of vacation ownership exchanging. Through the years RCI has grown into the world’s biggest and most diverse offering of vacation properties. In fact, it is hard to conceive of anyone purchasing a timeshare at a resort without considering the exchange capabilities during the decision making process.

No doubt, using your timeshare to exchange is a “closing tool” timeshare sales personnel use when closing a sales deal. The concept of exchanging your timeshare makes the decision easier.

The only “catch” is that you need to know how to make the exchange system work for you in order to actually get an exchange that will meet your needs.

You can’t always get what you want. But, if you are flexible enough you can get an exchange that will work out. It may not be your first choice of date or location but you can get “something”.

For all your timeshare needs, info, help, or advice, visit



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Unload My Timeshare - ASAP!

Wyndham Grand Desert Las Vegas Timeshare

Wyndham Grand Desert Las Vegas Timeshare

“What is the best way to sell my timeshare?” I get asked that question a lot. You do have a lot of options but most of them are not very effective. For example: You could ask the timeshare resort for help selling your timeshare. Unfortunately about 58% of all US resorts offer no resales help. If they do, often they charge extremely high commissions, like up to 40% That does not sound like the best way to sell your time share.

You could always advertise it yourself. However, these days, the prospects of advertising on Craigslist have scared some people away. Prices on EBay are rock bottom and while you may get a large amount of exposure, you may not want to deal with “bottom feeder” price offers. The kind of advertising you’d need to do to attract the largest possible buyer pool would be quite expensive. Try pricing an ad in USA Today! Too expensive. That doesn’t sound like the best way to sell your timeshare either!

Another possibility is placing an ad in your local classified ads. I’d say don’t waste your time with that idea. Think about it. Who will you reach:  Probably a relatively small group of people, buyers who are not sure exactly what a timeshare is, inquiries from people who may not have the money or financing ability to buy your timeshare, or people who want to pay one dollar for your timeshare.

You could always respond to one of those unsolicited nameless emails that proclaim they already have a buyer for your timeshare. If it sounds too good to be true, it is definitely not true.  Their next move is to ask you to wire them 3 or 4 thousand dollars so they can sell your timeshare for you. Something sounds backwards in this sales proposition.

Timeshare Realtor BrokerLots of people prefer to use a Timeshare Resale Broker. They specialize in timeshare resales and can do all the negotiating and contract work for you. Most of the time, you will have to pay a commission, but it would be worth it to not have to deal with the hassles. Now that sounds like the best way to sell your timeshare. And now is a good time to sell your timeshare. Buyers are looking for deals and the resorts are not selling them like they used to. Studies estimate that there are 9.2 million US households thinking of buying a timeshare in the next 2 years.

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Duck Hunting In The US - Where To Stay

MallardsThe first question to answer is where are the best places to go duck hunting. There are several main flyways where migratory birds travel. In order to have the widest variety of ducks to hunt and select from, you’d need to hunt along these flyways. These flyways include the Mississippi, Pacific, Atlantic, and Central.

I am most familiar with the central flyway. Having spent quite a bit of time on South Padre Island observing migratory waterfowl and other birds, I can testify to the hundreds of thousands of ducks that fly through there each year. In one day I observed ringneck, pintail, and redhead ducks that numbered in the tens of thousands!

The Texas Gulf Coast has numerous timeshare resorts that lend themselves well to duck hunting. In fact, South Padre Island and Laguna Madre are some of the premier duck hunting areas in the US! Near Laguna Madre and South Padre Island you’ll find these resort timeshares:  Royale Beach and Tennis Club, Bahia Mar, Fort Brown Condo Shares, Vacation Time Condos at VICC, and Inverness At South Padre.

BlueWingTealRingnecks and blue wing teals have been surging in numbers in Florida along the Atlantic Flyway. “We just had a front move in last weekend that noticeably brought a few more birds,” says Jamie Feddersen, a waterfowl biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. (

The Atlantic Flyway includes from the Canadian Maritimes to Florida and beyond. Due to the shape of the Florida land mass, the migrating birds tend to concentrate over the state and provide an excellent opportunity for observation.

Locations like Orlando, Florida’s Gulf Coast, and the Keys are popular spots for duck hunting.

Florida Keys – Hyatt’s Beach House Resort, Galleon Resort, Hyatt’s Sunset Harbor Resort, Coconut Beach Resort, Banyan Resort, Coconut Mallory Resort, Caloosa Cove Resort, Cocoplum Beach and Tennis Club, Ocean 80 Resort, Port Largo Villas Resort

Florida’s West Coast – Grand Shores West, Coral Reef Beach Resort, Redington Ambassador, All Seasons Vacation Resort, Camelot by the Sea, Tierra Verde Resort, Voyager Beach Club, Sand Pebble Resort, Shawnee’s Island Gulf Resort, Hideaway Sands Resort

Orlando/Kissimmee – Sheraton’s Vistana Orlando, Orange Lake Country Club Holiday Inn Club Vacations, HGVClub at Sea World Orlando, Marriott’s Cypress Harbour, Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort, Westgate Vacation Villas, Sheraton’s Vistana Villages, Wyndham Cypress Palm, Vacation Villas @Fantasy World, Cypress Pointe Resort

The Pacific Flyway includes Alaska, Western Canada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and California. Each year at least one billion birds travel the Pacific Flyway. From the Arctic Tundra to the rainforest these birds live and migrate as they have for millions of years.

Some of the very best places for duck hunting in the US are along the Pacific Flyway. Areas included are central California, coastal and valley regions of Washington and Oregon, and northern Utah.

Park City, UT – Marriott’s Summit Watch, Marriott’s Mountainside, Cliff Club at Snowbird, Park Plaza, Sweetwater at Park City, Westgate at the Canyons, The Park Regency, Park Avenue Condominiums, Jeremy Ranch, Iron Blosam Lodge-Snowbird

CaliforniaMarriott’s Newport Coast Villas, Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas I, Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas II, Lawrence Welk Resort Villas, Marriott’s Shadow Ridge, Four Seasons Resort Aviara, San Luis Bay Inn, Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Palm Canyon Resort and Spa, Vista Mirage Resort

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How To Sell Your Timeshare - One Easy Step

Sell Timeshare NowWhen the idea first came to your mind to sell your timeshare you may not have been aware of your options. If you have done some research you have found a wide range of options to sell your timeshare – but they are confusing as to the cost and benefits.  I won’t even include the timeshare scam offers that come your way. You know, the person contacting you saying your timeshare is already sold and all you need to do is send them X thousand dollars to close the deal.

Hassle Free and Professionally Done uses the largest centralized database of buyers and timeshare properties for sale in the secondary resale market – including II, RCI, and Exchange Company affiliated resorts. Not only timeshare buyers globally contact the site 24/7 but also brokers fulfilling the vacation needs of their buyers. The company uses state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology to reach as many timeshare buyers as possible. There are no commissions, no appraisal fees — just valued, personalized attention and professional assistance from timeshare knowledgeable resale specialists. Click here for more information.

Assistance from Your Resort

The Developer and Homeowner Association (HOA) controlled owner & repossession resales is your second choice. Unfortunately, per timeshare industry surveys, 58% of all U.S. resorts offer no onsite resale personnel or resale assistance to their owners. If they do, they may or may not ask for the best price. They typically charge steep sales commissions (as high as 40%) to compensate for profit margin losses.

Timeshare Realtor BrokerTimeshare Realtor BrokerLicensed Timeshare Resale Broker

Many people favor using a licensed brokerage that specializes in timeshare resales. In most cases, you will be charged a commission; however, the agents do all of the legwork for you (advertising, negotiating with the buyer, escrow, contracting, closing and funding.)

Advertise it yourself

Placing your own advertising in your local newspaper generally does not produce the maximum exposure needed to the timeshare buying community. Advertising should be national and international in scope to generate a large enough response. And this can be costly. (i.e., one week in USA Today, which is one of the better sources to advertise your timeshare for sale, can cost you over $1300 for a minimum 4-line classified ad for one week.)

Those are the basics when it comes to selling your timeshare.

Timeshare Sellers’ Frequently Asked Questions.

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2015's Most Romantic Vacation Destinations

2015’s Most Romantic Vacation Destinations

Poipu Point Timeshare Resort

Poipu Point Timeshare Resort

So USNews and World Report came out with a list of their top “Most Romantic Destinations in the USA”. Who am I to argue? It is just not every day that I would think that US News would have that “sexy” of a list.


They hit a home run with their list of locations when it comes to the scenery, ambiance, value, and romance!

In addition to their list, I’d like to add the most romantic luxury resorts in those places. So here we go, 2015’s most romantic destination luxury timeshare resorts!

Maui – Everything about Maui seems romantic. The lush tropical landscape, the sounds of the waves breaking on the beach, tropical birds, and the ocean breeze. The beaches are pristine and the ocean is an indescribable hue of green and blue. Forgetting the myriad of activities available there, just to spend a romantic weekend in Maui would fill a lifetime of romantic dreams come true.  Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club, and Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas are my two top choices there.

Kauai – From comes this perfect description of Kauai, “Breathtaking” is a word often used on Kauai, known for iconic spots like the Napali Coast, Waimea Canyon and the Wailua River.”  Poipu Point Vacation Resort, Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club

U.S. Virgin Islands – Only one spot to go in my book: Westin St John Resort Villas.
Not just a “timeshare”, some of these units have 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and all the luxurious amenities you could ever imagine. Plus, this resort is tucked away in a corner of the island giving you seclusion, privacy, peace and quiet, and the perfect location for a romantic get away you need!

Coconut Beach Resort Key West

Coconut Beach Resort Key West

Key West – Not just another pretty beach town, Key West is entertaining in its own sort of way. This place is held dear my myriads of travelers and residents alike. The best place to stay? Coconut Beach Resort. No doubt. Check it out!

Sedona – Another interesting place to visit, Sedona is filled with the mysterious, romantic, and mystical. The scenery of the Red Rocks surrounding Sedona adds to the local flavor, history, and mystery. Sedona Summit Timeshare Resort – Picturesque, relaxing, and seductive in its own way.

Cape Cod – I don’t know how Cape Cod made it to USNews’ list. My opinion – I wouldn’t stay at any resort on Cape Cod in February if you paid me to go there.

Sorry Guys, I can’t always be smiles and sunshine for everyone.

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Ski Vermont and New Hampshire

Once you’ve experienced a snowy vacation or magnificent fall  in the mountains of New England you find your mind drifting there from time to time.

It is not too early to begin planning your next New England ski trip! In fact, this is the perfect time to book your timeshare week and make your plans. In this article I will be highlighting timeshare ski resorts in Vermont and New Hampshire. Some of the most desirable ski resorts are timeshare resorts – convenient to the metro areas of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and others.

Orange Lake Ascutney Mountain Timeshare Resort

Vermont, the Green Mountain State, features four seasons of family activities with facilities and lodging for every price range. Lincoln, North Conway, Bartlett, Stowe, Smuggler’s Notch, and Killington are some of the most popular destinations for avid skiers and for family vacations. Timeshare resorts in these areas include Smugglers’ Notch Resort, Mountainside Resort at Stowe, Crafts Inn, Trapp Family Lodge, Cedarbrook. Vermont timeshares are often held on to by family members for lots of reasons. The annual vacation to the mountains is a wonderful tradition. Now is a great time to negotiate a great deal on a timeshare in Vermont and get it on the calendar for your fall or winter vacation.

From the New website, “There’s nothing like New Hampshire’s legendary big mountains to get alpine skiers and snowboarders dreaming and there are wonderful family size mountains, too.  New Hampshire’s 19 alpine ski areas offer something for every skier or rider- regardless of your ability!” Their link to the 19 alpine ski areas is an awesome way to check on your favorite New Hampshire ski areas. Timeshare resorts in New Hampshire are convenient to fabulous slopes and are accommodating to all kinds of activities! And just for many of the same reasons as owners of Vermont timeshares, New Hampshire timeshare owners find themselves going back to the same place year after year.

Highlights for New Hampshire timeshare ski resorts include Attitash Mountain Village, Inn Season at Pollard Brook, Village of Loon Mountain, Cathedral Ledge Resort, Summit at Four Seasons, Cold Spring Properties, Steele Hill Resort, Forest Glen Inn, The Windrifter, Eastern Slope, Inn.

Inn Season Pollard Brook Timeshare

I wonder how hot it will be when I get in my car this afternoon?




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My Timeshare Has To Be Worth Something!

Aquamarine Villas Timeshare California

Aquamarine Villas Timeshare California – New On The Market Feb 2015

The true value of a timeshare is when you use it, enjoy it, and take advantage of all it has to offer. But what if you are not using your timeshare? What if you cannot get the exchanges you want from RCI or II? Maybe you are thinking of selling it but get nothing but negative news and advice on timeshare resales?

Well, here are some answers to all the above. Figuring out what your timeshare is worth is probably the most important first step in deciding even if you will sell your timeshare. You have to come to grips with the fact that the salesman who sold you your timeshare may not have been right if he said you could resell your timeshare at a profit someday.

Grand Timber Lodge Pool Snow Timeshare Discount

Grand Timber Lodge Pool Newest Timeshare For Sale February 2015

Nobody wants to “give away” their timeshare for an extremely low price like you’d find on Ebay. What you’d need is a timeshare marketing specialist who can coach and help you along the way to figure out what you can expect to get for it. ARDA (American Resort Development Association) said a few years ago that timeshares sell for a discount of 25% to 50% of retail pricing – on an average. But, averages are not a lot of help when you own a Gold Crown or 5 Star resort in a great location that is under supplied and in strong demand. Perhaps you’ll fare much better than average.

Get some professional advice from the timeshare experts at They’ve got combined centuries of experience in timeshare resales and know how to close deals, get the job done, and get you a check at closing without the hassles of dealing with the resort. So, What is your timeshare worth? It is worth getting real advice from professionals.

That’s a solution we could all live with!

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People Make the Network - Not Just Cables and Components

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge - Whistler

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge – Whistler

Timeshare solutions. That’s what people in the market to buy or sell timeshare are looking for. Not more problems.

The kind of network I am talking about combines technology with personal links. If you want to sell your timeshare you need more than a good website. You need PEOPLE linked together in a personal network of title companies, escrow, front line sales at the timeshare resort, timeshare owners, developers, and marketing experts.

One place combines all the above: The network of timeshare experts at links together timeshare experts in every aspect of the timeshare world. They combine that with an excellent web platform to give a huge amount of information to buyers and sellers, brokers, and all those who make it all come together with successful sales.

Hawaii Beach Big Island timeshareFiguring out the logistics of closing timeshare deals across state and international lines is not enough. You need to have a trusted source of information, advice, and negotiating skills. That is even harder to find. Yet it can be done. In fact it is done every day. This “trust” I am talking about is not just handed over blindly from one party to another. It has to be earned. But when doing business over the phone it is hard to establish. That’s where valid credentials come in to play. If someone says they are “licensed, bonded, and insured” when it comes to a timeshare deal – to me that sounds more like they are a pawn broker than a timeshare sales expert. I have nothing against pawn brokers – I’d just rather have a timeshare resales specialist who has regular training, held to a higher standard of ethics, and is required to stay educated on the laws of their profession.  Fingerprints on file? Realtors have that too! That’s where the trust and accountability issue gets resolved once and for all.

From a buyers’ perspective you can see all the newest timeshares for sale through their RSS feed of timeshares just listed for sale. You can browse for timeshares for sale by map, developer’s name, state, or search by resort name. Helpful tools include a comprehensive timeshare buyers guide, timeshare sellers guide, FAQ’s for buyers and sellers, vacation area guides and much more!

This description from the front page of sums it up:  “The centralized database provides access to those looking to buy a timeshare resale for their own use. In fact, the database currently has listed over 100,187 people who have contacted us with an interest in buying or renting a timeshare.”

Those are the timeshare network selling solutions we need!

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Don't Trust The Weather Man To Sell Your Timeshare

weathermanDon’t Trust The Weather Man To Sell Your Timeshare. Really, don’t.

Especially if he works for Premier Timeshare Solutions of West Palm Beach.

Former weather forecaster for WPTV, Rob Lopicola, allegedly used the “I already have your timeshare sold” scam while asking timeshare owners to send him thousands of dollars to get the deal done.

” (Palm Beach Post)

Fortunately, a man hunt was not necessary since he was already in jail serving a 56 month sentence for an unrelated crime. He will have to face not only angry timeshare owners, but a judge and jury as well.

At least that will be one less unscrupulous timeshare scam artist out of business and off the street.

The damage that is done by this sort of crime is deep and long lasting. It leaves a negative impression of the timeshare industry as a whole when it is gaining reputation and improving along every aspect.

Customer satisfaction is at an all time high with timeshares. Rescission rates are low (how often new timeshare owners give them back). Timeshare resorts are consistently higher in occupancy (and therefore desirability) than hotels. New timeshare resorts are being built where no hotels dare dream of breaking new ground. Shares of stock with Starwood, Marriott, and the other big players are now a consistent “buy” or “hold” rating.

So when this type of scandal rips the headlines it is a set back for not just the timeshare sales industry but for many aspects of the travel and lodging industry as well.

Fortunately, there are still reputable and active timeshare resale brokers who consistently do things right, make both parties a winner, close timeshare deals with no loose ends, and give timeshare owners peace of mind.

Timeshare Resale Broker.

Remember that phrase. You will need it some day when you need professional advice and confidence in a legitimate real property transaction.

Timeshare = Real Property. If you don’t think so, look at the deed.


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Top Ten Texas Timeshares - How They Fared in 2014

Silverleaf Hill Country Timeshare Resort overlooks Canyon Lake

Silverleaf Hill Country Timeshare Resort overlooks Canyon Lake

If you are looking to buy or sell your timeshare in Texas, this list will give you some valuable insight. This list was generated from hundreds of closed resales of timeshares in Texas.  The state of Texas provides a wide variety of vacation destinations represented in this list. Whether you want a taste of the old West, beautiful beaches, or the fabulous Texas Hill Country they are all here! So here they are – the top ten best selling timeshares in Texas:

The number one best selling timeshare in Texas is Silverleaf’s The Villages. It is situated among the sparkling shores of Lake Palestine, one of the largest and most beautiful water-sports playgrounds in the Southwest. The lake’s 100 miles of shoreline and miles of waterways offer an unending selection of water-oriented activities. Nearby Tyler, the rose capital of Texas, is home to the Caldwell Zoo and Tyler”s Municipal Rose Garden.

Coming in second is Silverleaf’s Piney Shores Resort. Piney Shores Resort is a year-round resort set on a 22,000 acre man-made lake just north of Houston, Texas. No matter what the season, the resort offers peaceful relaxation in rustic log cabins with all the modern conveniences.

Silverleaf claimed the number three spot with Silverleaf’s Hill Country Resort. Silverleaf”s Hill Country Resort is located between Austin and San Antonio and is deep in the famed Hill Country of South Central Texas. This recreational community offers superb boating and fishing. Nearby, vacationers can go tubing on the Guadalupe River. Schlitterbahn Water Park is located in nearby New Braunfels.

Royale Beach and Tennis ClubInverness at South Padre is the fourth best selling Texas timeshare.  Located right on the South Padre Island Beach, guests will enjoy the panoramic view from their private balcony. The 11 story resort features an outdoor pool and whirlpool on the third floor. Water sports and miles of beach make this resort a year round paradise.

The rest of the list includes Silverleaf’s Holly Lake Ranch, Inverness by the Sea on Galveston Island, First Fairway at WaldenThe Landing at Seven Coves, Royale Beach and Tennis Club at South Padre Island, and Inverness at Walden Phase 2.

Timeshare Resale Blog!

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Read It THEN Sign It

Read the timeshare Sales Contract

Read the Timeshare Sales Contract

Even if you believe that timeshare sales contracts presented to you at a timeshare resort are legitimate, you will need to read them!

First, the pressure.

Here’s and example of what can go wrong:  “It all seemed very pretty and worth every cent at the time. We were taken through the presentation on timeshare vacation resorts in South Africa and some RCI destinations, and told this was an investment, and that we were not obligated to pay for anything at that point.

I was asked for credit card details to ‘secure’ the special offer. The consultant then rushed through the contract and told me to sign. The consultant also told me and my friend that went with me that I could take the timeshare contract home, then let the firm know when we were ready – but not before we had signed some documents.”

There are “red flags” all over this short example. Phrases like “short time offer”, “just sign and initial now”, “I need your credit card to lock in this offer”, or even the pressure to sign anything without sufficient time to read the fine print should cause suspicion.

Bait And Switch timeshare sales

I thought I was buying something else?

A second issue that comes up for buying a timeshare is knowing exactly what you are buying. I have heard time and time again from a timeshare owner who thought they owned a timeshare in Orlando, for example, but they actually had purchased a timeshare in another sister resort’s location.

Let’s just say that a timeshare resort, XYZ Orlando, has given you a tour, explained all the details, and you’ve negotiated an agreeable price. You sign the sales contract, celebrate your new timeshare and go home. A few weeks later more paperwork arrives in your mailbox. Reading the details you see that a timeshare resort, XYZ Las Vegas is mentioned all over the place. Not XYZ Orlando! You may have known that this timeshare resort had several resort locations but you thought you bought and Orlando timeshare – but you actually bought a Las Vegas timeshare. Is this legal? Yes – they may sell you a timeshare from any affiliated resort. BUT, they must disclose it to you. Every state has different laws about disclosure and if you are not too late you can rescind your purchase.

Buying a timeshare is a big decision and should be done with no pressure. You should be able to consider both the purchase price and the ongoing timeshare maintenance fees plus taxes without hidden costs. Above all else you should never pay the retail price! Never!!

Use a reputable timeshare agency, a licensed escrow or title company, and do your homework. You will be glad you did plus you will save thousands of dollars in cash, and tons of grief in the end.

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